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Boxcover for 101 Black Beauties
101 Black Beauties 

Release date: 3/23/2005
Reviewed on: 5/3/2005 by jr

Studio: Digital Team

Review brief: This is a smorgasbord of black-on-black fucking from Video Team. There are some ladies who have not been in the business for years, so it was very nice to see them once again. The scenes start in the middle, so anyone looking for whole scenes needs to stay away. Also, there is a lot of anal in this flick, and sometimes it is with girls that are not very attractive. Once again, if this is a turn-off, stay away. For fans of black fucking, this two disc set will get the job done.
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Review brief: Mr. Pete is a hard fucking individual, and he proves it with this forth installment fo his series. Judging by the ladies that he gives it to, it is no wonder why many consider him one of the top studs in the business today. These are some healthy, fine women, and it was a pleasure to see them get fucked, but one scene does stand out. Saana is one of the most beautiful women I have seen, and to see her acrobatic ass take it while standing on her head and spreading her legs wide apart for a great CG is a thing to behold. You will end up loosing a load when she does the splits on his cock, and her dirty talk is bone-stiffening. She also gives great head, and has a body that has been sculptured in the nearest gym. Nice tits, ass, face, and legs give a great girl a great scene. The rest of the disc is very solid, even though someone really needs to tell some of these camera people that showing faces more than penetration could kill a scene. Beyond that, give this one a look-see.
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Review brief: Reviewers Note: In the interest of full disclosure it is important to note that I produce a series of amateur titles. My work is completely unrelated to the mainstream adult industry but I still feel it is important to mention. Quick Hit: Legal Skin #17 Euro was pretty decent. I often find discs featuring Euro girls to be a little monotonous. But this disc has a great mix of cast members. All turning in at least average scenes with a few stand outs. If you are into Euro Girls you might want to give this disc a look. DVD:Smash Pictures always does an average job with their disc presentation. They seem to follow a template which creates uniformity but lacks the excitement a well planned disc can add to the title. Scene 1: Kathy Anderson Platinum blonde, Kathy Anderson starts this disc off proper. She ha some decent sword swallowing skills and is really enthusiastic with her ole work. This also carries over into a great scene that features some doggy style, mish, and reverse cowgirl anal.
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Review brief: Goo 4 Two is my first Zero Tolerance purchase, and while Im not sure if cum-swapping is a strong enough theme to build a movie around (isnt cum-swapping pretty much standard among multiple girl scenes?) whats really drawn me to this release is the quality of the girls involved particularly the gorgeous Liliane Tiger; with that cover shot I just had to try it SCENE ONE: RITA FALTOYANA & ELLEN SAINT Two pretty hot girls to start with Ellen Saint looks a little different to the last few times Ive seen her (new hair/make up?), looking even better than normal, though it has to be said that Rita Faltoyanos moles on her body are rather distracting here. Throughout the scene there seems to be a little light tension between Dillon and Rita, from the opening tease sections where she amusingly ignores every direction given to her, to scowls and slaps when she is manoeuvred into position. The scene starts with some fairly long but intense blowjobs, before moving onto standard vaginal sex / pussy to mouth oral for both girls.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 121 min. Production Date: 5 / 20 / 2004 Director: David Stanley Cast: Savannah Samson, Dominica Leoni, Lezley Zen, Nicole Sheridan, Wendy Divine, Dale DaBone, Eric Masterson, Evan Stone, Peter Shaft, Randy Spears, Vincent Vega, Voodoo, and Tony Tedeschi and plenty of others in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: All Ive seen from David Stanley is Pretty Girl, but it impressed me enough that I couldnt help but run out and check this one out as well. Im going into this one with pretty high expectations. Initial Reaction: With releases like this David Stanley is quickly finding his way onto my list of favorite directors! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a fun and artistic plot with their sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants straightforward porn or top notch technical aspects The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is clear and nicely balanced, with a few purposeful background noises thrown in that add to things.
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Boxcover for Big Ass Party
Big Ass Party 

