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Boxcover for Lesbian Anal Virgins
Lesbian Anal Virgins 

Release date: 3/21/2002
Reviewed on: 2/9/2003 by astroknight

Starring: Lita Chase, Paige Shagwell, Jessica Ryder, Marie Silva, Robyn Foster, Amber Paradise
Studio: Plum

Directed by: Jim Gunn
Review brief: Running Time: 112 min. Production Date: 11 / 2000 Director: Jim Gunn Cast: Paige Shagwell, Jessica Ryder, Robyn Foster, Marie Silva (aka Aria) , Lita Chase, and Amber Paradise Initial Expectations: Jim Gunn knows how to make a lesbo flick, and although I dont always agree with his style, Im always willing to give him a chance. Initial Reaction: Its pretty hit or miss, with the hits being just as strong as the misses. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a light all girl feature with a decent balance between natural sex and toys Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants implants, girls going at it naturally, or girls seeing how nasty they can be Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty clear and decently balanced. I didnt notice any background noises, but some of the audio gets a little muddy and hollow at times. The video is also okay. Theres some natural lighting used in a few scenes that occasionally causes a few extra shadows, as well as bleaching out some of the colors.
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Boxcover for Gang Bang Bitches 28
Gang Bang Bitches 28 

Release date: 10/6/2000
Reviewed on: 8/30/2002 by astroknight

Starring: Billy Glide, Alec Metro, Tyce Bune, Julian St. Jox, Chennin Blanc, Cheyne Collins, Frank Fortuna
Studio: Plum

Directed by: Stefan Rossini
Review brief: Running Time: 69 min. Production Date: 3 / 2000 Director: Stefan Rossini Cast: Chennin Blanc, Julian St. Jox, Billy Glyde, Cheyne Collins, Frank Fortuna, Tyce Bune, and Alec Metro Initial Expectations: Ive had mixed results with this series, but Chennin seems wild enough to make this one work. Initial Reaction: Its a well done gangbang that has me looking forward to more from the series. Who Should Watch It : Gangbang fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a little plot with their gangbang or the woman to be constantly degraded Audio /Video Quality: The audio varies a bit. Much of it is fairly clear, but theres plenty of talking among the gangbang guys behind the camera thats a little muddy. The video is a bit better. Theres a little grain, but things are normally well lit with long shots. Music: None. Menus: The main menu is pretty simple, but has a bit of animation that helps it out. The chapter menu lets you jump to one of several points in the action based on a small clips of the feature.
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Boxcover for Gang Bang Bitches 29
Gang Bang Bitches 29 

Release date: 10/16/2000
Reviewed on: 7/8/2002 by astroknight

Starring: Billy Glide, Tyce Bune, Julian St. Jox, Erik Everhard, Miko Lee, Cheyne Collins, Dillion Day
Studio: Plum

Directed by: Stefan Rossini
Review brief: Running Time: 63 min. (and Im guessing the actual movie is between 45 and 50 min. once you get rid of the filler) Production Date: 3 / 2000 Director: Stefan Rossini Cast: Miko Lee, Julian St. Jox, Dillion Day, Billy Glyde, Cheyne Collins, Tyce Bune, and Eric Everhard Initial Expectations: Gangbang Bitches 31 really kind of surprised me, so I have some hopes for this one also. Initial Reaction: Miko does a great job, but unfortunately the direction doesnt do her work justice. Who Should Watch It : Fans of gangbangs and Miko Lee Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants to see a very well directed and well balanced gangbang Audio /Video Quality: The audio is fairly well balanced among the stars, but it also sounds like you can hear the entire crew talking about this, that, and the other thing. Either that, or somebody was home schooling their kids for sex ed and didnt want to warp them for life by making them watch their parents do the dirty deed. The video is very clear and free of shadows.
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Boxcover for Cheerleaders Misbehavin'
Cheerleaders Misbehavin' 

Release date: 4/6/2002
Reviewed on: 6/16/2002 by astroknight

Starring: Ginger Paige, Cherry Lee, Zara Lee, Capri
Studio: Plum

Review brief: Running Time: 97 min. Production Date: Jan. 2000 (cover) Dec. 1999 (feature) Director: Stefan Rossini Cast: Capri Cameron, Cherry Lee, Ginger Paige, Zarah Lee, Azlea, Chris Cannon, Cheyne Collins, Julian St.Jox, Baki, and another guy (none of the male talent is credited) Initial Expectations: Cheerleaders Misbehavin 2 didnt overly impress me, so Im not expecting anything much above average. Initial Reaction: Its surprisingly good despite a few technical problems Who Should Watch It : Raincoaters, anybody who wants condom - free sex, cheerleader fans, and anybody who likes long scenes Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants extremely high technical aspects, short scenes, or a plot with a lot of acting Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear, but the balance varies throughout the movie. Some of it is excellent, and some of it the furniture makes more noise than the performers.
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Review brief: Running Time: 80 min. Production Date: 06 / 2000 (cover) 07 / 2000 (feature) Director: Stefan Rossini Cast: Heather Lyn, Jeanie Rivers, Miko Lee, Paige Sinclair, Shawna Sexton, Chris Cannon, Cheyne Collins, Lee Stone, and Chuck Martino Initial Expectations: For some reason, the name alone doesnt give me much confidence in this being a good title, but it does have some good talent which makes me kind of expect a sleeper. Initial Reaction: Its extremely average but was held back by the camera work and editing. Who Should Watch It : Fans of long scenes without many camera angle changes Who Should Avoid It: Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very uneven and often poorly balanced. In the opening outdoor scene, you can hear water splashing in the background easier than the trash talking between the stars in the foreground. Theres also some very poor dubbing which is obvious because the same voice is saying two different things at the same time in a couples scene.
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Boxcover for Schoolgirls' Confessions
Schoolgirls' Confessions 

Release date: 1/24/2001
Reviewed on: 1/25/2001 by astroknight

Starring: Billy Glide, Inari Vachs, Chris Cannon, Mickey G., C.J. Bennett, Regan Starr, Baki, Candi Kiss, Cheyanne
Studio: Plum

Review brief: Running Time: 77 min. Production Date: 10 / 1999 Director: Stephan Rossini (movie) Anton da Silva (cover) Cast: Inari Vachs, Candi Kiss, Regan Starr, C. J. Bennett, Chris Cannon, Mickey G., Baki, Billy Glide, and Cheyenne Initial Expectations: This has the potential to be a fun DVD. I havent watched anything from Plum (but I have watched one Pleasure DVD), so Im going to keep an open mind. Initial Reaction: The movie doesnt have anything to do with either schoolgirls or confessions. Other than that it doesnt have all the cover claims. Its not a good first impression. Audio /Video Quality: Both are surprisingly good. The dialogue is normally very clear, but it is slightly muffled in a few spots. Theres no music to cover anything up and the microphones seem to have captured everything. The mattress squeaks come through clear and the outdoor scene has the airplanes flying overhead. Surprisingly, it doesnt detract that much from the movie as it is very well balanced with the rest of the audio.
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