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Boxcover for Interracial Anal Teens N Toys
Interracial Anal Teens N Toys 

Release date: 7/23/2004
Reviewed on: 9/14/2005 by masamune

Studio: NJ Films

Review brief: Director: Dick Camera: ? Genre: Girl/Girl & Masturbation hybrid  Release: 2003 Notes: 2 hrs        interracial anal teens-n-toys      Four of the scenes are lezzy, eight are solos. From a glance at the cover, I was expecting just interracial lesbians here- I was really thrown. The cover also has a big "ANAL" on it but a lot of the solo scenes lacked this or were dominated by mere pussy play. Even the lesbian scenes just had one girl taking anal. 1) Mia Beck & Mika Tan Lesbian, Anal, DP, Toys Mika: "I'm on a low carb diet but I think I can fit pussy in." This is very prolific dirtytalk folks! Mika chows down on cunt as promised and then Mia returns the favor with her mouth buried under Mika's snatch.
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Boxcover for Crush That Ass 3
Crush That Ass 3 

Release date: 8/5/2005
Reviewed on: 9/14/2005 by howie

Starring: Lea Martini, Charmane Star, Amelia Canon, Gia Jordan, Chanel Chavez, Mya Mason
Studio: Gen XXX

Review brief: Starring: Chanel Chavez, Charmane Star, Sophia(?), Tabatha(?), Mya Mason, Leah Martini Running time: 2:00 My very short review: I got bamboozled big time. Gen XXX Digital Productions is listed as the studio for this release but they are affiliated with New Machine, which is one of the porn studios at the bottom of the ladder. This disc is a compilation of 5 anal scenes from 1999 to 2004 that were sourced from some other New Machine releases. (I didnt waste my time trying to research the original sources.) I requested this screener because of Charmane Star in the cast listing and boy, was I disappointed. Its her scene with Randy West from the 90s and similar to all the other scenes, it looked like it was her 1st porn scene that took place in a makeshift room. And that was not the only deduction from my rating --- the video quality screamed low budget. Granted some of the original source was tape but it didnt mitigate my displeasure --- the girls name that flashed at the start of the scene wasnt listed on the cover art.
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Review brief: THE SELENA SILVER "PICK OF THE WEEK" brought to you by PICK OF THE WEEK # 76 ABOUT "THE INSIDE VIEW" Otto & Audrey Destroy the World II (PowerHouse Unlimited) Each week porn star Selena Silver brings you a new review of a porn movie good enough to make the cut as a Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" with the goal of adding the perspective of someone who has worked with the studio, director, or stars of the movie.
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Review brief: Welcome to a series celebrating the art of sucking cock right after it's left your own gaping ass, well hopefully it's gaping regardless you're tasting ass soaked dick which is a big deal to a lot of porn fans. John Strong has some hotties on hand for this one for sure led by covergirl Jasmine Byrne and I see ass fucking whore extraordinaire Sandra Romain is gracing the screen plus big busty Brooke Haven is on hand so lots of female flesh to gaze at. I see there's already a review for this so here's a few impressions of what I saw. I loved the ass shots of Sandra Romain, this woman is simply put sexy beyond words and she dominates any scene she's in whether it's 2 on 1 or taking on several men. Here's she assisted in her ass quest by Mary Anne so enjoy the ride. Naturally Sandra took charge with Mary Anne submitting most willingly to her dark haired friends rule. John Strong was the lucky man here and we got some nice close up shared knob polishing.
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Review brief: A pleasant delivery of anal in this one. And DVSX (at least for this one) is a rare studio (along with Zero Tolerance) that is generous enough to give us 6 scenes instead of the typical 5. +1 for an extra scene! Think of this as an alert for those that are all ready to pop at the end of scene 5 if you do, youll be going into scene 6 drained and limp. With a name like Ass Factor there must be a lot of ripe ass pounding, right? Yep! The backdoor hole is open for business. Lot of good shots for fans of anal. For fans of toys, you get toy play before and after. But its those clear dildo things that seem uncomfortable, not like a fleshy penis. They remind me of icicles and they surely can't be comfortable for rumpholes, can they? Visually, its fairly well done, not great you do see some flaws on the girls but nothing too distracting. Strangely to me, Missy Monroe doesnt look like Missy. I guess she just looks different from 2004 Missy and what I would expect. I dont see much from DVSX Id be willing to check out other titles based on this success.
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Review brief: John Strong's Ass 2 Mouth 3 by Platinum X Pictures Cast: Jasmine Byrne, Sandra Romain, Janet Alfano, Brooke Haven, Sintia Stone, Mary Ann, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, John Strong Extras: BTS, Bonus Footage, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Web Access Scene One: Sandra Romain, Mary Ann, & John Strong Romain and Mary Ann really seem to like each other if the BTS and their scene is any indicator. They spend a bit of time groping and kissing before they join Strong and take turns slurping away at his cock. Romain gets the better of it and after the girls lipstick is all gone Strong rewards Romain with a good assfucking (CG). Mary Ann remains close to the action occasionally pulling the cock from Romain's ass and justifying the title of the movie. Then Mary Ann gets her ass pummeled from the side while an enthusiastic Romain interjects with some potty talk as she waits to suck the cock fresh out of Ann's ass. Romain sets the scene on fire during her next position, a RCG anal. She bounces around as hard as she can while stroking her pussy and screaming with pleasure.
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Review brief: Welcome fans to a good anal theme series. The title is catchy and it's had some pretty good covers in the past, the Monica Sweetheart and Hannah Harper ones spring to mind and here we have Supermegagoddess Roxanne Hall 2000 gracing the cover. I like how when you click on the scene selection menu it lists the girls names which is always nice plus it gives you a lengthy list of just what each babe will do for you in their respective scene. The positions are all represented from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl and I even see some rimming is done by the girls. Rather than give you a blow by blow for each scene I'll focus on one scene as each follows the same pattern pretty much. Roxanne Hall: This final scene of the dvd features this stunner from England. She starts off wearing some sexy aqua theme lingerie and the tease engines are working quite nicely as we watch Roxanne Hall get us ready. The hands do their thing all over her body and just check out the awesome butt shots we get, gotta like a tasty tushy and Roxanne certainly has that and more.
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Review brief: My second compliation from Zero Tolerance, it's definitely an improvement over their previous compliations, at least technically speaking. Once again, it's a collection of excellent scenes from numerous Zero Tolerance films. Video: The quality is redundant nowadays, since any reputable company uses decent equipment and proper lighting. What matters is, can you see what you want to see? Well, since this a bunch of great scenes from other well made films, the answer is obvious. I figure the only way it can get more up close and personal is if your well, there. Always nice to compare how different directors shoot a scene, although I've always wondered, whatever happened to prolonged close-ups? Maybe I'm watching the wrong movies. Audio: You'll hear everyone in the room nice and clear, so you can sit back and pretend your there watching it, and wishing you were actually doing it. I suppose not much more can be said for audio, since the last thing anyone wants on a production like this is a soundtrack. Sex: 20 scenes, from various Zero Tolerance titles.
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Boxcover for Cream Filled Ass Pies
Cream Filled Ass Pies 

