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Boxcover for Writer 2: Tales Of Erotica (Union Jaxxx)
Writer 2: Tales Of Erotica (Union Jaxxx) 

Release date: 3/19/2003
Reviewed on: 4/18/2003 by astroknight

Starring: Angel Long, Jamie Woods, Pete LeMeat, Cathy Barry
Studio: Union Jaxxx

Review brief: Running Time: 92 min. Production Date: 6 / 12 / 2002 Director: Phil Barry Cast: Cathy Barry, Pete LeMeat, Taylor J., Carla Upson, Stephanie Grant, Natalie Jones, Vicky Bowyer, Gaz Cadman, Faye Rampton, Frazer, Autumn, Melissa Walker, Brandy, James Maine, Gary Long, and Matthew Janis Initial Expectations: After watching a few other Union Jaxxx titles, my only hope is that I can have the strength to not use the fast forward button. I wouldnt put money on it. Initial Reaction: Its the best movie Ive seen from Union Jaxxx, but is still far from perfect. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting to watch people they havent seen much before Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of nastier sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio has a few minor background and balance problems, but there arent many of them. The video is much better, and barely even has any grain. Its also well lit and has very few shadows. Music: The music is mostly your typical porno music, and at its loudest its nicely balanced with the rest of the audio.
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Boxcover for Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2
Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 

Release date: 3/26/2003
Reviewed on: 4/18/2003 by kurtxyz

Starring: Taylor St. Clair, Monique, Barrett Moore, Felony, Diamond La Rocce
Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Chase me. Dont hurt me. Fuck me! Dont let the title fool you. Theres more going on here than just anal fucking. Girls are stalked and chased and then gangbanged. They are fearful yet accommodating. This highly emotional combination makes for an extremely delicious experience. Leave it to Extreme Associates to push the envelope. This is one of the edgiest films Ive seen lately, and I was almost completely engorged from start to finish! Three of the five women are physically pursued, and one is verbally abused. All put on academy award-winning performances for submission and trepidation even though the only weapon menacing them is a video camera. Another girl, Taylor St. Claire (who makes submission a gorgeous art form) has her home invaded. She isnt afraid of her assailant (Luciano), but succumbs to his every wish nonetheless. He jams a lava lamp shaped dildo up her ass and makes her suck it. He then uses his dick in the same manner and she deep throats it lovingly before amorously drinking his cum.
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Review brief: Director: Mark Davis Videographer: Quasarman DOP: 1/12 & 1/13/03 Length: 2 hrs Female cast: Monica Sweetheart, Lea DeMae, Karen Kam, Angela Crystal, Carmen, Britney Foster Male cast: Tony Ribas, Manuel Ferrera, Steve Holmes, Mark Davis, Pat Myne Audio/Video: If you've ever seen Quasarman's Quality ASSurance, you know that it's gonna be all good. He just keeps getting better. The video is bright, sharply focused and professional. The lighting is perfect, with no shadows. The expert camerawork mixes interesting angles and a wide variety of insertion (his specialty), closeup and medium shots, the complete package, including the girl's face and legs.
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Review brief: Description Rough sex gonzo, with a bit of role-playing. General Impression Holy Mama! Scene Two jumped my enjoyment of this one way up. Sex There's a good-humored intro leading into the sex. In the first scene, Ashly More plays with Nacho. He tongues her ass and pussy, and folds her over the bar of a jeep for some more fun, before taking her into a gym. She sits on his face in her little shorts, smothering him. Dirty talk follows, nipple-pinching, and he fucks her from behind. So far, I'm smiling. There's some gagging and hair-holding, and light choking. She's up for it. Hard doggy, with a dildo jammed in her mouth. RCG, a little too talky. A2M, jerks off on her, drags her by her hair, crawling to some guys who jerk off on her. My personal take - she enjoys it more from a perspective of challenge and sexual olympics than from physical pleasure, and her teen rebelliousness is showing. But the scene is hot. Scene Two rocks! Jewel dominates Steve, and it just gets better and better.
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Boxcover for Rocco: Animal Trainer 8
Rocco: Animal Trainer 8 

