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Review brief: A few hot chicks in a vacation paradise. How original.
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Review brief: Tera and Spyder get slightly artistic and focus a bit more on beautiful locations as they take on the multiple award winning series from the company that Tera was formerly under contract with. The beautiful locations are definitely there here, but the camera work bogs the movie down trying to balance the beautiful locations and the sex and the presentation is held back by a non-anamorphic transfer. It also falls short by advertising itself as being an all anal feature with Tera's first anal when it's not Tera's first anal, it's not an all anal movie, and it's not a feature. There is a bit of effort put into the extras, but sadly not nearly enough that it would seem to justify a two disc release. Although it has some good anal and puts a nice effort towards making it beautiful, this one falls far short of what it claims to be.
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