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Boxcover for Chubby Chasers Gone Anal 3
Chubby Chasers Gone Anal 3 

Release date: 3/21/2006
Reviewed on: 5/16/2006 by matt47

Starring: Shonna Lynn, Kitty Lee, Kaci Starr, Kerra Dawson
Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: As soon as I saw it listed, I knew I had to purchase it as I enjoyed the previous two volumes, despite the less-than polished presentation. I find that part of the charm in that girls are not well-known stars, can be a bit average in behavior and appearance yet still have the requisite chubby curves and can be quite cute in their own unique way. Between the first two, I have revisited the second volume most often, mostly due to the performances of Claire James and Fankie in their respective scenes, which I found very arousing. With Volume Three, the scene to beat is the opener, with cover girl Shonna Lynn, who has fantastic breasts, wonderful enthusiasm, a cute demeanor and takes great anal in missionary, cowgirl, doggie and reverse cowgirl. The other ladies, Kitty, Kaci and Karra, do not identify themselves and give varying performances, all moving from solo to oral, then vaginal and some anal.
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Boxcover for Older & Anal 20
Older & Anal 20 

Release date: 5/18/2004
Reviewed on: 11/18/2005 by matt47

Starring: Ami Charms, Jillian Fox, Rhegan O'Makin
Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: What I Liked Well, I figured it was time for another anal title with mature ladies, so I started looking at what was available and affordable. The Filmco "Older & Anal" series has been running strong yet has had mixed success with me, but it did introduce me to the plump, engaging Kira who's anal scenes I have sought out in other releases. The attractiveness of older women is a subjective thing, for even if the woman is not still a knock-out in her 40's, sheer enthusiasm and inventiveness can carry a scene to the top. The first woman featured here is Ami Charms, who looks to have starred in numerous mature and/or MILF titles, and she has the aforementioned enthusiasm in spades. Hers is the only 1-on-1 scene and as expected, the action moves from a lingering tease, to a blow job, to vaginal, then into anal (missionary, doggie) and finally a facial. The next three scenes are all DP, 2-on-1, which is new for this series. The brunette Cheryl follows, with her stating that she is not much for talking and simply gets straight into sucking.
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Boxcover for Chubby Chasers Gone Anal
Chubby Chasers Gone Anal 

Release date: 9/21/2004
Reviewed on: 11/15/2005 by matt47

Starring: Frankie LaRue, Claire James, Devilz Candy
Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: What I Liked Well, I went backwards with this series, purchasing Volume Two first, mainly due to the first installment being out of stock from my usual online stores. Now I found it and bought and can drink it in. Overall, it is of the same quality as Volume Two, although the anal action itself is actually more extensive here. The first scene is with Lucki, who also has a scene in Volume Two, and she performs admirably here as well. Each of the scenes unfold in a similar one-on-one fashion, where there is a tease from the woman before she is joined by the man, at which point oral favors are traded, the action moves into vaginal and then finally into anal. Each scene ends with a facial. This could be seen as repetitive by some and comforting by others. The second scene with Claire James I found quite hot (she is on the cover). She has a smoldering gaze and raunchy enthusiasm during the entire time, making it all very engaging, and the anal action includes spooning and reverse cowgirl.
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Boxcover for Chubby Chasers Gone Anal 2
Chubby Chasers Gone Anal 2 

Release date: 3/22/2005
Reviewed on: 6/17/2005 by matt47

Starring: Julie, Tyler, Ted Hunter, Charles, Dino Bravo, Lucky Chatsworth, Zaccarra
Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: What I Liked First, I enjoyed the looks and shapes of all the women included in this volume. They had all the right amount of naturally good looks plus plump curves which look stellar while in action. The first scene is with Indianna Summer, who is also on the cover in a fetching wide-brimmed hat. Her scene begins with an extensive tease, her talking to the camera and playing with herself, before it moves into a blow job for the guy. There is then vaginal sex in missionary and cowgirl, all the while Indianna looks great. They move into anal near the end of the scene, in doggie only, for too brief a time. The next scene features Lucki Chatsworth, who has a phenomenal rack and rump, although her face is a bit underwhelming. The action here moves from the tease, to mutual oral, into missionary vaginal, then into anal doggie and spooning, for the last five minutes of the scene. Still great to see that plump ass get plowed. Next up is Julie, another great, natural looking girl with sizable breasts and a perky personality.
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Boxcover for Older & Anal 17
Older & Anal 17 

Release date: 7/19/2003
Reviewed on: 6/3/2005 by matt47

Starring: Guy DiSilva, Blake Palmer, Dino Bravo, Dana Hayes
Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: What I Liked I was intrigued in this volume based on my experience with #18 and also the ladies on the cover. However, I ended up being disappointed with the DVD overall. I mostly liked the ladies in the first and last scenes, the first being a cute, foreign, 30-ish brunette, but the anal action was marred by the fact that the guy had one of the ugliest penisis I have ever seen. I could barely stand to even watch his misshapen member penetrate her cute little ass. The last scene I enjoyed for the personality of the woman and her plump size. I thought it great that she brought her own massage oils and a feather to tease with, just to add spark to her scene. The anal is good (doggie, missionary), she seems genuinely moved by the experience and she noted that it is first on-screen anal scene. What I Disliked Other then the aforementioned bulbous penis in the first scene, the middle scenes are basically underwhelming. The women I did not find that attractive once I saw them in action and also did not connect much with the energy in the scenes.
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Boxcover for Older & Anal 18
Older & Anal 18 

Release date: 11/15/2003
Reviewed on: 6/3/2005 by matt47

Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: What I Liked Along with an interest in the more plump variety of ladies, I have also been on the lookout for those featuring the more mature ones as well. There are four scenes here, but for me there are 2 highlights. The first highlight is with Kira, the largest woman of the bunch here, in the lower left corner of the cover. I could almost lose it just waiting for those glorious, amazingly huge breasts to be pulled forth. She also has wonderful enthusiasm, chats casually with the director and when the action eventually moves into anal territory (cowgirl, doggie and missionary) she really sets the tone and pace. I think I could watch her cushy, plump ass get filled all day long. The other scene of note is with Natalie Vivian, who has such marvelous zest and initiative in her scene that I wish I would see her in other titles featuring mature women. She has an East Coast, Jersey-ish kind of attitude and sense of fun and her body is still in fine shape for her age group.
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