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Review brief: Alan Pelikan shows a little hope for the bisexual genre here by picking groups who often seem to be all the way into each other rather than going with the traditional bisexual method of throwing a girl between two gay guys to see what happens. That does happen a little here too, but it's not nearly as bad as in most bisexual movies I've watched. The bigger problem here is the technical aspects, which are just a stone's throw from horrible, and the extras, which are generic as can be. Although the sex is a step above the normal bisexual movie, everything else about this release holds it back.
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Review brief: As I view more and more of these bi-sexual films from this studio where the guys are a lot more attractive than the gals, Ive begun to realize that they are just the thing for closeted gays or those who dont want the clerk in the video store to think they want to watch a gay film. Bi-Naturals is just such a film. It begins with Jerry Zikes wandering though the park. (I just watched Jerrythen called Jerodin a gay film MUSCLE INN which I would have posted in a review but found it wasnt listed anywhere. Pity, as it was a pretty good film.) Anyway, Jerry/Jerod meets up with a curly haired blond, Lucky Lucas, and a somewhat skinny girl with straight hair, Joanna Chandler. Lucky invites Jerry to join them and he and Jerry immediately compliment one another on their bodies. (See what I mean?) Lucky suggests the three of them go somewhere and have sex. Crossing the railroad tracks, they find a spot near a fence that seems suitable.
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Review brief: There is something so hot about two men that are fucking a woman. She is sucking their cocks. They are eating her out. Then out of the blue one of the guys starts to suck the other guy. Bi porn that involves men interacting with each other gets me so hard because it has this masculinity behind it that makes me blow. This film is no exception and one of the best I've seen, mainly because of the HOT HOT HOT men. These guys you can tell are 100 straight and were just in need of some extra cash. They look uncomfortable kissing, sucking and especially getting fucked. I swear it had to be the first time they were with another guys. The last scene in particular is so hot because of the size of Andrew's cock. It is so thick and long that when he was fucking the girl I shot my load, but then when he turned and started to fuck the guy I shot again. It's like watching two frat boys go wild one night. Who cares about plot or acting.
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