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Boxcover for Liquid Lips 1 (Cinderella)
Liquid Lips 1 (Cinderella) 

Release date: 2/17/2001
Reviewed on: 1/18/2002 by mark-barbee

Studio: Cinderella

Review brief: Let me try to keep the point of my review short, and to the point: If you are thinking about buying this DVD, in my opinion, DON'T!!! This is the worst looking DVD that I have ever seen, as well as the first DVD that I have ever thrown away after watching. With the exception of one decent scene at the end, the whole disc looks like it was made from a very bad VHS master. That is proven by the very visible, very annoying, top-screen bending due to bad-tracking from the master tape. Colors are over-saturated during at least two of the scenes to the point where most of the picture was a murky yellowish-orange haze void of any detail (check out some of the screenshots on Action-DVD, and you will see a hint of what I am saying). Sound quality is very marginal at best. As if the technical aspects of the video are not bad enough, most of the sex scenes are very uninspired; boring, in fact. I do not like to trash anyone's hard work, but this video does not look as though much effort was put into it at all.
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