Release date: 4/14/2005
Reviewed on: 9/11/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Tiffany Mynx, Mark Davis, David Perry, Jon Dough, Alexia, Robert Rosenberg, Venus, Taylor Rain, Benjamin Bratt, Keri Sable, Saana
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Jon Dough
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 171 min. Production Date: 1 / 31 / 2005 Director: Jon Dough Cast: Alexa, Keri Sable, Saana, Tiffany Mynx, Venus, Benjamin Brat, David Perry, Jon Dough, Mark Davis, and Robert Rosenberg The Short Story Initial Expectations: I havent seen any of Jon Doughs work behind the camera. With an anal cream pie focus, I cant help but be drawn to this one! Initial Reaction: Its a must-have for anal creampie fans! Who Should Watch It : Anal creampie fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting one on one sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I dont think I heard a single background noise. The video is also pretty well done. Its nicely lit but does have a hint of grain. There are also several fast zooms and pans that didnt do much for me. Music: Theres a little music during the tease segments, but thats it. Its pretty typical porn music, and doesnt really help or hurt the segments.
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Review brief: Running time: 2:01 My short review: Only the Best of Seymore Butts 9 is a compilation of 4 scenes from a few years back. My interest was piqued when I saw the names Daniella Rush and Nikki Anderson and I knew I had to give this DVD a spin. Unfortunately, my DVD player had a hard time playing this disc and so I have to keep this review short. Before we start, it is important to note that these scenes, as it appears to me, were originally released on VHS format and transferred to DVD only recently. There is some graininess but the picture quality doesnt suffer too much from the format transfer though the aging of the scenes is quite evident. Scene 1 McKayla Matthews & Daniella Rush with Mark Davis from Backdoor to Buttsville 2: In a nutshell, this scene was HOT. The heat and chemistry between these 3 performers was blistering. McKayla and Daniella were totally aware of each other and lent a helping hand and mouth wherever needed. The anal and ATM/ATOGM action was awesome.
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Review brief: Welcome to another title helmed by Manuel Ferrara and it's anal themed and who do I see on the cover but Flower Tucci so we have that wonderful ass to look forward too. Manuel enlists a couple buddies to help out so let's watch as the girls have their asses plugged with some stiff cock. Alexis Amore: Leading off we have a cute girl walkin across a marble floor and wearing red you see some big tits just begging to be released. Alexis first gives us an eyeful of her bouncy ass also spreading her pussy open wide. You then watch as she plays with her tits pressing them against a full body length mirror. The butt tease is really good here from Alexis. She also uses a long purple dildo to ready her ass for action and she's able to bend it over so the other end can fuck her pussy so some toy dp love too. I don't like toys mind you but there's a cool shot where she's fucking her ass in mish with the dildo and she's able to reach the other end up to her face where she licks the tip, almost like sucking your own cock if you can do that, which I can't,lol.
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Review brief: Gang Bang Darlings 2 DVSX Running Time: 116 minutes This title contains three gangbang scenes. The scenes, running at a little under 40 minutes each, are nicely paced. This is important cause most gangbangs are lenghty and it's easy to lose interest. We start off with Selena Silver, the most foreground on the cover, as a maid. I found all the scenes similar in action so I will describe this one and take my word the others are similar. She starts off peeking out at the guys by the pool. They notice her as one goes in for some fun. Selena accomadates him with a blowjob. they continue as the others come in to join in on the action too. Like most gangbangs this is where things become les organized. A lot of DP's happen while she sucks and strokes the other guys. Selena seems so relaxed and it looks great. The ending facial is great too as all the guys explode on her face. Overall this is one of the better gangbang videos I have seen.
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Review brief: Ass Fucked is not exactly fresh title, but given the cast I thought it might be worth checking out. Feature Duration: 2 hr 16 min Each scene is presented as a small featurette and has micro-scenario with some dialogues and acting. Audrey Hollander Audrey is hitchhiking on the road. She's picked up by two dudes who are heading for a construction site to do some maintenance. After they are done, they can't find her, but eventually she shows up half naked and asks them if they want to have a party. Naturally, they do. The group proceeds to some shallow river in the neighborhood and the "party" starts. Audrey does a little bit of tease in front of the camera and smears some mud onto herself. She then sucks the guys off, and gets throatfucked. After that, one fellow goes straight for her ass in doggie position. Guys take turns in fucking her butthole and getting their dicks sucked; afterwards they DP her in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. We also get some piledriver acrobatics with Audrey's head being submerged under water (not entirely though).
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Boxcover for Big Wet Asses 6
Big Wet Asses 6 

