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Boxcover for Legendary Players
Legendary Players 

Release date: 8/21/2014
Reviewed on: 8/20/2014 by captain-jack

Starring: Sean Michaels, Julia Ann, Shayla LaVeaux, Nina Hartley, Teri Weigel
Studio: Airerose Entertainment

Directed by: Sean Michaels
Review brief: Airerose's latest release brings back some of the top stars of the 80s and early 90s. Teri Wiegel hasn't performed in awhile and looks good in this release. Julia Ann has been performing pretty steady for the last 22 years. Shayla LaVeaux was one of the top stars in her day and still looks fine. And Nina Hartley may be the biggest legend this industry has ever produced!
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Review brief: Overview Here we have 'Dr.' Sean Michaels as the sex instructor to a bevy of beautiful ' school girls'. Yup, halter tops & short shorts in abundance on hotties Katie Ray, Gianna, & Alicia Alighatti ? Sounds good so far, but does the rest make the 'grade' ? Let's see.... What I Liked Loved that all the women here are all NATURAL. Silicon be gone. I didn't hate any of the scenes here, each had at least a little something cool to enjoy, a couple that stood out were: Michelle Christian & Alicia Alighatti...Michelle is a auburn haired, freckled(!!) cutie with a bit of a Gunt. Actually, it's a sexy gunt, it just works on her, I dunno. Anyhow, watching her and Alicia enjoy a double dildo before Sean comes in to play, was very sexy... and I usually HATE g/g action. After Sean fucks Michelle & Alicia( some doggy, some mish, a little rc...), he pops inside Michelle's mouth and she and Alicia tongue wrestle, I swear I bet those 2 were all over each other even after the cameras were rolling.
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Review brief: It might come as a surprise to you to find that English is my first (and only) language. Someone wrote to me that I seem to have little command of the language. With a few exceptions, Im not a big fan of what Platinum X puts out. In the past I have said they are not producers of the best product out there, but some solid, serviceable porn material nevertheless. They seem promising, but often dont quite cut it in the production values area. I mean the sex might be pretty hot, but they dont take it to the higher end with a nice location or (I assume) body makeup for the ladies. So, you get stuck with seeing the girls with their little flaws, pimples, and bumps, fucking along on old couch with a plain wall in back instead of near flawless girls, wearing colorful sexy outfits in nicer houses. Minor rant finished. Now let me say this: I have very little interest in ass licking. I must have thought this one said Ass LIKERS, and thought; sure, I like asses, who doesnt? But nope, I have no interest in seeing girls lick guys asses.
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Review brief: Title: Ass Lickers (Volume 4) Cast: Valentina Valli, Vanessa, Sabina Black, Brittney, Simone, Sarah O' Neal, Chloe Black, Alberto Rey, Mark Anthony & Sean Micahels Director: Sean Michaels Studio: Platinum X Pictures Duration: 2:15:00 Date Of Production: 9/23/03 Whats Happening: Straight, lez, anal, pussy to mouth, ass to mouth, rimming, facials Scene One Sabina Black, Brittney & Sean Michaels Sabina Black is a personal favorite. She's a petite brunette with blue/green eyes. Seriously edible. Brittney is a blonde and she's just as scrumptious. The girls do the lez thing until Sean arrives and then they suck him off. Both ride him on the couch and I thought this was the highlight of the scene. Great camera angles. Weak climax but good opener. Female Looks: Good Doings: Sabina Black - lez,bj,cowgirl,doggy,anal[doggy,mish]rim,a2m,facial Brittney - lez,bj,cowgirl,doggy,anal[reverse cowgirl]rim,a2m,facial Overall Chemistry: Great Scene Two Vanessa (Ramona) & Mark Anthony Vanessa is yet another personal favorite.
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Review brief: Well here is the first dvd I'm seeing from Sean Michaels since he joined with Platinum. It deals with ass licking which I like to watch when it's girls on girls, less when it's girls on guys or the reverse. It all depends on how the scene is going for those last two scenarios as opposed to girls on girls which I will watch about anything!! Regardless there's a fine bunch of girls assembled so let's get right to it. Sabrina & Brittany: We start this scene with the two lovely girls introducing themselves and in the background you see two paintings, not sure who the guys were but they reminded me of a few Kansas album covers!! The girls then put on a nice show kissing, caressing, and licking over each other. Sean gives us great views of their bodies especially their asses. When Sean joins in he goes right for the sweet spot between Sabrina's cheeks and soon after the girls are lovingly sharing his big cock.
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Review brief: Running Time: 106 min. (cover states 120 min.) Production Date: 9 / 27 / 1999 Director: Sean Michaels Cast: Rayveness, Envy, Aurora, Midori, Elle Devyne, Tye, Brandon Iron, Lexington Steele, Dizzy Blond, Ian Daniels, Santino Lee, and Sean Michaels Initial Expectations: Ive had mixed luck with this series, but theres some awfully fine females this time around thats giving me a bit more hope. Initial Reaction: Theres some darn hot sex, but the technical aspects hold it back severely. Who Should Watch It : Fans of interracial and anal sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who gets motion sickness Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty clear and well balanced, but gets a bit scratchy at times as if the microphone was maxed out. The video, however, didnt impress me much. It only has a little grain, but its also on the dark side, has frequent soft focus problems, and has an effect done to it that makes it seem jerky. Its almost like watching porn with a strobe light turned really fast, and it quickly started to hurt my eyes.
