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Review brief: World Poke Her Tour is the busted straight of porn movies. Considering the hot girls who first sit down at the green felt table, this one could have been a royal flush. But watching this boring flick is like sitting in a Hold em game for an hour without playing a hand. The problem isnt the girls, who are among my favorites: Stacy Thorn, Dillan Lauren, Brooke Haven, Haley Paige, Taylor Rain, and Marlena (in order of appearance). Whats wrong here is that all the girls have to fuck guys on a setthe same set, in fact. So we get to watch six sex scenes with the same stark background. In addition, the sex is by the numbers. The girls, for the most part, look as bored as the viewer feels. There is little spark between the performers making the action repetitive and uninteresting. This despite the fact that every scene involves anal sex, A2M and facials. The final scene, the one were supposed to remember forever as the credits roll, is a masturbation solo by Marlena.
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