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Review brief: This is an okay gangbang release. Jennifer Steele does a nice job taking on a dozen Mexicans, but the action seems to be just guys taking turns fucking her rather than building up to stronger action and none of the guys bring much to the sex. The technical aspects are okay, but don't quite make the average mark while the extras show some nice effort with a very long behind the scenes featurette. If you want a bunch of Mexicans fucking a girl in both holes this might be okay, but as a gangbang it never seemed to go anywhere.
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Boxcover for Nut In the Butt
Nut In the Butt 

Release date: 2/7/2005
Reviewed on: 2/19/2006 by astroknight

Starring: Envy, Serena, Valerie, Sue, Lynda, Petty Pol, Vivien Lili, Lucinka, Mr. Nice, Michael V.
Studio: Heatwave

Directed by: Mr. Nice
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 141 min. Production Date: 10 / 28 / 2004 Director: Mr. Nice Cast: Lynda Valorie, Vivien Lili, Envy, Sue, Lucinka, Petty Pol, Michael V., and Mr. Nice The Short Story Initial Expectations: Envy taking some nut in her butt? Okay, Im interested... Initial Reaction: Eh. Who Should Watch It : Extreme anal cream pie fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting good camera work and editing The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty average. The audio varies throughout the entire movies. Some areas are plagued by background noises and not balanced too well while others are clear and well balanced. The video is much the same. Although some parts are nicely done, there are many places where the lighting seems off and where the camera work leaves much to be desired. Theres also a bit of grain. Music: Theres a little cheesy music that rests pretty well in the background. Disc Complaints: Theres no time stamp, which always makes a DVD feel cheaper to me.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 86 min. Production Date: 3 / 29 / 2004 Director: None credited Cast: Lisa, Lilla, Sylvi, Annie Licious, Angel Blond, Kyra, Demi Cool, Ludmilla, Niki Montana, Stefany, Leslie Taylor, Frank Tyler, and Mike Foster The Short Story Initial Expectations: Heatwave hasnt been too impressive from the little Ive seen of them. Although I love anal cream pies, I just cant get my hopes up too high here. Initial Reaction: Skip it. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting anal action with two girls taking on one guy Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting anal cream pies The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is clear and pretty well balanced, but there are a few background noises and balance problems. The most noticeable problem is a humming in the background, which Im pretty sure is the camera. The video also lacks a little. Its fairly well lit, but theres some noticeable grain that just makes the entire production feel cheap.
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Review brief: What I Liked I loved the plump, natural black women in this title, they really brought the fire and enthusiasm, as well as phenomenal curves. This, plus the fact that all but one scene includes anal makes it an overall winner for me. The opening scene is interracial, the white male is so starkly white that the sheer contrast with his black female is striking. This women has enormous breasts and a rotund rump and they move through blow job, vaginal intercourse then into missionary anal, doggie anal and face pop shot. The 3rd scene is another standout, moving onto black-on-black action, with a more light colored black female, smaller chest but ample ass and her man. She is fantastic, really responsive and the anal in both doggie and reverse cowgirl I found hot. The following scene features another rather plump lady and is extensively anal. I absolutely loved watching him enter from behind while they are side by side and seeing her great black breasts sway in time. And she positively squeals with delight when the anal action gets more furious.
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Boxcover for Monique's Sexaholics 3
Monique's Sexaholics 3 

Release date: 2/6/2004
Reviewed on: 5/24/2004 by picman

Starring: Monique, Caramel, Jasmine Lynn, Daphne Rosen
Studio: Heatwave

Directed by: Monique
Review brief: Monique's Sexaholics #3   Prologue I love Monique. Ever since the first time I heard her growl "Bring it!" as she was taking a fierce reaming, I was hooked on her. Now she has her own series and we're going to get a chance to see anal sex Monique style. She has assembled a cast that I'm mostly familiar with, and know will bring some heat. On with the show. Monique greets us on a pool table, playing with a pool cue and telling us how she loves having her ass fucked. She tells us that she'll be fucking TT Boy, who we then see shooting pool waiting for her to arrive. She comes down the stairs wearing a red bikini and they embrace and grope. TT drops the laundry pretty quickly and Monique starts to give him a very energetic blow job. TT grabs her head and fucks her face, making her howl. Monique starts to chicken head him as she's known to do very well.
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Review brief: Running Time: 71 min. Director: Francois Clousot Cast: Nici Sterling, Wilde Oscar, Shayla LaVeaux, Vince Voyeur, Felicia, Ursula Moore, Sheila Stone, Kristin, Michael J. Cox, Tyce Bune, NicK East, and Earl Slate Extras: Trailers, better than average bios, typical bad multi - angles, and fantasy scene with Shayla (the box says Shayla and Nici, but I never found any scene with Nici). The fantasy scene is 3 choices of what you want Shayla to do. It's far from great. Audio Quality: Average. Nothing special, but nothing that stands out as being bad. Video Quality: Slightly better than average. Music: Fit the scenes and mood very good. Initial Expectations: It has to be better than the 'Avengers' movie that came out in 1998. I think Nici should do great in her role as Mrs. Peel, but I'm unsure about Wilde Oscar as Steep. I also expected some pretty heavy anal action. Initial Reaction: Fun! It made me realize again how bad the 'Avengers' movie from a few years ago was.
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