Release date: 3/5/2005
Reviewed on: 9/5/2005 by heynow

Starring: Boby, Katka, J.J., Katarina, Sandra Kay, Jake Malone, Sandra De Marco, Angel Dark, Tiana Lynn
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Thomas Zupko
Review brief: ADT probably doesnt need another Big Wet Asses review (this will be the 4th and the others are done by much better reviewers) but it is an impressive enough title to rave about. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as the asses arent wet with water, but are soaked with oil. But Big Greasy Oily Asses maybe doesnt sounds so great (actually I think its just fine). Now, the next question is: are these gigantic rumps all lumpy and gross? Nah. Luckily this isnt a title that pays homage to that wide load butt that we all know surely everyone has had a grade school teacher that was nearly as wide as she was tall and always needed to wear (for some reason) odd colored (and tight) polyester pantaloons instead these gals just have pleasantly ample butts. Or maybe its a camera illusion? Anyhow, I had long delayed renting this release after being disappointed by the last few (I thought parts 1 and 2 were excellent though) but this one recaptured all the past glory for me.
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Review brief: Masturbation...'cuz you can't love others til' you love yourself From My Ass To My Mouth   Director: Cyrus Camera: Cyrus Genre: Gonzo, Masturbation Release: 7/05 Notes: 2 hrs 12 min A brief overview of the movie: All scenes feature anal and ass to mouth. All scenes are heavy on the toys too- about 90 toy action. Nikki HunterNikki starts it off on a grand note. Watch as she pries her pussy apart with both hands, treating you to the gaping black junction between her legs. And what do you get after a big pussy gape? You get a big pussy fart that's what. This one sounded wet.
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Boxcover for Absolute Ass 4
Absolute Ass 4 

