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Boxcover for Luckiest Bachelor On Earth, The
Luckiest Bachelor On Earth, The 

Release date: 2/12/2004
Reviewed on: 6/14/2004 by md-james

Studio: Peach

Review brief: Title: The Luckiest Bachelor On Earth Released by: Peach DVD Okay, be honest with yourself arent you sick and tired of all of these reality-dating shows on TV? Yeah, we love the nice settings, and of course we love the women but come on! If youre in a mansion and these beautiful women are showing up willing to do ANYTHING for you, wouldnt you want to see just what "anything" means? Thats what the folks at Peach DVD had in mind when they came up with their own version of the reality-dating genre called "The Luckiest Bachelor On Earth". Instead of watching some stupid pretty boy get the girl, now YOU can have all the fun for yourself or, well at least as much fun as a DVD would allow. So theres the story you start out with your own mansion, complete with your own butler who goes by the name of Jives. No, not Jeeves. Not Chives. Not even Jive JIVES. Jives serves as the host of this little adventure, letting you know that the women are on their way in. Sure enough, the limo pulls up and the women are led in.
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Boxcover for Interviewing Jenna
Interviewing Jenna 

Release date: 1/30/2003
Reviewed on: 2/10/2003 by nat-hocken

Studio: Pacific Media

Review brief: If youre not careful, the Interviewing Jenna disc will drive you crazy. Its one of those interactive jobs that doesnt even have a Play button. What it has instead is three main sectionsJust Jenna, Interview Jenna, and Jennas Staffand there wouldnt be anything wrong with that except that the menu comes up with the first of these, Just Jenna, selected. Thats a problem because if you choose that route, you wind up circling back on the action a couple of times. I may be old-fashioned, but I think the option of seeing the movie in order ought to come first. Here, that option comes second. (The decision to put Just Jenna first must have been based on the argument that if the sex doesnt begin right away, viewers will tune out. Call me crazy, but it seems to me anyone putting on a movie called Interviewing Jenna isnt going to tune out if it starts with an interview.) Sadly, the menu is the least of this films problems. According to the liner notes on the boxcover, Your first assignment for Peach Magazine takes you into the secret life of superstar Jenna Jameson.
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Boxcover for Hunk O' Rama 2
Hunk O' Rama 2 

Release date: 6/11/2002
Reviewed on: 10/7/2002 by dumblonde

Studio: Vivid

Review brief: Director: Dyanna Lauren DOP: 12/17/00 Male cast: Danny, Joey Ray, J.J., Antonio, Don Juan, Ceaser, Lucky Audio/Video: The video was was grainy, and during the interviews, it pixelated, then froze. I didn't notice any audio problems. Extras: Photo stills - a dozen or so, posed in various outfits Hunk interviews - Steven St. Croix conducts some *fascinating* interviews with the hunks, who all seem to be male strippers. Condoms: No sex, no need The Game: Why didn't anyone wake me for Hunk 'O Rama 1? From the boxcover, this is appears to be exactly what I've been waiting to see. An interactive game for females, with an assortment of studly, stripping beefsteaks who I'm assuming aren't gay. The boxcover says: "The bachelorette party sensation!" "You pick the guy" "You pick the set" "They do the rest" I popped it in my player, anxious to see what Vivid had come up with. The game is one of those disturbing 'match the body parts correctly' funfests, comprised of three sections, in order: head, chest, and dick.
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Boxcover for Interactive Mind Teaser
Interactive Mind Teaser 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 5/11/2000 by darkmage

Starring: Zoe, Kobe Tai, Mia, Stacy, Caroline, Crystal, Victoria, Envy, Kira, Lisa Comshaw, Kira Kener, Anna, Jordan, Stella
Studio: Vivid

Review brief: The Plot: Every now and then we have to change the old paradigms and realize that something new is in the air. Witness exhibit A: Vivids Interactive Mind Teazzer. It really defies classification. Its not a compilation, its not a gonzo and it certainly doesnt have a plot. How do we define such a beast? I think if I were able, I would classify this disc as an amusing toy. It's either that, or classify it as "drink coaster". The Cast: Its nice to see that Vivid is rotating out some of the faces (and bodies) that weve all grown to love in favor of some less-exposed talent. Some of the old crowd is here: Kobe Tai, Kira Kenner, Lisa Comshaw. There is a whole gamut of first-name-only Vivid girls here: Zoe, Doria, Mia, Stella, Crystal, Stacy, Jordan, etc. etc. etc. Most of the girls are artificially inflated, but I didnt see any that were awful in execution. The guys are represented by um there are none. I really have only a couple comments about the cast here: Somebody needs to feed Kobe Tai, and Kira Kenner is an excellent dancer.
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