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Boxcover for Freshman Fantasies 7
Freshman Fantasies 7 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 6/9/2000 by lanikita2000

Starring: Vince, Cassie, Sylvia, Alex, Alec, Brooke, Stacee, Rikka
Studio: Digital Playground

Directed by: Professor Mike
Review brief: Title: Freshman Fantasies 7 Studio: Digital Playground Director: Professor Mike Production Date: 02/09/1998 Talent: Sylvia, Cassie, Rikka, Stacee (Shelby Myne), and Brooke (Temptress) Length: 1 hour 52 minutes Scene One: Hungarian Says What? The director interviews the red-headed Hungarian bombshell, Sylvia. With the help of the translator, the director asks her stupid and silly questions. What we find out is that Sylvia likes anal sex. Finally, he asks her to play with herself with the camera rolling. Vince Voyeur is the luck man to fuck her silly. The setting changes from the outside to a romantic and "Christmas-like" setting.  He gets right down to business literally. After some lustful kisses, he works his way down to her snatch. This scene has the romantic details even down to the fireplace. Anyway, Sylvia has these nice-sized breasts that look real. . .maybe they are. No visible silicone marks. . .yep they are real. They move themselves into the 69th position. After some oral fulfillment, he fucks her in the pussy. Sylvia is a great moaner. She is really into the scene.
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Boxcover for Video Virgins Gold 2
Video Virgins Gold 2 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 5/22/2000 by darkmage

Starring: Taylor St. Clair, Victoria, Vanity, Jewel De'Nyle, Mimi Starr
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: The Plot: Once again the Porn Fairy has delivered unto me a disc with no plot. There is a routine, or a procedure, but no plot. Basically, this disc is the best type of extra that you could wish for: We start with an interview of a porn star, and then they do something sexy and X rated. Ahhhh, life is good. Its like having an interview and a link to a good scene, without the hassle of actually having to click on a link once the interview is over. I wish more extras were like this. The $64,000 question is Can a disc with nothing but extras be interesting? Read on, intrepid porn fans. The Cast: Well now, lets see who the video virgins are today We have, for your interviewing pleasure, Vanity, Taylor, Debbie, and Mimi. I guess when you make more than one movie theyre allowed to give you a last name. Oh, there is also Victoria Del Rio as one of the interviewees, and Jewel De Nyle drops in for a snack. Technically, Mimi is not a video virgin as she was in Volume 1, but Im not going to really complain.
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Review brief: Action Sports Sex 5 (1999) Studio: Vivid Raw Directed by: Robby D. Starring: Shelbee Myne, Dayton Rains, Felicity, Elizabeth Starr, McKayla, Envy, C.J. Bennett, T.J. Hart, Jessica Jewel, Bobby V., Brandon Iron, Pat Myne, Steve Taylor Running Time: 2:09 Format: Double Sided, Single Layer DVD Features: Animated main menu; full motion video chapter selection; 2 photo galleries with 65 photos; 8 random video clips; and trailers for Action Sports Sex Vols. 1-3 and Sin-a-Matic Vols. 2-3. The First Word: If it wasn't for the irritating chatter and really, really bad boob jobs, this gonzo would have had a chance... Plot Synopsis: This is a first-person gonzo with Robby D. as the cameraman. No plot, just the typical gonzo B.S. of picking up girls off the street, even though we know that they're all porn stars. In this case, most of the pickups involve "finding" bikini-clad girls on the beach and brining them back to a sparsely-furnished house and fucking.
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Boxcover for Sin-A-Matic

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 3/2/2000 by saki

Studio: Vivid Raw

Review brief: Sin-a-Matic #1 (1997) Studio: Vivid Raw Directed by: Jon Dough Starring: Papillion, Monique DeMoan, Spice, Midori, Ruby, Tricia Devereaux, Alexandra Nice, Jon Dough, Dave Hardman, John West, Jake Steed, TT Boy, Vince Vouyer, Nick East, Mr. Marcus, and Peter North Running Time: 1:42 Format: Single Sided, Dual Layer DVD Features: Main menu with full motion video; full motion video chapter selection; photo gallery with more than 60 photos; 8 random video clips; and trailers for Action Sports Sex Vols. 1-3 and Sin-a-Matic Vols. 2-3. The First Word: Vivid and "gonzo" seem to be mutually exclusive, but this first volume of Jon Dough's Sin-a-Matic series is better than I had expected, and certainly is far more graphic than your average Vivid offering. Although there are better gonzo series out there, it's not bad for an inexpensive DVD. Plot Synopsis: Anyone who's watched a few gonzos knows that they rarely have plots, and if they do, they almost never make sense.
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Boxcover for Climax Shots 4: Jacked In The Box
Climax Shots 4: Jacked In The Box 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 2/26/2000 by evil_rip

