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Review brief: Pretty Peaches is a dark comedy that is done within the adult medium. The story is interesting and the film was well made. The limited edition Blu-ray/DVD combo pack that Vinegar Syndrome has released is absolutely amazing and should be a must buy for any fans of the film.
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Review brief: A fine sample of early 90's porn - with the golden age in the rearview and the heyday of gonzo porn still to cum, a porn flick like Malibu Spice is a hard-on producing example of what bridged the gap. Malibu Spice is basically about the goings-on at a West Coast Health Club back in the days of leotards, spandex, and lovely camel toes at the gym!
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Review brief: One of the greatest porn flicks ever, Alex de Renzy's BABY FACE (1977, TVX Home Video-2006) tells the story of a big lug named Dan (Dan Roberts) who is on the lam from not only the cops but also a pissed-off Mom named Molly (Mary Eaton) who catches Dan fucking her sex-crazed daughter Priscilla (lovely Lyn Malone) early in the flick. Director de Renzy and screenwriter John Mulligan bring this trio together for the nutty finale that takes place in a San Francisco brothel where Dan has been hiding out. Standard frame. 1 hour 45 minutes.
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Boxcover for Prom Girls
Prom Girls 

Release date: 7/5/2006
Reviewed on: 9/20/2011 by fu_q

Starring: Aja, Shanna McCullough, Megan Leigh, Eva Allen, Renee Morgan
Studio: Caballero

Directed by: Alex deRenzy
Review brief: "Prom Girls" is a very good (strong 4-star) late-80s film from director Alex DeRenzy that focuses on the high jinks of the students at an academy as they prepare for their upcoming prom...and also on the attempts of the mucky-mucks at the school to try to curtail their good times. What the viewer is treated to as this all progresses, of course, is a good deal of hot sex featuring both the students and administrators alike...most of whom are quite attractive and into their respective scenes.
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Review brief: Jeanne Silver, a pretty amputee, appeared in men’s magazines and on San Francisco burlesque stages. She had the lower part of her left leg removed when she was a child. The remaining stump, extending several inches below her knee, is little more than bone covered with flesh. Director Alex DeRenzy uses the pseudo-documentary format to display Silver’s sexual habits. She fucks Amber Hunt during a threesome, impales two teenage students and even goes so far as to ram it up a homosexual’s ass.
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Boxcover for Moving In (Cal Vista Classics)
Moving In (Cal Vista Classics) 

Release date: 10/20/2009
Reviewed on: 11/19/2009 by t0mbone

Starring: Mike Horner, Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Keisha, Lili Marlene, Stacey Donovan
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Alex deRenzy
Review brief: VCX has re-released Alex de Rezny's MOVING IN as part of its Cal Vista Classic series of DVDs for 2009. Here's a review.
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Review brief: A superb classic in its uncut format, but we get only a mere shadow of the original in this censored re-release.
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Boxcover for Femmes De Sade / Waterpower
Femmes De Sade / Waterpower 

Release date: 12/3/2007
Reviewed on: 9/13/2008 by classix-comments

Starring: Sharon Mitchell, Joey Silvera, Jamie Gillis, John Leslie, Eric Edwards, Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, Linda Wong, Abigail Clayton, Turk Lyon, Desiree West, Sharon Thorpe, Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby, Tyler Reynolds, Mimi Morgan, Melba Bruce, Monique Starr, Clea Carson, C.J. Laing, Crystal Sync, Shaun Costello, Johnny Keyes, Samantha Morgan, Long Jean Silver, Starr Wood, Philip Marlowe, Susaye London, Justina Lynn, Enjil Von Bergdorf, Craig Esposito, Candida Royalle, Vernon Von Bergdorf, Leo Lovemore, Kikko, Ken Turner, Barbara Belkin, Beverly Steig, Sally O'Neil, Fred Keitel, John Buco, Peter Christian, Enjil von Bergdorfe, Vernon von Bergdorfe, Peter Christiana
Studio: Alpha France