Release date: 2/9/2005
Reviewed on: 5/3/2005 by miroku

Studio: West Coast Productions

Review brief: Big Ass Party Reviewer's Tilt Likes Mature women. Expert and professional performers. The girl should know how to give it up for the camera. Two assertive women on one guy. Big, round, plump asses. Black/Latina lesbian sex. Appropriate atmosphere and setups. Just throwing people together and having them fuck is not erotic to me. There should be some context and the performers should appear to want each other. Dislikes Young girls, barely legal girls. Trashy, slutty, or ghetto women. DP's. Double cock sucking. (Two in the mouth at the same time.) Two (or more) guys on one girl. Anal gaping. I'm not a proctologist and I don't care for the colorectal exams. Spitting. Lubrication is okay but blatant spitting is disgusting to me. Forced, domineering sex. Gagging, choking, slapping, humiliation, etc. Girls who appear in pain or discomfort. Boring girls who just lay there. Facials.
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Boxcover for Big Wet Asses 6
Big Wet Asses 6 

Release date: 3/5/2005
Reviewed on: 5/2/2005 by mlyons

Starring: Boby, Katka, J.J., Katarina, Sandra Kay, Jake Malone, Sandra De Marco, Angel Dark, Tiana Lynn
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Thomas Zupko
Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Big Wet Asses #6 Mike Lyons Reviews         Director Thomas Zupko Cast Tiana Lynn, Angel Dark, Katka, Sandra De Marco, Sandra Kay, Jake Malone, JJ. Genre All Sex Condoms None Running Time of Main Feature 2 Hrs.
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Boxcover for Young Directors 2: Generation Sex
Young Directors 2: Generation Sex 

Release date: 5/31/2004
Reviewed on: 5/2/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: BigDickFactory

Review brief: There is a rule that no sequel is as good as the original. Im sure there are exceptions to this rule, but unfortunately it is not the case here. Young Directors 1 was a great film, and I looked forward to this one eagerly. Alas, it was nowhere near the first of this title. For one thing, Young Directors 1 was actually done by Justin Slater and others with a camera. That is not really the case here. Now and then a guy is given a camera, but it seems merely an inconsistent prop with no true function. What we have are the usual four scenes of twosomes with an occasional intrusion into the action by a cameraman. But the excitement and fun of number 1 is sadly missing.
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Review brief: Well this was a title I had earmarked for awhile and finally it came today. To say Hillary Scott is making a name for herself in the gonzo biz is pretty accurate and I say it's a very good name right now and can only get better. You want a girl that oozes sex from head to toe she is a walking definition of how a porn girl should work a scene. It doesn't even look like work for Hillary most times, I say she's having more fun than a lot of girls today and this title will surely showcase that ability as she is in several scenes. So let's get going on the Hillary hit parade. Hillary Scott: This first scene is a 1 on 1 with Miss Scott and John Strong. You get plenty of hard dick sucking by Hillary along with some rimming done and she doesn't flick her tongue, no she digs in there mining for gold! As for the sex you don't see her pussy entered once if I'm not mistaken, all ass fucking which I've heard Hillary state a preference for in other behind the scenes. You see her ass nailed in several appealing positions, including spoon, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.
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Boxcover for Security Cam Chronicles 2
Security Cam Chronicles 2 