Starring: Bunny Bleu, Bobbi Lee, Mila, Alyssa Allure, Marilyn Martyn
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Climax Shots #4: Jacked in the box Starring: Marilyn Martyn, Bunny Bleu, Mila, Bobbi Lee, and Alyssa Allure The video quality is very inconsistent. The audio quality varies as well. The choice of music for some of the scenes is interesting. Scene one: 4/10 This has to be one of the silliest scenes in the movie. The premise is a girl goes out onto the balcony while her boyfriend is practicing his golf swings. One of his golf balls hits her in the pussy. The do some stuff. The scene ends with her jerking him into her mouth. Thing is I didnt see any cum. The girl has nice big breasts but her face is a little off. Scene two: 5/10 Just an average scene. A couple in a kitchen that get it on. The guy eats her out for a bit before plugging her. The guy spanks her while she rides him. You can see the slap marks on her behind. Scene ends in an anal facial. Scene three: 6/10 Two ugly guys and a hot slutty looking girl. This is a very interesting scene some of the angles are from below a glass table. There are some DPs. And the first time Ive seen a double blowjob. It was totally nasty.
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Review brief: Title: North Pole #5 Director: Peter North Studio: Digital Sin DVD/New Sensations Talents: Jenny McArthur, Jewel De Nyle, Julie Meadows, Inari Vachs, Gina Ryder, Shaena Steel, Tina Thomas Length: 1 hr 24 min Scene 1: Jenny McArthur and Brick Majors Jenny McArthur, a long-haired brunette with red highligts, walks up the stairs of a large house in panties that expose her nice, tight butt cheeks. At the top of the stairs, she encounters Brick Majors who begins working on her pussy with his tongue and fingers. Jenny looks hot and has a wonderful smile. The camera zooms into her well-seasoned vagina. He continues to do more facesitting until he guides her to his welcoming dick. Jenny maintains eye contact with Brick as she blows him. Wow! This is truly amazing. . .a cute lady with natural tits. She enjoys licking balls as well. Brick gives her the ole' one-two doggy style slowly thrusting into her. After a few long, gentle thrusts, he hammers away. They switch position to the reverse cowboy as one sees her perfect sized breasts frolicking up and down.
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Review brief: Action Sports Sex (1998) Studio: Vivid Raw Directed by: Robby D. Starring: Sabrina Johnson, Caroline, Shelbee Myne, Angelica de la Sol, Inari Vachs, Barrett Moore, Azlea, Mr. Marcus, Jake Steed, Don Upton, Steve Taylor, Pat Myne, Robby D., Tony Tedeschi, Rick Masters, Lexington Steele, Darren, and Steve Hatcher Running Time: 1:53 Format: Dual Sided, Single Layer DVD Features: Full motion video main and chapter selection menus, 16 production photos, 47 miscellaneous Vivid photos, 8 Vivid hardcore video clips, and trailers for Action Sports Sex 1-3 and Sin-a-Matic 2 & 3 The First Word: A fairly decent "Gen X" gonzo with a good mix of setup, believable acting, and nasty sex. Some irritation factors, but all in all, a good value. Plot Synopsis: Action Sports Sex is a "reality" gonzo, meaning that the plot is supposed to be like vacation home video footage and seem natural to the viewer. This video manages to accomplish this better than most, but you still have no doubt this is a scripted porn flick. The premise of ASS (original acronym, huh), is that Robby D. and Pat Myne steal a professional grade video camera from a guy filming surfers on the beach.
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Boxcover for Professor Mike's Freshman Fantasies 1
Professor Mike's Freshman Fantasies 1 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/9/2000 by saki

Starring: Shay Sweet, Dee, Jade, Wynona, Lil' Mickey, Katie Gold
Studio: Digital Playground

Directed by: Professor Mike
Review brief: Professor Mike's Collegiate Freshman Fantasies #1, aka Freshman Fantasies #1 (1999) Studio: Digital Playground/All Good Video/Venus Productions Directed by: Professor Mike Starring: Jade, Lil' Mickey, Dee, Katie Gold, Shay Sweet, Wynona Winters, Alex Sanders, Rob, Jay Ashley, Rod Fontana, and Brick Majors Running Time: 1:55 Format: Single Sided, Single Layer DVD Features: Full motion video chapter selection and 20-picture photo gallery The First Word: Freshman Fantasies is one of the best gonzo and young (18-22 years old) series out there, and this first volume demonstrates why. Plot Synopsis: Professor Mike interviews new girls asking them to describe a fantasy of theirs that he makes happen. The format is the same throughout the series: interview, girl gets naked, girl masturbates for a bit, then the fantasy begins. Although the fantasy scenarios are scripted, the dialogue and interviews appear to be natural.
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Boxcover for Every Man's Fetish: 18 & Barely Legal
Every Man's Fetish: 18 & Barely Legal 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/2/2000 by saki

