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Review brief: DreamWeaver Reviews Adult DVD Talk Movie Review: Red Light District Assault That Ass 4 General Summary Theme Anal theme. General Impression Despite the simple nature of each scene (girl is presented, girl sits on couch, girl has her holes filled, girl has face covered with man juice) there's a few memorable moments and newbies worth mentioning. To begin with, the technical merits are good, as is the camera work and Melissa Lauren, Terrill, Rita and Trinity James are gorgeous women and all look great in front of the camera.
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Review brief: This is going to be a quick and dirty review since realization did a thorough cover of the movie. I thought Cytherea was phenominal looking when I first met her at AEE 2004. At the time, I knew nothing about her squirting antics. I then met her at ELA 2004 when she had bangs (may still be current) and thought it made her look like a little girl. Still attractive but the very young look made me somewhat uneasy. I had a good time though watching her dance at the DVSX party. Seems like a very sweet girl. Anyway, Cytherea participates in every scene. Most of the premise is on teaching the girl of the scene the art of squirting. Tianna Lynn: This is the first time I've seen Tianna without blonde hair. She looks better with the brown hair. Cytherea teaches her out to squirt. She does. Cy has to get her turn too. I love the convulsions and the grunts. Could've used a guy in the scene though. Cytherea is sporting brown hair here. I like it. It's a different look. Delilah Strong: Delilah is a tan blonde girl with some tattoos.
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Boxcover for Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A
Brotha's P.O.V. 2, A 

