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Boxcover for Meet Kelly Shibari
Meet Kelly Shibari 

Release date: 9/25/2014
Reviewed on: 10/20/2014 by t0mbone

Starring: Mr. Pete, Mick Blue, Ramon Nomar, James Deen, Kelly Shibari, Scarlet Lavey
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Eddie Powell
Review brief: BBW Kelly Shibari lands a plus-size showcase DVD simply called MEET KELLY (2014, Digital Sin) with Eddie Powell directing A-listers that include James Deen, Mr. Pete, Scarlet La Vey, Ramon Nomar and Mick Blue in encounters with Kelly. 42 year old, Japanese/Irish Kelly talks before, after and in between the 4 encounters in widescreen with no condoms. Over 2 1/2 hours not including DVD extras.
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Boxcover for Plumper Orgy 4
Plumper Orgy 4 

Release date: 9/3/2014
Reviewed on: 9/24/2014 by astroknight

Starring: Jay Crew, Chad Diamond, Becki Butterfly, Bella Bendz, Christian, Eliza Allure, Jade Rose, Erin Green
Studio: Plumper Nation

Directed by: Jeff Coldwater
Review brief: If you like the sound of a big girl orgy, odds are you'll find plenty to like here. There's a nice sense of chemistry through the orgy, and the entire group seems like it's having a lot of fun. The technical aspects are respectable, but as usual with Plumper Nation there's no effort put into the extras. This one has a definite target market, but if you think you're in that market make sure you check it out.
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Review brief: Kelly Shibari is the most famous and decorated plus size model in the adult industry. She introduces this guide with Jessica at her side. Once the intro is over, it’s all Kelly. She and a couple of other plus-size couples talk about the trials and tribulations of being bigger. It’s interesting here these people talk about how they dealt with their size from a young age. I can relate! Kelly talks about being confident in yourself and that’s the key to everything, being comfortable in your own skin. Following the 42-minute plus tutorial, for lack of a better word, there are 3 hard core sex scenes. You have the option of listening to Kelly give a commentary on the action, or you can just listen to the sounds of sex.
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Review brief: This is a very nicely done instructional release that does its subject justice. Kelly Shibari does a great job leading this one and talks about the subject of plus sized sex as well as plenty of matters surrounding it. The technical aspects are nicely done and there's a solid bonus scene in the extras. The only thing that really holds this one back is that some of the DVD authoring seems a bit off and the cover claims are a bit mixed up. That said, this is a solid enough release that if you're interested in it you should definitely pick it up.
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Review brief: This one's worth renting if you're a fan of big girl orgies, but still has some major shortcomings. The cast is enthusiastic, but the camera work isn't skilled enough to capture it that well and eight girls to three guys has some definite limitations in an orgy. The technical aspects are okay, but there's no effort put into the extras. This one just couldn't harness the cast's potential.
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Review brief: If you like the thought of a plumper orgy, odds are you'll find this one well worth your time. There's plenty of swapping around and the entire group gets into the action very nicely. The technical aspects are pretty good, but sadly there's no effort put into the extras. This one delivers nice on the premise it puts forward.
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Boxcover for Gem's Motel Marathon
Gem's Motel Marathon 

Release date: 9/24/2003
Reviewed on: 12/7/2013 by xxx_001

Starring: Gem Martin
Studio: Works World Wide

Review brief: One of the very few Motel sex movies and a definite buy.
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Review brief: New Sensations finally brings this series around to focus on bigger girls rather than just busty girls. Each scene has the usual great tease and technical aspects one expects from Eddie Powell, but for some reason the action fell slightly short of where the rest of the series was for me despite a very nice performance by Kelly Shibari. The rest of the cast is pretty fresh, and there's some very nice care towards the extras to round out the overall DVD. This one's a solid rental.
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Boxcover for Plumper Orgy
Plumper Orgy 

Release date: 8/28/2013
Reviewed on: 9/17/2013 by astroknight

Starring: Claudio, Jay Crew, Nathan Threat, Minnie Mayhem, Bella Bendz, Devilish, Devilyn Red
Studio: Plumper Nation

Directed by: Jeff Coldwater
Review brief: This is a pretty average release. The orgy is decent with a nice selection of big guys, but the male talent is pretty much a mope list. The technical aspects are decent but there's no care put into the extras to help out the overall DVD. This one's a decent rental if you like the idea of a big girl orgy.
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Review brief: This is a great release. Don't let the cover fool you, this isn't a big girl movie, but instead one that focuses on women who look like real women with curves in the right places rather than letting you count their ribs as they fuck. Every scene's a winner here with a sexy tease to start things out and great chemistry through the sex, but Siri's scene with Ramon really goes above and beyond. The technical aspects are very nicely done and there's some solid effort put into the extras as well. This release is well worth the purchase.
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Boxcover for Fat Rolls
Fat Rolls 

