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Review brief: A 3 disc interactive dvd set, Killer Bodies is a full length feature film with several options to let the viewer decide which scenes they want to follow during the movie. Director David Lord describes it in the extras interview as a "liner-non linear-linear" movie. Was it worth it for Lord to go through all of this? In the cluttered world of porn this at least was something new. I'm usually not that interested in lengthy story lines but paid attention to most of this one. The option of choosing one scene over another was fun. The extras on this dvd should be a role model for all.
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Review brief: An ambitious project co written and directed by David Lord. It centers on Tori Black who seems to have it all- a great house, loving husband, lavish lifestyle but that all changes on one fateful night as she is abducted from her home. Tori is then subjected to some horrible brain washing techniques which in the end turn her into a killing machine who isn't afraid of anyone but how she gets there is interesting to watch and also offers some good strong sex along the way. There is a bit of anal action for Miss Black in one of the scenes. This movie also have a few ways to watch it, a directors cut, the normal version I guess you'd call it and then there is an option where you choose how the story goes at several crucial points which usually involves who has sex with whom. It is a wild ride and one well worth taking.
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