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Review brief: Title: The Private Life Of Kate More Cast: Kate More, Silivia Saint, Mary Eleniak, Sophie Evans, Ursula Moore, Laura Angel, Mercedes, T.J. Hart, Katalin, Monic, Fovea, Nicol & Katy Director: Various Studio: Private Date Of Production: 2/04 Duration: Over 3 Hours I really enjoyed this edition of The Private Life Of .... I think this one is on par with The Private Life Of Nikki Anderson and The Private Life Of Lynn Stone. I've also seen The Private Life Of Silvia Saint (The best) and The Private Life Of Bettina. This one isn't quite as good as Silvia Saint's but better than Bettina's. I'm in agreement with Morbidthoughts. Best women around, very good sex. He also breaks down each scene so if you need to know the details, see him. Overall: Right now, you can get this title for under $17.00, as is the case with most of these titles. That is a steal. You get over 3 hours of some Private's best girls. Kate More is definitely one of the best.
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Boxcover for Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers
Best by Private 59: Cum Suckers 

Release date: 7/5/2004
Reviewed on: 11/29/2004 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Philippe Dean, Roberto Malone, Zenza Raggi, David Perry, Mike Foster, Dolly Golden, Kristina, Katy, Barbara, Silvia Saint, Blondie, Daniel, Violet, Mercedes, John Walton, Christina, Frank Gun, Monica, Nikita, Zoltan, Rich Handsome, Nacho Vidal, Monique Covet, Alberto Rey, Leslie Taylor, Robert Rosenberg, Layla Jade, Daniella Rush, George, Alain Deloin, Karl Ben, Katalin, Vanda, Kyra, Kevin Long, Laura Angel, Cassandra Wild, Dita, Jean Pierre Armand, Philippe Soine, Katarina Martinez, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Joy, Bea, Lea de Mae, James Brossman, Nomi, Georgette, Sebastian Barrio, Melody Kord, Franco Roccaforte, Nataly Dune, Elone, Denisa, Ian Scott, Max Cortes, Angelica Bright, Sunny Blue, Sharon Bright, Toni Ribas, Michelle Wild, Mandy Bright, Dominica Leoni, Jodie Moore, Tony Toscani, Juliano Ferraz, Jane Darling, Elza Brown, Lucy Lee (Asian), Steve Hooper, Jennifer Dark, Joachim Kessef, Manuel, Tony De Sergio, Sarah O'Neil, Viktor, Goldie McHawn, Gabriel Montoya, Sofia Gently, Pascal St James, Krystal de Boor, Suzi Nero, Jyulia, Andor, Arpad, Liza Pinelli
Studio: Private

Review brief: All the things I loath about Euro porn (Private, specifically) are on display in the Best of Private's "Cum Suckers. This compilation DVD claims to include 50 girls displayed over more than two hours. That may well be, but I lost track after about 20 scenes. As usual with the Euros, they do not identify the performers. Which is a shame, because many of the girls are downright beautiful. The least attractive girls would have to be considered good looking. I would like to obtain some of the original features based on what I saw here. But, alas, Ill never figure out who these girls are, nor the original features the scenes were clipped from. Note: a cast list is included in the DVD extras, but it is impossible to follow after the first four scenes. Euro girls know three things: how to take it up the ass, how to accept an open-mouth facial, and how to clean up afterward.
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Review brief: Best by Private: I Want To Fuck You In The Bathroom. Preview Expectations: I'm not usually a compilation fan, and since that is what this is, I have some worry that we won't get a wall to wall grouping of good scenes. However Private's "Private Life of" line is in my oppinion staggeringly good and easily the best compilation on the market. That said, and the odd appeal of super hot Private girls and bathroom sex made me give this one a try, and I'm taking Private on thier previous merit, and hoping for a good suprise. Initial Thoughts I guess Private unlike many other studios, can put together good compilation discs. Stellar girls pretty lengthy scenes, and the theme is stuck with and well represented in this disc. Private didn't hold off on us, every scene here is more than watchable, and has a good mix of erotic presentation and some nasty sex. This compilation is a winner, a decent array of extras and this one fits the bill it's going after nicely. Technical thoughts Picture quality is quite good and clear throughout all the scenes.
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Boxcover for Lily Thai Exposed
Lily Thai Exposed 