Release date: 1/18/2013
Reviewed on: 6/30/2013 by big-raider-fan

Starring: Christian XXX, Tootsie, Dirty Harry, Jellibean, Kacey Parker, Jayden Hart, J. Crew, Holly Jade
Studio: Plumper Nation

Review brief: Fat Rolls is from Juicy Entertainment/Plumper Nation, and its an aptly named title. If you like your women with a lot of meat on their bones, this video will likely appeal to you. These are large women, and theyve got big boobs and asses to match their stomachs. The DVD runs 1 hour and 55 minutes, and is in anamorphic widescreen. Extras include cumshots, blowjobs, and an extra 30 minute scene with a very large brunette named Jellibean and Dirty Harry.
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Review brief: Sometimes I get DVDs and the titles give me pause. Review a film called, Fat Pussy? Not normally what I want to do. But its from Juicy Entertainment/Plumper Nation, and I had a fairly good experience viewing one of their other films, so I gave it a whirl. The title comes directly from a line in one of the scenes (Kacey Parker) so it made me feel a bit better about reviewing it.
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Boxcover for Plumpers Like It Big
Plumpers Like It Big 

Release date: 11/9/2011
Reviewed on: 10/8/2012 by jayson-dean

Starring: Monica, Desiree Divine, Karla Lane, Tyung Lee, Sara Suicide
Studio: Plumper Nation

Review brief: When I was a little kid growing up, we occasionally would go shopping at one of the chain grocery store and buy no frills staples. Pantry items, canned goods, etc. The no frills packing (and I vividly remember this) was white labeling with black writing. What does this have to do with the film Plumpers Like It Bigthat was released by Plumper Nation. Consider it very much a no frillstype of film. That doesnt mean it is bad just know that there are not going to be a lot of bells and whistles with the DVD. Different, not better or worse.
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Boxcover for Kelly Shibari Is Overloaded
Kelly Shibari Is Overloaded 

Release date: 9/19/2012
Reviewed on: 10/3/2012 by astroknight

Starring: Tim Von Swine, Kelly Shibari, Jake Standish
Studio: Monarchy Distribution

Directed by: Kelly Shibari
Review brief: This is a great release for any fan of BBW's who want to see them expand their horizons. Kelly does a very nice job through a blowbang as well as her first anal, DP, DPP, and finishes things off with both vaginal and anal cream pies. The technical aspects are pretty impressive when one considers the fan interactive level, and there's some very nice effort put into the extras. This one's worth checking out and should open some nice doors in the future for BBW porn.
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Boxcover for Plush Control
Plush Control 

Release date: 2/23/2009
Reviewed on: 8/24/2012 by astroknight

Starring: Hayden, Glory Foxxx, Crystal Clear, J-Mac, Kelly Shibari, Gia Johnson, Jarred Steed
Studio: Score

Review brief: If you're looking for POV porn with big girls this can be a decent release, as the girls all do a nice job with the sex, but those wanting an interactive release are bound to be disappointed with how poor the interactive aspect is handled.
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Boxcover for Big Girls Are Sexy
Big Girls Are Sexy 

Release date: 4/16/2012
Reviewed on: 6/8/2012 by fu_q

Starring: Ramon Nomar, Danny Mountain, Jordan Ash, Michael Vegas, Athena Pleasures, Alex Chance, Siri, Kenzie Karter
Studio: New Sensations

Directed by: Eddie Powell
Review brief: “Big Girls are Sexy” is a classy, all-sex production from New Sensations and director Eddie Powell that focuses on curvy ladies who have a little bit more meat on their bones than one usually finds for actresses in “typical” adult films. Fortunately, the subject matter is taken seriously, and these lovely women are showcased in a sexy and beautiful manner…which is most certainly what they deserve.
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Boxcover for Night at Kinky General, A
Night at Kinky General, A 

Release date: 3/31/2012
Reviewed on: 4/22/2012 by astroknight

Starring: Kelly Shibari, Dr Fiercest, Goddess Helena, Oliver Hyde
Studio: Severe Society Films

Review brief: Although very well done, this one did absolutely nothing for me. Those into heavy medical fetish action should really appreciate it, but others will probably have much the same reaction as I did. The technical aspects are lackluster due to a non-anamorphic widescreen transfer, and as usual with fetish releases there's not much effort put into the extras.
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Boxcover for Heavy Weights
Heavy Weights 

Release date: 10/7/2008
Reviewed on: 3/21/2012 by jayson-dean

Starring: Faith, Brian Pumper, Karla Lane, Rock The Icon, Winter Chillz, Scented Kisses, Jennifer Slutson
Studio: Black Ice

Directed by: Lee G.
Review brief: When a title called Heavyweights shows up in the review queue, and youre a BBW aficionado like I am, you just have to check it out. Overally, it was...okay. Not awful, but not great ever.
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Boxcover for Roll Me A Fatty
Roll Me A Fatty 

Release date: 6/20/2011
Reviewed on: 9/6/2011 by astroknight

Starring: Celeste, Glory Foxxx, Karla Lane, Leola Rose, Entyce, Lorelai Give More
Studio: Third World Media

