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Review brief: An oldie but a goodie. The classic silly porn plot and hammed up dialogue are fun without interrupting the almost wall-to-wall sex for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Directed by Steve Perry of Ben Dover fame, and starring Julia Chanel and Stephanie Hart-Rogers, this is traditional Private material - anal, DPs, facials and an orgy to finish.
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Review brief: Maybe its just me, but doesnt being a lord and leader of an order of monks solely devoted to carnal pleasures kind of lose its allure when your cock and balls are floating in a box in one of the dimly lit rooms of your grand manor house? It doesnt seem particularly troubling to Lord Edward of Willoughby, leader of the Order of St. Judas. The mans got moxie, Ill give him that. Id give him a cigar if I thought hed forgive the Freudian faux pas. Anal Manor, Privates second feature film, from 1993, is about what happens when American rock star Rosanna (Danyel Cheeks), her female assistant (Donna Starr), and her chauffeur experience car trouble on the way to a concert and have to seek shelter in Lord Edwards rambling abode. No mere coincidence, this is synchronicity of the highest order. Rosanna, who has never found a man who could keep up with her sexually, suddenly finds herself in a house filled with horny monks who have no trouble getting up for that erotic challenge. Where Rosanna is concerned, however, the monks have to wait, which, as it happens, isnt much of a hardship.
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Review brief: Expectations While I have had some mix of reaction to Private films, for the most part they have been positive. I like the title, and Frank Thring is the director. Generally, this is a very good sign! Synopsis While the production date is listed as 2002, this is a significantly older movie. I do not know how old, but it reeks of nostalgia, maybe early 90's. I am not a big nostalgia buff, so some of this is lost on me. Technical The photography and sound are not bad considering the vintage of this flic. Scene 1 - Melanie Rowan Melanie is a good looking brunette in a fishnet body stocking. She is tied down to a table. A bunch of weird hooded monk dudes start to fondle her. (These monk dudes will be hanging around for the rest of the film, so get used to them.) She blows one while another eats her out. Another note here, she is plenty bushy down below - get used to that too. Not much that's trimmed in this movie. They bone her vaginally and anally while she blows them. The set is like something from a B-Grade horror movie. The lighting is way too dark.
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Review brief: Anal Clinic Private Directed by Steve Perry Starring: Stephanie Hart-Rogers, Brigitte Ashley-Warner, Dominique Perignon, Danielle Bastion, Julia Channel, Richard Lengin, Alberto Rey, Olaj, Rex Morrison, Mario Running time: 1hr 31mins Another of Steve Perry's early Private features makes it to DVD. Anal Clinic (originally released in 1993) sees Steve take a troupe of British actresses to join some foreign talent in Belgium, of all places, for a light-hearted take on the perennially popular medical theme. It's a bawdy tale all about a sex clinic that promises more orgasms than you've ever imagined. Now, I know Anal Clinic was shot at a time when heterosexual anal sex was, believe it or not, still illegal in the UK, but Belgium...? Now, you can judge the humour at play here from this, but Doctor Madeleine Du Pont A.N.A.L.
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Boxcover for Ben Dover's Royal Reamers
Ben Dover's Royal Reamers 

Release date: 2/14/2002
Reviewed on: 6/22/2002 by the-poker

Starring: Karen, Sarah, Amy, Haley, Debbie
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Perry, Steve
Review brief: Royal Reamers is another in the very successful Ben Dover gonzo series. Basically they all follow a similar premise and that is..find a young girl(s) and fuck them senseless. Bens work tends to follow the same formula right throughout the series so if you have seen some of his work you know what to expect. Either you love it or hate it. The videos dont have the same polish as some American produced titles and that is the attraction for his fans. The actors often look like they could be a couple of friends just having fun. Royal Reamers introduces five young women to us, the first being Amy. Amy is a tall very leggy blond who claims to be a forklift driver of all things. She has apparently won a porn star competition on Bens website and is now receiving her award by appearing in one of his videos. The scene starts out with Bens superfuckers Mario and Pascal sitting on a sofa waiting for the young lady to come down the stairs. She sits down for a brief interview and shows off her long legs.
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Boxcover for Ben Dover's This End Up
Ben Dover's This End Up 

Release date: 8/16/2001
Reviewed on: 11/11/2001 by kobiata

Starring: Steve Perry, Pascal White
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Perry, Steve
Review brief: Ben Dover's This End Up by Steve Perry VCA DVD / December 2000/ 129 Minutes   DISC FEATURES   Specifications: - DVD-Video - Single Sided Dual Layer   Aspect Ratio(s): - 4:3   Audio: - English   Standard Features: - Interactive Menus - Scene Access   Additional Features: - Extra Footage from another volume  - Photo Gallery   Starring: Linda, Steffi, Melissa, Michelle, and Angie Synopsis: It's another volume of the popular British Gonzo series.  Overall: This is an EXCELLENT DVD! You will not be disappointed with this one.  DVD Quality: The image and visual quality is great as always from VCA. Extras: The extra footage is from a different volume called Foxy Ladies. The photo gallery presentation is one of the best with full-screen photos! LIKES: EVERYTHING, especially Steffi and Angie! DISLIKES: NONE!  Linda This pretty little 18 year old has the youthful energy to take care of Steve Perry's bunch. Once in the house, she goes up the stairs to get ready. Linda looks incredible when she sucks dick while wanking t
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Boxcover for Ben Dover's Dirty Blondes (VCA)
Ben Dover's Dirty Blondes (VCA) 

Release date: 10/18/2000
Reviewed on: 2/6/2001 by topper

Starring: Jade, Teri, Georgette, Jayney, Rebekah
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Perry, Steve
Review brief: Ok ok, so I bought this movie to watch the twins get a good stuffing - and was not dissapointed! My first viewing of a Ben Dover film and it is quite good. The movie has four scenes and extras such as a photo gallery and extra bits from each scene. The first scene is with the blonde twins, who look like your average 18 year old, with small but nice tits and white flesh. To look at they are nothing compared with the pro's, but they make a refreshing change from the norm. They pair up with a couple of dorks and start off with the usual blow job and end up with a quite nice snowball. Scene featues quite good anal sex with one blonde getting her starfish filled for the first time? Second scene features Georgette who is ok looking with a nice body. She dances around for awhile and strips off then gets double filled by two guys. Third scene is Rebekah who is the most attractive of the lot. There is some good closeup blowjob shots in this scene, and some double vaginal aswell.
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