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Boxcover for Explosions (Mayhem)
Explosions (Mayhem) 

Release date: 4/1/2004
Reviewed on: 4/23/2004 by dragonsbum

Studio: Mayhem

Review brief: "Man is something that shall be overcum." "I love him who lives to cum, and who wants to cum." "Of all that is written, I love only what a man has written with his cum."- Thus Spoke Zarathustra i suppose my fascination with facials stems from the fact that i have never had the privilege of delivering one in the course of sexual congress; i have given myself facials, but it's just not the same. the anabolic cumshots series let me live vicariously, plastering the visages of gorgeous eurosluts in rapid fire succession. unfortunately, no fucking is shown to maximize the number of shots. however, the sodomonia slopshots series, which also draws from a deep talent pool, employs the format of one minute fucking and then the cumshot. less total cum flying, but the tradeoff is worth it. how does mayhem explosions compare? the good: every scene has its own chapter, up to chapter 99 which contains the last 4 scenes. about a quarter of the scenes have multiple cumshots. there are several pleasing instances of swallowing and cum farting.
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Review brief: P.J. Sparxx is the definition of the girl next door. Scratch that, P.J. is better than the girl next door. Seeing P.J. in porn is like finding out that quiet girl that sat behind you in high school Spanish class is now the hottest thing in adult entertainment. Ill never forget the first time I saw her on screen. I couldnt get over how long and shapely her legs were. I made it a point to find out her name. P.J. had at least three runs through porn. She started as a young lady, came back as a full figured woman, and made another run as an aging star. This disc is a compilation of the early P.J. The title starts with mini interviews before each scene. The menu really only has the option to start the film, or scene selection. Scene 1 has P.J. matched with Marc Wallace. You cant talk about late 80s or early 90s porn without taking about Marc. This was a good scene. Marc, P.J. and an unidentified porn stud do good work here. Scene 2 is an all girl scene with Sunny Mc Kay. Im not a fan of all girl scenes, but in retrospect P.J.
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Boxcover for Anna Malle Exposed
Anna Malle Exposed 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 4/22/2004 by the-pocketcomb-pimp

Starring: Anna Malle
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: I cant say the first time I saw Anna Malle, but I can say that I loved her from day one. I loved Annas work with Sean Michaels in Macin, and New Wave Hookers. Anna has an incredible. I love the way that her chest and panty line are always natural skin tone in spite of her tropical like tan. This DVD was fairly routine in spite of the fact that they want you to know that its Playstation 2, and X-Box compatible. It had multiple previews for Up and Cummers, Wet, Inc. and The Younger, The Better. Scene #1 was from "Behind The Bathroom Door", with Alex Metro. This was obviously an older scene. The color, sound, and picture all were tell tale signs that this was a direct transfer from VHS. They shared a variety of positions around an indoor spa style tub finishing with a large pop all over her chest. Scene #2 was from The Adventures of Studman This paired Anna with Steve Drake whom I believe is one of the heads at DVSX. This scene was classic Anna, eyes rollin back in her head, and feverish masturbation.
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Review brief: Title: Sunrise & Friends Released by: New Machine Ah, Sunrise Adams! I kept on asking myself why I like looking at Sunrise Adams. Im really into more brunettes and redheads than blondes. So why Sunrise? I guess she reminds me of those girls in high school who were the cheerleaders and class presidents and prom queens. You know, the ones who would break your heart just by being seen on the arm of the star quarterback. If thats the image that comes to your mind as well, then this video is for you. "Sunrise & Friends" is part of New Machines "& Friends" series, which is basically a compellation video of sex scenes from other New Machine series such as "Dirty Debutantes" and "Up and Cummers". The women in all of these videos are either relative newcomers or known industry actresses back when they were relative newcomers. And the guys well New Machine doesnt really want to identify the guys in these videos. Theyre not the stars, of course. The women are.
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Boxcover for Jana Cova Exposed (New Machine)
Jana Cova Exposed (New Machine) 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 4/17/2004 by coyote22

