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Boxcover for Dark Side Of Briana, The
Dark Side Of Briana, The 

Release date: 8/2/2004
Reviewed on: 2/15/2005 by vodka-tonic

Starring: Randy Spears, Cherokee, Voodoo, Nicole Sheridan, Briana Banks, Trevor Zen, Talon, Katsuni, Mario Rossi
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Review brief: Director : Chi Chi LaRueCast : Briana Banks, Nicole Sheridan, Katsumi, Cherokee, Talon, Voodoo, Mario Rossi, Trevor Zen, VoodooDVD Extras : Chapter selection, positions room, multi-angles, behind-the-scenes, photo gallery, bonus clips, trailers, sex ads, weblinkTrailers : "Broad Strokes", "Faraway", "Love'em or Leave'em", "The 8th Sin"5 Bonus Clips :Briana Banks & Bobby Vitale in "Blonde & Blonder"Briana Banks & Evan Stone in "Pretty Girl"Briana Banks & Mario Rossi in "Ticket 2 Ride"Brooke Alexander & Julian in "Implode"Cherokee & Nic Wilde in "Skin Trade"Behind-The-Scenes : Fast-paced, good work on the editing. Briana explains that exploring her dark side is natural as a Gemini & Katsumi gives a short interview with the thickest French accent. 7 minutes.Short Story : A series of scorching vignettes presented by hostess Nicole Sheridan.SCENE BREAKDOWN :1) BRIANA BANKS & TALONBriana, in a red nightie, is groping Talon on a mattress posed over the floor of a club's back entrance . She's wearing black diamanté knickers as Talon hungrily eats her groin.
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Review brief: I must make a confession. Tim Von Swine, the director of this movie, is a friend of mine but I had never actually watched a video that he directed. I've seen his camerawork before since he works for some of the other directors at RLD and PXP. This may be a biased review though. However, I decided to remove any bias by drinking a shitload of beer before watching this movie. Just to be certain, I made sure it was Paulaner Hefeweizen instead of the mexican beer that we both like to drink Keri Sable, Michael Stefano, and Steve Holmes: This is the first video I've seen Steve with his beard that I had spotted in Vegas. Stefano and Holmes jabber with Swine a bit before Kat joins them. I've already mentioned that I'm not too big into little girls with braces but Kat has certain appealing qualities about her despite this misgving. She gives deep blowjobs but looks a little uncomfortable doing so with those bulging eyes. They look like a frog peering out of the water with how wide open they are.
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Boxcover for Boys Night Out (Hot Desert Knights)
Boys Night Out (Hot Desert Knights) 

Release date: 6/8/2004
Reviewed on: 2/14/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Hot Desert Knights

