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Review brief: General Impression Skeeter, the director of anal extremism is back on the market with this 'new',yet shot in 2004 release. You want girls in leather bikini's and thigh high leather boots ? How about bondage/restraint gear ? Your' porn gals treated as ' slaves to love' ? Check, check, and check. Other enticements here include the fact that damn near every scene features atm's, anal pile drivers, and just all around sexual mayhem. More salient details ? Well, how 'bout the fact that we get to once again enjoy the sexual dynamo that was 'Katin'.
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Review brief: BAIT Directed by Skeeter Kerkove. Skeeter shoots only anal themed scenes for his movies. Along with the anal theme, this movie features rougher oral sex (deep throating and gagging) and fetish wear (spiked heels, fishnet stockings, latex, etc.) This movie also features a young girl theme. The girls wear plaid skirts and wear their hair in pigtails, this is pretty much the extent of the young girl theme. All scenes do focus on anal sex for the majority of the scene. (No vaginal sex in scenes 1, 3 and 4.) Each scene begins with a short tease sequence and an introduction for each girl by Skeeter. I consider Skeeter Kerkove to be the best when it comes to directing anal themed movies. I know exactly what I'm getting with any of his movies and I know I won't be disappointed. I'm not necessarily into teen themed movies, but I enjoyed this movie for the focus on anal sex. SCENE 1: Kitty and Ashley Blue with Trent Tesero.
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Review brief: RATING SUMMARY: in regard to the performers and their appearances, no one's looks or actions should detract from a scene. i don't expect a/v quality to be flawless, however everything should be clearly visible and audible. the dvd should have some extra content worth watching more than once. (needs more than trailers and photo gallery.) there is no plot or acting whatsoever in this movie. (i usually don't view those.) the "what its worth" amount is an approximate retail price. THE FEATURE: bait 2, directed by skeeter kerkove from mayhem. this one features a theme of younger girls. of course being directed by skeeter kerkove, it also focuses on anal sex. SCENE 1: diamond with jay ashley and trent tesoro. solo introduction. diamond has longer blond hair and wears a white bra with a plaid skirt, stockings and platform heels. skeeter introduces diamond from england. diamond gets on her knees and sucks both guy's cocks. diamond lies on her back and sucks and rims jay while trent fucks her pussy.
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Review brief: Running Time: 129 min. Production Date: 2 / 28 / 2003 Director: Skeeter Kerkove Cast: Ashley Blue, Brooke Balentyne, Jenni Lovett, Jessica Dee, Judy Starr, Kitty, Trent Tereso, Kato Kalin, Frazer Fox, Brett Rockman, Mr. Pete, Julian, and of course, Skeeter Kerkove, the King of Sodomy, himself Initial Expectations: I havent seen much from Skeeter, but what Ive seen has been very impressive. Im really looking forward to this one! Initial Reaction: Its easily one of the best anal movies Ive ever seen! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting hard and heavy anal action Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a softer anal feel or all obviously eighteen year old girls. Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very good. Its clear and well balanced, but there are a few minor background noises. The video is just as good. The picture is very clear and barely has a hint of grain. The lighting is also very good, but there are a few moments when the lighting looked a little much.
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Review brief: This is a new series from the "King of Sodom", however a similar theme of hot girls taking cock up their tight little asses stays true to the Kerkove tradition of a love story!! You see on the cover that Skeeter has his hook in a cute little Asian girl, Kitty!! There are many other hotties in this title so grab your pole toss it in and you should land a hot babe, be it Judy Star, Jessica Dee, Ashley Blue!!! As you can see there are some pretty fish in the sea of Kerkove!! Kitty & Ashley Blue: Our first catch of the day and we snare two little fishies!! Tease: The two girls begin by rolling around on a bed and gradually peel off one another's clothes. Skeeter then joins the girls who are now back in the cute little outfits and he lifts them up showing off Ashley's bum before he brings Trent in for a two girl party. Right away Kitty wraps her cute little lips around his tool for some hard sucking and Ashley gets in some sucks as well. Miss Blue is an expert gagger as she easily proves here.
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Review brief: The title of this movie should really be Bait and Switch. Kitty, a small, no-tit Asian girl, who may be the youngest looking girl ever in porn, is on the cover. But aside from her, the other girls are far past their jail bait years, a couple ridiculously so. The credits unfold against a backdrop of lollipops floating through the sky, while we listen to some 10 yr old giggling noises. The first scene begins with Ashley and Kitty acting like 10 yr olds, giggling and tickling and acting stupid. Brooke Balyntyne also begins her scene in this manner, and along with an awful childish hairdo, looks unattractive to me for the first time. Skeeter introduces Ashley, Judy and Brooke as being 18 although none are. When asked her age in the interview section, Judy says she is 21. I suppose one could argue that it is just a fantasy being exploited. I find it off-putting, if not dishonest. Especially since the other two girls don't even remotely look like teeners. Jessica Dee, from the Czech Republic, has been around awhile as just Jessica.
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