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Review brief: Someone, in commenting on classic porn from the 1970s, said that the goal was to make a movie that was still watchable with the sex taken out. That's the way Nic Andrews makes porn films. From the standpoint of plot, writing, acting, and cinematography, this film is way, way above average. This movie is worth watching even without the sex. It is an outstanding couples film, or film for people who are newbies to porn. Don't get me wrong, the sex is good, it's just that it isn't raunchy or cutting edge. Also the sex scenes are a little short; each should have been about five minutes longer. Digital Playground has done a really nice job with this disc. It has a commentary with Devon, Ginger Lynn, Nic Andrews, the screenwriter, and Barrett Blade. There is also a behind-the-scenes featurette, a bloopers reel, a slideshow and bios for Devon, Ginger Lynn, and Nic Andrews.
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Boxcover for Supersquirt: Open the Flood Gates
Supersquirt: Open the Flood Gates 

Release date: 1/27/2005
Reviewed on: 3/6/2005 by morbidthoughts

Starring: Boby, George Uhl, Tori, Anastasia Christ, Tiana Lynn, JJ, Bosch
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: William H. Nutsack, Thomas Zupko
Review brief: The strangest thing happened with this dvd. While trying to watch it on my notebook computer, the drive wouldn't play it and made a weird sound rejecting the disc. Not knowing what happened, I examined the disk and saw deep scratches. I managed to play the dvd in a regular player but it would hesitate in many spots in the video but managed to basically get the gist of this video. Well I had bitched about Cum Rain and Cum Shine about Tiana Lynn's supporting cast and this movie can be considered Tiana goes to the Czech republic. Unlike CRCS, Tiana doesn't share the spotlight with anyone inferior to her. Her Czech supporting cast is pretty... well at least the chicks. It was weird seeing the standard euro guys boning Tiana though. My favourite scene was split between the first where it was almost like a BTS where Tiana is shown freezing her ass off in I guess Prague and this one scene where she pours beer on herself.
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Review brief: Well I was asked a question about this release recently and found I hadn't done a review for this one which surprised me. Two other reviews give detailed listings as far as casts so I won't go scene by scene rather give an overall impression of the two disc set. First off if you love Jane Darling or are even curious about her work and you don't already have these scenes in their original movies then I can't recommend this one any more strongly. Jane is absolutely stunning to look at with a pretty face, long legs, an underrated ass, and yes two incredibly bodacious ta ta's that are among the best natural boobies going today. This series really is the creme de la creme as far as comps go dealing with just one girl. Private brings out the whole shebag when doing one of these babies. You get at least 15, that's right 15 scenes featuring Jane along with several of Europe's bigger studs and yes even some of the finer Euro babes working today.
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Boxcover for Tommi Rose Exposed
Tommi Rose Exposed 

Release date: 7/29/2004
Reviewed on: 3/6/2005 by cv

Starring: Ed Powers, Randy West, Halli Aston, Lee Stone, Tommi Rose, Abbey Andrew
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: Tommi Rose is gorgeous stunner from the Midwest (her hair seems to straddle the blonde/brunette fence). To my knowledge, she doesn't do anal, but she's a solid vaginal performer who gets into her scenes. She also has the distinction of being a true size queen: she loves monster cocks. She is not a prolific performer, so I'm always intrigued when I see her name in the cast credits. The New Machine Exposure series are compilations which typically feature three scenes with the boxcover star, plus a couple of unrelated scenes thrown in. The reviews of other episodes have not been particularly enthusiastic, but I'm willing to give it a shot, especially for a full-blown hottie like Tommi Rose. Tommi Rose, Erik Everhart (from Up And Cummers 96) Canadian stud Erik is dining at the Y, Tommi's to be exact. Laying on the bed she rubs her thighs with her hands and giggles a bit, so she's probably liking where Erik has parked his tongue.
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Boxcover for 18 & Love To Suck
18 & Love To Suck 

Release date: 9/15/2004
Reviewed on: 3/6/2005 by misternogood

Starring: Nina, Nikita, Katka, Jana, Martina, Alena, Gabina, Lenka, Pavlina, Laura Lion
Studio: PH Seven