Review brief: Hot Desert Knights was the pioneer in contemporary bareback videos. In spite of all its competition it remains the best. Recently they have expanded to include international films in their output. BOYS NIGHT OUT is one of them. Set in the famous Benton Club in Prague the action centers around a supposed soccer team who have come to the club to celebrate their victory. After a celebratory drink, the coach takes them to another part of the club where he has hired a stripper to entertain them. Thankfully its a short routine as the stripper is not much of a dancer. When its finished the coach (the guy holding his dick on the cover) tells the stripper he would like to give him something (meaning of course his dick up the strippers ass). Id prefer hard cash, the stripper wisely tells him but he settles for hard cock. Now I dont know who has the pubic hair concession for this video but theyve got a weird idea of pelvic beauty. Theres nothing wrong with a nice trim and shaping of the pubic bush. Nor is there anything wrong with eliminating it entirely (shaved guys turn me on).
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Review brief: Welcum fans to another installment of the series where the girls love sucking cock and while the title has the word confused in it these girls have no doubts where the sperm will end up once their gentlemen are ready to spew,nope the Glazed part will definitely come true. So I say let's not make these girls wait any longer and get to some suckin. Tiana Lynn: We start off strong with this busty beauty and she comes on wearing all black, I think she's a cop as she's wearing a cop's hat. Tiana is nude from the bottom down and starts off with some sexy pussy play in a couple of positions. Using the desk as her bed was a cool touch. Tiana also plays with her boobs but mostly it's play with her pussy and she even uses her gun, be careful it might be loaded! Tiana puts the gun in her mouth at one point which is kinda disturbing but she is giving you such a sexy stare it's hard to quibble with the choice. We then go to one of the cells where Kyle Stone, Arnold Scharzenpecker, and Joe Rock discuss their incarceration.
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Review brief: Squirting 101 3 - Thoughts: Well let me start out by saying that this is volume three in this series, and I have not seen either of the first two volumes, so that said, if you enjoyed those two volumes, you may well ove this volume as it does have an outstanding cast, so keep that in mind when reading my at times negative remarks about this title. I did not care for this title, I feel it is a big waste of some great ladies of porn here. There were some bright spots, but there are too many errors here to overlook. Let me first say, that I look at porn movies like this, a title can still be good without being erotic, if it is either funny, entertaining or somehow informative, it can still be an enjoyable disc to watch even if sexual heat is not that present, and then we have movies that thrill the sexual nature of us, and inspire things in our pants to do things and stay doing those things until they are properly taken care of. This movie however is in neither category.
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Review brief: Dripping Wet Sex 10 Initial Thoughts:Overall, a good solid effort here. The girls look good and they give some pretty nice performances, I thought some of the scenes lacked a little chemistry, but that is a pretty common draw back to many porn scenes. I'm not real fond of the technical properties, but it's not a major drawback. The sex is on the softer side for current all sex titles, but there is a mix of things too with some good anal action and a 2 on 1 scene thrown in there too. There is a little tease and play at the beginning of some of the scenes, but I found they really went into the sex itself pretty quickly and followed a fairly standard pattern for almost every scene, they didn't mix up the format too much, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but things get awfully repetitive when you have every scene start out with a near carbon copy of the motions the last one had. It would have been nicer to see a little more creativity. Extras are above average and add a little meat to the disc. Runtime is right around 124 minutes for 5 scenes.
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Boxcover for Diamond Girl
Diamond Girl 

Release date: 9/7/2004
Reviewed on: 2/14/2005 by linus

Starring: Niki Blond, Kenzie Ryan, Daniel DeCarlo, Anna Kristal, Zara Mars, Julian Como
Studio: Ninn Worx

Directed by: Michael Ninn
Review brief: Michael Ninn's Diamond Girl Initial Thoughts:From start to finish, this one is wall to wall Ninn, and in this case it's a good thing, it's very much a lavish stylish movie with plenty of flash and imaginative image story telling. The story is in principle, simple enough about sexual exploration from some blonde sweetheart, and she starts to see all these weird things, some real and some not, and basically dwarfs are her guides into the unknown as she awakens and sees her sexual passions. As often the case with a Ninn production, telling someone about many of the stories he portrays doesn't come close to doing it justice, there is so much imagery that gives the movie it's effect, that you really just have to see it to understand it, and even then some don't. I like the story here, and I liked the sex, very well done and passionate, hard driving and energetic, and at the same time it keeps a nice level of softer erotic motions at most times.
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Review brief: Assed Out 2 Initial Thoughts: This one ended up better than I had initially expected it to, with a title like "Assed Out 2" you would expect a lot of anal sex, and that is pretty much what it provides, but it's not all anal, and the scenes do a nice job of not just being an anal exhibition. Most of the scenes have pretty good chemistry between the performers, and the sex is pretty hot. A very stong cast on both sides of the gender line really help out too, and the scenes go smoothly because of it. The one draw back to this title and it's common to many Northstar discs, is that it really is questionable bang for the buck material. The movie itself is barely 90 minutes long, and there is really nothing but a photo gallery and trailers for extras, that isn't to say this one is bad because it is short, because it is a pretty good flick, but when many studios are averaging in the 2 and a half hour range for all sex titles and a lot more extras than this, it is something to consider. Shortness and lack of extras aside though, this one is enjoyable.
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Review brief: The Art of Oral Sex: Performed by 20 Young Girls - Initial Thoughts It seems to be an increasingly popular trend to take parts of complete sex scenes, and cut out parts of them to make a themed compilation. That is what this disc is about too, taking the blowjob portions of other scenes, and making this compilation. This one is pretty decent, and has a good cast of willing young ladies. For the most part these are some pretty decent blowjobs, but they suffer from issues that most of these kinds of titles do, and that is, that your only getting a glimpse of the scene, these blowjobs are not intended to be the entire scene like in an all oral gonzo production for example, and because of that these BJs seem abrubt and off kilter sometimes. The extras are decent but rather lackluster, this one could have been better, but in this kind of genre, it holds its own. Technical Considerations: Menus are simple and easily used and read.
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Review brief: Super Whores Volume 3 Initial Thoughts:This is more of a general advisory to consider with this disc, rather than a review. For a good indepth review of this title, I point you towards the link to fellow ADT reviewer Bono-One in the upper right hand portion of this page. He was one of the lucky ones who got this disc to work. I used 3 standalone players, a PC and a PS2, and had identical results with all 5 tests of this disc, and It gave me no opportunity to review it. The disc loads perfectly normal, and navigation through the menus works just fine, no sign of any defection. The BTS and Trailer portion of the disc was my first target since I have read 3 other reviews that stated these areas did not work properly, and sure enough, clicking on them boots you directly back to menu as if they do not really exist on the disc.
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Boxcover for Cage (Hustler)
Cage (Hustler) 

