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Boxcover for Chili Buns 2
Chili Buns 2 

Release date: 3/20/2004
Reviewed on: 12/13/2004 by grand157

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: Chili Buns 2 Overall Opinion: Excellent DVD, Allows for Jumping to scene to scene, Chapter menu and Fetish DVD, The Girls Four are HOT and TIGHT, Two girls are average, and two are good. All girls are of Latin decent. 1. Herika and Bianca, Bianca the better looking of the two, (Both Girls perform the following -Toys to the anal with tasting, PTM, Doggie, BJ - hand/mouth combo, both have tight anus, and doggie anal). Bianca performs the following - F on F analingus, does a good throat jamming sessions, missionary, and missionary anal. Herika perfoms - F on F oral. Facial to herika blast to bianca buns. Good vocal/ energy. 2. Carol Dias and Paul Summer, Average bodies with good boody, (Both girls perfom - F on F analingus, Finger tasting of various holes, toys to all holes with tasting, BJ = Throat Jamming, Hand/ mouth combo, Cowgirl, doggie anal= good anal pounding, ATM, and reverse cowgirl anal). Carol performs - stand and ride, missionary, pile driver. Paula performs - Doggie. Medium Vocal/ Good energy. Facial blast to open mouth with poor aim.
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Review brief: Title: International Tushy CAST: Mari Possa, Allura Eden, Violet Blue, Rio, Angelica Sinn, and Jackie Moore. Overall Opinion: Average Film, Some really good anal pounding and eager actresses, but for some reason I am marking it average. It not the worse, but not the best porno I have ever seen. I think the older models with average bodies are making this go average. All models are awesome with eagerness to perform acts and give pleasure. Excellent DVD setup with chapter/fetish/bonus/behind scene footage. 1. Rio -Average, Brief M on F oral, BJ = hand/mouth Combo, F on M Analingus, Doggie, Doggie Anal/Good Pounding, BJ to POP to mouth shows on tongue. With a smile. Good vocal/ Energy. 2. Unknown (deflated boobs) and Violet Blue (Good body), BJ = Throat Jamming, Unknown F on Violet Oral, Doggie, Cowgirl, Analingus performed by Unknown M and F, Reverse Cowgirl Anal Uknown, Doggie anal Violet Blue/Good anal pounding, Inerternal Cum Shot to Violet Blue. Cum shot is drooled out of anus on to unknown stomach and then some vaginal oral performed on violet blue by unknown. 3.
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Review brief: I can't believe I haven't written a few words about this one. Damn we have some hotties in this title from the good folks at Zero Tolerance and I start right with the lovely busty Jane Darling who graces the dvds cover with the equally stunning Dark Angel and do I have to mention that the boobalicious Avy Scott is gracing this title with her large melons! So if those three girls aren't enough to raise your cock's attention then perhaps nothing will! The set up for the scenes are pretty simple. The girls are shown together teasing us in varying degrees of undress, there might be some kissing, definitely some breast play, some ass caressing, you know all the lovely things designed to get a raging hard on within your hands. Quasarman is real good behind the camera so let's get to some boobs. Jane Darling & Dark Angel: Man are these two women just mouth watering gorgeous or what. The boobs are already on display as their tease opens and you also see some nice ass rubbing by the girls along with several sexy glances our way.
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Review brief: Welcum fans to another edition of this ass licking series from the man himself, Mr. Tom Byron. This is a cool series in that you get some hot cock sucking but add in the extra rimming and you get some pretty interesting scenes usually! The premise is very simple for this one, the girls get to suck some cock and then they hopefully bury their faces ass deep for some rimming action. You also get the guys eating some female bootie which I really like a lot especially when it's another girl licking ass. Rather than go over every scene, the patterns are similar I'll pick a few to highlight. Kody: This scene starts out with an awesome ass shot of this girl who used to go by Honey. I like this girls look at lot, nice big breasts, a good bootie, and a pretty face. Kody starts out with some very good cock sucking and Tom is right there with the shots close up and pulled back a bit. Kody for her part gives some nice eye contact, gags a little and there is ball licking as well.
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Review brief: Summary I think this was when Metro was changing their video line to include plots. The Back Seat Driver and Air Tight series were magnificant so I was weary of a getting a Metro movie containg any plot. Im not sure what the premise was in this movie because I didnt listen to the dialogue. It really didnt seem like there was a story, just Darla dressed up to look like Betty Paige. It wasn't set in the fifties or anything. Shes OK with black hair but the red hair is really a turn on. I rented this to see Darla then found out that Ryan and Amber were in it as well so I got a copy as quick as I could. These are girls who definitely turn heads wherever they go with their tits and asses. But I was a little disappointed. The scenes are a little short and the camera wasnt so hot during Darlas sex scene. The male performers were horrible. Amber stole the show but again the scenes were short. Scenes Darla and another guy. Darla walks into a copy room in a tight black outfit and high spiked heels. She looks so sexy. Her fantastic ankle tattoos really draw attention to her hot legs.
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Boxcover for Bondage Queen Kate
Bondage Queen Kate 

