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Boxcover for Private Specials 113: Fresh Teens
Private Specials 113: Fresh Teens 

Release date: 9/17/2015
Reviewed on: 11/11/2015 by dandaman

Starring: Mary, Angie Koks, Foxy Di, Serpente Edita, Olivia Crace, Izi J.
Studio: Private

Directed by: Sam Frost
Review brief: "Private Specials 113: Fresh Teens" from Private and now directed by Sam Frost, is a good movie with delicious teens who mostly take it up their assholes, at least four of the scenes contains anal and four of the six girls do it, first scene is a bust not for the lack of anal but for the laziness is evolves on, the rest are outstanding and close the deal in final scene, to send it straight to the buy out bin.
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Boxcover for Private Specials 108: Maids For All
Private Specials 108: Maids For All 

Release date: 6/1/2015
Reviewed on: 11/10/2015 by dandaman

Starring: Apolonia, Carol Vega, Blanche Bradburry, Misha Cross, Julia Roca
Studio: Private

Directed by: Xavi Rocka
Review brief: "Private Specials 108: Maids For All" from Private is a movie with the Maid Fetish well done, if there's such a thing, the sex is pretty much clean only Blanche Bradburry gets a bit dirty taking up her dirty pipe and also getting a creampie there, the other girls keep the houses clean and the dicks hard or so we hope, got to go my maid is on the door bye, but first a good buy in the low end, bye again.
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Boxcover for Private Specials 112: Twerking Teens
Private Specials 112: Twerking Teens 

Release date: 9/10/2015
Reviewed on: 10/16/2015 by dandaman

Starring: Apolonia, Nikita Bellucci, Mea Melone, Blanche Bradburry, Lexi Dona
Studio: Private

Directed by: Alex Conte, Xavi Rocka
Review brief: "Private Specials 112: Twerking Teens" from the guys of Private and Director Xavi Rocka, is a good movie that won't go a replace all your Twerking videos you favorite in Youtube or mytube or anytube, but a fun way get the fucking going with a different theme, Mea is the best at twerking, Blanche a decent one, but the important part is that the first four girls do anal sex while also playing the theme of the movie, our last girl is the least skilled and also the one who doesn't give the butt, make the math and a couple of good twerking moves, no, not really, and get this one on the buy list.
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Boxcover for Private Specials 109: Russian Teen Ass 2
Private Specials 109: Russian Teen Ass 2 

Release date: 8/13/2015
Reviewed on: 10/14/2015 by dandaman

Starring: Kendra Starr, Regina Prensley, Stacey Lewis, Lana Roberts, Izi J.
Studio: Private

Directed by: Salvo Visalli
Review brief: "Private Specials 109: Russian Teen Ass 2" from Private and Director Salvo Visalli, is a good movie to follow the first of the series, only about year and a half apart, all the girls do get penetrated anally on this one, some of them have exquisite bodies to enjoy, sex is fair and very private style, so you bet you can get it in the middle end.
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Boxcover for Private Specials 97: Big Black Taxi
Private Specials 97: Big Black Taxi 

Release date: 1/29/2015
Reviewed on: 6/12/2015 by dandaman

Starring: Franco Roccaforte, Julie Hunter, Alexis Crystal, Alicia Poz, Violette Pink, Gala Brown
Studio: Private

Directed by: Xavi Rocka
Review brief: "Private Specials 97: Big Black Taxi" from Private and seems like Director Franco Roccaforte, stated as Xavi Rocka, is a movie with some potential, but one that fails at the end or actually didn't fail but never get me going, seems like the space inside the taxi which is huge, wasn't enough for a porn set, not even the POV camera help it, maybe they could start the sex inside and move out a bit or something. Girls go from okay looking to super model like Alexis Crystal, I will give Franco another chance, since he is one very likeable person.
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Review brief: If you're an anal creampie fan this one's worth picking up, but others might want to rent it or just pass it by. The sex and anal creampies are good, but the movie as a whole feels sloppy and a bit inconsistent from the style to the technical aspects. The DVD also doesn't have anything worth mentioning for extras to help out the overall release. There's no doubt that this one is aimed at anal creampie fans, and although they might be satisfied with this ones others may notice its failings all too well.
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Boxcover for Private Specials 95: Lick My Icecream, Bitch
Private Specials 95: Lick My Icecream, Bitch 