Release date: 11/22/2004
Reviewed on: 2/14/2005 by linus

Studio: Hustler

Review brief: Cage Review: This disc proclaims to be "The Greatest XXX Anime Ever Made". That always aggrevates me to begin with, especially in a genre such as adult erotica. Different people are gonna have a wide variety of how they think something is, and it is just ridiculous to claim such things. If this disc was good or excellent in all the non viewpoint catagories, I could atleast see why the hype, but frankly, this disc is plastered full of errors and issues. It has no place to claim it is the Greatest of anything in my view. I always try to find some positives in anything, and there are a few periods where the sex is decent, but there is just flaw after flaw here, that really atleast in my view keep it from ever being anywhere near acceptable. The basic structure here, is that the disc is about 56 minutes long, and a 2 part movie with 28 minutes an episode. The story is often what really is aspiring in these Anime discs to me, many times other areas fall short, but usually the story atleast is somewhat interesting.
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Boxcover for One Night In Vegas
One Night In Vegas 

Release date: 1/24/2005
Reviewed on: 2/14/2005 by rubyred

Starring: Evan Stone, Mr. Marcus, Shay Sights, Lee Stone, Nick Manning, Alexis Malone, Kris Slater, Kaylani Lei, Pason
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Stormy Daniels
Review brief: "A Gay Man's take on Straight Porn" So, this is Stormy's first movie as a director. So how did she do? The Movie: The plot of this movie is very simple. Kaylani Lei goes to Vegas for her bachelorette party, and the next day she wakes up married to a stripper, played by Evan Stone. So now both of them have to figure out what the hell happened the night before. The plot is nice and simple, and keeps things open for the sex scenes, which impressed the hell out of me! Our first scene is between Nick Manning and Kaylani. The scene is suppose to be a romantic scene, and it has that slight feel to it, but it never falls in to the dull "love making" type of scene. Nick has his nice edge to him, and Kaylani really throws herself in to the scene. Although the positions are simple, the sex is still really hot, and the energy is there. A great way to start off the movie. Next we move to Evan's first scene with his showgirl girlfriend.
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Boxcover for Swirl