Starring: Ashley Renee, Brooke Lynn, Sophie Evans, Kascha, Jana Cova
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: Reviewed By: Coyote22 INITIAL THOUGHTS: Jana Cova is a woman who I have loved to love. She is hot without any doubt and this is a great chance to see her doing what she does best, fucking. This is a New Machine release and is a compilation. I have mixed feelings about New Machine and if you read my other reviews on some of their releases youll find out why. I am always hopeful especially in this case. VIDEO/AUDIO: The video was decent and better then I have seen from any of New Machines other compilations. The audio was decent as well with better than VHS sound. THEMES: Oral, Masturbation, PTM, ATM, Anal, Toys, Rimming (f/m) EXTRAS: Previews, Photo Gallery, Jana Cova Bio HOW I RATE: I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it; I make sure to give every film I review a fair chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense for the film and what it contains. I will give a film a 5 if I like all of the scenes, all of the stars, enj
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Review brief: Ass cumshot flicks are a rarity, & if one is put out, it's usually a complete rip-off with no usable scenes. Like "Shoot Your Wad On My Ass" from Pleasure, for example. But Prettiest Ass I Ever Came Across has a couple of half way usable scenes, but one awesome scene. The very last scene is better than the second scene on "Ass Worship 2" from Evil Angel. It's the same kind of cumshot, but without the cum-farting. The woman is hotter & her vocal & facial expression performance was better during the cumshot. I'm a cumshot freak, so I'm only rating this film according to the cumshots. I was disappointed that they didn't have a great ass cumshot in the doggystyle position. I don't think the porn industry ever will. The camera man can be your worst enemy. But if you're desparately seeking ass cumshots, like me, you should buy this. Ass cumshots, especially good one's, are almost impossible to find. I haven't seen a good one yet in the doggystyle position. So I guess you can say they are impossible to find. I've seen some close calls, but no cigar.
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Review brief: Title : The Best of Devon Company : Jill Kelly Productions (JKP) Length : 1 Hour 15 Minutes Theme : Compilation Release Date : 1/10/2003 Production Year : 2001 Cast : Devon, Jill Kelly, Dayton Rains, Tabitha Stevens, Monique DeMoan, Haven, Monica Sweetheart, Tawny, Dale DaBone, Ricky, Barrett Blade INITIAL THOUGHTS Okay, when I first take a look at the beautiful Devon posing on the cover that is so impressive in every aspect,I can't help but seriously think this dvd must be watched to see what she can do as JKP's contract girl since the somewhat controversial moving from Vivid. Devon had a relatively short time with JKP during her six-year in porn but the ex-vivid girl appeared in a handful of dvds that have been without a doubt great, Now a new contract girl for Digital Playground, I feel I can't miss this one simply because The Best of Devon is a nearly perfect compilation of her work during her brief time with a relatively new company like JKP. VIDEO/AUDIO : The video and audio were made very good.
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Review brief: Once again we're treated to another in the excellent 'Private Life of' Line. This time Dutch beauty Kate More gets the 2-Disc treatment. I was really excited when i heard about this title. Kate was the girl that really attracted me to the Private line via the Amanda's Diary series. And the extras just keep getting better and better on these titles. Disc one isn't just the standard VHS edition, where it also includes a (hidden) scene from Amanda's Diary 2, (the scene from the museum). I was glad to find this on the disc, as i was a little perplexed to find it not within the scene listings. The extras disc not only includes extra scenes amounting upto a total that outspans the VHS edition, but there is also an exclusive scene specially filmed for this disc. I haven't seen anything new from Kate in a long time, so i was really surprised by this.
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Review brief: Running Time: 138 minutes Production Date: 10/10/03 Directed By: Gregory Dark Cast: Jill Kelly, Billy Glide, Tom Byron, T.T. Boy, Jeremy Steele, Lisa Ann, Alex Sanders, Eric Price, Chloe, Kim Kummings, Sahara Sands, Star Chandler, Laura Palmer, Ember Haze, Mr. Marcus, Nici Sterling, Mia Ciccero, Blake Palmer, Tommy Gunn, Paul Cox, Dave Cummings, La Tigra, Melanie Anton, Ken Dahl On the cover: Witness the depraved vision of the original Picasso of porn.
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Boxcover for Taylor St Claire Exposed
Taylor St Claire Exposed 

