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Boxcover for Amateur Anal Attempts 35
Amateur Anal Attempts 35 

Release date: 11/12/2013
Reviewed on: 12/24/2013 by captain-jack

Starring: Justin, Akira, Luna, Markus, Jack Johnson, Erin Electra, Jessica Morris, Pluto Barragan
Studio: Homegrown

Review brief: Homegrown Video offers their 35th volume of amateur girls taking it up the ass. There are four scenes on this disk covering just over 2 hours of runtime.
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Boxcover for Amateur Anal Attempts 19
Amateur Anal Attempts 19 

Release date: 6/22/2009
Reviewed on: 7/1/2009 by astroknight

Starring: Alex, Heather, Buck, Damon, Rucca Page, Kalyn Arianna, Stacia Foxxx
Studio: Homegrown

Review brief: This is an okay fuck flick on a DVD that comes up a little short. Heather, Rucca Page, and Stacia Foxxx all do a nice job with their scenes, but Kalyn Arianna looks very disturbed through part of her scene and brought the movie down a bit for me. The technical aspects are just below average due to a fair amount of camera motion and rough editing, and the extras show virtually no effort being recycled from previous Homegrown releases. This isn't a bad movie, but the action never feels like it's being done by amateurs or by people who aren't pretty familiar with anal sex.
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Boxcover for Amateur Anal Attempts 18
Amateur Anal Attempts 18 

Release date: 3/30/2009
Reviewed on: 5/29/2009 by barrettman

Starring: Julie, Buck, Ian Alexander, Tara Tainton, Brooke Townsend, Code T, Talia Tyler, Screech Grind
Studio: Homegrown

Review brief: Anal lovin' by amateurs.....allegedly . Some cuties here, Tara Tainton, Brooke Townsend...nice . All boobies are real too, which is cool . Good for fans of less glammed-up fare .
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Boxcover for Amateur Anal Attempts 16
Amateur Anal Attempts 16 

Release date: 11/10/2008
Reviewed on: 12/16/2008 by matt47

Starring: Vanessa, Buck, Aaliyah Jolie, Kissy Kapri, Sophie Perez, Dick Chibbles, Pauly Harker
Studio: Homegrown

Review brief: Since I had only a lukewarm response to my initial volume of this series from Homegrown Video, I wanted to try another edition to see if it would meet with greater success. Last time out I found that only two of the four held any interest for me, the sub-par chapters featuring a "barely legal" performer which simply made me feel awkward and the other just poorly shot, lit and performed overall. Unfortunately this volume has yielded the same result for almost all the same reasons.
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Boxcover for Amateur Anal Attempts 13
Amateur Anal Attempts 13 

Release date: 5/6/2008
Reviewed on: 6/7/2008 by matt47

Starring: Alexandra, Anne, Shorty, Carmen Minor
Studio: Homegrown

Review brief: For some time now, I have wanted to check out some of the titles from Homegrown Video, especially volumes of this series. In looking through the list, several feature women who could not really be considered "amateurs" in the area of anal action, such as Bree Olsen, Amber Rayne and Mia Bangg, but there is also a healthy mix of girls who are certainly of the "next door" variety, willing to challenge the pros with their respective performances. As far as I know, this volume does not feature any established stars, instead running the gamut from the young and perky Carmen Minor to the almost 40 but very sultry Anne.
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Boxcover for Amateur Anal Attempts 10
Amateur Anal Attempts 10 

Release date: 10/2/2007
Reviewed on: 10/5/2007 by leescott

Starring: Jessi, Nicky, Amber Rayne, Bree Olson
Studio: Homegrown

Review brief: Today I am checking out Homgrown Video's anal line, and it doesn't seem to be as amateur as first thought with the appearance of Amber Rayne and Bree Olsen in the action. I am not complaining about the quality of the girls but I prefer watching amateur to see never seen before girls in front of the cameras.
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Review brief: This movie doesn't really appear to deliver anything it claims. Many of the girls had several anal scenes released long before this release came out and there's some very recognizable talent (Greg Centauro in an amateur release??????) throughout the movie. The technical aspects are definitely amateurish, but sloppy would seem like a better word. There's a little effort put into the extras, but they too feel sloppy and generic. This is a very unimpressive release.
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