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Review brief: I love a huge cock and theres not a better one in the biz then big dicked Brazilian Rafael Alencar! Various scenes from featuring this well hung stud and the lucky dudes that get to take on that massive horse cock!
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Review brief: Another volume in the hot fantasy series by Suite 703! There's no fooling around here, the stories are short and to the point and the main focus is on the hot guys and man on man action! From the office coworker to your jogging buddy, these guys will get you off!
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Review brief: Hot men and hot action in these brief fantasy snippets from Suite703, ranging from the coack in the locker room to the horny plumber!
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Review brief: [This film is also listed as THE BEST OF JESSE O'TOOLE.] This two-disc film features performances from Treasure Island studios spread over a five-year period demonstrating Jesses skill as a top.
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Review brief: The pre-condom classic ALL AMERICAN BOYS gets a lot of stars. None of the other three films (STUDENT FEVER, SPRING FEVER, BACK TO BASICS) are bareback and are only average, but each has a scene or performer that is worth seeing. Still four films at this price is a bargain.
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Review brief: Long before there was VHSand seemingly eons before there were DVDsan enterprising studio calling itself Colt produced a series of one-reel films for gay viewers, sending thousands out to buy film projectors. The hallmark of this studio was to feature incredibly gorgeous ultra masculine men having sex together. It totally shattered the popular concession that gays were all wispy effeminates who lisped and had limp wrists. For those other than gays, it was jaw-dropping. For those who were gay, it was dick-lifting. Probablyfor fear of censorshipthe films were not overly explicit. Much of the sex was photographed the way our soft-core productions were filmed today. One knew they were sucking cock but one didnt always see it. Occasionally there was a brief glimpse to confirm ones suspicions that the dick was actually being sucked, but for the most part the action was masked or else dicks were simply kissed, lightly licked, stroked, and otherwise worshiped. And although these hunks were probably fucking, one never ever saw a dick going into an asshole.
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Boxcover for Bobby's Marines
Bobby's Marines 

Release date: 3/27/2001
Reviewed on: 8/6/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: Some of the films from Body Shoppe featuring straight guys (supposedly marines) who jack off on camera can be interesting and even uplifting. This is not one of them. There are seven scenes in this one, and nine guys; none of whom could be called attractive. First up is a guy with a mass of tattoos who undresses and proceeds to masturbate while an oriental chap chirps along in an unintelligible accent. (The sound is atrocious in this film, the guys are muffled so that when they speak it sounds like merff moo mumm. The only thing really audible is a woman squealing while being fucked on a stag film playing to inspire these unattractive guys to achieve an erection.) There are two twosomes one of which follows. In both, the guys sit at opposite ends of the sofa with a pillow between them so that there is absolutely no danger of them accidentally touching one another. One of these guys is very thin and cute with a very long bent cock. A close-up reveals him to have acne all over his torso that diminishes the cuteness somewhat.
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Review brief: Once again its time to delve into the porno vaults for some hot precondom action courtesy of Colt Studios. Can Parts 3 and 4 live up to the standard set in Parts 1 and 2? Read on to find out! The Bonus MMMM cowboys! Two built cowpokes are sucking face out in the stables when a third comes riding down the road and joins in on the action. OOOOh, boy, were are talking Marlboro Man rugged good looks here! Its a fairly short scene, with no anal, and no oral cum shots. Its still pretty hot, though. Hand Tooled Ah, Al Parker... One of the most famous cocks from the late 70s. Als looking pretty fine as he strokes that huge cock of his. Looks like the camera man cant control himself, as someones arm keeps reaching into the scene and grabbing hold of Al in all the right places. Then all of a sudden, a whole bunch of hands start working over Als entire body, playing special attention to that furry ass of his.
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Review brief: Hey! Its more precondom sex from COLT! Jam packed with more mature hairy men than you can shake a stick at, The Best of Colt Films 5 & 6 has all the bareback sex and oral cumshots we have come to expect from the late 70s. So lets skip the intro and get right to the goods! Service Entry Everyones favorite bear, Moose, stops by Mike and Joes house to deliver some water. It doesnt take long for everyone to get naked and bump uglies. Moose gets a piece of both of their asses, and ends up blowing his load all over Mikes mouth. Very hot stuff here, especially if you love your men hairy. Overload Johnny Harden stars in a solo scene, where he showcases his huge cock and tight little ass. Solos are generally my thing, but this one is pretty good. Especially when Johnny spreads those cheeks of his and shoves his pucker into the camera. Johnny finishes off with quite a healthy cumshot, too. Muscle Beach Ok, this is easily my favorite scene.
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