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Boxcover for No Whites Allowed
No Whites Allowed 

Release date: 7/25/2005
Reviewed on: 11/13/2006 by the-pocketcomb-pimp

Starring: Lucas, Richard Mann, Raven Black, Ty Darius
Studio: Trashy Entertainment

Review brief: No Whites Allowed "No Whites" get's a Black Eye Director: Jeff Phucksum Studio: Trashy Ent. Running: 120 min est. Genre: IR Fantasy Release: May 2005 PCP is back reppin for my porn people in the Welfare line. Keepin it hot from the 1st, to the 15th and back again. In a black soul cinema classic there was a funny scene where a rapper was telling and interviewer about his new album, Dont shoot til you see the whites, the interviewer interjected, Of their eyes?, the rapper then replied, Of whos eyes?, and then the camera cut to his CD cover with him standing on a pig pile of dead white men. Hold on yall, I know you are sensitive and think PCP is gonna bring the Black Panthers to pornville, but the truth is its a fitting set up for this title. Stand by for the PCP transmission of No Whites Allowed. Im coming right out the gate telling you that Raven Black had my dick hard.
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Review brief: Prologue Dark meat loving, slut wife, Raven Black is back with some of her friends in a video that could get mean. Women slaking their thirsts for big, black cock, and throwing it in the faces of their inept husbands and boyfriends. Sara Jay and Amber Wild are featured in this video and I already know that Sara's into this mindfuck. Richard Mann seems to be the designated tool here and he fills the "big" roll nicely. I know the women are up for this and hope the camerwork is at least competent. Hubby's Home Early Sara Jay's husband is supposed to be away on business and she's getting herself all sexy for a date. She's surprised by the early arrival of her mate but refuses to change her plans, and in fact, invites him to watch a real man screw her when Richard Mann shows up. I don't consider Sara to be a truly beautiful woman, but she's sexually self aware and possessor of a bomb ass. In short, she'll get your motor running anyway.
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Boxcover for Mr. Horse Cock
Mr. Horse Cock 

Release date: 7/25/2005
Reviewed on: 11/23/2005 by picman

Starring: Richard Mann, Haley Scott, Sara Jay, Raven Black
Studio: Trashy Entertainment

Review brief: Prologue I recently reviewed another Trashy Entertainment product that showed good potential in their content and presentation. Their setups revolve around cuckold fantasies and bm/wf interracial episodes. The focus this time around is one specific male, Richard Mann, who, as the title implies, is hung like a horse. He gets to boff ass queen Sara Jay, as well as Haley Scott and the preposterously red haired Raven Black. All the elements for a fine evening of social discourse are in order. Test Drive Raven Black is test driving a car with Richard Mann as the salesman. She has Haley Scott sitting in the back seat and is apparently her dom. She suggests they go to her apartment to discuss this further and sends Haley off to get beverages. After bringing the drinks, Haley's sent off to change for Raven, who informs Richard that she's a professional dominatrix. She goes to the bedroom and puts a leash on the white corseted Haley, and has electrical tape covering her own bare breasts.
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Boxcover for Tails From The Darkside (Trashy)
Tails From The Darkside (Trashy) 

Release date: 7/25/2005
Reviewed on: 9/20/2005 by picman

Studio: Trashy Entertainment

Directed by: Jeff Phucksum
Review brief: Prologue I've run across a slut wife website featuring Raven Black that features this video and three others like it. The site is about a wife gone black and nothing else will do. It's a potent fantasy and probably some people's reality. Who knows? But it can make for some good porn if everyone is into it. Chelsea Luv is here as well and I know I enjoy her performances. Let's see what Trashy Entertainment has to offer. The Ass Licker Richard Mann gets a look at blonde Natasha and is immediately intrigued. His friend tells him she'll do anything to please a man and her finds out firsthand as he's sittin on a toilet and she knocks on the door. Natasha crawls in and goes down on Richard's huge cock. She takes as much into her throat as possible, choking on the monster. She has good spirit and sticks with it, even tossing Richard's salad. The camera gets up close and personal as Natasha dips her tongue in deep. She goes back to trying to swallow his cock whole, slobbering all over the place.
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