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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: 1 / 03 / 2003 Director: Corey Jordan Cast: Brandi Lyons, Chennin Blanc, Jackie Moore, Kelly Steele, Layla Jade, Brett Rockman, Brandon Iron, Cheyne Collins, Hamilton Steele, and Tyce Bune The Short Story Initial Expectations: Anarchy has had some okay action but Ive only found one DVD without false or misleading advertising on the cover. Corey Jordan has never made a movie that really excited me, which also doesnt help my expectations. The only thing that gives me any hope is some nice female talent here. Initial Reaction: Itd be a lot better if Corey Jordan would find a decent eye doctor. Who Should Watch It : Fans of anal action and anal cream pies Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting balanced camera work The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are kind of hit or miss. The audio is okay, but the balance falters a little throughout the movie and theres a few background noises.
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Review brief: My Baby Got Back 30 Reviewer's Tilt Likes Mature women. Expert and professional performers. The girl should know how to give it up for the camera. Two assertive women on one guy. Big, round, plump asses. Black/Latina lesbian sex. Appropriate atmosphere and setups. Just throwing people together and having them fuck is not erotic to me. There should be some context and the performers should appear to want each other. Dislikes Young girls, barely legal girls. Trashy, slutty, or ghetto women. DP's Double cock sucking. (Two in the mouth at the same time.) Two (or more) guys on one girl. Anal gaping. I'm not a proctologist and I don't care for the colorectal exams. Spitting. Lubrication is okay but blatant spitting is disgusting to me. Forced, domineering sex. Gagging, choking, slapping, humiliation, etc. Girls who appear in pain or discomfort. Boring girls who just lay there. Facials.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 115 min. Production Date: 2 / 22 / 2003 Director: Corey Jordan Cast: Alaura Eden, Cindy Crawford, Courtney Devine, Faith Grant, Giselle, Alex Sanders, Brett Rockman, John West, Trevor Zen, and Tyler Durden The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive had mixed results from Anarchy, but Maximum Hard, which had a similar style to the front cover and the same girls was pretty good. Im going into this one with some hope. Initial Reaction: Its the same movie. Somebody should have their nuts cut off with a rusty bolt cutters and have them fed to them for this! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting straightforward boy - girl sex who hasnt already picked up Maximum Hard Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who already bought Maximum Hard The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are a bit of a mixed bag. During the sex, the audio is pretty good. Theres a few background noises during the outdoor scenes and the balance during the interviews was often a bit off.
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Review brief: RATING SUMMARY: in regard to the performers and their appearances, no one's looks or actions should detract from a scene. i don't expect a/v quality to be flawless, however everything should be clearly visible and audible. the dvd should have some extra content worth watching more than once. there is no plot or acting whatsoever in this movie. (i usually don't view those.) the "what its worth" amount is the price i paid for this dvd. THE FEATURE: anal fever focuses on anal sex, with each scene ending in an ass cream pie. SCENE 1: jackie with brandon iron. oral sex for brandon. oral sex and fingers for jackie. vaginal sex. anal sex with some breaks for ass to mouth. brandon cums in her ass. SCENE 2: layla jade with tyce bune. fingers for layla. oral sex for tyce including rimming. vaginal sex. anal sex. tyce cums in her ass. SCENE 3: chennie blank with chynne collins. oral sex for chynne. vaginal sex. anal sex with some breaks for ass to mouth. chynne cums in her ass. SCENE 4: kelly steel with hamilton steel.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 141 min. Production Date: 4 / 23 - 24 / 2003 Director: Corey Jordan Cast: Ayana Angel, Jada Fire, Skyy, India, Angel Eyes, Kitten, Adina Jewel, Obsession, Kennedy, Mercury Orbits, Mr. Marcus, Julian St. Jox, Byron Long, Devlin Weed, Brian Pumper, Guy DiSilva, and Wesley Pipes The Short Story Initial Expectations: I havent seen much from Video Team, so Im going into this one with an open mind. Initial Reaction: Mmmmmmmmmmm. Who Should Watch It : Fans of black asses and anal sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting an interracial feature or who doesnt want a heavy anal emphasis The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and fairly well balanced. Theres a few scenes where theres a little low talk between the performers thats hard to pick up. I think those performers are normally referred to as mumblers, so Im a little torn. In the end Im happier that theyre left in rather than editing it out. The video is also pretty good.
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Review brief: Anal Fever 5 ByAnarchy Staring Olivia O'Lovley Honey Vanessa Lauren Phoenix Melanie Jager Highlights Can't you guess? ANAL! Ass & Pussy to Mouth Facials       The Basics -Anal Fever 5-Genre: Straight/Anal-5 Scenes -Runtime 1 hours, 43 minutesOverall Value- $11.00 Compliance StatementThe Run Down Each scene starts with a montage of color washed pics of the girl then moves into the scene. The sex is pretty hot and the girls nice looking but there are some notable camera work issues.
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Review brief: Plenty of companies try to capitalize on the growing African-American adult market, but no company does more to highlight the sensuality of beautiful black women than Video Team with its Afro-Centric label, and no line has been more instrumental in that development than the My Baby Got Back series, highlighting the beautiful backsides of African lovelies, and vol 30 is in line with hot anal action for ass-lovers as ten girls compete to be the elite booty girl. The first girl to compete is a late entry, Angel Eyes, and while shes a bit lacking for my tastes, Mr. Marcus seems to take to her well. She does have a fine, jiggly ass, and she takes it up the ass just as nicely, as does Marcuss little assistant who joins in the fun. They both double team him, and in the end, get soaked by Mr. Marcus. The next scene is also a double team, yet this time one of the female contestants, Adina Jewel, takes on two of the judges, and gets herself packed full at both ends. Its a hardcore and very satisfying DP that should satisfy almost anyone.
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Review brief: There are two decent scenes in this Corey Jordan directed movie. Not surprisingly they involve anal vets, Austin O'Riley and Melanie Jagger. Austin takes on Lee Stone's crooked staff, after telling us how she absolutely adores getting fucked in the ass, and loves to be choked, spanked and spat upon. The usual menu of gagging, pussy eating, anal and ATMs is offered. Lee comes deep in Austin's ass, and after she drools the cum out of her ass onto his stomach, she greedily licks it up. Melanie supplies the high-octane energy. She does a really good cowgirl anal after some meritorious, gooey sucking. A first rate facial as well. Melanie must be spending her hard earned cash at some good restaurants, because her girth is definitely growing. Her ability to give her all to every scene luckily hasn't been affected. The other three girls are nothing special. Eden made me chuckle in her interview when she can't remember whether this is her first or second anal scene. Betty Blue is a darkhaired French girl with innumerable piercings and a rather hard look.
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Review brief: CAPSULE'S REVIEW Anal Fever 2 (89 min.) Featuring: Jackie Moore, Layla Jade, Chennin Blanc, Kelly Steel, and Brandi Lyons Synopsis: It's the second volume of this anal-themed series. Overall: If your idea of ugly women taking it up their ass is your thing, then this DVD will do wonders. But, if you fall in the 99.5 viewing audience who like to see better-looking women taking anal, then avoid it all costs! DVD Quality: It's competent, but the onscreen menu rears its ugly head! Extras: What can I say, but ehhh, I've seen better. This is a lack luster effort. Likes: Jackie Moore and Brandi Lyons Dislikes: Layla Jade, Chennin Blanc, and Kelly Steel SEX HIGHLIGHTS: Jackie Moore, an average brunette with enchanting eyes, has the tough assignment of servicing Brandon Iron's thick dick. Despite such an undertaking, she performs good head. Mr. Iron shoves that dick into her mouth and throatfucks on her back. There is a nasty-looking wart/mole near her pussy and when I saw this, I couldn't get turned on by her.
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Review brief: Anal Fever #2 Studio: Anarchy Films Director: Corey Jordan Cast: Jackie Moore, Brandi Lyons, Kelly Steele, Layla Jade, Chennin Blanc, Brandon Iron, Cheyne Collins, Tyce Bune, Hamilton Steele, Brett Rockman Running time: 1hr 30mins Video Format: NTSC / All regions Audio Format: Dolby 2.0 Having been disappointed by the first edition of Anal Fever but pleasantly surprised by Corey Jordan's own movie Up Your Bum, with its colourful cast of British talent, I was intrigued to see what Jordan would make of this line for the developing Anarchy studio.
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Boxcover for Up Your Bum
Up Your Bum 

