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Boxcover for Girls Going Crazy
Girls Going Crazy 

Release date: 10/5/2001
Reviewed on: 11/3/2002 by leakypickle

Studio: Wayne

Review brief: By the title alone, I'm sure you understand that this series is an obvious attempt to cash in on the popularity of "Girls Gone Wild"...and I can't say I blame them for trying. Catching the "girl next door" cutting loose on Spring Break or at Mardi Gras is AWESOME. Taping girls at these events has been going on for years. Then finally, someone with money and a little ambition started mass producing them. My point? Beware of the imitators! Most real amateur footage is going to be raw and shaky. Some have enough sense to leave the redundant and excessively long parts on the editing room floor (like when they film a chick for a 15 minutes until she FINALLY flashes her boobs. Geez.). Girls Going Crazy (GGC) is a disappointment to those who may have collected any of the Girls Gone Wild (GGW) videos. The footage is much rougher with GGC. Additionally, you'll often see the same footage more than once. The positive end is that NOTHING beats real amateur girls doing crazy stuff. No script...No cues (usually)...No inhibitions.
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Boxcover for Real Amateur Stripping Caught On Tape 1
Real Amateur Stripping Caught On Tape 1 

Release date: 11/2/2001
Reviewed on: 6/27/2002 by leakypickle

Studio: Wayne

Review brief: Yet another "Girls Gone Wild" wanna be. Simply a collection of girls flashing at Mardi Gras. Don't get me wrong...I'm a huge fan of REAL footage. There's nothing better than seeing the "girl next door" doing the things she would never do without a little courage juice (i.e.: booze). The problem with many of these amateur features is that they tend to "linger" on some girls too long. That is, they spend silly amounts of time recording girls who pretend to be shy...only to have them briefly flash their little boobies. I guess that way, when we see a lengthy video for sale (this one, only about 60 mins), we feel like we're getting a good deal. The payoff is almost never worth the wait with these movies. The bottom line: If you're new to buying amateur Mardi Gras and Spring Break footage, then this may be a fun little addition to your collection.
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