Release date: 12/23/2003
Reviewed on: 4/4/2004 by kelly

Starring: Taylor St. Clair, Taylor Moore, Luna, Monica Mayhem
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: Title: Taylor St. Claire Exposed Company: New Machine Length: 1 hour and 47 minutes (107 minutes) Production Date(s): August 2003 Release Date: December 17, 2003 Director: Randy West The Abridged Version: If you are to believe the biography of Taylor St. Claire provided in the supplementary material on the DVD of Taylor St. Claire Exposed, then it would appear that she graced the hardcore scene only briefly from 1995 to 1996. Sadly, she mostly did solo scenes, never letting an erect cock get anywhere near her. Her Elizabeth Taylor-like face and Christy Canyon-like chest promised much, much more. In fact, many believed she was going to be the next big superstar of the industry, which made it all the more depressing when she ditched the scene and returned to modeling in 1996. The amazing thing about that reality is that if that were true then this compilation would only be one scene long. For those of you who dont know, the biography used here is taken from and in the transfer the geniuses at New Machine never bothered to update it.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Jenna Haze vs.
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Review brief: Only the Best of Models is a very good compilation from Metro. It features some of the hottest women on the planet and some steamy sex. Im not quite sure where they came up with that title, since none of the stars ever worked in a Models series as far as I can determine. The eight scenes are as follows (with the original feature in quotes): Holly Hollywood, Wendi Knight (Dangerous Flesh) Joel Lawrence, Lola (possibly Destiny Calling) Joey Ray, Kaylynn, Nikita Denise (Dream Love) April Flowers, Bobby Vitale (Rags to Riches) Brick Majors, Sunrise Adams (Sleepwalkers) Evan Stone, Violet Blue (Bachelor Party Girl) Alex Sanders, Claudia Chase, Katja Kean (Under Dressed) Hannah Harper, Tyce Bune (Will Power) Since most of these flicks have been reviewed on the Net, Ill just add that these are some of the best-looking ladies in the industry. They seem to always give fine performances, and these are no exception. There are six facials, one lezout, and one anal scene. Technically, the DVD itself is weak. There are no credits for the scenes or performers.
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Boxcover for Jenna Loves Kobe
Jenna Loves Kobe 