Release date: 10/28/2002
Reviewed on: 3/1/2003 by gabriel-nine

Starring: Chloe, Amber, Justin, Sheena, Alicia Rhodes, Jamie Woods, Frazier Luvitt, Tony James, Jay Scarman
Studio: Anarchy

Directed by: Corey Jordan
Review brief: Up Your Bum Studio: Anarchy Films Director: Corey Jordan Cast: Amber Sex, Jamie Woods, Alicia Rhodes, Sheena, Chloe, Frazier, Tony James, Justin, Jay Running time: 1hr 59mins Video Format: NTSC / All regions Audio Format: Dolby 2.0 An American porn director in London, Corey Jordan's mission, in a movie shot with a cast partially familiar from his contemporary London Shaggers, is to bring you anal sex with English girls - five scenes of girl-boy action, to be precise. Alicia Rhodes So for starters, how about a voluptuous blonde so naughty that she wears knickers that have "devil" printed on them under her matching red dress? Alicia certainly has a very pretty face, but a filthy mouth and a mischievous attitude. After a well-done tease session and a quick interview with the director (she's 23 but looks a little younger and claims around 50 scenes, but I note from her listing at that she's worked a lot for UK satellite porn shows), she's presented with a guy to play with. She takes charge, teases him a little and then puts her red-p
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