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Review brief: Ebony Erotica #2 Studio: Pleasure Productions Starring: Annika La Rue, Mary AJane, Kokoa, Tiffany Redman, Donita Dunes, Cuba De Moan, Santino Lee and Sean Michaels First this is the title Astroknight got flamed for. Just because He's white doesn't mean he cannot enjoy black porn. Nor does it mean he can't tell when he see's BAD porn. First Impressions: The cover has Five women on it, three of which I think look hot. After astroKnights "glowing" review I just had to see this for myself. Review: Alright a Sean micheals film. I liked his World Sex Tours #1, maybe I'll like this ebony movie and refute Mr. AstroKnight. Well... Who is this movie supposed to appeal to Mr. Michaels? Black guys that like black women? White guys that like black women? I just don't get it. Am I supposed to feel some type of nostalgia about Africa After that first scene? Hey there's some kinda plot.. FAST FORWARD. Well movie opens with some type of Amazonian African scene. There are some bamboo cages. The beautiful girls on the cover..
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Review brief: Running Time: 118 min. Production Date: 2 / 17 / 2000 (cover) 3 / 23 / 2000 (feature) Director: Sean Michaels Cast: Anastasia Blue, Bobbi Bliss, Bronze, Chanel, Chaz Vincent, Deja Blue, Envy, Mary Jane, Pebbles, Roxxane, Cherry Mirage, Trinity, Jon Strong, Johny Depth, Norman Bates, Byron Long, Tyler Wood, Santino Lee, Julien St. Jox, and Sean Michaels Initial Expectations: Ive had very mixed results from this series, but some of the talent here makes me hope this is one of the better ones. Initial Reaction: Theres quite a few scenes here Ive seen before, which were very good, but most of the others are pretty average. Who Should Watch It : Fans of oral and interracial sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnt like interracial action Audio /Video Quality: The audio is a little off balance and the dialogue is often very hard to hear. As usual, the video quality leaves much to be desired. Its a little grainy and very jerky, which makes it very hard to watch.
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Review brief: Running Time: 131 min. Production Date: 7 / 23 / 1999 (cover) 6 / 23 / 1999 (feature) Director: Sean Michaels Cast: Monique, Envy, Anastasia Blue, Salena Del Ray, Cherry Mirage, Tasha Hunter, Jade Marcella, Bobbi Bliss, Deja Blew, Porsha, Anastasia Romanov, Renee LaRue, Vivian Valentine, Danielle Rogers, Tony Eveready, Guy DeSilva, Santino Lee, Norman Bates, Leo, John Strong, and Sean Michaels Initial Expectations: I wasnt too impressed with We Go Deep 3, so Im not expecting much here either. Initial Reaction: The sex is surprisingly good while the technical aspects arent. Who Should Watch It : Fans of inter- racial oral sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes sex scenes with intercourse or who doesnt like inter-racial sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio leaves a little to be desired right from the opening hot tub scene. The audio is so poorly balanced that the bubbles in the hot tub almost completely obscure the rest of the audio, including the music.
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Review brief: Cast: Inari Vachs, Tina Burner, Dina Juwel (a.k.a. Dina Jewel), Jessie James, Dee, Tricia Deveraux, Victoria (not listed on box cover; appears only briefly), Sean Michaels, Mr. Marcus, Rob, Tom Byron, Vince Voyeur. Directed by Sean Michaels. Date of Production: 12/12/1997 (released February 2001). Running Time: ~ 2 hours, 20 minutes. Screenshots (Explicit Content) I've knocked Anabolic/Diabolic quite a bit in the reviews I've done of their titles (deservedly so, I feel), but every once in awhile, they'll release something that I really enjoy; this DVD falls into the latter category. The usual gripes I have do pop up a bit: poor lighting in spots, choppy editing, some bad camerawork, starting scenes in progress, etc. But the sex in this is very good, and the female cast is nothing to sneeze at, either. Despite a few of the usual missteps, this is among the best Anabolic titles I've seen, if not my favorite.
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Review brief: Running Time: 77 min. Production Date: 9 / 27 / 1999 Director: Sean Michaels Cast: Donita Dunes, Mary Jane, Kokoa, Tiffany, Annika La Rue, Cuba V. DeMoan, Tiffany Redmond, Sean Michaels, and Santino Lee Initial Expectations: Although it might be a great movie, Im not expecting it to be quite for me as there arent that many black people that I find attractive. Initial Reaction: It could have been a decent movie but the editing ruined it for me. Who Should Watch It: Fans of Sean Michaels or all black sex. Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes porn thats easy to watch or those who dont enjoy watching all black people. Audio /Video Quality: Most of the audio is very clear. The only problems I had were the few parts where it appeared to be dubbed and a couple times where it seemed like the mic was a little too close. Music: There isnt music in all of the scenes in the movie. What music there is is well balanced and a nice mix of typical porn music with a blend of funk and tribal music.
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