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Review brief: This is a nicely done all girl release. It's definitely on the artistic side of things, but it also never loses track of the sexuality between the girls and mixes the action up pretty well from scene to scene. The style gets a little heavy in the middle and leaves the scenes running together a bit, but recovers well for Jenna Haze and Jayme Langford's closing scene. The technical aspects show some definite care and plenty of artistic style, and the extras show some nice effort and give you some great personality around the cast as well as a bit of eye candy. This is a nicely done piece of artistic all girl porn.
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Review brief: Michael Ninn directs a special 2 disc edition of NYMPHETAMINE & SOLAMENTE 4 (2009) for Celluloid Addiction.
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Review brief: Michael Ninn has released NYMPHETAMINE VOLUME 3 (2009, Celluloid Addiction)as he continues his pursuit of creating g/g erotica.
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Review brief: I've never seen the nymphetamine series so these seem like a welcomed distraction from those before. This dvd had its good spots and bad spots. I wasn't terribly impressed with a lot of the camera work and the star's dirty talking was okay but most of them just weren't into it. I really don't like the lackluster quality but some may enjoy it.
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Review brief: Michael Ninn has directed another all-girl DVD, NYPHETAMINE-VOLUME 2 (2009, Celluloid Addiction)with 5 segments lasting about 2 hours.
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