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Review brief: This is a pretty typical Swank Digital compilation, meaning that you're probably more than familiar with the scenes here if you've watched any of Swank's other anal releases. Lucy Love, Miranda, and Roxy Panther each turn out a solid scene, while Petrushka ended the movie on a low note for me. The technical aspects are a bit hit or miss, and there's no real effort put into the extras. This is a low level rental at best.
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Review brief: This is a good anal sex compilation. The action is nicely consistent and there's some nice gaping and double penetrations as well as some solid pop shots. The technical aspects are well done (especially for the age of the scenes), but there's no effort put into the extras and the overall release is held back by masquerading as a fresh release. This is a good rental.
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Review brief: Although this release has some solid anal threesomes, it falls apart due to poor audio and video quality. Skip it.
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Review brief: There's some hot girls with strong anal action here, but the action doesn't quite match what the cover puts the movie forward as. The cover also seems to be trying to hide that this is a compilation which takes this one down another notch. This would be an easy release to recommend if Swank were honest about what they were putting out here, but as is it's very hard to recommend it.
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Boxcover for Pure Anal 12 (Swank)
Pure Anal 12 (Swank) 

Release date: 2/20/2014
Reviewed on: 4/16/2014 by astroknight

Starring: Rachel, J.J., Britney, Thomas Stone, Daria Glower, Katy Caro, Ruka Stone
Studio: Swank Digital

Review brief: Although you get four solid anal sex scenes here, once again Swank Digital appears to be making a fairly deliberate attempt to mislead consumers by not listing the full name of performers as well as by listing no-existent extras such as a behind the scenes featurette that make this look like a fresh release. Pass this one by and spend your money on a company that wants to treat you honestly and try to earn your money rather than swindle you out of it with scenes you may have already seen.
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Review brief: The action is solid, but this release comes out as a bottom shelf rental due to the scenes all being recently recycled from other Swank Digital and Erotic Planet releases. To make matters worse, it seems to be masquerading as a fresh release listing things like a behind the scenes featurette on the covers. Skip it.
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Review brief: This release shows Swank would rather try to trick consumers out of their money rather than earn it. Not only does it list extras and sex acts that don't exist on this release on their back cover, but it's a compilation masquerading as a fresh release. The scenes here are solid, but I just can't recommend anybody put down their hard earned money on a release that feels the need to deceive them to get it.
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Boxcover for Anal Erotica 2 (Swank Digital)
Anal Erotica 2 (Swank Digital) 

Release date: 6/6/2013
Reviewed on: 8/6/2013 by dandaman

Starring: Lucy, Daria Glower, Simony Diamond, Wiska
Studio: Swank Digital

Review brief: Swank's "Anal Erotica # 2" was a fun ride on Memory Lane, with four scenes with three of my favorite performers of all time from the other side of the pond, Two of them being considered as the prettiest girls of all time to do porn at the peak of their careers by many fans. At the beginning, I thought it was a compilation but then I look trough and couldn't find any release date other than the date of production of 2013. Good catch if you can get it in the lower end or otherwise if you collect Wiska's DAP's.
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Review brief: Although Cherry turns out a nice scene to close the movie, the rest of it is a hacked up mess that should be passed by without a second thought. Add in that once again Swank hasn't included unique extras like the Behind the Scenes featurette advertised on the cover and this one should be all the easier to pass by.
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Boxcover for Pure Anal 11 (Swank)
Pure Anal 11 (Swank) 

Release date: 6/27/2013
Reviewed on: 7/28/2013 by astroknight

Starring: Cherry, Frank Major, Courtney, J.J., Bob Terminator, Evelin, Cherry Jul, Nora Davis, Hon, Evelyne Foxy
Studio: Swank Digital

Review brief: This is a pretty good anal release with hot girls taking it up the ass nicely. The technical aspects are good, but the extras are sparse and don't even give you what the cover claims. This is a solid rental.
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Review brief: Pure Anal 5 from Swank Digital features some new-to-me beauties (Nora Davis, Kleopatra La Roux, Blue Angel, Caroline De Jaie, and Jasmine Rouge) exploring the pleasures of anal sex. Most of the scenes go straight to the ass fucking, so this is an ass lovers delight. Presented in widescreen. Recommended!
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Review brief: Swank seem to be making lots of hot european anal titles at the moment, and I've been curious for a while as to what to expect from them. Anal Allure 2 is just such a title and I've decided to have a look and see what it's all about.
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Review brief: Beautiful, all natural Euro babes having anal sex . Intrigued ? I'd be worried if you weren't .
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Boxcover for Pure Anal 2 (Swank)
Pure Anal 2 (Swank) 

Release date: 2/13/2006
Reviewed on: 6/6/2006 by gunth

Starring: Wendy, Lara, Frank Major, J.J., Joe Monti, Daria Glower, Cage, Wein Lewis, Niki Dark, Wiska
Studio: Swank Digital

Review brief: Intro: If you are like me, you learned about the intricacies of the female body with the help of one or two Swank mags hidden under the bed during your formative years. A little late, but they have now entered the digital age with several lines of DVDs. In this movie we are treated to 5 of the most talked about Russians babes within the last year taking dick in the ass and nothing but the ass. Scenes: Scene 1: Nikki and Dude. Cute brunette, not really a big fan of the tattoo on her chest. Probably my least favorite scene. Like the others to follow, there is no pussy penetration, it starts and ends in her ass. Actually, there may have been pussy penetration, but there was a cut every thirty seconds, so they might have taken that out. Jerks off on her assseems to take him forever to do it. It felt like the longest we went without a cut in the whole movie was trying to watch him come. Scene 2: Wiska and dude- She comes in wearing a smart business suite. Dude hands her some money and they get it on. Bj with some money in her hand.
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