Release date: 11/20/2014
Reviewed on: 3/15/2015 by dandaman

Starring: Tiffany Doll, Carol Vega, Amarna Miller, Lolita Taylor, Alicia Poz
Studio: Private

Review brief: "Private Specials 95: Lick My Ice cream, Bitch" from Private is a very low budget release of the many they have lately, so low that they have to use only one guy in all the scenes, (a big NO NO, for this Humble reviewer), he showcase why steroids aren't so popular with Male performers, the pops often are low and forced, contrary to the amount of muscles he may have, see now I' talking more about what I shouldn't, the movie also went downhill, instead of going up and beyond, for that and the losing point on the fake pop, the thing about food in a sex flick: it must be well done or is a bust, this makes it a rental at best.
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Review brief: "Extreme Soviet Sluts 2" from Private and Salvo Visalli, get it going from where it stop in the first one of the series, with beautiful Russian girls getting manhandled, Taissia along with Jay Dee were my two favorite, Taissia Looks a bit like Roxy Belle from "Deep Ass Fucking With young Girls". Despite the lack of I.D.'ing for the male performers this one is another one for the collection, buy it now.
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Review brief: A title from Private which stresses the wedding look as each scene involves girls wearing wedding dresses/ lace stockings and white lingerie. It is a great look which each scene pulls off beautifully. You have lots of good strong anal action too captured including one scene where the girl does double anal so I'd say that wedding was blessed! Great picture quality backs up the excellent visuals making this an easy pick up for fans of this type of porn.
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Review brief: "Private Gold 168: Keep calm and Fuck Me" is a fuck up of what could be a good movie if executed the right way, the title is inviting and the girls aren't the ones you would run away from, maybe it's just messy to my taste and for the format I had know Private from almost three decades, not the best put together of late here, just in case they want to come back to me for the so so score.
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Review brief: "Russian Teen Ass: Fresh And Ready" from Private and directed by Omar Galanti has more Russian ass than the previous flicks where we first saw Lolita Petrova, OTOH, there's a couple of hand jobs in the mix, not bad, but one was from one of my favorite girls who looked so beautiful here, I also have to note that the first girl Roxane Trip is a very delicious thing to watch, is going to be a high score but could be almost perfect, and you know it Omar....
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Review brief: Private's "Barcelona Bandidos", never reach the potential it has, maybe the all Spanish talking or the setups, while the camera work was steady and capture about everything, maybe the "Ass Hunting In Venice" set the bar too high for their own sake, this one is not going to make it pass a very good rental or a buy in the very low end
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Review brief: This is a decent little fuck flick. There's no real plot, and none of the varied fantasies or fetishes one might normally expect from a title like this, but there is nice chemistry and solidly captured action in each scene. The technical aspects are nicely done, but as usual with Private as of late there's no effort put into the extras. This is a solid rental.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 174: St. Valentine's College Sluts
Private Gold 174: St. Valentine's College Sluts 

Release date: 2/6/2014
Reviewed on: 4/23/2014 by dandaman

Starring: Violette, Lucy Li, Ferrera Gomez, Barra Brass, Alexis Crystal, Linda Sweet
Studio: Private

