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Boxcover for Shadow Dancers (Xplicit)
Shadow Dancers (Xplicit) 

Release date: 7/17/2003
Reviewed on: 9/6/2003 by sweet-dave

Studio: Xplicit

Directed by: Alex Sanders
Review brief: OK. So maybe I don't like Alex Sanders the performer (I just this odd uncomfortable feeling whenever he's on screen), but maybe directing is where he belongs. Shadow Dancers is an attempt to answer that question, and the answer is a very loud NO!!!!! Not when the one man Alex Sanders directs is Alex Sanders. Each scene opens in a very odd way; dancers stripping in front of various screens. This might bring out the title, Shadow Dancers, but it isn't very erotic. Just really odd. The first real sex scene is between Malitia and Sanders. That, of course, makes it disappointing, except that Malitia is passionate enough to make the scene almost enjoyable. The next scene is sans Sanders, and that should make it automatically better, except that the young lady of the scene, Kary Evers, a gorgeous blonde, has no passion or chemestry with her partner. She never even fully strips (bizarre for a dancer/stripper film) and she shows no sign that she's enjoying herself, only grunting occasionally.
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