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Boxcover for Budapest Diary
Budapest Diary 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 6/18/2003 by oreb

Starring: Nick East, Bobby Vitale, David Perry, Olga, Katy, Eva Black, Raggi Moore, Eva Blondie, Barrett Moore, Cindy J., July J., David Lau
Studio: Vivid Raw

Review brief: BUDAPEST DIARY Vivid Raw All Sex, Straight Starring: Olga E., Eva Black, Raggi & Barret Moore, Bobby Vitale, July and Cindy J., Eva Blondie, Nick East, Katy, David Perry, David Lau. Directed By: Cleo Edwards (Cleo Deniro in credits) Running Time: Feature:84 minutes Total: 202 minutes Rating: 8/10 FEATURE: This is an all sex feature devoid of any plot, all scenes are said to be shot in Budapest except the final scene. This is the third porn I have reviewed and one of the first I bought. It was very inexpensive and has turned out to be well worth what I paid for it. All of the women are attractive and the sex is relatively good. The movie feels kind of like a compilation without the accompanying suspicion that all the scenes have been shortened. Overall it is a good film which I would recomend to anyone who's main interests are the sexiness of the women instead of seeing how far they will go. The opening credits are fairly lame and there is virtually no performer I.D.
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Review brief: Starring: Barret Moore, Katy, Eva Black, Olga, Eva Blondie (Blondie? Is that you? Is that really you?, Cindy J., July J., Raggi Moore, Bobby Vitale, Nick East, David Perry, David Lau Pros: Barrett Moore, that red-headed chick, that blonde chick, that chick touching herself, that dark haired chick caressing herself in the lake, highly rewatchable Cons: poor chick ID Why I have it: This is one of the first DVDs I bought. I saw a pic of that dark haired chick in the lake and my testicles told me I should pick it up. Overall: This is one of the first porn DVDs that I bought. At first I was a bit disappointed, but I have found myself continually coming back to it. Why was I disappointed at first? I'm not sure, but it may be because it lacked Racquel Darrian or something wild. Continual viewing though has led me to accept that very few women match Racquel Darrian and that wild (more so the illusions of being wild) is overdone in porn. The women in this porn are quite good looking and when I don't compare them to Racquel I get quite fascinated with most of them.
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Review brief: Stars: Azlea, Adrianna, April, Jodi Ryder, Samantha Rivers, Olivia, Nicole Sheridan, Bridgette, Vivian. Directed by: Robbie D. This one created a lot of problems with my DVD player, enough so that i would never let it in there again! The main idea here is to create a sense of voyeurism, in all of it's 'no production value' glory. So don't expect a high standard of anything really! I wasn't impressed, infact i questioned myself as to why i wasted the money! ONE: Azlea and Adrianna and a guy on the couch. Annoying cuts to a B/W camera outside stop all intensity dead in it's tracks. Adrianna, who i really like, isn't given much play time. TWO: Ryan and April and a guy on a couch again. The girls weren't fantastic looking, was just an okay scene. THREE: Samantha and Jodi. I thought this one was passable. Four: Olivia and a guy on a bed. On the cover, Olivia looks really hot, but in the scene her breats look TOO big. Oversized implants look good when the female is clothed, but not naked. It looked like 2 unmovable bowling balls.
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