Release date: 6/11/2005
Reviewed on: 9/4/2005 by crucifixio-jones

Starring: Rita Faltoyano, Ana Nova, Sandra Romain, Hillary Scott, Tina Fine
Studio: Exquisite Pleasures

Directed by: Jordan Septo
Review brief: Absolute Ass 4 Exquiste Pleasures/Venom Digital Media D: Jordan Septo. Hillary Scott, Sandra Romain, Rita Faltoyano, Ana Nova, Teena Fine. 137 Min. Extras: Behind the Scenes, Still Gallery, Trailers. Absolute Ass 4 is all-anal and all-awesome. Septo's assembled a virtual smorgasbord of veteran international talent along with some fine young American ingenues to keep things fresh. Hillary Scott, who has since gotten implants takes Brett Rockman and Steven French in her tight ass one at a time. After stretching her bung individually and receiving plenty of a2m head, the guys douse her face with a double-barrelled blast of ball batter. Mrs. Tommy Gunn, Hungarian Rita Faltoyano is paired with Sascha and she makes his prick glisten all over with her plentiful pussy juices. She really does have the smile and personality of an innocent little girl but she knows her way around cock better than I know my OWN penis and I see my dick every day. If God made anything prettier than Sandra Romain's ass he must've kept it for himself. Damn. Now THAT is an ass.
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Boxcover for Zuzanna's Anal Rampage
Zuzanna's Anal Rampage 

Release date: 6/4/2003
Reviewed on: 9/4/2005 by vincent

Starring: Silvana, Zuzanna
Studio: Score

Review brief: This is a hard one to mark. I'm giving it 3 and a half because firstly, Zuzanna is in my book very sexy (what fantastic boobs she has), and also very dirty, which can only be a very good thing. She also loves anal, which you don't see many similar looking models doing, and her scene with a black dildo is incredibly erotic. That said, the middle half of this DVD can be skipped as it's pretty lame. Also, the other models in the DVD did little for me. The picture quality isn't fantastic either, but it's acceptable. The first scene sees Zuzanna playing the part of a secretary, who is clearly rather bored and so decides to get naked and play with herself. Why don't I meet any secretaries who do this? Anyway, after a while she gets out a black dildo, and this for me was one of the highlights of the DVD. She puts one leg up on the desk and bends over, sliding the dildo in and out whilst groaning suggestively.
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Boxcover for Cleo & Cole 6: Mall Parking Lot Anal
Cleo & Cole 6: Mall Parking Lot Anal 

Release date: 9/5/2005
Reviewed on: 9/3/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Cleo, Cole
Studio: Shot At Home