Review brief: This is a blowjob only movie. The cast:Alena,Nikita,Luca,Jana,Stepa,Gobina,Martina, Nina,and Nela. There is a nice variety of locations that the girls give the blowjobs in, such as outside in someones backyard, in a tub, a car, bedroom,living room, and a few scenes in a workout room. In many of the scenes there is a music soundtrack. Unfortunatly this is not shot as a p.o.v. movie. In fact the girls never look at the camera, which for me is kind of disappointing. What I did like about the movie is that many of the girls did a good job in their scenes and used alot of hand action while giving the bjs, and I liked the fact that there was no gagging, slapping, or the other rough stuff that is often in bj movies.
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Boxcover for Finalmente Sandy
Finalmente Sandy 

Release date: 3/7/2005
Reviewed on: 3/6/2005 by gabriel-nine

Studio: Rabbit

Review brief: Finalmente Sandy Rabbit/Preziosa For starters Finally, Sandy doeswhat? Runs an intermediate motor mechanics class? Shows us the secrets of her goulash? Has sex with a man on camera? Would you be surprised to learn that the answer to the question I just posed is: none of the above? Puzzled? A little history. Sandy, AKA, Egerhazy Zsanett, is a model who has built up a considerable fan base over nearly ten years of magazine, web and video work largely consisting of solo and girl-girl shoots for the likes of Viv Thomas, ALS, Denys De Francesco and latterly her own set-up in partnership with Zsolt Walton and Andrew Youngman.
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Review brief: Prologue The former rising star of Video Team, Van Styles, has found a new home with Hustler and he promises that his videos will be as hardcore as ever. Ass Appeal is one of the first of his new releases and he certainly has assembled a hardcore and exciting cast. Katrina Kraven, Jada Fire, Sandra Romain and Gia Jordan have all been amongst my favorite performers for the last couple of years. I hope that Van hasn't airbrushed the action the way that his cover artist did Katrina. Two bootilicious cops bang on Van's door. They have a search warrant for the purpose of finding and apprehending Mark Ashley. His crime? He's a suspect in numerous ass fuckings. The cops that are sent to find him, Jada Fire and Ayana Angel must be real sensitive to this issue because their asses are on the line every day. After a thorough search of the premises they find a cowering Ashley and cuff the dastardly devil. He's forced to his knees and made to stick his head up Ayana's ass crack. Cruel and inhuman punishment if you ask me, but oddly appropriate.
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Review brief: Tanya Hyde (the video nom de plume for a London fetish personality) has been making fetish movies for years: several years ago for Private and more recently for Harmony. While I've seen trailers and excerpts from Tanya's movies before, I've never watched one in its entirety. Evil Angel has picked up the distribution rights for Harmony in the United States, and Hotel Hyde is the first title to be released. My interest isn't BDSM; the discipline part doesn't do anything for me, and I don't care for pain, even if it is between consensual partners. Basically I'm hoping to enjoy some of the fashion/aesthetics of the genre, particularly the women's outfits; I happen to like the counter-culture urban chic of latex, leather, and PVC.
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Boxcover for Playing With Cailey Taylor
Playing With Cailey Taylor 

Release date: 9/28/2004
Reviewed on: 3/6/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Dic Tracy, Cailey Taylor
Studio: Anarchy

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 62 min. Production Date: 9 / 9 / 2004 Director: Jimme D. (hes never credited, but you see him in the behind the scenes) Cast: Cailey Taylor and you The Short Story Initial Expectations: Anarchy has a long running record as being whats referred to in technical terms as A lying sack of shit. That record leaves me with low expectations despite some of their interactive releases having some decent sex and Cailey often doing a nice job. Initial Reaction: Its yet another below average interactive Anarchy DVD. Who Should Watch It : Big time Cailey Taylor fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants whats advertised on the cover or a well done virtual sex DVD The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are fairly average. The audio is on the low side of things so you have to turn it up fairly high to hear Cailey well.
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Review brief: Whats in my DVD player (mainstream): The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (special edition) Sergio Leones masterpiece is highly regarded as possibly the best of the spaghetti western genre. This 2-disc special edition contains the 180-minute restored version with the original print and audio track remastered. The remastering includes the addition of voice-over tracks by Eastwood and Wallach in 2002 for the restored scenes. (The original US release in 1967 was cut-down by 19 minutes as compared to the original Italian release and at the time they did not record English audio tracks for the deleted scenes.) This disc is highly recommended. Director: Miles Long My review: For this review I will be using a more critical eye in the interest of providing constructive feedback to X-worx for it appears to me that the porn world is already cluttered as it is and unless you release quality product and build customer loyalty from the get go, you might get lost amongst the others. Its not just the strong that survive, but it is the strong that dominate and flourish.
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Review brief: Throat Gaggers 7 is a blowjob only movie. The cast:Faith,Persia,Jazmin,Patricia,Tyla Wynn,Larisa Lane,Kayla Marie,Avy Lee Roth,Missy Monroe,Shayna Knight,Heather Gables,Georgia Southe. Like almost all movies from this studio, the scenes are almost all identical and take place on or near couches. Normally, I do not care for the gagging, choking,slapping, and butt licking in some bj movies, so I was surprised to find that this movie was actually enjoyable to watch. This movie still had all the problems that movies of this type have, such as guys hands and arms blocking the camera, guys hands all over the girls face and neck,and close ups of guys buttholes,it was for the most part kept to a minimum. Also, even though it is more of a rough type of blowjobs than I like to watch, it is not mean spirited and the girls take it all in good fun. The only downside is that it is very predictable.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->     New Wave Hookers #4 Mike Lyons Reviews         Director Gregory Dark Cast Tami Annn, Chasey Lain, Nicole Lace, Barbara Doll, Juli Ashton, Misty Rain, Sandi Beach, Jewel, Vixxen, Amanda Adams, Yvonne, Marilyn Martin, Jon Dough, Tom Byron, T.T.
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Boxcover for Weekend Party (Tribal Pulse)
Weekend Party (Tribal Pulse) 