Release date: 6/18/2004
Reviewed on: 8/2/2004 by morbidthoughts

Starring: Lenka, Hope Rising, K.K., Lussi, Laura Lion, Sandra De Marco, Britney Jay, Meliah Morgan, Romy Roundell
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: K.K.
Review brief: So I've seen many POV movies over the year and haven't had a problem envisioning myself as the person fucking the girl. However, when I heard about the concept of A Brotha's POV, it gave me pause. The idea of having a large black schlong is even more foreign to me than the white-schlonged POV movies. If I were ever to helm up an Asian POV movie, people would probably mistake it for a masturbation movie. Anyway back to the point, KK heads up BPOV2. KK is british so he sounds more Lennox Lewis than Mike Tyson. Maybe it's my American upbringing full of stereotypes but do British black guys count as brothas? Seal may look like a bad man but I consider Ice Cube more of a brotha even if he's reduced to a parody of himself with those Friday movies. Romy Roundell: Weird, Romy is German and looks nothing like Katja Kassin. I thought all germans looked alike! Romy has an uncertain english accent, some flaws in her complexion, and fake blonde hair.
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Review brief: Quality Time is a quality couples flick featuring a decent cast, very little dialogue, and pretty good sex. Roy Karch directed this Adam & Eve, 80-minute feature. The script was probably a two-pager, which is always a welcome restraint on the part of the moviemakers. They let the performers do what they do best suck and fuck each other. There is also an absence of the customary lesbian scene. What is not missing is the agonizing action I call the old in-out. This overly used trend in porn drives me crazy. It occurs when the male pulls his cock out of the girls orifice (ass, pussy, or mouth) over and over again, as if admiring his Viagra-induced hardon or perhaps as a means of torturing the girl. The in-out is not fucking, IMHO; it is a circus act that has become an unfortunate staple in smut today. It is not sexy! End of rant.... The story revolves around loving couple Ava Vincent and Randy Spears. After serving their dinner, their new maid/cook Velvet Rose sneaks her boyfriend, Mickey G., into the kitchen where they go at it in a semi-hot scene.
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Review brief: Open Up and Say Ahhh! falls into the category of skin flick I term porn light. This is smut with an overly artistic flair. All the plots revolve around doctors and nurses in a hospital or clinic. The first scene features blond beauty Monica Mayhem and Joel Lawrence. He examines her on a bed with stirrups, into which her high heels slip nicely. After he gives her cunt a thorough exam with his tongue and fingers, she returns the favor with a blowjob. They fuck in a couple positions before he drops a load on her stomach. The movie suffers from some bad audio at certain points, such as the setup for the next scene. Doctor Steven St. Croix is discussing with patient Ariana Jollee her medical condition. But even with full volume, I had a tough time figuring out what her problem was. All I know is next thing theyre exchanging oral favors. They are interrupted by blond nurse Holly Hollywood, who brings in a fucking machine. She sets the contraption up, lies on a couch before it, and allows the long dildo to fuck her pussy. Soon, Ariana and Steven are back at it, and St.
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Review brief: Fine Ass Babes features some girls with fine asses indeed. Unfortunately, the rest of their bodies put this group on the B List of porn sluts. Not that they are ugly by any means; they are just not pretty or overly sensual. Having said that, I can also say that this Zero Tolerance flick is pretty good. This is standard Z.T. stuff: good camerawork, nice sets, fine lighting. The sex is semi-rough, with half the six scenes featuring anal action, and plenty of plain old hard fucking under the fine direction of Sammy Sixx. Most of the scenes run 15 minutes or so (a bit long for my taste) and each starts with a lengthy dream-like sequence of the girls stripping and flirting with the camera. Streaked brunette Vickie J (billed as Vicki only) leads off with Mark Wood. She could stand to lose a few pounds, but she gives a nice blowjob. They suck and fuck in the standard positions before Wood drops a load on her open mouth. Blonde Heather Gables (who could also shed a few pounds) is next, and she wrestles, er, fucks Euro tough guy Chris Charming, who likes to abuse his partners.
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Review brief: Double Decker Sandwich #4 could have been great. Instead it is just very good. The girls are all B Listers (with the exception of Roxanne Hall, who is still cute after all these years in the jizz biz). The sex is good and hard, but not abusive. There is a bit too much P2M and A2M for my taste. And the girls dont seem to be into each other as much as they are the guys, licking and sucking each other only occasionally. My other beef is actually one I have with all of porn. Its the shoe thing. Of course womens legs look terrific when graced with a nice pair of high heels. Heels give them just the right amount of muscle tone and shape when they are standing! But, why oh why, after the sex starts, arent the women allowed to remove their shoes? The heels stop performing their function once the women are lying down. And they just look stupid on an otherwise naked woman. Plus they arent functional when the girls go into reverse cowgirl, especially on a bed.
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Review brief: Come On and Touch Me is a pretty good offering from a company, Cherry Boxxx, I havent been too impressed with to date. It features good, hard sex and a decent looking cast. The girls start each scene with a little monologue and tease show. They describe what they like about sex and play with themselves. Selena Silver, a semi-cute brunette with small boobs, a shaved slit, and a wonderful smile, starts things off with Tyce Bune. They go through an energetic fuck with the standard position changes before Tyce dumps a load in her waiting mouth. She gives some very nice PCH. Slender brunette Stephanie Tripp takes Tyler Wood outside near a pool. She sports a round tattoo over her left breast and a few other tats. The twosome romps around the pool edge for about 10 minutes before she accepts a nice load on her tongue and mouth. Very cute blonde Lea De Mae has been around a while now, but she still knows how to turn up the heat in her scenes.
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Review brief: Code Blue gets its title from the radio call sign used by firefighters to signal an emergency. It should have been called Code Blue Balls, as the sex is so weak and the storyline so lame, thats what the viewer is left with. I wont bore you with the details of the couples plot; suffice to say theres a new guy in the firehouse and everybody gets laid. There is only one anal scene, only one facial, and typical couples music throughout. Natalia Wood goes first and is paired with Steven St. Croix in a dimly-lit rooftop scene. Both look bored as they go through the motions of a standard Nicholas Steele scene (plenty of stupid camera angles that hide most of the action) that ends in a tummy cumshot. Cute streaked brunette Brooke and Lee Stone hook up in the firehouse gym. Steele, in his infinite wisdom, shoots most of the scene from behind a heavy bag and a pillar. Again, theres very little heat here and Lee finally comes on her tits. Cheyne Collins takes on Dominica Leoni (and her huge, unsightly shoulder tat) outdoors next to an ambulance.
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Review brief: Barely Legal #47 is typical of this long-running, popular series. It features fresh, mostly attractive females and decent sex captured awkwardly by director Clive McLeans weird sense of erotica. As usual, each scene opens with a voiceover from a girl describing an implausible sexual experience or fantasy. There is some inane dialogue to set the mood before the action starts. Finally, the sex begins, but McLean often chooses a Playboy Channel-style of shooting that is, lots of angles that show little or nothing of the action with very few close-ups. The music is usually couples friendly. The first vignette offers cute brunette Larissa, whose slender, adorable body is marred by an extremely hairy bush. Larissa, babe, I know youre a Euro, but buy a razor! She romps in bed with Jason Zupalo in a scene that ends with a facial. Underaged brunette Kathleen Kruz tries to talk Benjamin Bratt into giving her a job at his bar. Instead they suck and fuck themselves into a semi-hot frenzy ending in a cumshot across Kathleens face (after an agonizing discussion between the two).
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Review brief: Baby Dolls Betrayed uses a unique premise to start each of its vignettes. The girl is shown breaking up with her boyfriend, usually over the phone, and usually because he has hurt her in some way. She vows revenge, makes another phone call, and is fucking another guy within a few minutes. Long live speed dialing!! Brunette Ashley Haze is first out of the gate. Shes a little chubby, but she gives a terrific blowjob to Tyce Bune. They proceed to a couple other positions before Tyce drops a load on her mug. Corina Taylor is cute in a weird sort of way. I cant put my finger on it, but she is just sexy - with a nice smile, lithe body, small tits (which I love), and a shaved slit. John West seems to be one of the nicer guys in porn, so when the two of them hook up here, it makes for a great scene. She looks fantastic in reverse cowgirl and accepts his cum with a waiting open mouth. It doesnt get any better than this, in my book. Summer Sweet has platinum blond hair and nice, medium breasts. She hooks up with Ryan Sweet, who I assume is her husband and not her brother.
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Review brief: 1001 Erotic Nights #2 is a 1986 feature recently released on DVD as a VCA Classic, which is not a strong testament for porn of that era. While the action has moments of heat, this is typical 80s smut heavy with dialogue, poor attempts at humor, period costumes, and bad acting. The story opens with a 3-on-1 blowjob. Francois is the Sultan, and also the lucky recipient of the oral pleasuring by Kristina Barrington, Bunny Bleu, and Sandy Summers. There is too much slow motion in this nine-minute scene for my taste, but you can sense the enjoyment Francois is experiencing before he blows his load on their faces. The Sultan decides to throw a contest to find the sexiest girl in his kingdom. Blonde cutie Patti Petite applies and gives servant Jon Martin a fantastic hummer under the watchful eye of the Sultans assistant, Jamie Gillis. Petite takes Martins load in her mouth. In the token girl-girl scene, Tami White (aka Ariel Daye) works her way through Rayanne Drews extremely hairy bush while Gillis observes.
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Boxcover for Phatty Girls 2 (Exquisite)
Phatty Girls 2 (Exquisite) 

