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Review brief: Younger, petite Filipinas (with killer slim bodies) getting nailed by misc. Gents.
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Review brief: At first glance, Taylor Rain is an unlikely candidate for porn super stardom. There are far prettier girls who never come close to the mark. Her thin frame sometimes borders on scrawny. She doesnt talk much, and when she does in BTS stuff, she sounds na´ve for such a veteran. Then there are the incessant rumors of excessive drug use, and flakiness. But she is one of my, and many others, all time favorites. It may be worth considering why that is. I can recall no lackluster performances, except when she appeared with the malicious Max Hardcore, but that is what he requires. Her longevity, by modern starlet standards, belies her alleged unreliability and addictions. Her eyes are always bright, and her smile infectiously real. Her body seems, more often than not, sleek and svelte, especially in this compilation. Her asshole is legendary and near perfection, and she knows how to use it. More than anything, and more than any porn star in my memory, she projects a compelling vulnerability in her sexual personae.
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