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Review brief: A Year Later, Where Are They Now? Uniform Babes 2004, 1 hours and 45 minutes (not two hours as indicated on the box cover) DVSX Directed by Joe Friday Starring Sativa Rose, Sammie Rhodes, Tiana Lynn, Lani Lei, Katie Morgan, Loni, Reina Leone & Mika Tan What You Should Know: I doubt anyone has been paying attention but this marks my 100th review for Adult DVD Talk. I wanted to do something special for this occasion even if it ended up being special to no one save for myself. And to be honest, I didnt even have to think long or dig deep to find the movie I wanted to talk about. Ive been wanting to share my thoughts about Uniform Babes for well over a year now and last month was actually its one year anniversary. Its rare that an X-rated flick hits all the right notes, from start to finish and that it is apparent to you right out of the gate.
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Review brief: Uniform Babes Initial Thoughts: So often in pop culture, in the media, and some of us in our regular lives, you hear ladies talk about being fond of a man in uniform, well damnit, what about a lady in uniform? That's what I want to see. This disc caters directly to that desire. I've seen so many outfit discs where you get a sexy girl in an outfit, and then boom, it's gone in 2 minutes if that. This one makes a fair effort to really show that outfit off and keep the girl in it a while, often the sex starts with the girl still in uniform. I would still prefer to see the girl keep on the thing all through the ordeal, but I'm atleast satisfied with the effort made by DVSX here. Each scene features a little setup which is nice making it more vignette like, and I think they did a nice job of putting the right girls in the right uniforms. The sex is pretty straight forward, but it's hot enough and does a good job to compliment the fantasy of the girl in the uniform.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 97 min. (cover states two hours) Production Date: 6 / 12 / 2004 Director: Joe Friday Cast: Reina Leoni, Sativa, Tianna Lynn, Lani Lei, Katie Morgan, Mika Tan, Loni, Sammie Rhodes, Cheyne Collins, Rick Masters, Kris Slater, Joe Friday, and Reno The Short Story Initial Expectations: DVSX has been doing a great job lately. Im really looking forward to this one! Initial Reaction: Its a great first time outing for Joe Friday behind the camera. Who Should Watch It : Fans of women in various uniforms Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnt like tattoos or piercings The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear but the balance does falter a little in a couple places. Theres also a little wind noise during the outdoor portion of the movie. The video is also very nicely done. Its clear and nicely lit, and barely has any grain.
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Boxcover for Uniform Babes
Uniform Babes 

Release date: 8/10/2004
Reviewed on: 9/20/2004 by jr

Starring: Rick Masters, Mika Tan, Cheyne Collins, Loni, Reno, Katie Morgan, Reina Leone, Kris Slater, Lani Kaluha, Lani Lei, Sativa Rose, Tiana Lynn, Sammie Rhodes
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Joe Friday
Review brief: It is on those rare occasions that one rents or buys a DVD and when they put it in their machine, it is instant gold. Every scene has great looking ladies, sturdy studs doing the fucking, great editing, and chemistry that shines through the screen. This is one of those DVDs. Scene One: Sativa Rose, Joe Friday The scene starts with Sativa going into Joes room to clean it. She is a very horny and hot looking maid, wearing a low cut outfit that shows off her sexy shape nicely. As she is cleaning the room with her dustbuster, she goes into the bathroom where eyes Joe through the shower glass. As she stares at him, we see her hand slowly go down to her panties. Once inside, she does a slow masturbation, building the heat of the scene. She leaves the bathroom and goes back into the bedroom where she unbuttons her top, lays on the bed, pushes her panties to the side and starts stroking her clit a nice pace. As she gets lost in her self pleasure, in walks Joe from the shower. Instead of hitting the roof, he hits on her.
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Review brief: If you like a little costume to go along with your porn then DVSX has just the series for you. Just look at the assortment of honeys on the cover and what really catches my eye are those heavenly hooters of Miss Reina Leone. I don't know but I really find her most attractive so I'm glad to see her in this plus you have other hotties such as Loni, Katie Morgan, Sativa Rose, and a very wet scene with Tianna Lynn and Lani Lei that has to be seen to be believed! Well lets hit some highlights shall we. Sativa Rose: Oh, baby we get Lovely Sativa to lead off and the maids uniform looked quite good on her. It was cool watching her reach under to play with herself and she notices the room's occupant is in the shower so that's why she took the opportunity to do a little cleaning to her pussy,hehe. Sativa then has a seat on the bed and really starts stroking away and soon the guy gets out of the shower and he's pleasantly surprised to find this gorgeous lady playing with herself.
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Review brief: I believe this is Joe Friday's first movie as a director. What I notice right away from the box cover is the all-american cast since DVSX movies tend to mix european performers with americans. Let's see how well he is able to do with what he's got. The theme of the movie of course is girls in uniforms. Sativa Rose & Joe Friday: Sativa's a hotel maid that's cleaning a hotel room. She notices the gun and the handcuffs on the chair but she doesn't realise that Joe's still in the shower. When she does, what does she do? She starts masturbating. Joe comes out and realises this is his lucky day. I liked Sativa in Service Animals 17. Very fine hispanic girl with unbelievable natural tits and thick luscious lips. Sativa has good knob-gobbling skills. I never noticed this before but Joe has a a tattoo of Marvin the Martian on his left arm. They fuck in a number of positions. Cumshot on the tongue.
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