Release date: 3/7/2005
Reviewed on: 3/5/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Tribal Pulse

Review brief: If you like em young, cute, and uncut, then this is one party you wont want to miss. Zach Garrity, a short muscular guy with long black locks and a pencil thin beard along his jaw line, throws a party every year. But this time he wants his friends to meet his new lover, Bruno Parks. Bruno is thin and very cute with close-cropped hair. He is taller than Zach. They meet on the upstairs landing and decide to get it on together before the others arrive. Bruno falls to his knees to suck on Zachs stiffy. Bruno looks even cuter with a cock in his mouth. Then its Zachs turn. Out comes Brunos big boner. And a big one it is! Zach cant take it all. He can barely get his mouth around it. (Why is it that these skinny Eurokids all have the biggest cocks?) It doesnt fit in Zachs mouth, but it fits quite well up his ass. Bruno withdraws to deposit his load onto Zachs back. Zach turns around to deposit his on Brunos belly. The guys begin to arrive and Bruno sequesters young blond Brock Wilder in his bedroom. There he begins an artful seduction of the lad, although Brock is more than willing.
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Boxcover for Asian Mouth Club
Asian Mouth Club 

Release date: 1/20/2005
Reviewed on: 3/5/2005 by misternogood

Starring: Lucy Lee (Asian), Kimmy Kahn, Lolita Young, Nautica Thorn, Mila Yung, Lacey Tom
Studio: Madness

Directed by: David Aaron Clark
Review brief: Asian Mouth Club is an oral themed movie. The cast:Lucy Lee,Kimmy Kahn,Lolita Young,Mila Yung,Nautica Thorn,Lacey Tom. Each scene starts off pretty much the same with a interview and then the girl teasing the camera. In every scene there is one girl and the guy is laying down. The director, David Aaron Clark, adds a little variety to each scene by having the girl not only give blowjobs, but in some scenes a few minutes of foot jobs, tit fucks, handjobs, and intercourse with the girl on top. There was a few problems with the video however as the camera shakes in a few scenes and the action is not always in the center of the screen. Also on my dvd there was a slight pause in the video at the start of each chapter. There is also too much light behind some of the girls during the interviews in a few scenes. In two scenes the action gets interupted by a female friend of the director that walks by during the scene. Some of the women are attractive.
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Review brief: 2 + Me = 3 2004, 2 hours and 20 minutes Exquisite/Venom Directed by Jordan Septo Starring Katja Kassin, Sandra Romain, Jayna Oso, Barbara Summer, Poppy Morgan, Kyla King My Life as of March 6, 2005 -- On the tube: "Nothing", I hate slow and boring Saturday nights. Mainstream Flick in the DVD Player: "Cop Land", At a message board I frequent we do bi-weekly movie club-like discussions and this week the movie is Cop Land. An overlooked gem despite its all-star cast. In the CD Player/Winamp: 50 Cent, "Piggy Bank This might be 50s last album. After dissing Fat Joe, Jadakiss and Nas and kicking the Game out of G-Unit, I get the feeling that his time left on this planet is short. [ /image ] --> What You Should Know: Despite this being the first title Ive actually reviewed from Venom, Im familiar with the company and with director, Jordan Septo. Ive seen their Teens with Tits, Teen Latin Dolls and Hood Hoppin and have been satisfied with each. I see no reason to not expect happiness from this title.
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Boxcover for Damon Blows America 6: New York
Damon Blows America 6: New York 