Review brief: NOTE: This is an amateur video. Amateur and homemade movies dont have the budget nor the resources of studio porn, and therefore rarely get close to the same quality technically. Im rating this DVD on the same scale, but most homemade or amateur features would rarely make it above a 3 on the standard scale I use for studio porn for their technical aspects. The performers also arent normally the glamour stars one expects from studio porn, and instead use people who look like somebody you might encounter in your day to day life. Finally, the camera work has a different feel, as its often shot from a tripod or with somebody who doesnt have the technical training or experience of professional cameramen. That said, amateur and homemade features have a great charm to them, simple because the people in them are doing what theyre doing to have fun and because they enjoy it.
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Review brief: Assume the Position series traditionally feature american guys -- namely Dillion and his buddies -- banging eurogirls. I'm watching this one in reverse, meaning that I've seen #3 prior to this one, and liked it. My expectations are, therefore, quite high. Feature Duration: 2 hr 17 min Vanessa Sey (with Dillion, Mick Blue) The first babe is 23 years old, voluptuous blonde who's wearing pink top. After making some quick chat with her, Mick and Dillion leave her on the bed to masturbate. While squeezing her boobs, Vanessa manages to produce impressive milk-squirts (lactating). The guys behind the scene enjoy the show, and eventually, Dillion asks her to spray his cock which she does and then sucks it clean. Mick joins in to fuck her pussy in doggie. Both guys take turns in fucking her pussy and getting blown. Afterwards, they briefly DP her in cowgirl and soon both cocks enter her snatch. DPP continues in RC. In the end, they again have an individual go at Venessa's pussy in spoon and mish. There is no ATM, only PTM. Both loads end up on her face.
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Review brief: INTRODUCTION I have always been a huge of Auroras work as a performer. She is the classic, cute, girl next door type but is a nasty performer in front of the camera. This doesnt mean that she can direct of course, but given that she also appeared as a performer and because I had been quite impressed with Mayhems Preview Disc that I had picked up in Vegas, I thought I would take a chance on this title. The plot, or more aptly, the premise for the movie, is that the girls have formed a slut club and are trying to out do each other by fucking as many guys as possible. Unfortunately, their parents have discovered the game and have grounded all of them as a punishment. Fortunately, the girls manage to find and fuck guys despite the curfew much to the chagrin of Aurora. The opening scene features brunette, Veronica Jett, who, despite being grounded, manages to fuck her brothers friend, James Deen. This one on one scene features missionary, cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl and then we cut to spoon anal but the scene finishes a little prematurely with a sprayed facial.
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Review brief: Baby Face 2 New Sensations Running Time: 75 minutes If I had one word to describe this movie it would be horrible. The idea holding this thing together is a group of girls coming back to school after vacation, and having naughty fun. The girls in the film are cute, but the transfer is fuzzy so you really can't tell. The sex is ok at best, the girls really don't seem that into it. How New Sensations put there label on this is beyond my rational thinking. Plus there are absolutely no special features.
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Review brief: Prologue For many years I've been watching videos from West Coast, but up till now I've managed to avoid the ones shot by Alexander DeVoe. Avoid is a bad word. I've had his shows on my wishlist but they've always been rented when I chose them. By the time they're free, I've already forgotten about them and they're buried a few pages down. Just serendipity. I do know that DeVoe has a lot of confidence in his style and isn't afraid to say so. It isn't bragging if you can back it up. This video is about ass. Of the four women that I recognize here, there is one monster ass, belonging to Sydnee Capri. The other three are more about how they use their asses than the enormity of them. Jasmine Byrne and Nicki Hunter use them with the best. Vanilla Skye is still just making a name for herself and I'm unfamiliar with Breanna Taboo. Let's see if Mr. DeVoe does justice to ass. Dressed in a black vinyl halter top, black satin booty shorts and fencenet hose, the first thing I notice about Breanna Taboo is that she got azz. Serious booty.
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Review brief: Title: 1 In the Pink 1 In the Stink Studio: Red Light District Director: Robbie Fischer Cast: Jayna Oso, Lyla Lei, Brandi Lyons, Ariana Jolee, Elizabeth Lawrence, Scott Lawrence, Steve Holmes, Erik Everhard, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano Genres:: Straight, Amateurs, Double Penetration, Gonzo, Group Sex Condoms: No Reviewer: Voyeursking Rating: 7 of 10 1 In the Pink 1 In the Stink Reviewed by VOYEURSKING It is a movie that leaves the normal thing, that is to say that it has an erotic content that should take into account for future elections of movies of Robbie Fischer that it was not alone the director but also the cameraman of the movie. The girls completed unequally, highlighting the two oriental: Jayna Oso and Lyla Read, more the first one that the second that they demonstrated naturalness. Of the other alone Ariana Jolle has merits, because the other two are mediocre and not very natural in their erotic expressions, because their obligation is to impact visual and auditorily to the spectator, in the best possible form, and naturally.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 132 min. Production Date: 1 / 26 / 2005 Director: Jonni Darkko Cast: Katja Kassin, Lauren Phoenix, Sandra Romain, Katrina Kraven, Mark Davis, Job Dough, Mark Ashley, and Steve Taylor The Short Story Initial Expectations: With this lineup of lovely ladies and Darkko behind the camera, Im not sure how anybody couldnt have high expectations. Initial Reaction: Its a must have for anybody whos a fan of Katja or Lauren. Who Should Watch It : Anybody whos a fan of Katja Kassin, Lauren Phoenix, or anal action Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting anal where it looks like the performers are just there for a paycheck or who doesnt want a variety of anal action The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced without a single background noise that I noticed. The video is also nicely done.
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Review brief: Prologue Francesca Le has put together a cast that's a mixed bag for me. From the sublime Marie Luv to the smoldering Dillan Lauren she completely captures my attention. Barbara Summers is someone who comes across as more of a fuck machine than sexpot and Staci Thorn is something of a wild card. She can be very, very good, or exceedingly ordinary. All of these women are getting double penetrated today. Something I like a lot. Too bad Francesca didn't throw herself into this one to round out the cast and tilt the scales on my enthusiasm. Staci Thorn starts the video out looking very horny in black bra, panties and fishnets with red arm stockings. She's teasing her body along with the camera as the outfit gets removed, talking about what will transpire shortly. She sticks a blue double pronged dildo into her holes. The anal probe is beaded. Staci licks them clean so they can be used by someone else later, then she's joined by two dicks. She does a tandem bj, deep throating Mark Wood, and gets face fucked by Steven French.
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