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Review brief: Somehow I missed Volumes 1-6, but the female cast in #7 comes from the A-list by my reckoning, and I have to take a look. Avy Scott's voluptuousness, Jessica Darling's gooey bjs, Judy Starr's anal vixenish, and, above all, Melanie Jaggers beautiful pussy that blossoms like a pink flower after being fucked... But I digress. There is some sort of story here and I am curious to see what type of flood I will be exposed to. Alex Metro dies in a drunk driving accident, and the wife he leaves behind, Avy Scott, is consoled sexually by Alex's best friend. Only thing is, Avy is so thoroughly fucked that she gushes out a liquid orgasm. Alex winds up in heaven, transformed into a dildo. He's jealous that Avy never squirted for him. The angels allow him to return to earth so that he can search for a squirting experience. Well, I can't go on describing this ridiculous shit. On to the sex. And the sex ain't half bad. The squirting is obviously faked, but it's brief enough not to get in the way.
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