Release date: 6/8/2004
Reviewed on: 11/22/2004 by jagnla

Starring: Asia Carrera, Giselle Yum, Kianna Thai, Lilly Thai, Lacey Duvalle
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: General Impression To be fair, I have to begin with a blanket statement that although I have no problem with compilations discs, this DVD is a prime example of what is often very wrong with this marketing ploy. Simply put, most compilations discs are merely attempts to squeeze a few cents more out of old footage. When done well, these DVDs can be a great way to find some forgotten classic scenes, to check out the odd missed scene or to introduce the reader to a performer previously unfamiliar to them. Vivid Pictures began mass-marketing compilation discs over ten years ago and has actually become rather adept at mixing popular scenes with seldom scene ones from less popular movies. Beginning with their Ultimate series featuring contract stars, they pumped out some fairly decent collections that could leave the viewer feeling well-versed on any given starlet in an hours time or so. However, less ambitious studios have begun to produce compilations featuring a specific performer that are nothing short of re-hashed cuts off all-too familiar scenes.
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Review brief: Title: Shane & Friends Released by: New Machine Shane & Friends is yet another compellation sampler from the folks at New Machine, which takes a scene from a variety of other New Machine releases, puts them all together, takes two scenes with one girl, puts them up front, and THAT becomes your "star" attraction. And with previous reviews for videos featuring Tera Patrick and Sunrise Adams, I was somewhat satisfied with the results. Sure I wish there could have been more, but what they did offer was still worth getting. Sadly, I cant say the same for this one featuring Shane. For starters, we have Shane in "Seymore and Shane on the Loose", where we have Shane, an unknown blonde girl, and TT Boy. TT is naked, the unknown blonde has got on a body stocking and sucking his cock and Shane is still fully dressed! What the fuck? Well, at least she doesnt mind getting a few sucks in, even if shes still dressed.
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Review brief: These guys need to change there name from Adam & Eve, to Adam and C. The C would stand for compilation. I live in Seattle, and people from out of town ask how I deal with the rain. I tell them that it rains more in Vancouver Canada to the north, and Portland to the south, so ask them. That being said, they should ask Adam & Eve cause theyre causing a flood of biblical proportions. One thing I will say is that Adam & Eve has such a robust catalog that not only are there compilation welcome, but good. I like most of the women in this title and once again I am surprised that I havent seen these scenes somewhere else. Sure, a couple come from the Amateur Angels line but 95 of these scene were new to me. Being an anal fan, this title is solid gold. Some of the girls in this title are Anal Queens, and some of them are doing a rare anal appearance. Some scenes are with condom, and some without, but the heat factor here is high.
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Boxcover for Leanni Lei Exposed
Leanni Lei Exposed 

Release date: 3/5/2004
Reviewed on: 11/18/2004 by nutty-buddy

Starring: Leanni Lei
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: [ /image ] --> Cast: Leanni Lei Director: Various Studio: New Machine Duration: 1:47:00 Date of Production: January 2004 What's Happening: straight, lez, threesomes, facials Leanni Lei is a personal favorite. In 1997 I was wild about 3 pornstars. That was Dee, Sylvia Saint and Leanni Lei. I've seen Leanni in a ton of titles. Some of my favorites are Bottom Feeders, Video Adventures Of Peeping Tom #15, New Breed #2 & Planet Max #2 (Leanni on rollerskates). This compilation features 8 scenes from 8 different titles. Those titles are: Make My Butt Cum #2, Dirty Debs #76, Up & Cummers #46, Up & Cummers #50, Up & Cummers #59, America's Most Wanted #2, America's Most Wanted #3 & America's Most Wanted #4. She does anal in about 4 of the 8 titles and takes on Mark Davis and Vince Voyeur in Up & Cummers #46. The lez scene can be found in America's Most Wanted #4. Bottom line, this is a decent compilation. One draw back is not all of the scenes start from the very beginning. Some of them jump right into the blowjob.
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Review brief: My review: I am a huge fan of the Private Life of (PLO) series, which is always a 2-disc set loaded with goodies. Ive purchased a few and it was always based on my likes of certain Private stars Julia Taylor, Cassandra Wild, Lea De Mae and Ive never been disappointed. I hardly have any Private movies in my library and these compilations of sex scenes with the select star are just what Im looking for. If you read the other ADT reviews of the Private Life of releases, you will notice there are others who share my belief that this is the best compilation series in the marketplace. (Note to readers who are unfamiliar with the PLO series, every scene in the 2-disc set contains the select star as a performer.) I first noticed Jane Darling in Privates Hot Property and am I glad I ever laid eyes on her. Jane is my current favorite and she has an almost sweet, innocent look with a fantastic body including one of the best set of natural tits in porn.
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Boxcover for Taylor Rain Exposed
Taylor Rain Exposed 