Release date: 1/21/2004
Reviewed on: 2/14/2005 by rubyred

Starring: Rebecca Bardoux, Tyce Bune, April, Kira Kener, Cheyne Collins, Dale Dabone, Venus, Frank Bukkwyd, Rubee Tuesday, T.J. Cummings
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: David Stanley
Review brief: "A Gay Man's Take on Straight Porn" I was really not happy with David Stanley's The Contestants, but I gave him another chance with Swirl. Was I right to do so? The Movie: I'll get the easy part out of the way first. Let's talk about the plot of this bizarre little movie. The movie starts in a mental institution where a girl's parents are visting her. We don't get to see the girl's face, but we are lead to belive that it's Kira Kerner, because as the hospital fades out, and we flash back, we see the same mom talking to her daughter, played by Kira. It seems that Kira is trying out for the cheerleading squad, and is trying to impress the school hunk, Chad at the same time. Now, I have to stop here and make note of something. This does not take place in a high school. This takes place in a community college. Why am I mentioning this? Well, the script makes the actors mention this fact at least three times in the film's short running time. Okay, moving on. So sadly things won't work out for Kira because, for some unknown reason, the head cheerleader is out to get her.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 80 min. Production Date: 5 / 04 / 2001 Director: Michael Lynn Cast: Kelsey, April, Allysin Chaynes, Jezebelle Bond, Tina Cheri, Drew Hurlie, Nacho Vidal, Dillion Day, Mark Davis, and Alex Rox (listed here as Pier Greenman) The Short Story Initial Expectations: I havent heard much about this one, but Kelsey alone is enough to pique my interest. Initial Reaction: Its pretty, sexy, and put a smile on my face through much of the movie. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting sex with an beautiful look or couples who dont want to deal with a flimsy and poorly acted story Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting nastier sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, but there are a few background noises near the end of the movie. The video is a bit artistic. Its nicely lit, but has a soft look to it that works great for the artistic and erotic theme of the movie.
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Review brief: Well, when I see Katin on the cover posed as she is and I see that Mike John is directing then that dvd is already bound for my player and I bet many of yours as well. Also you add in Missy Monroe, Jessica Fiorentino, and cute little sparkplug Kat that dvd will move! So let's see just how elastic these girls let their booties get. Missy Monroe: Well we lead off with a very hot lady, Missy Monroe and she is sporting some Army colors in her clothing. Guess we will see if Missy can be all she can be in this scene!! Mike starts us out with some bootie shots then we move around to check out Missy's awesome boobs and her eyes are staring right at you as she squeezes her tits. The floor shot looking up was particularly good and Mike also uses that to show off her ass some more. Missy then gets in a doggie pose on the bed and starts to finger her ass/ pussy with us getting ring side seats staring right at her ass! Missy also uses a toy to pry her bootie open. We then get a male pair of hands taking over toy duties with Missy doing plenty of cleanin her ass juices off the toy.
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Boxcover for I've Never Done That Before 10
I've Never Done That Before 10 

Release date: 4/4/2003
Reviewed on: 2/13/2005 by mystery

Studio: Wildlife

Review brief: I am no officianodo of this series, but from the episodes I have seen this was at the top. In sceen 1 Alexis Malone plays the live in girlfriend that cannot wake Tyce Bune Up, so she goes shopping. When she returns, they go at it doing several positions. She samples the in-between cream pie action and Tyce Bune can deliver many of these. In scene 2 Alexis Malone does the shopping thing playing dress up and flashing in s teasing fashion. In sceen 3 Nadia Nice is a cleaning girl. While cleaning the Master Bedroom, she finds and plays with a pocket rocket but does not realize she is caught on tape. As she starts cleaning the living room Tyce Bune and 2 buddies confront her with the security camera, and tell her the only way to avoid calling the police is to play a game of guess the dick. The first 2 participants end with creampie finishes to the front and the 3rd is a facial. In Sceen 4 Layla is raising money by going door to door offering car washes. Weed is a black guy and lets her clean his roommates motorcycle. They go at it and he finishes on standard facial action.
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Boxcover for Drive Thru
Drive Thru 

