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Boxcover for Load Lovers
Load Lovers 

Release date: 9/1/2000
Reviewed on: 12/6/2001 by rizknox

Starring: Nici Sterling, Sierra, Davia Ardell, Rachel St. Marie, Denise Conners
Studio: Caballero

Review brief: I picked up "Load Lovers" because it was on sale for around $6.00. I liked the title and was hoping to watch some hot chicks suck up some hot loads. For $6.00 I had nothing to lose. Quite simply it was "average." But I give it props for a cool blowjob scene that used some cool close-up angles that bobbed with the bitch as she ate her cream pop. The first scene involves a very sexy blonde who videotapes her naughty session with some dude. They take turns putting the camera in various angles while she gobbles on his cock, plays with her pussy, he eats her out from behind, and while they fuck. Nothing all that exciting here. A lot of common angles. Things heat up a touch more when he finally pops her super-tight ass...but unfortunately the best angle of that (her ass up high as his cock pumps down into it) only lasts for a few seconds.
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Review brief: Starring: Annette Haven, Sharon Mitchell, Seka, Lisa Deleeuw, Bridgette Monet, Lee Carrol, Abigail Clayton, Veronica Hart, Serena Eric Edwards, Paul Thomas, Jamie Gillis, Hershel Savage First of all, let it be understood that I hold no porn prejudices. If people want to have sex for my entertainment, who am I not to watch them? That means, among other things, that I have absolutely nothing against "old school" porn. By the same token, however, I don't think "classic" movies are inherently better than what's made today. With that in mind, Blue Ribbon Blue presents itself as a greatest hits package of classic stars. Unfortunately, it's not. In fact, it was produced years ago before its performers were even considered legends, and its poor mastering reflect just how much of a thrown together effort it actually is. Had they known that it would be released in the 21st century, it's producers may have paid closer attention to what they included.
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