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Boxcover for Planet Max 16
Planet Max 16 

Release date: 8/26/2003
Reviewed on: 3/5/2005 by loz-cumquest

Studio: Max World

Review brief: For those who dont know, despite the various ongoing DVD series all Max Hardcore titles are pretty much the same: uber dirty old man Max degrades and abuses young teenage girls made to look even younger than they are with their outfits, with some of the hardest sex youre likely to see were talking sex so hard that even a lot of regular pornography viewers find the guy offensive. Maxs films come in 2 versions, the USA releases which are cut, and the fully uncensored European versions. This review is for the European version of Planet Max 16. SCENE 1: JADE MARCELLA & CLOE ADAMS Ill be honest despite the teeny outfits neither Jade nor Cloey are my idea of attractive girls, but once again the sheer strength of the sex on offer redeems this scene. Jade and Cloey call at Maxs holiday home, and Max comes to the door and proceeds to piss in Jades mouth on his front doorstep. The action then shifts to a balcony overlooking Cannes, where Jade lies on a table while Max sodomises her and Cloey dildos her. Cloey then moves onto vaginally fisting Jade before Max pees in her mouth.
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Boxcover for Pure Max 5
Pure Max 5 

Release date: 5/28/2002
Reviewed on: 3/4/2005 by mr-october

Studio: Max World

Review brief: PURE MAX 5 Directed by Max Hardcore. Max's movies are themed to feature him playing the part of a perverted older man, ready to take advantage of the female performers who are made to appear as though they are younger, innocent and have no idea what they're getting into. The girls tend to play their part well, addressing Max as "Mr." and wearing clothes suggesting they are more child-like than adult. Max's scenes tend to feature anal sex as well as heavy gagging oral sex. There is also usually a "Euro" version of each movie available, featuring pissing, fisting and vomitting scenes. (These are not featured in the USA version.) Overall, the sex featured here is some of the roughest and most intense you will find and is definitely not for everyone. Each scene begins with a short dialogue and plot set up or introduction. Max Hardcore movies are some of the most unique I've seen. His combination of aggressive, rougher sex and the younger girl and older man themes make his movies one of a kind.
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Boxcover for Extreme Schoolgirls 7
Extreme Schoolgirls 7 

Release date: 6/8/2004
Reviewed on: 11/24/2004 by the-magus

Studio: Max World

Review brief: It's mandatory for this porn consumer to occasionally revisit Max, the grandfather of extreme sex, to see whats up. The sight of Chiquita Lopez and Sativa Rose, two genuine porn starlets, on the cover lured me to this title, as usually Max's victims are thankfully obscure. I am sorry to report that Max remains stuck in his sexual time warp. The girls are still dressed in their stupidly childish costumes, with colored balls in their hair, and display no personality whatsoever. The watermark is big and clear. Only three scenes offered in a five scene world. New for me was Max constantly thrusting his hand down the girls' throats, to induce a puking, I suppose, that will be expurgated from the American version anyway. Chiquita performs her anal and face fucking with great bravery. She is a cutie I highly recommend in other movies. Sativa Rose is downright beautiful and voluptuous, attributes that don't interest Max. She limits herself to Max's oral onslaught, a half smart girl.
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