Starring: Shay Sweet, Leanni Lei, Katie Gold
Studio: Empire

Review brief: Every Man's Fetish: 18 & Barely Legal (1999) Studio: Leisure Time/Empire Directed by: Vamp Starring: Teri Star, De'Lia, Cheyenne, Shay Sweet, Leanni Lei, Katie Gold, Ian Daniels, Dave Hardman, John West, Alex Metro, Chris Cannon, and Chuck Martino Running Time: 2:04, not including the replayed footage at the end DVD Features: 20-picture photo gallery Plot Synopsis: No plot, this is a gonzo video. Pretty unrealistic setups with about a minute or two of small talk before the hardcore starts. I'm paraphrasing here, but this is one of the plots: Sitting by the pool, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know." "Have you ever tried anal sex?" "No." "Do you want to, right now?" "Okay." There go the clothes... General Comments: I could spend all day pointing out the problems with this feature. Aside from the "there's no way in hell that could happen" setups, the dialogue makes the women sound not just naive, but decidely underage. Same thing with the pigtails, braids, and shaved pussies--it makes them look downright illegal.
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Review brief: North Pole #5 is the latest release in Peter North's series of all-sex movies. It's one of the best I have seen yet. North Pole #5 features a series of sex scenes with some of the hottest new stars on the porn scene. It's all slot and no plot. A couple of the scenes feature Peter and his "skills" with Jewel De'Nyle and Tina Thomas. (Jewel doesn't look nearly as good in #5 as she does in My Virtual Playmate.) Tina Thomas is hot. She and Peter are the final scene and it's well worth the wait.
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Review brief: Five sex scenes -each being the fulfillment of the girl's fantasy. But as far as I'm concerned the first scene might as well be removed. It is a half-assed fulfillment of the girl's fantasy - and she's an average looking dead fish.Onto better things: each scene begins with Professor Mike interviewing the girl, she tells him her fantasy, then she masturbates as clips of her fantasy are spliced in. All of the fantasies are pretty run of the mill (pick up an 18yr old on the street, screw him, toss him out the door - screw two guys while my boyfriend watches, etc.)Leanni Lei rocks. I'd be happy to see her in every gonzo flick. She's always smiling -and is naturally beautiful. Too bad JJ is her 18 year old 'cause I really would have liked to see her show some amateur guy what to do.Raylene is also hot. Though her boobs are too much for me (I keep running into this problem.)If I had started watching this disc in the middle my opinion might be different.
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Review brief: If it weren't for the fact that most of the guys in this movie are attractive I would lower the overall rating to 2. But out of 5 sex scenes there is only one so-so guy (Chris Canon, I think.) Peter North just gets better looking with age (in a Harrison Ford kind of way.) And Ian Daniels is completely unassuming -very cute.Anyway -if you like serious facials you'll love this movie. Peter North is the king. I'm not a big Jewel De Nyle fan though (tits way too big) -so the scene where he worships her just made me wonder why.There are some very cute, young girls. But I think most of 'em are wearing too much make-up.
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Boxcover for Seymore Butts In Paradise
Seymore Butts In Paradise 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 12/7/1999 by saki

Starring: Shane, Seymore Butts
Studio: Sunshine

Directed by: Seymore Butts
Review brief: Seymore Butts in ParadiseStudio: Sunshine/Factory Home VideoDirected by: Seymore ButtsStarring: Shane, Nina, Devon Shire, Ron Jeremy, Paree, and Seymore Butts Running Time: 1:48Format: Single Sided, Single LayerDVD Features: Full motion chapter indexPlot Synopsis: If you don't know who Seymore Butts is, he's probably the most famous gonzo producers ever.He shoots 95 of his video from a first-person perspective, and he does it quite well (no "Blair Witch Project" shaking camera shots and no unwatchable camera angles).Over the years, Seymore has had three on-camera significant others: Shane, Taylor Hayes, and Alisha Klass. Shane was the first, and arguably the best--I think any guy would be in heaven to have such a sex-positive girlfriend! She and Seymore had a falling out a few years back, and since then she's become a successful producer with a few of her own video series.
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