Release date: 11/2/2003
Reviewed on: 8/2/2004 by black-panther

Starring: Crystal, Cherokee, Mindy, Ayana Angel, Justin Slayer, Sin Star
Studio: Exquisite

Directed by: Justin Slayer
Review brief: Running Time: 2:04mProduction Date: 8-24-2003Director/Producer: Justin SlayerStudio: Exquisite...Justin Slayer ProductionsExtras: You get the regular play, scene selections, and photo galleries. There is a soundtrack feature that shows you who made the music for the film. A trailer feature that has just over 2 1/2 minutes of snippets from Justin's films that include: Black Pipe Layers, Freshly Slayed 2 & 3, and Slayer Unleashed 2. The bonus footage is the real prize though. Its a 52 minute film that has them showing footage while they are n New York City. They then jump to New Jersey for a videostore signing I think. They meet a very hot and horny chick named Lili there who fucks Justin right there in the middle of the store and their bathroom. Cameraman H.J. can't take it anymore and fucks the shit out of her too. Finally some bonus material worth mentioning. Cast: Ayana AngelSin StarCrystalMindyCherokeeJustin SlayerAnother black dudeFirst Impressions: After seeing the very impressive debut from this series, I wasn't sure this second installment could live up to it.
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Review brief: In a word: Unsubtle. The gist: I have a soft spot for porn features "ripped from today's headlines." I'm also partial to movies with sports themes, with the immortal "Face Jam" -- Kylie Ireland's true tale of her tryst with Michael Jordan -- being one of my favorites from both genres. You might think that a rape case wouldn't be the ideal subject for light parody, but this is Hustler. They don't back away from anything. The plot: "Tobey Bryan" (Dwayne Cummings) is in a small town for shoulder surgery. L.A. Shakers owner Gary Gus (Kyle Stone) warns him to stay away from the local women. You might be able to guess how that works out. The play-by-play: Kate Kaptive (aka Mary Kate Ashley) sees a limo in the parking lot of the hotel where Tobey is staying, and she's so impressed that she's willing to fuck whoever it belongs to, even Kyle Stone. She gives him head in a sexy blue dress before getting naked to climb aboard for reverse cowgirl. Limo sex doesn't give you a lot of options, I suppose, so we just switch back and forth between genital closeups and a dutched wide shot.
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Boxcover for Private Presents: DVD Sampler 8
Private Presents: DVD Sampler 8 