Release date: 2/15/2005
Reviewed on: 5/2/2005 by jr

Studio: Madness

Review brief: The sex in this disc is very good, but let me tell you something right now. This is not, I repeat, NOT a surveillance camera DVD. And here are the reasons why: 1. This entire disc, and every scene in it, has some of the best sound that I have heard. It has better sound than DVDs put out by some of the top companies in the business. How many caught on camera features do you know of where EVERY SCENE has perfect sound? 2. There is a scene where a couple fuck inside an elevator. I have no problem with this, but for one, how many elevators do you know of that stay on the same floor? Also, with all the damn noise they are making, nobody thought to hit the emergency switch? And, about said switch, do they usually go off and make a loud noise? And, when they are through, the door opens up just as they have finished putting their clothes back on. 3. None of the faces are obscured to hide the identity of anyone, and every person in each scene always turns to give the secret camera some good penetration shots.
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Review brief: Lots of people try to take credit for the Gonzo Revolution. I couldnt even begin to guess who started it, but I will step out on a limb and say that nobody ran further, faster than Seymore Butts. Some of my favorite scenes of the 90s were courtesy of Seymore adventures, and its rare that this cat disappoints. The title started with Morgan Fairlane. By todays standards, Morgan would be an A shelf MILF, by 90s standards she was an average aged sex machine. This was a pre boob job Morgan, but she looked great here nonetheless. She put on a good show, and made me wish I paid more attention when she was active. The movie continues will an all girl scene courtesy of Gina Winters and Taylor Hayes. These two seemed into each other, but I dont watch Girl on Girl action. Taylor Hayes takes on Tom Byron in this scene. Taylor was all the rage in the late 90s and I have to say that I missed that. I never paid her any attention, but after seeing her work here, I now know that I missed the bus on that maneuver. If it wasnt for the condom, this scene would have been mastery.
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Review brief: Here we have a title that I'm very interested in. It's a g/g series which intrigues me right off the bat, then add in the fact all the scenes will be without toys and my interest really starts to rise and finally add in girls like Sandra Romain and Melissa Lauren and this is a disc I have to check out. Samantha Ryan & Jamie Brooks: We start with a good close up on Samantha as she slowly lets her top down revealing her modest sized tits. Jamie is lying behind her eyeing her costar and I think she has designs on doing something nasty! Soon you get some ass caressing by Miss Brooks and you find Samanta's ass to be nice and jiggly. The girls briefly kiss before we get some breast sucking and Jamie then lets her big boobs get some lovin. All you toe suckers out there will be happy to see Samantha taking Jamie's tootsies in her mouth, then Jamie takes over with more breast play and finally some oral is shot. You have a nice side floor shot looking right at Jamie as she's licking pussy and she uses some spit to get it a bit wetter.
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Boxcover for Pirate Fetish Machine 17: The Cult
Pirate Fetish Machine 17: The Cult 

Release date: 2/7/2005
Reviewed on: 5/2/2005 by jr

Starring: Bianca, Vera, Bambi, Andy Brown, Victoria Swinger, Liz Honey, Melissa Black, Carina
Studio: Private

Directed by: Frank Thring
Review brief: This is a fetish disc, so there is a wide variety of sex going on. Three-ways, DPs, group, its here to be seen. The sex is fairly decent, and those fans of Privates who have been fans for the last few years will enjoy. The rest wont be turned off by the sex, but it does seem like there was a little too much time that was spent on how the costumes looked and how the sets were than the actual fucking. And once again, you will get your extreme close-ups. Rent it first if your not a fan, but for those who are, do your thing. Just look out for all those DPs flying your way.
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Review brief: One of Privates compilation discs, this has several favorite fuck scenes from some of the best fucking (and looking) women that this company has put in their features. I had given up on Private several years ago, because the women kept getting thinner and thinner, and all that anal can turn someone off if that is not your cup of tea (I dont mind it sometimes, but to see what some chick had for breakfast is a bit much). You will find that here as well so for any people that love anal sex, thats what you will get from them. Im also not a big fan of chicks looking into the camera when they are supposed to be fucking, so once again, if that floats your boat, by all means, go for it.
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Boxcover for Sittin' Pretty
Sittin' Pretty 

Release date: 7/29/2004
Reviewed on: 5/2/2005 by jr

Starring: Sindee Coxx, Steve Hatcher, Autumn Haze, Felicia Fox, Aria, Baz, Kurt Lockwood, Jack Spade, Katrina Kraven
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Roy Karch
Review brief: This is one of the last times that Aria has had a scene with someone other than Lee Stone. It is nice to see her take other dick, and its nice to see all the healthy women in this feature. Why some companies wish to show rail-thin women is beyond me, but this one is certainly not one of them. Its more couples fare, but there is one scene that does put it past just the usual soft sex you will find in such a title. The scene with Katrina Kraven being involved in a three-way was the best scene on the disc, not only for the reason that she gets fucked pretty damn good, but the chemistry between all three of the performers makes this scene work, despite the fact that it is outdoors and you do see the occasional fly come into the scene. Both women give great head, and the CGs and RCGs are very well captured. There is nothing quite like seeing two women getting off on one dick.
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Boxcover for Barely 18 10
Barely 18 10 