Directed by: Alex deRenzy, Shaun Costello
Review brief: Alpha France does it again by releasing two of the sickest cult classics of American hardcore remastered from 35mm for the very first time! A must buy!
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Review brief: Alex DeRenzy produced more than a few good films during the 1970s but he also produced more than a few awful ones. This one falls into the second category. Simply a dumb way to make money off a gimmick. Long Jeanne Silver was a New York runaway who made her acting debut in Shaun Costello's Waterpower in 1976. She then came to San Francisco landing on The Mitchell Brother's doorstep. The Mitchells picked her up and put her in live sex shows. Soon washed up, DeRenzy decided to use her in one of his hardcore quickies and shot a standard vignette film with her peculiarity as the centerpiece. Now for those of you who don't know where Long Jeanne got her name, well...She doesn't have one of her legs (yes, you read that right) and uses the stump the same way gay boys use their arms! So Long Jeanne Silver (the film) is just that, consisting of scene after scene of Long Jeanne sticking her long john in lots of girls (and even one boy in by far the film's funniest scene).
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Review brief: Alex deRenzy's "Pretty Peaches 2" is a lighthearted, fun sex epic that doesn't try to be anything more and therefore suceeds. The story, which never takes itself seriously, involves a girl named Peaches (Siobhan Hunter), desperate to learn about sex. She is interrupted by her mother (Tracey Adams) during her rendezvous with her boyfriend Bobby (Peter North). Bobby hides in mom's room and is found peeking at her. So what does she do? Fuck him, of course. Meanwhile, Peaches is growing more frustrated. She goes to visit her dad (Herschel Savage), who warns her not to be a tease. She then decides to go visit her uncle (Ron Jeremy), a crazy Vietnam vet. On the road, she is picked up by Buck Adams and gets a room with him, watching him fuck Jeanette Littledove (who was once Buck's real-life wife). At the same time, Tracey and Herschel get together to find Peaches. It turns out that they're divorced, but they reconcile (not until after a session from F.M. Bradley, though, however).
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Review brief: Title: Pretty Peaches 2 Released by: VCA You know, its not too often when Ill come across an adult DVD that has something that just takes me by surprise. But, wouldnt you know it, I found one here! Alex de Renzys "Pretty Peaches 2" is a sequel of sorts to his original 1978 movie. Well it was a sequel in title and director only. Where the first movie was about a young woman with an accident-induced amnesia, this movie is about a 20-year old woman by the name of Peaches who was desperate to get laid. So heres the story: Peaches (Siobahan Hunter) tries to score with her boyfriend (Peter North). Her mom calls down from her bedroom for the boyfriend to go home. Somehow (and Ive yet to understand why), he doesnt go out the door. He instead goes to the mothers bedroom. The mother is played by the very sultry and voluptuous Tracey Adams. And lets face it, SHE is the real star of this movie, because she gets naked and gets laid far more times in this story than anyone else. So while the boyfriend is hiding, the mother gets naked to get ready for bed.
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Review brief: Directed by Alex De Renzy, "Pretty Peaches 3" garnered much in the way of critical and popular acclaim when it was first released back in 1989. Now, over a decade later, the video holds up only middlingly well despite it's "classic' status. I am not at all sure if today's "XXX-Generation" (those who maintain a steady diet of Max Hardcore and Sodomania) videos will have the patience for it. Shot on film, the DVD is much sharper and has better colors than its original VHS incarnation. For an old-timer like me, it was great to see actresses like Rachel Ryan, Victoria Paris, Tianna and Keisha back in action, although their best work has yet to hit DVD.The movie follows Keisha "on a quest for spritual enlightenment," but her encounters are more physical than anything else. Despite the fashion period of that time, Keisha looks great in just about every scene she's in. However, for whatever reason, Director De Renzy has chosen to mute her sexual performance and the results are disappointing.
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Review brief: Pretty Peaches 3 (1989) Studio: VCA Directed by: Alex deRenzy Starring: Keisha, Lynn LeMay, Tracey Adams, Rachel Ryan, Victoria Paris, Priscilla Love, Tami Monroe, Vicki Blair, Tianna, Jamie Gillis, Marc Wallice, Eric Price, Gene Carrera, Jon Martin, Jack Baker (non-sex), and Richard Pacheco (non-sex) Running Time: 1:30 Format: Single Sided, Single Layer DVD Features: Full motion video chapter selection menu and 21-picture photo gallery The First Word: Pretty Peaches 3 is a good plot-driven, couples-oriented film from an era that didn't have very many good stories you could watch with your partner, especially ones with high production values and that were shot on film instead of video. Plot Synopsis: This movie is the story of Peaches, a young and naive virgin, trying to find answers to her confusing emotions. The film begins with Peaches (Keisha) and her friend, Sandy (Lynn LeMay), talking about Sandy's experience of letting a guy look at her "under the sheets." After Peaches' mom (Tracey Adams) runs them off to bed, Peaches has a dream of Sandy's experience.
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Review brief: When the biggest flaw in a porno is really bad hair you know it has to be good. And when a pornos opening scene takes place in a trailer park you know its going to be funny. This movie covered everything from humor to sensuality to orgasmic spirituality. OK theres not really anything spiritual going on, but Peaches (Keishas) spiritual quest definitely gets her some libidinal bounty.Peaches, the wonderfully innocent trailer park girl begins her journey at the ravenous Dr Thunderpussys office, where she gets feverously fingered by the good doctor (who then pleases herself with a blowup doll in the backroom.) Dr Thunderpussy is an 80s styled clit reader who sets Peaches up to get taken advantage of by every kind of charlatan, religious or otherwise.Peaches quest takes her from a retreat where three pretty blondes have too much fun with each other, to a really bad Jimmy Swaggart whose partner bows before him when he tells her to start praying, to a class on polarity which is nothing more than a lot of hot sex.
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