Release date: 12/16/2003
Reviewed on: 8/2/2004 by andyblake

Studio: Private

Review brief: This disk was a serious disappointment. It has only 28 trailers (and they are not properly labeled) and three full scenes. To give you an idea what a rip-off this is, Private Sampler 2 had 87 trailers and three full scenes, and Private Sampler 4 had about 30 more trailers than no. 2. Worst of all, the trailers will not play back to back (although none of the other private sampler disks did either). Any store that is actually selling this should be very ashamed of themselves; a disk like this should be given away as a promotion. It is advertising, and not very much advertising. I paid $4.95 for this, and I feel violated.
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Boxcover for Disturbed (FusXion)
Disturbed (FusXion) 

Release date: 11/24/2003
Reviewed on: 8/2/2004 by em

Starring: Kaylynn, Venus, Karina, Belladonna, Brittany Star, Aria, Ashley Blue, Avy Scott, Renee Pornero, Nicole Leshell
Studio: FusXion

Directed by: Britney Foster
Review brief: Disturbed Highlights: Anal play, spitting, toys Data: 2004, FusXion, 95 minutes Models: Aria, Ashley Blue, Brittaney Starr, Avy Scott, Belladonna, Karina, Kay Lynn, Nicole Leshell, Renee Pornero, Trinity, Venus Featured Screenshot Special Features Favorite Damsels: [0/6] None. Anal Play: [1/6] Some doors wide open, yet soon spoiled with spitting. Deep Oral Penetration: [0/6] None. Footsies: [0/6] None. Kissing: [0/6] Spit-swapping. Blargh. Summary Purchase Recommendation: [1/6] Overall Rating: [1/6] Though it has never been in the center of out interest, backdoor play is certainly interesting to watch on a good day. This video, however, appears to be an amalgam of everything we personally abhor. The only thing to recommend is the package itself, and that only if you cut out the model, Britney Foster, who also happens to have directed this film, to our misery. All episodes are identical. Within each episode, all scenes are identical.
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Boxcover for Sista 8
Sista 8 

Release date: 11/2/2001
Reviewed on: 8/2/2004 by miroku

Starring: Dee
Studio: Afrocentric

Directed by: Tom Stone
Review brief: Sista 8 Reviewer's Tilt Likes Mature women. Expert and professional performers. The girl should know how to give it up for the camera. two assertive women on one guy Big, round, plump asses Black/Latina lesbian sex Dislikes Young girls, barely legal girls. Trashy, slutty, or ghetto women. DP's Double cocksucking. (Two in the mouth at once.) Two guys on one girl Anal gaping Spitting. Lubrication is okay but blatant spitting is disgusting to me. Forced, domineering sex. Gagging, choking, humiliation, etc. Girls who appear in pain or discomfort. Boring girls who just lay there. Facials. (That's right.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 136 min. Production Date: 6 / 01 / 2003 Director: Joey Silvera Cast: Alicia Rhodes, Ashley Long, Avena Lee, Cris Taliana, Crystal Ray, Mandy Bright, Tiana Lynn, Brett Rockman, Dick Delaware, Frank Gun, Mark Ashley, Kohl Mynah, Domineko, and of course, Joey Silvera The Short Story Initial Expectations: Joey has been amazing behind the camera. I cant help but go in with extremely high expectations. Initial Reaction: It stumbles slightly once, but is still a fantastic fuck flick. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting hot sex with plenty of squirting and anal Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. Joey Silvera has a very basic approach, so theres a few of the problems one used to associate with gonzo porn which pop up here and there.
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Boxcover for Maximum Suspensions
Maximum Suspensions 