Release date: 3/9/2002
Reviewed on: 4/13/2003 by astroknight

Starring: Dora, Rocco Siffredi, Stacy, Honey, Steve Holmes, Alex Mantegna, Manuel Ferrara, Sandy Saint
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Rocco Siffredi
Review brief: Running Time: 138 min. Production Date: 2 / 20 / 2002 Director: Rocco Siffredi Cast: Sandy Saint, Laura, Honey, Stacy, Dora Venter, Theza, Viki, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Alex Mantegna, Franco Roccaforte, and of course, Rocco Siffredi Initial Expectations: Theres very few people who can do rough and dominating sex like Rocco. He looks to have put together a great cast here which gives me a lot of hope for this title. Initial Reaction: Ive gotta watch more of this series! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting more intense and dominating sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft, cuddly, teddy-bear-like animal training Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good, but do have some noticeable faults. As seems to be common with Roccos movies, the audio balance isnt always the best and parts of the dialogue are frequently lost. If this was your average movie that might not matter much, but here the dialogue often adds to the scenes and without it the scenes dont get to their full level.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Service Animals #13 Mike Lyons Reviews         Studio Evil Angel Director Joey Silvera Cast Taylor Rain, Katrina, Ashley Blue, Avy Scott, Crystal Ray, Cameron Cain, Maggie Star, Flower, Brandon Iron, Manuel Ferrara, Justin Slayer, Kohl Mynah, Steve Hatcher, Erik Everhard, Dick Nasty Genre All Sex, Anal, Gonzo Audio/Video Video is quite good and clear, although it was a bit rough at times.  This is Joey's style however, and I enjoy it.  Audio was a bit muffled on occasion, but all in all it was passable. Extras Cast List By Scene, Extra Sex Footage, Fetish Menu, Photo Stills, Cast Videographies Music Forgettable porn music--used only during titles. DVD Format 1 Single Sided Dual Layer Disc Condoms None Female Orgasms 3-4 (??) THOSE WHO MIGHT LIKE IT Those who like Joey Silvera's wacky brand of harder edged sex.  Those who like gorgeous new
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Review brief: Running Time: 119 min. Production Date: 2 / 07 / 2003 Director: Rocco Siffredi Cast: Rocco Siffredi, Kelly Stafford, Laura Angel, Hannah, Katty Thurman, Roberto Malone, Remigio Zampa, Dino, and Alain Lyle Initial Expectations: Rocco and Kelly have amazed me every time theyve worked together. Im really looking forward to this one!!!! Initial Reaction: Its okay, but I think its the worst movie Ive seen from Rocco and Kelly. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants to see intense sex pushing people to their limits Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnt like intense and rougher sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio leaves a bit to be desired. Theres some background noises, which are fairly forgivable because they dont interfere with the scenes much. The bigger problem is the audio balance. Kelly and Roccos conversations are often hard to make out and frequently badly out of balance. This really interferes with the movie because Kelly and Roccos conversations are almost always of a sexual nature.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Cum in my Bum Mike Lyons Reviews         Studio Private   Director Various--Compilation Cast Lynn Stone, Julia, Carol, Camilla, Dora Venter, Agnes, Sandra, J.P. Armand, David Perry, Robert Rosenberg, George, Christoph Clark, Ian Scott, Pascal St.
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Boxcover for Stop My Ass is on Fire 8
Stop My Ass is on Fire 8 

