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Boxcover for Virgin Pink 11
Virgin Pink 11 

Release date: 1/10/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by bono-one

Starring: Misty Winter, Ally, Angel Cummings, Danny Love, Zack Miles, Payton, C.C. Love
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Angel Cummings
Review brief: This is an amateur series which is released through Metro. I am not sure what to expect so let's see what we shall see. We start out with an interview segment and it sounds like the girls name is Rumeeka,?, and that she is from the Czech Republic. After some more Q & A we get to some action as she sucks on her mans cock. She has a modest pair of breasts and a decent ass. There is some oral performed on her as well. He also uses his fingers on her and we get to see her legs flail about before she turns over and he eats her in the doggy position. The first intercourse is also done in doggy. We also see him stand over her face and skull fuck her. We move on then to some mish sex, then some finger to pussy play, and back again to doggy. There is a decent facial pop to end this rather ordinary scene. Next up is an attractive redhead whose name is Misty Winters. We get the same pre-sex interview with Misty adn ther is a guy sitting with her fondling her pert breasts.
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Boxcover for Virgin Pink 10
Virgin Pink 10 

Release date: 12/26/2001
Reviewed on: 3/25/2002 by capsule

Starring: Marc, Peaches, Nadia, Simpli Dilicious, Angel Cummings, Tristen, Zack Miles, Shame, Schvanstucka, Flint Striker, Montel Walker
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Angel Cummings
Review brief: CAPSULE'S REVIEW Virgin Pink 10 (116 min.) Featuring: Angel Cummings, Peaches, Simply delicious, Shame, Triston, Ginger Elle, Ndiyah, and Peaches  Synopsis: Welcome to the white trash porn world of Angel Cummings and gang!  Overall: What was METRO thinking when they distributed this shit! Even the average person could probably make a better porno than this! DVD Quality: Like all the other aspects of this DVD, I was not impressed by the audio visual quality.  Extras: METRO has been slacking off in the worst way and it has hurt us consumers.  Likes: I want to see more of Ginger Elle! Dislikes: Everything else! SEX HIGHLIGHTS:    Sadly this DVD deserves only one scene worth mentioning and it stars Ginger Elle. The nineteen-year-old short haired brunette is attractive.
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Boxcover for Virgin Pink 8
Virgin Pink 8 

Release date: 9/27/2001
Reviewed on: 10/13/2001 by bigmike

Starring: Star, Angel Cummings, Apache, Roxy Demoore, Zack Miles, Brock, Kandis Kelly, Punkie, Chelsey Red, Chris Wayne
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Angel Cummings
Review brief: Each scene opens with an interview. I will give a very brief breakdown of the scenes. SCENE ONE : Kandis and guy. The guy looks like a bad 80s hair band member, with the haircut he has. Guy goes down on her, guy fucks her pussy. Then the guy fucks her ass, and fucks her pussy again. Guy gets bj and cums on her mouth. SCENE TWO : Apache and guy. Guy goes down on girl and fucks her pussy. She gives bj, another girl walks on camera and goes down on her. Guy uses toy on Apache. Other girl comes back with strap- on and fucks her pussy. Guy cums. SCENE THREE : Punkie and guy. Guy goes down on her She gives bj. They fuck, then she gives guy another bj, more sex follows. Now she gets it in her ass, they do a 69, more anal. Guy cums. SCENE FOUR : Star and girl. Girl goes down on Star. Girl gets dildo. Star goes down on girl. Pretty much the same goes on for rest of scene. SCENE FIVE : Roxy and guy. Guy goes down on her. He fucks her, then the guy gets rimmed. Guy gets dildo, guy cums in her mouth. SCENE SIX : Chelsey and guy.
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