Release date: 4/12/2004
Reviewed on: 11/8/2004 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Davia Ardell, Heidi Dalton, Jodi Ryder, Taylor Rain, Crissy Moran, Samy Bright
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: Taylor Rain Exposed is another New Machine compilation that would be considered a rip-off except weve come to accept these trashy productions for what they are two scenes for the star, then a bunch of junk thrown together. Who decides which other female performers go onto the disc is anyones guess, but they must just gather up the videotape from the cutting room floor and say, Heres enough material. Lets start splicing. Taylor Rain is a perpetually cute brunette who deserves a comp by herself, yet New Machine throws her in with some real scrap here. Sammy Bright is an attractive blonde, and Heidi Dalton aint bad. The others are strictly B-listers, if that.
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Boxcover for Jody Moore Exposed
Jody Moore Exposed 

Release date: 5/29/2004
Reviewed on: 11/7/2004 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Randy West, Nikki Grand, Pantera, Carmen Diego, Niki Talon, Jodie Moore, Mariah Cherry
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: Jody Moore Exposed is a New Machine compilation. If you like Jody, the cute Aussie blonde, be advised that shes only in the first two scenes. Since most of the original features have been reviewed elsewhere on the Internet, here are the scenes: Craig Moore, Jody Moore (from Up and Cummers #97) Craig Moore, Jody Moore, Niki Talon (More Dirty Debutantes #200) Nikki Grand, Randy West, Ron Jeremy (Up and Cummers #52) Maverick, Pantera (Up and Cummers #108) Mariah Cherry, Steve Hatcher (Younger the Better #2) Carmen Diego, Destini, Kitty Marie (More Dirty Debutantes #163) The editing on this comp is shaky at best. The blowjobs to start each boy/girl scene are short. Ed Powers has to stick his nose into the action (with his camera) to completely ruin the second scene. The cameraman mars the scenes from the Up and Cummers series when he shoots the action (and himself) in a mirror. Jody, of course, is terrific looking. Pantera is gorgeous, Mariah is very good looking, Nikki Grand is cute as can be, and one of the girls in the lezout (I think its Destini) is very cute.
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Review brief: Jenna Haze and Friends is a New Machine compilation. Which means youre only going to get two scenes with the lovely Jenna, then lots of filler scenes. And at 155 minutes, theres a lot of disc space to fill. Luckily for us, the scenes they chose to splice into this comp feature some pretty nice ladies, among them Catalina, Toni James, Danielle, and Victoria Basque. Heres the rundown of the nine scenes (with the original feature): Jenna Haze, Randy West Up and Cummers #98 Jenna Haze, Luna I Love Lesbians #10 Danielle, Vince Voyeur Americas Most Wanted #4 Randy West, Sara Moon Up and Cummers #95 Taylor St. Clair, Tony Tedeschi Up and Cummers #81 Catalina, Jay Ashley Real Naturals #5 Victoria Basque, Vince Voyeur Pussyman Takes Hollywood Earl Slate, Toni James Americas Most Wanted #4 Stella Star Cockless #18 Since detailed reviews of most of these features are available elsewhere on the Net, Ill just throw in a few thoughts. The Catalina/Jay Ashley scene is ruined by (who else?) Ed Powers and his amateurish antics.
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Review brief: This is another compilation DVD, that gives us many scenes of threesomes and group activities. I do like comps, but whatever company is putting them out should realize some things. One. Make sure the comp DVD you put out has some great sex in it. Dont just stick a bunch poorly edited scenes together in a DVD with no cohesion and expect people to buy it. I cant tell you how many comps I have seen that contained scenes that didnt have a damn thing to do with the title on the DVD cover. Or, did not have one scene with the starlet or stud that is advertised on the box cover. It can be very annoying. Two. If a DVD such as this promises group action, make sure that the scenes have titles so that we can know which feature the scene came from, and who the participants are. This DVD does not do that, and if I didnt know most of the performers in this comp, I would have been pretty upset, as I have been in the past when I have seen a particularly hot scene, and didnt have any clue who the people were or what feature that this scene came from.
