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Review brief: Director: Britney Foster Year of release: 2004 Who should buy this: Fans of Britney Foster-directed lesbian movies Who should avoid this: Fans looking for Vivid-like soft lesbian sex My review: After viewing Bitch Ive come to the unfortunate conclusion that Ive reached my limit with Britney Fosters directed flicks. To me, if youve seen one --- Disturbed, Nightmare, Sorority Splash, Home Schooled, or Bitch --- then youve seen them all. I enjoyed Disturbed as much as any flick I had seen since the earlier Buttslammer series but the cookie-cutter follow-ups, especially with last 2 that Ive seen Home Schooled and Bitch are too similar to distinguish them apart. While I applaud Britney for casting different girls in these flicks with Aria the only returnee, there is only so much of the spitting, toy usage, ATM and ATOGM generic formula/script that I could take. I am pleading with BF to change things up a little and try different things such as less toy usage and maybe more tenderness and affection with extended pussy/ass eating segments.
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