Release date: 10/23/2002
Reviewed on: 4/11/2003 by wolf

Starring: Brian Surewood, Jay Ashley, Mark Wood, Ryan Conner, Friday, Mr. Pete, Kiki Daire, Mandy Roberts, Rossana De La Vega
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Mike Quasar
Review brief: Director: Quasarman Cast: Ryan Conner, Rosana De Le Vega, Friday, Kiki Daire and Mandy Roberts Genre: Anal, Oral, and Vaginal. Initial Churning: Director Mike Quasar wants us to see assholes stuffed. Have to like a guy like that. Highlights: I particularly enjoyed seeing Kiki Daire and Friday getting their asses reamed. Mandy Roberts popped her anal cherry in this film as well. Nice gapes too. Things could have been added or improved on: The men. Quasar, cant you get anyone decent to fuck your women? The Regurgitation Factor: Nothing was regurgitated. Thank God. Condom use: In a Mike Quasar film? You jest. DVD Quality: General presentation: Gonzo Anal. Not terribly bad. Audio quality: Good. Video quality: Good. Extras: None. Menus: Decent. Nothing to ride home about though. Thoughts from a Deviant Mind: I always love to see gaping and anals. If you like that kind of material, rent this flick.
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Review brief: As a fan of Mr. Iron's work, I was very eager to view his latest project for Platinum X Pictures called, "I Love It Rough". Just looking at the DVD front & back covers, you know it's going to be worthwhile. First thing you notice is that the main DVD Menu is very easy to navigate. It includes Play Movie, Scene Selection, & Extras. Before we get to the movie, we get to see 2 previews for other Platinum X Pictures upcumming movies. There is also an extended preview of "I Love It Rough 2" at the conclusion of the movie. Looks like they used the same house for the 2nd edition of this series. Maybe they were both shot during the same time as a lot of porn companies do that? The intro for the film was pretty cool especially when Brandon gives the bird to any panty wearing males to fuck off & not watch this movie. No Sissies Allowed! First Scene Nacho Vidal & Ashly More Mr. Vidal pretty much fuck & abuse all 3 of Ashly's orifices in "Killer Pussy" style! To me Ashley's an average looking blonde but with "super-energy" fuck skills & a killer body.
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Review brief: This is a strong opening vehicle for Brandon as director--and producer--and star. NACHO and ASHLY: HOT! HOT! HOT! Who better for the kickoff volume and the first scene of the I LOVE IT ROUGH Series? This gym scene contains the essence of rough sex. The mirrored wall provide new angles and multiple views of the hard action. Bravo Brandonthis wasnt un-noticedwe like! Lots of extreme head forcing and piston thrusting f-cking provided by Mr. Vidal. Just what I like to see. The group gagging and facial after Nachos load is excellent. JEWEL and STEVE: This scene slows it down a bit and reverses the roles. It would have been greatthoughto see Ms. DeNyle appear as she does on the box cover. Like a nasty, pumped up dominatrix. The rough sex is a bit more subdued here. However, Mr. Holmes delivers the goods at the endgiving Jewel the thrust she DEMANDS. BRANDON and CLAIRE: Its surprising that the Ironmans scene is the tamest of them all. I felt Brandon was holding back. Anyone familiar with this mans work realizes he pushesbut respectsboundaries.
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Review brief: I LOVE IT ROUGH is the first release from Platinum X and is directed by Brandon Irons, who also stars in the movie. The movie has a lot of HOT nasty scenes. The first scene starts out with Nacho Vidal and Ashley Moore who start messing around outside in a parked jeep and then move on into a small gym where the rough fucking begins. Nacho is one of the most enthusiastic "fuckers" in the business...he really pounds Ashley nice and hard and she really seems to love it rough! Ashley is also very enthusiastic as she licks Nacho's ass hole before he cums...After Nacho blows his huge load on Ashley's cute little face, a group of horned up ruffians wander into the gym and continue to paint Ashley's face in a hot and nasty Bukkake scene. They end by taking her outside and washing her face off with bottled water. Overall, the scene is hot, the fucking is hot and the massive cumloads on Ashley's face are hot! This beginning scene really sets up the pace of the movie.
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Review brief: Overall, I was very dissapointed with this offering. Lex seems to be going through the motions rather than REALLY enjoying himself and getting off on using the girls butt holes. Scene One: Jules Jade and Jewel Denyle Jules Jade has an awesome body. Jewel Denyle is still pretty but her body is going downhill fast. Plently of cellulite on her butt and thighs. Both girls do anal and seeing a babe with an awesome body like JUles get her butt strecthed out is coll, but she is clearly NOT into it at all even though she yells like she is. Jewel is into it but Lex seems to sleepwalk through the scene. I was unerwhelmed. Scene Two: Tommi Rose and Caramel: Tommi is a very hot looking babe. Caramel is so so but has a certain sleazy look that is hot. But the scene is dull. Its too forced and not natural or spontaneous. I would skip it entirely. Scene Three: Layla Jade and Ashley Long Layla Jade has a really sexy/slutty face and huge eyes that look great starring at Lex's big black cock, but Ashley is a skinny and skanky looking ho who does ZERO for me.
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Review brief: Sweet Cheeks #2 Directed by Erik Everhard Overall Impression I was impressed with the first Sweet Cheeks, so I had high hopes for this one. This anal themed series looks like it could fast become a raincoater's favorite. This is a solid solid DVD four of the six scenes and are great. I do have some small complaints, or perhaps I should call them personal preferences. Production Values! Sure it meets the beats the usual no frills gonzo production standard, but it is a far far cry from the attention to detail that say Jules Jordan, puts into his productions. (i.e. outfits, hair&maeup, lighting, sets, ect.) Just a little more effort in this department could pay huge dividends. Personally the action is a little on the rough side for my tastes. I respect Everhard's talent as a performer, but often it seems he only has one speed setting, JACKHAMMER! I appreciate good tease footage, especially good ass tease footage and this film certainly has some. However I'm not convinced that it is presented in the most effective way.
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Review brief: Running Time: 89 min. Production Date: 5 / 12 / 2002 and 6 / 13 / 2002 Director: Skeeter Kerkove Cast: Ashley Blue, Autumn Haze, Dynamite, Juliana Kinkaid, Melanie Jagger, Mark Davis, Alex Sanders, Rafe, Trent Tesoro, and Alex Rox Initial Expectations: Ill admit that Skeeter behind the camera worried me at first, but with what Im hearing of how hes done, Im kinda looking forward to this one. Initial Reaction: Ive gottta watch more of Skeeters movies! Who Should Watch It : All anal sex fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft, tender, loving anal sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very clear and well balanced. You can hear a few comments from Skeeter now and then, but it feels more like theyre meant to be there than being poorly edited. The video is clear and well lit, and only shows a little grain. Unfortunately there are quite a few remnants and other blemishes that show up fairly regularly throughout the feature.
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Boxcover for Space Invaderz
Space Invaderz 

