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Review brief: White Hot Nurses 7 Directed by:Patrick Handsome - Initial Thoughts: How can you refuse Nurse Liliane Tiger? Well I couldn't anyway, so I had to check this one out. I like the whole nurse fetish thing, but I am pretty particular about how it is all put together. I as in most of my fantasy porn skit scenes, like to see the participants really pour on the character and make a semi acceptable run at showing a doctor or patient to nurse interaction, it just makes the scene much hotter in my estimation, when they just act like porn stars ready to have sex and wearing the outfit, it's kind of one of those "what's the point?" deals to me. In this disc, there is some hit and some miss in that department, a couple of the scenes do a nice job of having a little build up that falls into the nurse in the white garb getting sperm blasted across her face, and sometimes it just looks like outfit only and no acting going on, however, I think with the nurse fetish, I'm sure to some, the outfit is the main thing, so some of you may not mind those moments of script lacking dialogue.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->Cast: Tera Joy, Sharka, Kathy Anderson, Sharon Babe, Alena, Liz Honey, Aniko, Sonia, Sevrine, Eve, Bob Terminator, JPX & Zoltan Director: Patrick Handsome Studio: Hustler Duration: 1:57:00 Date of Production: What's Happening: lez, anal, threesomes, group sex, double penetration, toys, facials Scene One:Liz Honey & David Perry [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> This set up sort of changes the title to white hot women at the hospital. Liz isn't a nurse but a patient. She walks in wearing a long coat, stockings and high heels, takes a seat and waits for David. He calls her in and she goes into the bathroom to "change". She comes out in a bra, garder, stockings and high heels. She keeps everything but her top on. Liz lays down on the operating chair and removes her bra. I'm guessing something was wedged between her legs because for this check up Liz is getting fingered. He fingers her with surgical gloves then gets a blowjob from the sweet Honey. They fuck doggystyle over the chair and David just grabs the garder and fucks away.
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Boxcover for Precious Pink: Body Business 3
Precious Pink: Body Business 3 

Release date: 6/26/2002
Reviewed on: 8/7/2002 by capsule

Starring: Mona, Tatiana, Maria, Bridgette, Martin, Michel
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Patrick Handsome
Review brief: CAPSULE'S REVIEW Precious Pink 3: What would you do for pussy? (85 min.) Featuring: Maria, Tatianna, Bridgette, Elka, Petri, Mona Synopsis: Porn in an art setting!  Overall: Precious Pink 3 was done very well. The director, Patrick Handsome, knows how to focus on the woman's body parts at the right time. I don't know how much direction he had to give Maria because she seems to know how to exploit her charms instinctively! The look of the women varied from downright gorgeous to average. In other words, the beauty factor was inconsistent. DVD Quality:  The quality is good, but it's not great. The picture seems to be a little soft instead of sharp. Extras: Hustler's interview of Patrick Handsome is informative and well-executed.
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Boxcover for High Octane 6
High Octane 6 

Release date: 3/18/2002
Reviewed on: 5/9/2002 by capsule

Starring: Monika, Alexandra, Viktoria, Zsuzsanna, Chris Mountain, Gyula, Szabina, Boldi, Zsanett
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Patrick Handsome
Review brief: CAPSULE'S REVIEW High Octane 6 (89 min.) Featuring: Alexandra, Viktoria, Zsuzsanna, Moonika, Sazabina, Szanett Synopsis: You don't want to mess with these women because they can fuck as well as shoot accurately! Overall: The feature has its moments. Unfortunately, these moments do not offset the negatives. These negatives include the DVD quality and the lack of extras. Other than that, the plot is one step above Pamela Anderson's VIP series. If I had to choose between the acting in VIP and the dubbing in this DVD, it would be a tough call (:-))! DVD Quality: It says it was produced in October 2001, but the footage looks old either it's because the production company used outdated cameras or the DVD mastering is terrible. Regardless of what the reason is, the end result is the same. . .VHS type quality. Wait, it gets worse.
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