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Review brief: A few years back there were some hot young French Canadian girls who came in the jizz biz, Judy Star and this girl Kimberly were two of them. This compilation dvd culls some of those scene Kimberly shot while in the biz so let's see this hot young girl do her thing. World Sex Tour #25: We get to see Erik Everhard and John Dough talk about fucking Kimberly and moving to the scene itself we see the two men sitting on either side of this attractive young lady. She's a real cutie as evidenced by the cover shot on the dvd and Erik is quick to sample her ass and Kimberly gets going on Mr. Dough's cock. Sexwise you see RC, spoon-- both vaginal and anal, RCA-- super close shot of her ass filled with cock and she's dp'd. The scene ends with her taking two really good loads which she swallows. Iniations #9: For this scene we see it's to be Kimberly's first interracial scene. She is looking good in her blue outfit plus she talks in French! There is some caressing by her before she's joined by the Man of Steele.
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Review brief: I got two words for you, Compilation Crazy! Companies are going compilation crazy. Some because they dont have the talent to put out new quality work, and some due to the fact that their catalog is so big, they are doing their best to make a buck and give fans what they want. Personally, I love comps. I used to watch the Overtime, and Afrocentric series when I 1st embraced porn. Adam and Eve was the first I noticed as of late, but now Devils Film, Anabolic and even Wicked has joined the gang. As long as the titles are well thought out, and good quality, I saw flood the market, but if you sacrifice quality, value, or content, please save us all. Monster Jam is a pretty good comp. I like Big Dick Movies, cause Im a brotha with a big dick. That being said, thats why I love all straight porn regardless if its IR or not. This title has Lexington Steele, Sean Michaels, Brandon Iron, Lee Stone.
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Boxcover for From Asia With Love (Midnight)
From Asia With Love (Midnight) 

Release date: 3/10/2004
Reviewed on: 10/23/2004 by black-panther

Starring: Asia Carrera, Toni James
Studio: Midnight

Review brief: Running Time: 62mProduction Date: 9-05-97, Duplicated 11-20-97Director: N/AStudio: Midnight VideoExtras: Play movie, scene selection, trailer, slide show, website, Company info, an enlarge your penis infomercial. The slide show only consists of only 5 shots from the film. The penis commercial is just plain weird, creepy, unrealistic, and should be avoided. There is no way to enlarge your penis guys! Learn to love what you have. Cast:Asia CarreraAjaToni JamesRachel Ryan (not credited)Alex SandersSteve DrakeJohn DeckerTom ByronMarc WalliceEric Edwards (not credited)Stacy Lords is credited, but she isn't actually in this compilation tape.First Impressions: Midnight has clearly pulled a fast one. This compilation tape is mainly to feature Asia Carrera, the only Asian in it having sex. All the other scenes look at least a few years older than the ones with Asia in them. Didn't like seeing and hearing the horrible lighting and audio from the 80's.The Scenario: No scenario at all really. This just features Asia in 2 sex scenes, and the other 3 sex scenes are totally unrelated to it.
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Boxcover for Explosions (Mayhem)
Explosions (Mayhem) 