Release date: 5/29/2002
Reviewed on: 4/2/2003 by astroknight

Starring: Jessica, Pat Myne, Erik Everhard, Jay Ashley, Justine Romee, Mario, Joy, Aurora Snow, Brett Rockman, Mark Ashley, Judy Star
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Jules Jordan
Review brief: Running Time: 135 min. Production Date: 4 / 10 / 2002 Director: Jules Jordan Cast: Aurora Snow, Judy Starr, Justine Romee, Joy, Jessica, Mario, Jay Ashley, Mark Ashley, Pat Myne, Brett Rockman, and Erik Everhard Initial Expectations: Jules always gives me high, ahem, expectations. Initial Reaction: DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who Should Watch It : Double everything fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks size doesnt matter Audio /Video Quality: As usual, Jules Jordan has some of the best technical aspects in gonzo porno. The audio is clear and well balanced, with the only audio problem being an airplane flying over during one scene, and the video is very clear. Theres barely any sign of grain, and although the lighting isnt consistent, it never interferes with the feature and helps give the feature an artistic feeling. Music: None. Menus: The menus show the same care that almost all of Evil Angels menus do.
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Review brief: Here is an interesting series idea from the folks at RLD. We all like to look at a beautiful woman, well RLD takes that a step further by placing more emphasis on what these beauties are wearing, namely their lingerie. Sure you still get the hot nasty sex RLD is good at shooting but the girls will look a bit more hot as they get fucked hard. During each scene each girl will keep on various parts of the lingerie they start out wearing, usually it's the stockings. So let's see some sexily clad babes get boned silly shall we!! Courtney: This ebony babe is up first and she certainly is raising my temperature with her hot talk and she looks great in her all black lingerie. Courtney lets us know just how she likes to be fucked and she enjoys action in all her holes!! David gives us some fine shots of this babes assets so let's see who joins her. After rubbing in some lotion and looking hot doing it Michael Stefano joins her. Right off he goes for her perky tits and Courtney is busy pleasuring her pussy with a few fingers.
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Boxcover for Iron Maidens
Iron Maidens 

Release date: 10/16/2002
Reviewed on: 3/31/2003 by saki

Starring: Obsession, Lexington Steele, Jewel De'Nyle, Ashley, Layla Jade, Bella, Caramel, Belladonna, Nikita Denise, Calli Cox, Tommi Rose, Judy Star
Studio: Diabolic