Release date: 6/22/2004
Reviewed on: 5/2/2005 by dandaman

Starring: Sarah, Lucy, Martina, Luigina
Studio: Sin City

Review brief: Barely 18 10 Studio: Sin City Category: Barely Legal Director: Franz Gottfried Starring: Martina, Lucy, Sarah, Luigina, Yvonna (Yvonne), J.J., Neeo, George Reno, J. Lassiter, Diether Von Stein. Synopsis Sin City Teen goes for the ten installment, on the series. I know some of the performers, so let me give it a try. All the scenes have a very silly intro trying to make sense Scene 1- Yvonne Yvonne is a cute girl, with a body to die for, she has done some work for the top dogs in the other side of the pond. Poor Yvonne is trying to attract more customers to her car wash, to succeed she implement the latest marketing tools available: got naked. Of course now there's one customer in no time, she bares all, and she fill the screen with those lovely curves, the guy talk his way to nail her, she accepts, he cannot skip her pussy which looks great, he put his dick inside that warm hole.The rounds will be kind of mish, standing both ways, RCG, CG and so on.
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Review brief: This will only take one paragraph. This is striclkly couples fare. I know, I know. Thats all A&E puts. Out. Well, I have seen harder material from them, and this is not it. Nothing wrong with this flick if your fancy is couples oriented porn, but for the raincoaters out there, stay away from this one. It is very sexy, so for the ladies and the guy who wants to show his date that his isnt into freak show porn (even though he wont let her see what he has in his closet), this will do just fine. Not heavy, just light clean fun.
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Review brief: Anytime a feature has Vanessa Blue sitting on some luck guys face and offering up that sweet juicy twat of hers, that should make for a great disc, and this one does start off that way. Her scene is by far the best of the lot, and even though the rest have a decent variety of IR fucking with some beautiful ladies, they dont match the first scene. Its not ball busting scorching, IMO, but it more that does the job for VB fans. She starts out the disc by giving up the booty to a lucky dude. He does his best with that fine stuff, even though in CG his dick kept falling out. She can give some mean head, and she knows how to jump up and down on a hard cock. The positions were the usual, and he dumped his load on her chest, but the chemistry was the best part of the scene. These two were into each other, and that was apparent by the fucking. Give this one a try.
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Review brief: Prologue For a new twist on anal themed porn, we now have Anal Romance. I didn't catch the first in this series, so I'm not sure what cuts the difference here. What I do know is that Tiffany Mynx, Haley Paige and Isabel Ice are all women I'd like to have anal romance with. I'm new to Michelle Banks and Tiffany Hopkins, but if they're here, buns are going to get busted. Director Steve Holmes has been making some very good porn and I expect no less here. Michelle Banks, an exotic, dark skinned woman with even darker aureolae and nipples is jilling off on a couch when the dapper Steve Holmes walks in. He looks like he just walked in off the set of Miami Vice and there's some very romantic, soap opera-ish music playing in the background to set the tone. They make out a little and he fondles her lovely breasts. Legs get pulled back and he opens her pretty pink slit with his tongue. A little digital anal probing brings a sweet snarl to Michelle's face.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 69 min. Production Date: 7 / 3 / 2003 Director: David Stanley Cast: Briana Banks, Lezley Zen, Ashley Blue, Evan Stone, Steven St. Croix, Eric Masterson, Trevor Zen, and Sharon Kane, David Stanley, and many more in non-sex and cameo roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: Supposedly this movie got Stanley canned by Vivid because they hated it, then it got nominated for a few awards and they loved it and tried hiring him back. Instead Stanley went to Wicked. That story has me really curious about this one! Initial Reaction: I cant wait to see what David Stanley does for Wicked! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a porn movie about porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting long or nasty sex scenes The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and free of background noises, but the balance falters a little in places. The video is very well done, and nicely mixes color and black and white footage.
