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Boxcover for A Teen, The
A Teen, The 

Release date: 2/28/2006
Reviewed on: 12/4/2006 by heynow

Starring: Samantha, Dana, Lenka, Zuzana
Studio: XOXO Pictures

Review brief: Cute title Im surprised it hadnt been used quite like that yet. First off, its a play on the Mr. T series of the 80s (and Mr. T rocks big time) and using the A might imply some anal action. First the bad stuff. I guess XOXO would qualify as a C-list studio in Porno Valley. Thats fine they are a startup. Cover and product actually looks pretty great but 140 Minutes is advertised on the cover and by my calculations this movie comes nowhere near that. I see a total of 4 scenes at any where from 21 to 25 minutes each. I dont know how they get 140 minutes even with photo gallery and a few minutes of phone sex ads. Who cares if it is a rental but if you are some poor slob that gets tricked into this one at the video store when there are movies that actually live up to this minute count and beyond? Oh well. Lets forget about that and get to the good. As I said the movie is actually pretty fine up there with the Barely Legal series.
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