Release date: 2/9/2005
Reviewed on: 3/5/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Treasure Island Media

Review brief: Is cum fattening? I once read in a letter to a sex advisor. Well, if it were, Damon Dogg would weigh over 300 pounds. IN DAMON BLOWS AMERICA #6, the greedy cum pig continues his trek across the country sampling sperm from the spout. Damona cute gat-toothed guy with a lot of tattoos (including a skull and cross bones, the insignia of Treasure Island Media on his belly) and an impish grinsucks cocks and waits with open mouth for guys to jack off into it. Damon never met a cock he didnt like. If there are cum-producing balls attached, Damon will suck it. Not overly surprising, I suppose, from someone who says in interviews that he grew up practicing on his brother. Damons travels and travails in this one take him to Palm Springs and NYC. But before they even get to Palm Springs, Damon sucks off this buddy, Jason Croft, in a Taco Bell washroom off I-5. Damon doesnt miss a drop. In the car Damon jacks off. When they get to Palm Springs they head to a nudist resort where Jason goes down on Damon and they end up eating one anothers loads.
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Review brief: Vacuum Hoes is an all blowjob movie. The cast:Nicole Brazzle,Zen,Deja,Kristana,Alesha Bizart,Lola Lane,Genesis Skye,Nicole Parks,Chelsea Luv. Each scene starts off pretty much the same, with the girls talking dirty and teasing the camera. In every scene there is one girl and the guy is either standing or seated. What I enjoyed most is that the scenes don't have the gagging, choking, slapping, and butt licking like some of the other movies out there. In each scene the girl is in control and she can give the bjs any way she wants.
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Boxcover for Jose Pusher's Pimping Adventures 1: Blowjob Auditions
Jose Pusher's Pimping Adventures 1: Blowjob Auditions 

Release date: 2/14/2005
Reviewed on: 3/5/2005 by misternogood

Studio: Black Widow

Directed by: Jose Pusher
Review brief: Jose Pushers 1 is a blowjob only movie with first time on video amateur latin girls. Each scene starts the same with a short interview before the action starts. Jose Pusher really needs to practice his interview skills as he often repeats the same questions, and he cannot seem to make the interview interesting. Since these girls are all first timers on video, they seem unsure what to do, so all during the movie Jose is constantly directing them how to perform, what act to do, and what to say. Unfortunatly, the video quality is not very good as the camera often shakes, and the action is not always centered in the middle of the screen. In a few scenes the cord from the camera gets into the shots of the action and gets distracting. The sound gets annoying as often Jose's phone is ringing while the scene is going on. A few of the girls are cute, but almost all are a little bit overweight. Only serious oral fans might consider renting it, everyone else might want to avoid it.
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Review brief: In what may be a broken refrain, this is another quick and diry review because Bono beat this one to death. I wanted to point out that this is a semi POV movie in that Erik is behind the camera in the first person a lot until he hands off the camera so that he can get his fucking done in his own frenetic style. The scenes are started off with flimsy sometimes even incomplete scenarios. I liked the attire of all the girls except for Keri's ensemble which can be seen on the cover of this movie. The pink beret looked silly with a white collar and pink tie on a bare upper chest. Keri's skin tone again looked red in splotches so I'm beginning to suspect it's not from having enough pigmentation to handle the sun/tanner. Melissa Lauren's scene was hampered by the fact that her white shirt never comes fully off leaving the viewer with glimpses of her chest. The lighting in every scene was darker than what I am used to with shadows hurting some of the scenes.
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Boxcover for Planet Max 16
Planet Max 16 

Release date: 8/26/2003
Reviewed on: 3/5/2005 by loz-cumquest

Studio: Max World

Review brief: For those who dont know, despite the various ongoing DVD series all Max Hardcore titles are pretty much the same: uber dirty old man Max degrades and abuses young teenage girls made to look even younger than they are with their outfits, with some of the hardest sex youre likely to see were talking sex so hard that even a lot of regular pornography viewers find the guy offensive. Maxs films come in 2 versions, the USA releases which are cut, and the fully uncensored European versions. This review is for the European version of Planet Max 16. SCENE 1: JADE MARCELLA & CLOE ADAMS Ill be honest despite the teeny outfits neither Jade nor Cloey are my idea of attractive girls, but once again the sheer strength of the sex on offer redeems this scene. Jade and Cloey call at Maxs holiday home, and Max comes to the door and proceeds to piss in Jades mouth on his front doorstep. The action then shifts to a balcony overlooking Cannes, where Jade lies on a table while Max sodomises her and Cloey dildos her. Cloey then moves onto vaginally fisting Jade before Max pees in her mouth.
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Boxcover for Playing With Nautica Thorn
Playing With Nautica Thorn 