Release date: 5/6/2004
Reviewed on: 8/1/2004 by em

Starring: Amber Michaels, Stacy Burke
Studio: Harmony Concepts

Review brief: Maximum Suspensions Highlights: Legs, high heels, feet, bondage, older damsels Data: 2003, Harmony Concepts, 86 minutes Models: Amber Michaels, Darby and Darcy Daniels, Frankie Dashwood, Jenni Lee, Loren Chance, Stacy Burke Featured Screenshot Special Features Notable Older Damsels: [2/6] Amber Michaels, Stacy Burke Anal Play: [0/6] None. Deep Oral Penetration: [0/6] None. Footsies: [6/6] Feet, high heels, pantyhose... best of the best, given that this is not a foot/leg fetish video (only in theory, though). Kissing: [0/6] None. Summary Purchase Recommendation: [6/6] Overall Rating: [6/6] Legs, legs, legs, legs, legs, legs, legs, legs, legs, legs, legs, legs, legs. Legs? Legs legs legs -- legs, legs legs. Legs legs. Legs legs legs legs legs legs. Legs! Legs; legs legs -- legs! Legs legs, legs legs legs. Legs legs, legs, legs, legs legs. Legs. Legs legs, legs legs legs, legs.
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Review brief:   Prologue It's been a long while since I've viewed anything by Aurora Snow. In fact, nothing since she became a Sin City contract girl. Interested in seeing how she's changed, and intrigued by a couple of her co-stars in this volume, I decided to check it out. Let's see what Aurora and friends are up to. Rio Mariah and Aurora Snow We open with an off camera male voice telling Aurora that she's grounded. A pouting Ms. Snow grouses about getting blamed for the things that she does. All she did was get her ass fucked. Right from the start I have to say that Aurora looks better than ever. She seems to have gained a few pounds, making her look healthier, and still looks almost illegal. Her outfit looks like it was designed by Crayola which doesn't hurt the fantasy. This morphs into a tease sequence by Rio Mariah, who strips and plays with herself using a blue double dong. This serves to warm her pussy nicely and she adds a couple of fingers to her ass.
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Boxcover for Lex Steele XXX 3
Lex Steele XXX 3 

Release date: 5/22/2004
Reviewed on: 7/31/2004 by picman

Starring: Zenza Raggi, Lexington Steele, Mickey G., Lola, J.J., Brian Pumper, Shawnie, Katsuni, Roxy Jezel, Tera Joy, Trash
Studio: Mercenary Pictures

Directed by: Lexington Steele
Review brief:   Prologue Lexington Steele has struck out on his own, helming his own production company. I've always looked forward to his work in front of the camera and got a sense that, as a budding director, he was trying to absorb the methods of good directors and cameramen he worked with. There is an impressive cast of women in this volume. Katsumi, Lola, Tera Joy, Roxy Jezel (whose name is spelled Gesselle here). I think this might be fun. Katsumi Before the video even starts, I have to say that I like the computer graphics being used to introduce Mercenary Pictures. Just a small touch, but a good omen. Talk about good omens. Katsumi is first up and she is looking sexier than ever. She's wearing a fetish version of a circus ringmaster's jacket. Black latex with red trim that's actually a unitard. The same boots she wore for Sinful Asians 3 that just strap up her calves. Ruby red lips, matching the trim on the outfit and accentuating her incredibly sensuous mouth. Her proud tits are sticking out and she teases us with her posing.
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Review brief: Well one look at this dvd's cover should wake up Mr. Happy!! This dvd combines so many elements I like, the POV shots either in fucking or during the blowjob and the endings which hopefully will involve swallowed loads. Besides the lovely Teagan I see Buttwoman Lauren Phoenix is in her so I say let's get going! Lauren: We first see Lauren as she's finishing off her makeup. You also see her name appear so no ID confusion. Erik and Lauren have a little conversation while the camera moves about her body. You get one incredible ass shot which should be a big crowd pleaser. Erik then caresses her ass before letting his finger slide in her pussy/ ass. There is some good boob fondling as well before Lauren moves down and with her eyes looking right at you she engulfs Erik's cock. The sex then begins with a close up mish and you also see the shot pan up giving us the view "you" would have. They stop and we watch Lauren walk up some stairs, this allows some outstanding bootie shots to be seen.
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Boxcover for Tease Me Then Please Me
Tease Me Then Please Me 