Release date: 7/6/2004
Reviewed on: 2/13/2005 by md-james

Starring: David Perry, Chris Charming, Demi, Janet, George Uhl, Jane Darling, Tera Joy, Mili Jay, Simone Peach, Janet Peron, Simone Style
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Directed by: Greg Alves
Review brief: Title: Drive Thru Released by: Zero Tolerance Reviewed by MD James "What you are about to see is real. The performances are unscripted. There are no edits. The camera never stops rolling. The only rules ? There are no rules." Thus we begin what cameraman-slash-host-slash-"non-director" Mike Quasar calls a "landmark television event." The challenge: couples showing up on the set and going at it non-stop until the guy cums. There is no stopping. There is no pausing. There will be no breaks of any kind. If something happens, the cameras will keep rolling. Just fuck and suck for twenty minutes until the guy cums. Twenty minutes? Now that IS a challenge! Especially given some of the women in THIS video! Scene 1: Tera Joy and Chris Charming We start off with Tera Joy and she is a great way to start things off. They walk over to the set, which consists of some hot lights, a square cushioned platform, and a gray backdrop. Christ shows off Teras nice butt, which isnt difficult since shes wearing such a flimsy little lingerie with thong panties.
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Boxcover for Nina Hartley's Making Love To Women
Nina Hartley's Making Love To Women 

Release date: 7/20/2000
Reviewed on: 2/13/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Ian Daniels, Chris Cannon, Tina Tyler, Nina Hartley, Jewel Valmont
Studio: Ultimate

Directed by: Nina Hartley
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 140 min. Production Date: 11 / 6 / 1999 Director: Nina Hartley Cast: Nina Hartley, Tina Tyler, and Ian Daniels in major roles and Ava Vincent (listed here as Jewel Valmont) and Chris Cannon in the background The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ninas educational movies have been kind of hit or miss for me. They normally include some decent information, so I have a bit of hope here. Initial Reaction: Its one of Ninas best educational movies. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who with a female lover or who plans on having a female lover sometime Who Should Avoid It: Gay men (and with the job Nina does here, Im not sure even they should avoid it!) The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good for the age of the feature and the DVD. The audio is pretty clear and well balanced, although it does have a few soft spots. The video is also pretty good.
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Review brief: Director: Chris Streams My review: Theres something to be said about 3rd Degrees outstanding product just by looking at my last few purchases Cum Beggars, Suck, Fuck & Swallow, and Cum On In. Between the casting of hot girls, the sex action and the high production values, 3rd Degree is putting out some killer stuff. The basic premise of each scene in Share the Load is this: 2 girls give a BJ to boy #1. Girl #1 gets the cumshot in her mouth and swaps the load to girl #2 for her to swallow. The girls move over to boy #2 to have sex but not in a sloppy seconds manner. After some hot sex, girl #2 receives the popshot and cum swaps to girl #1 and she swallows. Thats it in a nutshell but what a premise it is! Scene 1 Monica Sweetheart & Jamie Brooks: We start with the 2 hot covergirls in a lengthy tease with Chris before they attack his meat with their mouths. Jamie gets the 1st popshot and swaps it to Monica who swallows.
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Review brief: Ok here we have a nice looking dvd where the girls start out having some fun with each other before the cocks enter to amp up the action. This is my first time seeing Paola Rey who I understand is now only doing girls so I'm anxious to see her take on some cock. So let's get right to it shall we. Kelli Tyler & Paola Rey: Alright we start off very nicely with the two girls rubbing over their pussies and we pan up to see their pretty faces with each giving us a sexy stare. Paola's top is see thru which is hot. The girls then start making eyes with each other and they beging making out passionately and I mean deep kisses too, the kind not seen that often in g/g scenes and I loved it. I would have left the camera focused squarely on this hot kissing but we pan out briefly before heading back in as they do some serious tongue twirling. The girls continue to let their hands explore each body but it's the kissing which really sets this tease apart.
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Review brief: I am writing this review from memory and after I wrote the review for Inseminated By 2 Black Men 2. The studio actually invested time and money in this featurete. I think this is noteworthy in an era of hit & run porn. The acting in this movie was much better than the second part, and since I rented this movie a while back I figured I would give it a short (From Memory) explanation for that reason. One notable scene was definitely the best in my opinion because it used some imagination. It was staged back in the days of the Early Years and shot under the premise of taking place in the family barn. The wife was in the barn with 2 farmhands. The subject of THEIR work was discussed, and the ensuing scenes were shot in fairly standard 3 position movemnets. Another notable scene the girl ( I think it was Violet Blue) plays a paralegal type and is confronted in the office/Library by the 2 prisoners. The desktop is used etc. On common Theme throughout the scenes is the wife/actress squawks about what if her husband finds out.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 108 min. Production Date: 7 / 29 / 2002 Director: Skye Blue Cast: Calli Cox, Dru Berrymore, Holly Hollywood, Nicole Sheridan, Shayla LaVeaux, Sondra Hall, Teri Weigel, Chris Cannon, Dillion Day, Voodoo, and Mark Davis The Short Story Initial Expectations: Skye Blue can do a decent job behind the camera, and I love the idea of a kinkier movie being made for couples. Initial Reaction: It has some nice thoughts, but in the end doesnt make it too far by trying to keep it inoffensive and by focusing more on being artistic than sexual. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting softer sex with a few kinks and a lot of artistic camera work Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who doesnt like overly artistic sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are a bit weak. Everything about the audio and video quality of the movie reminded me of watching a VHS tape. It has a slightly muffled sound, and although the video is well lit, its also slightly muddied.
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Review brief: ASS 2 MOUTH 2 Directed by John Strong. The theme of this movie is pretty obvious, what goes in a girl's ass is removed and put into her mouth. The movie defintely delivers on the theme as everything from fingers to toys to dicks gets the ass to mouth treatment. There are frequent breaks during all scenes for ass to mouth, therefore I have not listed each break individually in the scene descriptions. The sex is as close to being all anal without actually being 100 as is possible. Other than double penetrations, there is very little vaginal sex. I am familiar with John Strong from his days at Anabolic. He directed an ass to mouth series there and did a great job with it. Its been a long time since I have seen anything from Platinum X due to the fact that when I first checked them out, their dvds seemed to have some kind of video techincal problem. Everything else was perfect, but something was wrong with the video as it never looked quite as sharp as the dvds produced by their competitors.
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Boxcover for Max Faktor 11
Max Faktor 11 

