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Boxcover for Dirty Letters (Damaged Productions)
Dirty Letters (Damaged Productions) 

Release date: 5/7/2007
Reviewed on: 2/21/2008 by sean-renaud

Starring: Vanessa, Samantha, Jennifer, Mia Lelani, Mindy Olsen
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: James Justice
Review brief: Dirty letters is a movie completely made up of those stories that we all send in to Penthouse about how we met some hot chick, or our sisters best friend or some other crazy shit like that came along and we had the best sex of our entire lives. It has an amateur feel to it which is a nice change of pace.
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Review brief: Latin Motherfuckers Yo Momma! Director: John T. Bone Studio: Damaged Running: 110 min Est. Genre: Tabu - Anal Release: 2005 Can someone answer a question for me? What is wrong with parents today, especially mothers. Dont get me wrong. I know fathers have a role, if not job to do, but when you got a title called Mother Fuckers with Mom & Daughter in the same scene, we got issues. Does porn have some kind of Bring your daughter too work day that I dont know about? Is that how Ice LA Fox got her lucky break? All I know is I dont want to see my mother in a pair of shorts, let a lone with a dick her ass. Well, blame it on the economy of Brazil of wherever they shoot this stuff, cause hijinx like these dont take place on American soil. In the first scene, the girl takes on two guys doing vag, anal, and double anal. She has a pretty tight frame, but the sex isnt all that impressive.
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Boxcover for 3's Cumpany Season 2 (Damaged)
3's Cumpany Season 2 (Damaged) 

Release date: 9/2/2005
Reviewed on: 1/30/2006 by dandaman

Starring: Dolly Golden, Alba Del Monte, Lady Rox, Chipy Marlow
Studio: Damaged Productions

Directed by: James Justice
Review brief: 3's Cumpany Season 2 Studio: Damaged Productions Category: All Sex Director: Are you Kidding? Starring: Dolly Golden, Jessica Fiorentino, Gianna Super short Review. There's no secrets of what this one is about: 2 on 1, every scene, with some familar faces but no name to match, this is a hard to review, the sex is not real, real bad, but the picture is kind of odd, this should be consider for extrange porn hall of fame, and maybe the grand finale is the best proof, with a kind of gangbang in spanish, lol.... Overall Thoughts I'm blank, sorry. DVD Quality Audio and Video quality aren't the best you seen in your life, gallery, web info and so on.
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Boxcover for Monica Sweetheart Is Damaged
Monica Sweetheart Is Damaged 

Release date: 7/30/2005
Reviewed on: 9/11/2005 by morbidthoughts

Starring: Monica Sweetheart
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Okay, the title of this movie is Monica Sweetheart is Damaged and in a way it is literally correct. This is a Monica compilation and the video is not crisp which is a great injustice to her beauty. I have only the Private compilation to compare this movie to though. Unlike Private Story of ____, all of the scenes are culled from how we see her today with the brown hair, nosejob, and the lobster tattoo on the back. I recognise one scene from From Dusk til Dawn and another that must've been an outtake from it because I see fangs on one of the performers (and he bites her on the neck after blowing his wad). This outtake features the late Lea DeMae. I feel funny when I unexpectedly see her in a movie although it's appropriate since the two are supposedly the best of friends. However, in comparing to Private's compilation, the picture just doesn't compare technically with the video being not as crisp.
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Boxcover for Double Down 1 (Damaged)
Double Down 1 (Damaged) 

Release date: 7/2/2005
Reviewed on: 9/2/2005 by md-james

Starring: Margaret, Tina, Rebecca, Leslie, Shelly, Grace, Beverly, Venice, Lindy, Jina
Studio: Damaged Productions

Review brief: Title: Double Down #1 Released by: Damaged Productions Reviewed by MD James I normally dont like blowjob-only movies. Part of the reason is that I think that too much time is spent on blowjobs on regular sex movies. Its something of a waste to get a girl naked and then have her only use her mouth to get a guy off. But I think Ill make an exception for Damaged Productions video "Double Down". If there is a blowjob-only movie that Id want to watch, this is it. "Double Down" deals with two girls and one guy. The two girls basically do tag-team blowjobs on the guy. Everybody is naked. There is no dialogue. There are no plots or storylines to get the scene going.
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