Release date: 7/10/2004
Reviewed on: 7/31/2004 by bono-one

Starring: John Strong, Michael Stefano, Roxy Jezel, Michelle B., Katin, Isabel Ice, Teagan Presley
Studio: Platinum X Pictures

Directed by: Michael Stefano
Review brief: Well first of all thanks must be given to Mr. Stefano for putting the lovely Teagan on the cover but in true spirit to this dvd's title you only get a hint of Teagan's beautiful ass, guess you'll just have to watch the dvd to see the rest of her and when the cast also includes Roxy, Katin, Isabel Ice, and Michelle B. I'd say that is a dvd worth checking out. So as the cool Scorpion's song goes, " Tease Me, Please Me!!!" Isabel Ice: Ok we start with one of ADT own and Isabel is seen reaching inside her panties to finger herself and the checkered pink was an inspired choice. Holy Shit Batman!! The white mesh top covers her gorgeous tits which you see and damn those are some big nipples. Now you will still notice the technical glitches with this title so if you have had problems with recent Platinum releases then you might just rent as you don't want to miss Teagan, Katin, or Isabel! Now I was able to still see everything well so depending on your type of equipment this may or may not factor into you buying.
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Boxcover for Please 11
Please 11 

Release date: 3/4/2004
Reviewed on: 7/31/2004 by astroknight

Starring: April, Erik Everhard, Nacho Vidal, Bailey, Gauge, Joey Ray, Marcella Bocelli, Gem, Toni Ribas, Meriosa
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Joey Silvera
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 139 min. Production Date: 10 / 1 / 2000 Director: Joey Silvera Cast: April, Bailey, Gauge, Gem, Marcealla Bocelli, Mariesa, Erik Everhard, Mojo, Nacho Vidal, Tony Ribas, Herrique, Joey Ray, and of course, Joey Silvera, but in a nonsex role this time The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive loved every episode Ive watched in this series. I cant wait for this one! Initial Reaction: Its every bit as excellent as I hoped for. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting intense sex with plenty of chemistry Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly sex or extreme intensity The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: Joey Silvera has a very basic approach to camera work and editing, which means it isnt always quite as pretty as some of the newer gonzo to come out. It has some of the audio problems that one associated with early gonzo porn such as an occasional background noise or a slight imbalance, but they rarely interfere with the action and many times enhance it.
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Boxcover for Lumberjack Gang Bang
Lumberjack Gang Bang 

Release date: 3/6/2003
Reviewed on: 7/31/2004 by touchdown-tony

Starring: Troy Michaels, Blue Blake, Matt Sizemore, Robert Harvey
Studio: Big Blue Productions

Directed by: Blue Blake
Review brief: DUKE MILLERS LUMBERJACK GANG BANG Written, produced AND directed by Blue Blake Starring: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Rhett OHara, Kelly Madison, Ray Stone, Damian Steele, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey and Matt Sizemore. Featuring Blue Blake in a non-sexual role. (pity). Blue Blake has managed to whip out yet another winner. Im still waiting patiently for the day that he decides to whip his wiener out once more, but as the renaissance man of adult entertainment, Blake still wears the crown. Not that there was much writing going on for his production of LUMBERJACK GANG BANG, it is with this video that his directing skills are shown to their best advantage. This in not a plot-driven release; it has a great set-up, which establishes everything one needs to know right off the bat. Blake himself introduces each man, by name, as The Boss, distributing mail to the logging camp. Nice touch. The Boss then announces that the bridge has been washed out, leaving theses horny loggers without women for the next six weeks, at least.
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