Directed by: Lexington Steele
Review brief: Iron Maidens (2002) Studio Diabolic Genre Interracial Director Lexington Steele Starring Obsession, Tommie Rose, Layla Jade, Ashley, Nikita Denise, Judy Star, Jewel De'Nyle, Jewels Jade, Belladonna, Cali Cox, Caramel, and Lexington Steele  Running Time 2:19 DVD Format Double Sided, Single Layer (DVD-10) Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 (full frame) Special Features Animated main menu; full-motion video chapter selection menu; 23-picture (hardcore and softcore) photo gallery; and trailers for Panochitas 6-8, Lewd Conduct 8-10, Debauchery 8-10, Gang Bang Auditions 4-6, 2 On 1 7-9, Down The Hatch 3-5, A Pervert's Point of View, and Un-Natural Sex 2-4 Typical Watchers Huge dick or interracial fans Typical Haters Anyone who winces when watching especially big dicks or deep penetration Replay Value Medium Themes Interracial, female masturbation, girl-girl, dirty talk, pussy-to-mouth, anal, ass-to-mouth, pussy gapes, tattoos, piercings, multiple male orgasms Condoms None used If You Liked This DVD, You Should Enjoy Little White Chicks...Big Black Monster Dicks
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Review brief: Running Time: 106 min. (cover states 120 min.) Production Date: 9 / 27 / 1999 Director: Sean Michaels Cast: Rayveness, Envy, Aurora, Midori, Elle Devyne, Tye, Brandon Iron, Lexington Steele, Dizzy Blond, Ian Daniels, Santino Lee, and Sean Michaels Initial Expectations: Ive had mixed luck with this series, but theres some awfully fine females this time around thats giving me a bit more hope. Initial Reaction: Theres some darn hot sex, but the technical aspects hold it back severely. Who Should Watch It : Fans of interracial and anal sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who gets motion sickness Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty clear and well balanced, but gets a bit scratchy at times as if the microphone was maxed out. The video, however, didnt impress me much. It only has a little grain, but its also on the dark side, has frequent soft focus problems, and has an effect done to it that makes it seem jerky. Its almost like watching porn with a strobe light turned really fast, and it quickly started to hurt my eyes.
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Boxcover for Big Omar's Junkyard Babes
Big Omar's Junkyard Babes 

Release date: 3/3/2003
Reviewed on: 3/30/2003 by astroknight

Starring: Omar Williams
Studio: VCA

Review brief: Running Time: 87 min. Production Date: 06 / 2001 Director: Big Omar Williams Cast: Catriana, Heidi, Pheadra, Laura, Leah, and of course, Big Omar Williams Initial Expectations: Omars series has become one of my favorites, and I look forward to every new installment. Initial Reaction: Its every bit as fun and hot as usual, but far from being packed with anal as the cover suggests Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for some fun porn with fresh faces Who Should Avoid It: Anybody a feature thats completely packed with anal, wanting extremely nasty sex, the same old porn faces, or people taking themselves way too seriously Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty normal for gonzo porn. The audio is often a little off balance, and theres a fair amount of camera shakes, soft focus blurs, and shadows. That said, most of the audio is pretty clear, although there is a bit of the dialogue that gets lost. Theres also a bit of grain throughout the feature. Music: None. Menus: The menus are pretty standard here.
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Boxcover for Flesh Hunter 2
Flesh Hunter 2 

Release date: 3/9/2002
Reviewed on: 3/30/2003 by saki

Starring: Jules Jordan, Pat Myne, Alexa, Erik Everhard, Kaylynn, Jay Ashley, Jeanie Rivers, Shila, Jenna Haze, Brett Rockman
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Jules Jordan
Review brief: Flesh Hunter 2 (2002) Studio Evil Angel / Jules Jordan Video Genre Gonzo Director Jules Jordan Starring Jenna Haze, Shyla, Kaylynn, Jeannie Rivers, Alexa Rae, Brett Rockman, Jay Ashley, Pat Myne, Erik Everhard, and Jules Jordan Running Time 2:18 DVD Format Single Sided, Dual Layer (DVD-9) Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 (Full Screen) Special Features Animated and full motion video main menu; FMV chapter selection menu; fetish menu; 64-picture (hardcore and softcore) photo gallery; 21-minutes of extra sex and outtakes; and three-minute behind-the-scenes bloopers Typical Watchers Jenna Haze, Alexa Rae, or Jules Jordan fans Typical Haters Non-gonzo watchers Replay Value High Themes Dirty talk, blowjobs, acrobatic positions, anal, ball licking, spitting, gapes, pussy-to-mouth, analingus (m->f), foot fuck, toys Condoms One condom used briefly for vaginal intercourse in one scene If You Liked This DVD, You Should Enjoy The Flesh Hunter series Video Captures Click for larger size [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /
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Review brief: Expectations Who knows... this is Anabolic. Sometimes they knock it out of the park and sometimes they strike out at the plate. We'll have to watch and see. Capsule Review Wow! This is a great DVD. I mean, this is Anabolic at their best. The combo of Lex, Sean and Erik along with some incredibly cute and very dirty girls is a winner. And Lex demonstrates that he has a real knack for the art of tease, a must in any serious gonzo flick. It is with pleasure that I hereby confer aybesea's Whackmeister Seal of Approval upon this DVD. Technical The technicals are all very strong. The sets are great. The girls are beautifully attired and made up. Director Lexington Steele Extras Photo gallery, trailers Target Audience Gonzo fans, interracial fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Jewels Jade Jewels is a cute redhead with a reasonably nice body. I love the tease but I'm not sure that Jewel's ass is really tight enough for this prolonged scrutiny. Anyway, she does a ton of tease before walking inside to find Lex.
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Boxcover for 2 Dicks In 1 Chick 1 (Digital Sin)
2 Dicks In 1 Chick 1 (Digital Sin) 