Release date: 9/9/2004
Reviewed on: 3/5/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Brett Rockman, Nautica Thorn
Studio: Anarchy

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 52 min. Production Date: 8 / 10 / 2004 Director: None credited Cast: Nautica Thorn and you, played by Brett Rockman The Short Story Initial Expectations: Anarchys virtual sex simulators have had some decent sex thats been ruined by poor technical abilities and tarnished further by an unrelenting streak of false advertising. Im expecting Nautica to put on a good show here and Anarchy to see what they can do to fuck it up just like they have on every other virtual sex DVD theyve released. Initial Reaction: Even without Anarchys lies its a yawn. Who Should Watch It : Extreme Nautica Thorn fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a well done virtual sex DVD or what the cover advertises The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects vary throughout the movie. The audio is normally pretty good, but some of it has a very noticeable hissing in the background. The video is nicely done. It has a hint of grain, but is normally well lit.
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Boxcover for Bet Your Ass
Bet Your Ass 

Release date: 10/29/2004
Reviewed on: 3/5/2005 by picman

Starring: Zenza Raggi, Haley, Mark Ashley, Sandra Romain, Katrina Kraven, Dillan Lauren, Haley Paige, Katja Kassin
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Jonni Darkko
Review brief: Prologue Jonni Darkko does porn with style. My first taste was his Anal Trainer series and I was impressed. Beautiful women getting fucked hard and captured beautifully. He's brought his talents to Evil Angel, a veritable warehouse of auteurs. This new series, which at the writing of this review now numbers 2, is definitely analcentric. The cast is visually stunning and wanton. Darkko only uses solid studs, so it looks like all systems are go. Let's go to the video. The first image of this video is the celebrated ass of Katja Kassin. She's in a kitchen messing with some cookie dough and starts to explore her body. She sticks a nipple in the dough and licks it off. Then Katja hauls her butt out with a leg up on the counter. She fingers both holes and drops her panties. Katja just has so many moves to stick that thing in our faces. The cookies go in the oven and Katja licks her image on the oven door. I think it's about time her oven got filled. She gets a hold of a wire whisk and sticks the handle up her poop chute.
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Review brief: What I Liked To begin: If you are a Randy West hater, move-on. If you are impartial or simply enjoy women in a more relaxed and less scripted setting, you may enjoy this compilation from some of Wests early scenes in his Up N Cummers series. I will admit right off that Ive found Randy to be one of the more personable and charming of porn studs. Is he an egomaniac who is past his prime? Perhaps - but he did perform well in his day and he had the smarts to jump on the amateur bandwagon early on and to throw some good wrinkles into the formula. I will admit that seeing the elder West with some of the most nubile and youngest of girls in the industry can become a bit creepy at times, but luckily the scenes captured here are before graying and pre-paunch and the man is smart enough to call in support from some hired guns. (Brad Steele, Lexington Steele, and Vince Vouyer) What West does in this series is to gather both amateur women who may or may not ever be seen on video again (very few of these are on DVD as of yet) with professional pornlets early on in their careers.
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Review brief: Sakura Tales #6 Synopsis DVSX has become one of my favorite studios recently due do both their high quality technical standards and great casting. Looking through their lines of product, there is no exceptional creativity. If youre looking for extremes (demeaning sex, circus act sex, etc.), theyre not the studio to look to. What they offer is just good sex with attractive women that is shot well. For my own taste, I can usually accept a certain amount of sameness to my sexing if it is photographed wellthe women are the thing for me. Afterall, how many wild and wacky ways can an appendage be inserted into an orifice? Sakura Tales is a great line for us Asiaphiles. The casting is always exceptional and volume six is no disappointment. Most of the scenes offer decent tease before getting down to some hot sex. My only complaints with this DVD would be a couple of subpar performances by otherwise quite fetching females. Scene 1 How better to start a DVD off hot than with Charmane Starr? Weve all heard the remarks regarding Charmane being an ice princess.
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