Directed by: Alex Conte
Review brief: "Private Gold 174: St. Valentine's College Sluts" from Private is somewhat a showcase for a beautiful new girl named: Lucy Li and why no, she is very photogenic and can be in many covers to come, the movie itself move quite well and didn't feel rush at all. The final product in the whole can be a bit more polish, more subchapters and credit to the performers wouldn't hurt. Still a good buy for most.
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Review brief: Scene 1 alone should be regarded as one of the best all time scenes ever! If this scene does not win an award at the next AVN awards show in Vegas, then there's no justice!
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Review brief: "Private Gold 166: Cumshot Weddings" from Private get us going with the wedding theme, are you sure is not a suggestive selling or something?, I have nothing against marriage, mi wife and I are a very happy couple living in a great relationship and make love everyday and sometimes, we even call each other after it. lol. Cumshot weddings is full of beautiful girls who will make a husband proud with their beauty and cocking skills, I mean cooking skills, good catch in the middle.
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Boxcover for Private Gold 161: Sexy, Horny, and Homeless
Private Gold 161: Sexy, Horny, and Homeless 

Release date: 1/2/2014
Reviewed on: 3/17/2014 by dandaman

Starring: Ashley, Emma, Valentina Nappi, Emy Russo, Lucy Heart
Studio: Private

Directed by: Gazzman
Review brief: "Private Gold 161: Sexy, Horny, and Homeless" from Private is like the Doctor recommend me, a healthy dose of Ashley (Irina Bruni, that's how she called herself in the interview), I have to be careful with the directions: One or two guys on her, DP is always acceptable Amorous ATM and PCC and to cool myself down Valentina Nappi would do my perfect relaxing medicine. Easy high score on this one.
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Review brief: "Private Gold 131: Swinger's Club Prive 1" from private has all the elements that made the famous porn giant one of the most successful in the World, great looking girls, and good fucking, with great amounts of ass fucking, they also set up the scenes as they were, separated from each other, not all overlap which is annoying to me, at the end is a good one that you can check or buy now for a better price that in 2012.
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Review brief: So we have another Private's Frank Thring movie in our hands. The plot is about a school, which only exist on the dreams of horny men, where there is an ambitious bitch that goes on a quest to be the new "head girl" by whatever means necessary. Lot of great looking girls, lots of anal sex, several orgies and if you too get turned on by school girl uniforms you won't be dissapointed.
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Review brief: Private's "Private Gold 157: College Whores" is a fun ride with a silly theme but hard sex and as always Private can get some cute if not very beautiful girls that perform all kinds of sex, like here where all of the girls have some dick up their asses at one point, which I can't deny I'm a sucker that falls for it every time.
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Review brief: This is a pretty average release. The movie is disjointed with the sex being very hit or miss. Savannah Secret and Mira Sunset turn out a hot pair of scenes while the usually great Anissa Kate seems wasted. The technical aspects are also a bit hit or miss and there's no effort put into the extras. This one's a rental at best.
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Review brief: "Private Specials 78: Ass Hunting In Venice" from Private remind us why This company is one of the most acclaimed in Europe and one who many fans on this side of the planet enjoy so much. This one easily is worth the ticket price even if it is a high price Valentina and Irina give the better scenes, Valentina is a mega star and getting bigger by the minute. if this one was not under your Xmas tree, you may be are in the naughty list, well get naughtier and buy it yourself.
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Review brief: "Private gold 162: 19th Birthday Present: The Gratest Orgy" from Private goes away from the "regular" Private movies that some many fans love so much, and experiment with an Orgy Type of movie directed by Mark Cremona, (New name for me) with not so much emphasis in the technical details, but capturing well these difficult shots, in a orgy type scene, which is always a plus, Polly Sunshine gape her way to the top of my list, of girls to watch, and most of them seem to have fun, if you're like this genre, this one is a middle of the road sure shot.
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Review brief: This release is everything you'd hope for with a title like 7 Anal Nympho Nurses from Private. The girls are beautiful, the outfits are sexy, and the sex is nasty. The action is nicely consistent through the movie, and the presentation is well done. Sadly the overall DVD takes a slight dip due to the lack of extras, but this is still a hot little fuck flick.
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Review brief: Private is my favorite studio but lately their releases have been hit or miss. This one is reminiscent of Private of the past and is highly recommended. We could all use some High Class Pussy. Camera work by Martin Hlavacs is exceptional and the erotic factor is high.
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