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Review brief: Ok Here we Have Baker's Dozen #2. For those of you who have been living under a rock, This is Brandon Iron's Facial Series. Brandon does a great job with all of his titles, but I have to say "A Good Source Of Iron" is my favorite series just because it is the cumswallowing series. But for Facial Series, Baker's Dozen will never leave you unsatisfied. When I first seen the cover with Taylor Rain holding that box of donuts wearing those pink boyshorts I knew this was going to be good. MMM Taylor Rain. SCENE 1 TRISTA POST She is new to me an looks much like the girl next door for sure.This brown haired girl sports a see thru top,pink mini-skirt,black thong and black heals at her introduction. She tells you she will take a dozen loads on her face and points from forehead to her chin.*Note* It's not a Boner-fide facial if there is no forehead coverage. She gets naked and kicks back on a couch where she throws her legs up and shows off that ass and shaved pussy.
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Review brief: Asspirations 1 Studio: Digital Sin Category: Anal Director: Axel Braun Starring: Brian Surewood, Tony T., Sledge Hammer, Mr. Pete, Jazmin, Ben English, Lauren Phoenix, Barbara Summer, Joachim Kessef, Tiannna Lyn, Deja Daire, Brandy Nichole Synopsis What can I say About Lauren Phoenix, that is not love in is purest form, Asspirations get a nice pack of gorgeous girls willing to let your imagination and others parts rise with joy. Scene 1- Lauren Phoenix, Joachim Kessef, Brian Surewood, Tony T. I don't recall a single scene were Lauren didn't give her whole effort.... She is in pink panties and a black bra.
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Review brief: In my ongoing quest to find as much Hillary Scott as I can here comes this title from Mayhem. The title pretty much sums up what you can expect, each and every girl will get their pretty little poopers plugged with cock. I see some real good performers here led by Melissa, Tyla, Jamie, and of course Hillary. So I say let's get right to it as some real good asses will be seeing some action shortly. Hillary Scott: Well my wait and yours is a short one until this hot young babe comes on. The scene starts with her walking donwn what looks to be a canal of some sort, wonder where in LA they shot this! You see she's decked out in her porn finest meaning a skimpy shirt with her tits protruding, a even skimpier skirt which shows her ass cheeks, and of course mesh stockings and heels complete the ensemble.
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Review brief: Whats in my DVD player (mainstream): Raging Bull (2-disc special edition) This biopic of Jake La Motta paints an unsympathetic picture of the Bronx Bull and avoids any attempt at a feel-good Hollywood ending, both of which may have contributed to Raging Bull not winning Best Picture and Best Director for Scorcese. However, this movie almost appears unanimously in film critics top films of all time and it is highly recommended. Director: David Perry Running time: 1:46 My short review: This title drew my interest to see if David Perry was directing a pure gonzo flick for Private, which is a little out of the norm for them. It would be impossible to confuse Davids work with Antonio Adamos, especially if you have seen Davids work with Zero Tolerance.
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Boxcover for Polish Pleasures
Polish Pleasures 

Release date: 11/1/2004
Reviewed on: 5/1/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Oh Man

Review brief: Did you know that in Poland if you stand on the street or in the woods with your dick hanging out, someone will come along and pick you up? Of course the same would happen to you in America, but instead of being picked up by a young stud for a nice suck and fuck you would find yourself picked up by the police and put in a cell with a potbellied gorilla named Bubba. But if this film is anything to go by it works 99 of the time in Poland. There is one exception and thats right at the beginning. Tadek, a square-faced man who looks like Frank on Murphy Brown, doesnt get any takers so he just jacks off. The last we see of him hes leaning against a wall with a strand of spooge hanging from his uncut cock. Tadeklike everyone on this DVD has put the clippers to his scalp leaving him with hair that looks like five oclock shadow. Maybe all the performers are soldiers or maybe the prison look is "in" in Poland this year. Because they are all thin and all have the buzz cut, it is often difficult to tell the performers apart so I may not always have the names right.
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