Release date: 3/6/2003
Reviewed on: 3/27/2003 by aybesea

Starring: Daisy, Melanie Jagger, Cindy Crawford, Jasmine Lynn, Jamie Woods
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Tyrone Shuz, Andre Madness
Review brief: Expectations I love the premise of this DVD, now I just need to see if Digital Sin can pull it off. I have defintely enjoyed some of their material, but as of late it has been a bit spotty. Capsule Review What a waste. There are some hot girls here, but you sure couldn't tell by watching this flic. Technical The scenes are uniformly dark and grainy. There is no attention to detail. This entire production lacks professionalism and care. Director Tyrone Shuz & Andre Madness Extras Photo gallery, trailers Target Audience Gonzo fans, DP fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Jasmine Lynn Jasmine is a very skinny blonde with teeny titties. She wears a little top and jeans skirt that almost make her look too young for this scene. She is almost immediately joined by Erik Everhard and another guy and they dive right in. No tease to this scene, just raw sex. While there is no doubt that they fuck the shit out of this girl, I really didn't find it to be very heated.
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Review brief: Expectations DVSX has been the hottest new company of the last year (and that includes RLD), and volume 1 of this series was great. I can't wait to watch this one. Capsule Review Alex Ladd is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. He has a no bullshit approach that is elegant in its simplicity. His scenes generally look very attractive, and when he uses the right girls his movies are right up there with the best. Unfortunately, two of the girls here really don't pass muster. Technical The technicals are outstanding. Beautfiul lighting and videography, as well as strong audio capture. The sets are attractive as are most of the girls wardrobe pieces. Director Alex Ladd Extras Behind the scenes, photo gallery, solo scenes, bonus scenes, trailers Target Audience Gonzo fans, DP fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Sandra Russo Sandra is a hottie. She is a fresh looking blonde and she is wearing one of the hottest outfits I've seen in a while. A nice tight top that hints at her nipples, and a nice tight jean skirt.
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Boxcover for Anal University 11
Anal University 11 

Release date: 11/25/2002
Reviewed on: 3/26/2003 by fly-white-guy

Starring: Todd Alexander, Nick Manning, Aimee Tyler, Melanie Jagger, Avy Scott, Luxie
Studio: Rain

Directed by: Mitchell Spinelli
Review brief: This is going to be very brief as it's difficult to get motivated about a film like this. SCENE 1. Aimee Tyler Worthless scene. I've seen Aimee in a few films and she NEVER looks interested, actually screw that she looks bored. makes you wonder why she even shows up. Oral, vag. & some badly shot anal make this a poor scene that ends with a cumshot to her chest. DUD SCENE 2. Avy Scott & Luxie Not being a fan of g/g I wasn't looking forward to this scene. Though Avy Scott does have an incredible wrack and is pretty hot Luxie isn't upto much looks-wise. Both nailed each other with a strap-on. Luxie took it anally with the strap-on, Avy was done without the strap-on but did get it in the ass with a plaon old vibrator. FAIR SCENE SCENE 3. Melanie Jagger The best scene in the film by a distance. Melanie, who is similar to Avy Scott in that they are both attractive and have great tits looks great all throughout. Visually it's also the best scene in the film as it's an outside scene so is naturally well lit. Oral, vag. & some great looking anal. Melanie looks superb in RCA.
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