Release date: 4/1/2004
Reviewed on: 10/23/2004 by charlie

Studio: Mayhem

Review brief: Mayhem Explosions Film length: 137mins DVD features: Trailers AV Quality: The picture quality varies from good to average. The audio was very low and almost inaudible at times. Stars: Various Review: I am a big fan of wall to wall cumshot compilations and this title caught my attention as I have never seen a Mayhem production before and was curious to see how it faired against the competition. The DVD is divided up in 10 chapters and subdivided into 10 scenes. A nice feature is the ability to jump back and forth to each cumshot using the skip button on your remote. Great for tracking down your favorite sticky moment. As soon as started playing the film it sort of reminded me of the Leisure Time comps where the pops were delivered at a machine gun rate with little build up. It was kind of pull out, pop....stroke, pop....suck, pop etc. way too fast for my liking and there was no indication of who the girl was and which film it was taken from.
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Review brief: This compilation DVD has scene for today and yesteryear. A somewhat solid DVD, depending where your taste goes now. Some scene will bring back memories if you have seen them before, and others may give you a rise. Scene One: Bagheera, Unknown Studs This scene includes some hot BJ action, standing doggie, good pussy eating, cowgirl, side saddle fucking, RC anal, some spirited doggie anal, and a nice cumshot all over Bags face. A pretty good first scene. Pros: This is one sexy black chick, and check out the chocolate ass on her as it goes up and down on a dick in cowgirl. Cons: Fucking on a concrete floor in high heels may appeal to some viewers, but it took away form the scene for me. Final Verdict: A pretty good scene, made better by the babe in it. Scene Two: Carola, Unknown Starlet, Unknown Studs This is a group scene that includes decent BJs from both ladies, RC, cowgirl, some nice doggie, sidesaddle action, good anal fucking, some more doggie, RC anal, some more hot RC, a nice steady DP, and three nice cumshots on both girls tits and chests.
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Review brief: "The very best of early Up & Cummers and more" reads the text on the box cover. Let's see.. Technical Runtime: apprx. 137 minutes Region: all Audio/Video: Mixed bag, but overall from average to below average. Most clips are from mid/late 90s. Feature Nakita Kash (from Real Female Masturbation #1) This is a short scene (about 10 mins) that takes place inside a riding car. Randy flims, some dude drives and Nakita is masturbating at the back seat. She mostly rubs her clit instead of fingering, and some time later, she also uses a dildo. If you into the solo acts, then I think it's pretty good scene. Nakita is convincing, appears to have fun, and gets her juices flowing to the point when it looks like a cream pie. Score: VixXxen, Alex Sanders, Randy West (from Up & Cummers #3) Things start off with Vixxen being eaten by Alex. She also gives Randy head at the same time and seems to enjoy it. After that, she rides Alex in RC and, generally, receives some serious pussy pounding in this position.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 88 min. Production Date: 2004 Director: Jonathan Morgan Cast: Jenna Jameson, Jeanna Fine, Asia Carrera, Nico Treasures, Peter North, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur, Steven St. Croix and T. T. Boy in sexual roles and Joy King, Daniel Metcalf, F. J. Lincoln, Jim Enright, and Jonathan Morgan in interviews The Short Story Initial Expectations: I didnt think Jenna Jamesons Wicked Anthology Volume One 1995 came close to living up to its potential. I hope this one comes closer, but cant go in with too much hope. Initial Reaction: It falls short once again. Who Should Watch It : Extreme Jenna fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a good look at Jennas second year with Wicked rather than just a quick look The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: As with most compilations, the technical aspects vary a bit. Thankfully, Wicked normally puts enough care into their movies that it isnt too noticeable here. The audio is clear and nicely balanced without any background noises to interfere.
