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Review brief: Pop My Ass Running Time: 120 min. Est. Production Date: December 2004 The Pocketcomb Premise My guess is most of you have popped a balloon, a pimple and maybe even a wheelie, but have you ever pooped an ass? I have! Now before you say to yourself, why is this guy bragging about fucking some trick in her ass. Well, to me Poppin an Ass is more than anal sex. Its runnin sack deep in a girl that has an ass like an apple. If you are have been able to accomplish that in your lifetime, you know what all the fuss is about. Destiny St Claire. Im convinced that this girl was extremely underrated. By the time she made my radar, Im fairly sure that she had already made her porn exit. Ill always remember those chubby cheeks (Both Sets) and those perky naturals that didnt even look real. Destinys face wont stop traffic, but her entire package is sure to turn a head or two. She convinced me that she was having an orgasm and even though her male talent was small, Id assume that was a positive for her anal needs.
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Review brief: Pop My Ass is one of those flicks youd love to like, because the sex is pretty hot and nasty. Unfortunately, its tough getting excited about seeing average to fair looking (at best) women getting hosed. The emphasis of the sex here is, obviously, the female ass. The girls all get their butts drilled, and there is plenty of butt plug, anal bead, and dildo insertion. But the girls and the action are interchangeable, with each scene following the same basic formula: diddle the girls, bring in the guys, gape them as often as possible, A2Ms galore, shoot a load on their faces, and have them swallow. The scenes (in order) feature Destiny St. Claire and Drifter; slightly chubby, unattractive, overly-inked Katrina Kraven and Alex Rox; Jasmine Bryne and Karlie Montana tag-teaming Mac Turner (only Jasmine gets fucked; Karlie strictly plays with Jasmine); Smokie Flame (complete with unsightly butt acne) and Robert Whaad; and, finally, semi-cute Riley Brooks (the lone blonde) and Alex Rox. The DVD extras include Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Previews, and Website info.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 119 min. Production Date: 11 / 29 / 2004, 12 / 9 - 12 / 2004, 12 / 16 / 2004 Director: Yani Z Cast: Karlie Montana, Jasmine Byrne, Riley Brooks, Smokie Flame, Katrina Kraven, Destiny St. Claire, The Drifter, Alex Rox, Mac Turner, and Robert Whaad The Short Story Initial Expectations: Smash has been on quite a roll lately. Im looking forward to this one! Initial Reaction: Its another nice job from Yani Z! Who Should Watch It : Fans of young girls taking it up the ass Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting rough or extreme anal or for every girl in the movie to get their ass popped The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and well balanced, but theres a few areas that appear like they might be dubbed. The video is very nicely done. Its clear and nicely lit, and doesnt show any annoying camera shake or autofocus blurs. It even brings in a little black and white footage to give things a slightly artistic and different feel.
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Review brief: Here we go with a title that doesn't leave much to the imagination as to what these young ladies want! Two delightful creatures grace the cover and I see another name, Katrina Kraven, whom I really like so I say let's jump right in and see what happens when you do pop an ass. Destiny St. Claire: Ok, we start out with a good shot panning up her legs arriving at her ass which both hands are cupping. You then see flashes from her scene, then Destiny is ID. The picture then turns to a vibrant color and we get some close up titty fondling and yes they are real as Destiny lets us know. It is a really nice day out as they are filming too, bright sunlight but it doesn't hamper the scene at all really. Destiny then walks about until she gets close to a big house which offers some shade and we really get a great look at her ass when she bends over. Miss St. Claire also plays some with her pussy and the ground shot looking up as she diddles herself is hot. Destiny then heads inside where she crawls around some letting us oogle her ass some more.
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