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Review brief: Teen Sensations #10 should be required viewing for all wannabe porn directors/producers. Its a perfect example of how to do things right. Start with some cute girls; add good sets, lighting, and camerawork; and let the performers have good, hard sex. Thats the formula all smut should follow. Unfortunately, there are way too many people in the industry who think they know better and end up with garbage. Cute brown-haired Kelly Kline bats leadoff here, this time without her usual partner, Richard Raymond. Shes paired with Sasha and seems to enjoy the change of scenery. She gives an excellent performance and takes a nice facial at the end. Brunette McKenzie Lee isnt in Kellys league (looks wise), but shes also an energetic fuck. She takes on Mason in a hot scene that includes some anal and A2M, as well as a nice mug frosting. Blond Genesis Skye and Talon tangle in the next scene. Both are good-looking performers who seem to be enjoying themselves. Talon drops his load on her sweet mouth to end things. Jassie James is one of the cutest girls in the game today.
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Review brief: I had been very impressed with Kat Slater's work over at DVSX feeling that she gave a fresh different look at porn. Or maybe it was the vibe of the BBC porn. McKenzie Lee & Alicia Rhodes: These two dirty birds already drive me randy with their accents before they start making out in the English countryside. You can tell it's the English countryside cause of the immense fog. They go inside and Kat must have a furries fetish cause she gives Alicia bear ears and McKenzie mouse ears to wear. While McKenzie and Alicia get it on, an unidentified flying schlong interrupts their lesbian love. Alicia outshines McKenzie on the stick. Guy switches between McKenzie and Alicia in mish but you don't get to see the switch. Reverse piledriver on McKenzie. Anal on Alicia. Atogm by mckenzie. Big cumshot hits McKenzie in the eyes. She gets some in her mouth and swaps it to Alicia. Very good scene dominated by Alicia. Samantha & Nika: We're in Prague. Samantha is a cute brunette with braids. Nika is a hot blonde with pale skin.
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Review brief: My latest look at the Teen Sensations. I was eager to watch McKenzie Lee again after having met her informally in Vegas. Kelli Kline & Sascha: I'm a big Kelli Kline fan but I don't think she'd pass off as a teen even with a school uniform type white shirt and pink skirt. I think this is the first scene I've seen of Kelli without her husband. Really shallow knobgobbling. Standard sex scene on the infamous DVSX black couches. Kelli's deep moans don't reverberate like a teen either. Closed mouth annoyed smirk facial. That's a first. I wonder if she does it to her husband. McKenzie Lee & Mason: In a switchup, this scene is directed by Kat Slater. Judging from the house, I'd say this is an outtake from RSVP. Variation of daddy is out so the guy decides to do the girl while waiting for him porn scene. McKenzie Lee reminds me of Taylor Rain with implants. Very attractive girl as she also has a Liv Tyler look to her with those lips. She's wearing this really cute cap with teddy bear ears on them. Shallow blowjob and Mason's not that big either.
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Review brief: Here we go with a teen title from the fine folks at DVSX. I see six scenes are on top one of them featuring one of the newest ClubJenna girls Mckenzie Lee. I look forward to seeing her scene as well as the others. If this is your first experience with a DVSX title you can look forward to good crisp pictures and some hot young women, teens in this case, doing some pretty sexy things so I say lets get going. Kelly: Alright our first scene starts with a cute girl in a white shirt and a pink skirt. Alex has her do some tease for us. Some black and white footage is mixed in. You see an old school bra being worn by Kelly but her pussy is all new school!! The butt cheeks were peeking nicely from underneath her skirt which is subsequently discarded leaving only a white thong between us and her treasure. When she takes her bra off we see she has some nice breasts, not big but very nice. Kelly is also sure to let her fingers get in touch with her pussy. Ok the tease is over and the shot changes with her now clothed again,lol.
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