Release date: 11/4/2004
Reviewed on: 2/12/2005 by mr-october

Studio: Max Hardcore

Review brief: MAX FAKTOR 11 Directed by Max Hardcore. Max's movies are themed to feature him playing the part of a perverted older man, ready to take advantage of the female performers who are made to appear as though they are younger, innocent and have no idea what they're getting into. The girls tend to play their part well, addressing Max as "Mr." and wearing clothes suggesting they are more child-like than adult. Max's scenes tend to feature anal sex as well as heavy gagging oral sex. There is also usually a "Euro" version of each movie available, featuring pissing, fisting and vomitting scenes. These are not featured in the USA version and since alot is cut from the scenes, there are sometimes noticeable breaks in the action. Overall, the sex featured here is some of the roughest and most intense you will find and is definitely not for everyone. Each scene begins with a short dialogue and plot set up or introduction. Max Hardcore movies are some of the most unique I've seen.
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Review brief: NOTE: This review has been updated from its original form to include screenshots from the movie. None of the content has been altered beyond that. The Little Details Running Time: 129 min. Production Date: 12 / 2, 8, 11, 12, 16 / 2004 Director: Mike Metropolis Cast: Christina Agave, Gia, Holly Morgan, Kimmie Cream, Nautica Thorn, Paris Lee, Rick Masters, Kurt Lockwood, Steven St. Croix, Mark Ashley, and Scott Nails The Short Story Initial Expectations: Smash has been coming out with some hot movies lately, and is almost always worth a look. Im looking forward to this one. Initial Reaction: Theres a couple weaker scenes, but for the most part its darn hot. Who Should Watch It : Fans of barely legal girls and sex with fun attitudes Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting to see how nasty guys can get with barely legal girls The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done.
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