Release date: 6/18/2003
Reviewed on: 3/20/2004 by astroknight

Starring: Kobe Tai, Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears, April, Jenna Jameson, Lee Stone, Zana, Tommi Rose
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Jim Enright
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 76 min. Production Date: 12 / 04 / 2001 Director: Jim Enright Cast: Jenna Jameson, Kobe Tai, April, Tommi Rose, Zana, Lee Stone, Randy Spears, and Steven St. Croix The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive never been as enamored with Jenna as many, but Im curious to see how she does with Club Jenna. Initial Reaction: Its completely frustrating. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes artistic effects more than sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting to see well balanced scenes The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The audio is surprisingly good. Its clear and well balanced and I dont think I heard any background noises. This isnt too surprising because theres very little audio from the performers in the feature. The video leaves a bit to be desired. It has some noticeable grain, and if it were anybody but Vivid Id probably think that they were trying to get a little artistic and approximate film grain.
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Review brief: Tight Bottoms is a 2003 Simon Wolf compilation. Some of the most attractive women in porn are included in this comp. The scenes break down as follows (with the original feature): Taylor Rain (anal, facial), Slim Shady (Just Anal Sex) Mandy Starr (facial), Mark Ashley (Young Pink #1) Ava Vincent, Evan Stone (For Women Only #1) Cameron Cruise, Luna (Dripping Wet Sex #2) Fallon Sommers, Steve Hatcher (Wet Teens #1) Aurora Snow (facial), Chris Cannon (Roommate From Hell) Jessica Drake (facial), Evan Snow (Gypsy Curse) Since most of these flicks have been reviewed on the net, Ill simply say that Simon Wolf always puts out classy products. These are no exception. Nice looking girls, fantastic camerawork, great lighting, terrific sex. What more is there to ask? The DVD includes some still photos and previews in its extras.
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Review brief: 10 Magnificent Blondes is a Pleasure Productions compilation. There are 10 scenes, in the following order (with original feature in quotes): Ava Vincent (facial), Evan Stone After Hours Amber Michaels (facial), guy (unknown) Tanya Hansen (facial), Steve Hooper Dream Sex Angelica Sin, Sunset Thomas (girl/girl) Fascination Inari Vachs (facial), Michael J. Cox Flesh for Fantasy Devon (facial), Jules Jordan New Breed #1 Jill Kelly (facial), Eric Price Understudy Silvia Saint (anal, facial), Jon Dough Voices Briana Banks (anal, DP), Marty Romano, Mickey G. Stacked #6 Gina Lynn (facial), Randy Spears Diamond Dog For you math majors out there, yes, there are 11 actresses (Angelica Sin is a brunette), so the title is a bit misleading. The scenes range from high quality (in both sex and production values) to poor. The lighting is very bad in several scenes (particularly Ava, Devon, and Jills). There are few, if any, natural bodied girls in this comp. Most of the actresses could be considered attractive at worst. I had never seen Tanya Hansen before.
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Boxcover for All Teens Love Cum 1
All Teens Love Cum 1 

Release date: 7/3/2003
Reviewed on: 2/24/2004 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Leanni Lei, Brandy Nash, Molly Rome, Tawny Roberts
Studio: Metro