Directed by: Ed Hunter
Review brief: Aim low or just skip this one. The girls get into the action okay, but the guys can barely deliver and the camera work is weak. The technical aspects are also weak and there's no effort put into the extras. This is a disappointing release.
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Review brief: When I saw the cover for Big Business from Diabolic, I thought that it was going to be a feature film and was confused. Instead, using a loose thread, they present five plus sized working girls (A nurse, a businesswoman, a maid, a teacher and a, well, stripper) stripping down and getting down.
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Review brief: In the past, this reviewer has stated a clear affinity for BBWs and plus-size porn. However, one lament that I have is that there are lots of companies that think you just have to find a fat woman, get a guy to have sex with them and it will sell. Even for those of us who like our women a little more zaftig, I want to remind these companies that the first B in BBW is beautiful.Just because a woman is large it doesnt mean we automatically want to have sex with them. Waist Watchers 4 from Zero Tolerance, though, has managed to find very beautiful plus-sized women and put them into action for our viewing pleasure.
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Review brief: I have nothing but love for the big girls of porn!!!!!! There are a few I absolutely love. I don't really mess with a lot of the big girl porn out there because it seems more to be making fun of them instead of celebrating their skill on camera. CJ Wright seems to be the go to guy for big girl movies, but that seems to be changing. This movie is sloppily done and just seems rushed. One scene clearly doesn't even seem to be something he shot and just threw in because it was laying around. Then the BTS footage and at times the tease is actually after the actual scene is over. It just seems thrown together like he was reaching the deadline said oh shit and rushed it. Cj usually delivers the goods but this here is just average fare here and a huge step below not only the original VTS movie but his big girl movies in general.
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Boxcover for Kandi Peach 40: Sherri's First Gangbang
Kandi Peach 40: Sherri's First Gangbang 

Release date: 3/22/2005
Reviewed on: 12/2/2009 by movieman

Starring: Sinclair, Sherri, P-Man
Studio: Kandi Peach Productions

Review brief: Some dudes are bored watching game when one of them tells the others about a babyfaced slut that he knows. They tell him to call her and when he talks to her she agrees to come party. He picks her up and she shows up in a nice miniskirt with some cool black boots. She is very pretty with nice big tits. She is thick and I'm sure that she loves the attention she gets for looking so slutty. She goes onto her knees and soon is sucking dick like a nasty little slut. Slurping loudly she gets turned on so they tell her to go to the bedroom. Then everyone fucks the shit out of her. Pussy, ass, and mouth are all used. She is a nasty fuck and loves cum. The last scene is fucking crazy. The dude who invited her fucks her really hard and his massive cumshot is a great ending to a whore getting gangbanged.
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Boxcover for Thick BBW Forum 2
Thick BBW Forum 2 

Release date: 6/16/2009
Reviewed on: 9/9/2009 by christian-dark

Starring: Savannah, Victoria Secret, Karla Lane, CJ Wright, Star Shine, Tasha Starzz
Studio: Justin Slayer International

Directed by: CJ Wright
Review brief: Cj Wright does the best BBW flicks on the market. Its because of his flicks that I checked out other big girl movies. sadly they don't match the enthusiasm of Cj. I have to admit, this was the best BBW movie I have ever seen. The girls were sexy, they performed well and took all CJ had to offer and more. The movie is over 3 hours long, with a few marathon scenes and another fight club scene, which is the only reason this movie did not get 5 stars. I need more from those scenes than just oil wrestling, and things of that nature. I really would have loved a payoff to the scene but there is none. Tasha Starzz is gorgeous as is Savannah. Victoria Secrets can do no wrong in my book. And Red who I 1st seen in Red WHite and Beautiful also has a hot scene. I gotta admit when I 1st find out what CJ was going to do directorial wise I scoffed, like nobody wants to see that shit. But when well done like this is, everyone SHOULD want to see this shit!!
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Boxcover for Overnight Success
Overnight Success 

Release date: 8/13/2009
Reviewed on: 9/9/2009 by christian-dark

Starring: Leslie, Victoria Secret, Karla Lane, Lizz, CJ Wright, Diamond White
Studio: Justin Slayer International

Directed by: CJ Wright
Review brief: Cj Wright has found his niche in the BBW world. Other people who do BBW work seem to make a joke of the woman. Or name it something silly, and base it on food. Its more "spectacle" than anything else. CJ REALLY likes big girls and it shows in the performances. He worships the ladies during the scene, and it usually produces hot results. This one is a step down in terms of what I have seen b4 from him. Not a huge step down but it is noticeable. Overnight Success has just 4 scenes and one of those scenes is a "BBW Fight Club " scene that has no sex in it. Its just the girls wrestling and that is it. A littel oil gets involved but there is no real payoff. Big Lizz is a big girl with a ton of ass, but her scene is way too short and just one position. I think this flick seemed kind of rushed but there are parts that I as a big girl lover myself enjoyed very much. This was not CJ's brightest hour but it was a good flick.
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