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Review brief: My review: Lesbian Games is a compilation of 14 lesbian scenes from the vast Private library with a total running time of 2 hours. The scenes do not have a consistent theme and run the gamut from artsy to fetish with a heavy emphasis on artsy. As varied as the themes were from scene to scene, so was the amount of kissing, oral, fingering, rimming and toy use. However, the one constant from Private is this hot looking female cast, nice locales/background scenery, and good camera work and these scenes are no exception. I am going to caution the reader that some of these scenes have been recycled in other movies. For instance, the Cassandra Wild & Monique Covet scene was included in the Private Life of Cassandra Wild and one of the Jodie Moore scenes is also to be found in her Private Life movie.
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Review brief: After the high from, The Panty Drawer the expectation here were high. This title quickly lofted me up, just to drop me flat. I touched on this myself in a recent Adam & Eve review, but my counterpart Astroglide made the point painfully clear. Adam & Eve is leaving behind a legacy of poor quality comps for future generations to scratch their heads and wonder what they were thinking. Sondra Hall [ /image ] --> Some may consider Sondra a beauty, I dont. She has some sharp facial features that rival those of David Bowie, or Mick Jagger. What she does have though, is long slim legs, a perfect set of implants, and unrivaled on screen heat. This was the 1st time I have seen her in action, and I have to say that it was one for the spank bank. I believe she is retired now, but I will be sure to seek out her works to see if they all contain the same level of chemistry. Flawless scene! Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 10/10 The title pretty much goes down hill from here.
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Review brief: The Private Life Of Jane Darling. Female Cast: Jane Darling, Lea De Mae, Maya Gold, Lucy Love, Kirsty, Barbara Summers, Ronita, Angelica, Sandra Key, Daniella, Patricia, Sandra Mark, Tina Wagner Male Cast: David Perry, George Uhl, Mick Blue, Csoky Ice, Renato, Lauro Di Giotto, Sebastian Barrio, Joachim, Manuel Ferrara, Ramon Nomar, Tony De Sergio, Steve Hooper, Franco Trentalance, Juliano Ferraz, Thomas Stone, Denis Marti, Andrea Moranti.
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Review brief: Jenna Jameson's Wicked Anthology - Volume 1: 1995 A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: Wicked Edition Details: Standard MSRP: $29.24 DVD Release Date: August 2003 Movie Specs: Genres: All Sex, Compilation A.K.A.: Jenna Jameson's Anthology Volume 1 Run Time: 90 minutes Rated: XXX Release Year: 2003 Director: uncredited Written by: uncredited Cast: Jenna Jameson, Nikki Taylor, Peter North, Jon Dough, Tiffany Million, T.T.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 134 min. Production Date: 11 / 02 / 2003 Director: Various Cast: Asia Carrera, Taylor St. Clair, Alexandra Silk, Nikita Denise, Jenna Haze, Chennin Blanc, Julie Meadows, Jasmine Klein, Tricia Devereaux, Jenny Lynn, Randy Spears, Ian Daniels, Steve Hatcher, Dale DaBone, Julian, Cheyne Collins, Julian St. Jox, Rick Masters, Colt Steele, Nikko Night, Rick Masters and Cameron Steel The Short Story Initial Expectations: Adam & Eve has been doing pretty well with their compilations lately. Im going into this one with some hope. Initial Reaction: Its a pretty good compilation. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting sex revolving around pool tables. Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting all slow and boring sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: As with almost all compilations, the technical aspects vary a little from scene to scene. That said, the technical aspects here are very nicely done. The audio is normally clear and well balanced with only a few background noises.
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Review brief: Rocco Rocks is a compilation DVD from Vivid, of the 18 or so scenes that Rocco Siffredi, the famous Italian porn star, did in Vivid/VCA features during the 1990's . This alone is quite a break from his usual European-made fare, since he is well-known for performing in scenes focusing on anal sex, group sex and even sex in its more perverted/rough aspects. In this compilation film, the majority of the scenes are Rocco with one woman at a time, performing vaginal sex only, and even wearing a condom in some scenes (!). The scenes have the acting portions edited out, so what is left is four hours of Rocco, showing what he can do within the constraints of a Vivid film. And those constraints don't mean that he performs at a lower level. If anything, Rocco looks just as energized and intense as in his European films.
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