Review brief: All Teens Love Cum #1 is a Metro compilation, although the scenes stolen here come from other studios. There are six scenes, broken down as follows: Torri (facial) and Jake Steed (from Finally Legal #1) Leanni Lei and Vince Voyeur (Finally Legal #2) Eve (anal, facial) and Dale Dabone (Flesh Peddlers #11) Molly Rome (facial) and Pat Myne (Flesh Peddlers #11) Brandy Nash (bald, anal, facial) and Justin Hitchcock (Nasty Newcummers #17) Tawny Roberts (bald, facial) and Ricky (unknown) The DVD did not identify the performers or original features (thanks to the IAFD for the ids). None of the scenes are particularly hot. Even the gorgeous Tawny seems to be going through the motions here.
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Review brief: On the Ropes is a Vivid Raw compilation from 2001. There are 13 scenes, plus four more in the bonus section. Why a compilation needs bonus scenes is beyond me. Toni James is the hostess for this comp, playing with herself between scenes and talking a little dirty. She also stars in four of the scenes. The scenes break down as follows (with the original feature, when known, in parentheses): 1. Stephanie Swift, Toni James, Vince Voyeur (Debbie Does Dallas 99) 2. Ashlyn Gere, Jon Dough (Internal Affairs) 3. NJ de Bahia, Sergio Demon (Neighbor) 4. Julia Ann, Randi Rage, Tony Tedeschi (Blondage #3) 5. Lexus Locklear, Mickey Lynn, Rain-Ah, Stephanie Swift, T.T. Boy, Toni James (Debbie Does Dallas 99) 6. Brad Armstrong, Dyanna Lauren (Hardcore) 7. Charlie, guy (possibly Dante) 8. blonde, blonde (possibly Julia Ann and Janine) 9. Toni James, Vince Voyeur 10. Bobby Vitale, Pat Myne, Shaena Steele (Action Sports Sex #7) 11. Bobby Vitale, black girl 12. April, Tony Tedeschi (Vagablonde) 13. Jamie Lee, Michael J. Cox, Toni James (Moment) Bonus Scenes: 1.
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Review brief: Long before there was VHSand seemingly eons before there were DVDsan enterprising studio calling itself Colt produced a series of one-reel films for gay viewers, sending thousands out to buy film projectors. The hallmark of this studio was to feature incredibly gorgeous ultra masculine men having sex together. It totally shattered the popular concession that gays were all wispy effeminates who lisped and had limp wrists. For those other than gays, it was jaw-dropping. For those who were gay, it was dick-lifting. Probablyfor fear of censorshipthe films were not overly explicit. Much of the sex was photographed the way our soft-core productions were filmed today. One knew they were sucking cock but one didnt always see it. Occasionally there was a brief glimpse to confirm ones suspicions that the dick was actually being sucked, but for the most part the action was masked or else dicks were simply kissed, lightly licked, stroked, and otherwise worshiped. And although these hunks were probably fucking, one never ever saw a dick going into an asshole.
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Review brief: Nasty Bottoms is a Simon Wolf compilation. There are eight scenes from seven different movies. Here are the scene breakdowns: 1. Ashley Moore, Chris Cannon, Sharon Wild (Roommate From Hell) 2. Aurora Snow, Jay Ashley (Dripping Wet Sex #3) 3. Daniella Rush, Lee Stone (Play With Fire) 4. Hershel Savage, Kimi Lixx, Monica Mayhem (Blue Angel) 5. Asia Carrera, Steven St. Croix (Blue Angel) 6. Flick Shagwell, Trevor Zen (Gypsy Curse) 7. Lee Stone, Zana (Naked Volleyball Girls) 8. Devlin Weed, Mickey G., Nikita Denise (Dripping Wet Sex #2) There are reviews of each of these films on the IAFD, so I wont bother repeating them here. All these scenes are outstanding. The production values here, as in the original features, are very high. If you havent viewed the originals, this compilation will make you want to do so immediately.
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Review brief: Description This is a compilation of several scenes from earlier Randy West productions. General Impression The scenes here are all okay, and there are some golden oldies. It's not a really fun dvd, though. The menu has the logos for Up & Cummers, Raw Sex, I Love Lesbians, Real Female Masturbation, and Foot Lovers Only. There are no other indications of what the scenes are, what the sources were, or who is in them. After watching each scene, you are returned to the main menu. And, inexplicably, halfway through the scene from I Love Lesbians, the video portion continues on while the sound from the first half starts over. Sex The highlight scene is undoubtably Jenna with Randy. He introduces her as a magazine model who has done something with Penthouse. After some posing for the camera, we cut to an explanation that her first attempt at a boy-girl scene didn't suit her, and this is her second try. Randy sucks and fingers both of her holes as she squirms and squeaks. She cums while he sucks her pussy.
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Review brief: This has been one of the more anticipated titles in this series. Laura is a hottie with long black hair, who also goes under the name Lenka. The first disc is the standard film. It includes 6 of the most important scenes of Laura's work for Private. Scenes included are from: Helles Belles (with Silvia Saint), Xtreme Desires (with Monique Covet), Sex Shot, Italian Flair (with Nikki Anderson), Fashion and another random scene. Laura offers a better interview about her life than others that i have seen, such as Jodie More. Disc two offer 10 scenes in total, running at over 2 and a half hours. Scenes include Sex Shot (2), Helles Belles, China Box and more. There is also a beautifully filmed extra scene exclusive to this disc, like found on PLO Lea De Mae. You may view this in a hard or soft version. As well as the usual trailers, photobooks and magazine shoots, you get the now standard quiz game. You are rewarded, upon completion, with the final scene from the, up until now unreleased, Cleoptra 2. Probably one of the best PLO discs i have seen.
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Review brief: Private have at least made some headway with compilations in recent times. We aren't being fobbed off with lackluster 90 minute jobs anymore. This compliation runs at 2 and a half hours which is better considering the amount Private DVD's cost. Scenes are (no particular order): Judith Fox from Superfu*kers 2. Good 2 on 1 scene in the snow. Directed by Pierre Woodman Gabriella Tchekan from Superf*kers 4. Again a 2 on 1 from Mr. Woodman. Jane Darling from Extreme 1: Bachannal. The box cover (small picture - not Stacy's picture mind!) and the disc itself show Jane with long blonde hair, looking hot. The scene features her looking not so great however, with short brown hair. Come on guys, dont do that! Porn is mostly sold from the boxcover artwork. Gabriella Bond from the Fugitive. 1 on 1 from Mr Woodman again. Nice beach scene. Cecile, forgotton where its from, but you can see its age. Stacy Silver (main cover girl) and Laura from Extreme: Anal Agency. Fun car-washing scene. Agnes from Mr. Woodman's Madness. This is one of my favourite scenes.
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Boxcover for Bunny Love AKA Filthy Whore
Bunny Love AKA Filthy Whore 

Release date: 12/7/2001
Reviewed on: 1/31/2004 by kelly

Starring: Mark Davis, Evan Stone, Chris Cannon, Dayton Rains, Samantha, Bunny Luv
Studio: Legend

Review brief: Bunny Lu was (past tense, shes retired now) not a filthy whore. She was an exquisite whore. With a California-tanned and toned body, natural breasts that Britney Spears would envy, and a face that could launch a thousand sperm cells, this girl blazed through the industry at the beginning of the new millennium, turning heads every step of the way. Fans flocked to her at clubs and conventions and male and female co-stars alike relished the opportunity to work with her. Then, just like that, she was gone. Following the typical career path of a porn star (ex. Cherry Mirage, Taylor St. Claire, Chelsea Blue, Melody, etc.), she very suddenly left boy/girl scenes for safer, tamer girl/girl pairings, eventually abandoning boy/girl altogether. Echoing the sentiments of T.S. Elliot, such a porn star does not go out with a bang but with a whimper. It is a method of quietly fading away, yet Bunny is not gone. She popped up in the behind the scenes section of Nacho Vidals Back 2 Evil as a make-up girl and has a re-occurring non-sex role in Digital Playgrounds new series Jacks Playground.
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Boxcover for Barely Legal Meat Lover
Barely Legal Meat Lover 

Release date: 5/19/2003
Reviewed on: 1/26/2004 by mrwiggles

Studio: Xplicit

Review brief: Save your money. Only half of the females in this DVD can be considered "barely legal" types. It would be better if they listed the names of the females. On the cover, there is a brunette doing a BJ. She is sexy, but in the DVD she is tall and not what I expected. The blonde on the cover has one scene, but she looks less innocent and not a show stopper or highlight in the DVD. The redhead on the cover (in the lower-right corner on the cover) looks like the "Barely Legal" type. She has one decent scene that could have been very hot. Shes dressed in slingback heels with the teen,flowery angle socks. It doesn't work. An error on the production side. A spanish female on the back cover is very hot on this DVD. Theres a scene where she's getting anal and you can literally see her pussy dripping. I watched the scene over and over again. Most likely the best scene. There's a horny female doing a guy in a DVD stock room. It would have been cool if they said who she is. You get the feeling they picked her up and said, "hey lets use the stock room." There are at least 3 girl-girl scenes.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 92 min. Production Date: The scenes are pre- 7 / 3 / 1995, but the compilation was originally made in 1997 Director: John Buttman Stagliano Cast: Tracy Gibb, Rocco Siffredi, Joy Karins, Eduarda, Natalie Streb, Phillip, Alexandro, and of course, John Buttman Stagliano The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive been very impressed with this budget Evil Angel line so far, and am going into this one with high expectations. Initial Reaction: Its another worthwhile compilation from the Buttman! Who Should Watch It : Fans of Buttman and big titties Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting to see action focusing mostly on tits The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: As with most compilations, the technical aspects vary a bit from scene to scene. The audio has a few of the problems people associate with gonzo porn, but as usual with Evil Angel theyre handled quite well.
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