Release date: 11/9/2001
Reviewed on: 12/13/2004 by astroknight

Studio: Kitty Media

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: 1995 Director: Takashi Asami Cast: Animated The Short Story Initial Expectations: I dont know why, but for some reason I have hope for this one. Initial Reaction: With a couple little changes, this could have been a really good couples sex cartoon. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a darker feel and a lot more plot than sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting an animated movie with an emphasis on sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: Technically, you have the choice between English and Japanese audio, with or without subtitles. The English dubbing is nicely done, and sounds okay. The mix feels a little weak at times, but seems to fit the video well. The video feels dated. It looks like fairly grainy Pokemon and has a bit of a filmlike feel. Music: Theres a little music here and there, just like one would expect from a cartoon. Menus: The menus are extremely simple.
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Boxcover for No Limits 9
No Limits 9 

Release date: 6/8/2004
Reviewed on: 12/13/2004 by grand157

Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: No Limits 9 CAST: Gabriela, Wiska, Angela, Courtney, Nika, Karen, and Marina. Overall Opinion: Good DVD, But there are limits to what the female models will do. Gabriela and Nika do not do anal. Extreme Anal on cover only Courtney, Karen, and Marina do anything real remarkable. Angela was tight. There are moments of disappointments when models do not take part in all positions and double penetration should be done with toys and cock. This is not a S and M film which is good. The Models are HOT. 1. Gabriela and Wiska, Hot Models, Big dildo for Wiska, F on F analingus Wiska, Finger tasting with Gabriella to Wiskas mouth, Throat jamming sessions, (Both do Doggie, PTM, Cowgirl, and ATM), Brief M on F oral Gabriela, Missionary Gabriela, Doggie anal Wiska, Double Penetration Wiska, Open mouth Facial Excellent glob to Gabriela face, No anal For Gabriela. Excellent Vocal and Energy. 2. Anela, Hot Body, Masturbation scene to start with toys.
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Review brief: Title: Anal Teen Tryouts 6 CAST: Kylie and Cali Marie, Hillary Scott, Deja Daire, Alex Devine, and Sydnee Capri. Cali Marie Does not perform anal. Bonus scenes are toys/masturbation scenes with everyone except the twins. Overall Opinion: Disappointing a twin movie should have lesbian, ATM, PTM, Anal, and be wild. All the girls are should be relatively new to anal not already worn out. Deja Daire saves the DVD her scene is worth seeing all others try to find them younger and thinner somewhere else. DVD does allow for jumping within the scene and has a chapter menu. No Fetish Menu. 1. Kylie (has tattoo on chest) and Cali Marie, Good Bodies, Tongue rings, M on F oral x2, BJ hand/mouth combo (no deep throat)x2.Ball Sucking x2, Cowgirl x2, PTM by Cali, doggie x2, doggie anal by Kylie. Medium Vocal/Energy. Pop Shot to open Mouth. Disappointing Scene. Length of scene is short too. 2. Hillary Scott - Average body with deflated tits, she is not a tryout by any means; She has been tried and worn out. Her anal passage mimics a second vaginal. Blind Folded briefly.
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Boxcover for Triple Stacked 5
Triple Stacked 5 

Release date: 11/17/2004
Reviewed on: 12/12/2004 by grand157

Starring: Nina, Nancy, Margo, Priscilla, Katrin, Jaime, Vika, Danyelle, Christen
Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: Triple Stacked 5 CAST: Christen, Katrin, Vika, Danielle, Jaime, Margo, Nancy, Nina, Priscilla. Only reason marked a four and half is because the cover states all anal and two girls do not perform anal action. Overall Opinion: Excellent DVD the two girls that do not do ANAL are Christen and Jaime; and are not the hottest models. Tight anal penetration and ATM inside this DVD. Fetish menu, chapter menu, and trailers. Ability to jump around in the scene. 1. Christen, Katrin, and Vika. Excellent bodies, Excellent lesbian scene to start off, Vika and Katrin both take toys to anal with a DP action with toys. Vika gets a strap on a does Katrin and Christen. Enter Male - Vika/Katrin BJ with Throat Jamming session. Missionary for Christen,, Vika, and Katrin, Doggie Christen and Katrin, PTM for all girls, Anal Doggie Katrin and Vika, ATM for all girls, Anal Cowgirl Vika, Pop to all three Vika gets most to face. Good vocal/energy, Katrin and Vika are the hottest girls in this scene and they do it all with a smile. 2. Danielle, Jaime, and Margo.
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Review brief: Director: Toni Ribas Year of production: 2004 Cast (in scene order): Gloria Gucci, Cora Carina & Evelin, Simony, Tera Bond & Afrodite, Mya Diamond Who should buy this: Fans of hot Euro babes with great legs getting DPed and some foot fetish action My review: This flick clocks in at over 2 hours of action and that is not including the bonus scene! There is a decent looking Euro ensemble assembled for this edition in this series, including the sexy Simony and Mya Diamond. The opening tease of each scene showcases the females decked out in make-up and sexy lingerie showing off their lovely bodies. Every scene has DP action but not foot fetish segments. Personally, I dont care for the foot fetish thing but for those who do care, I will make it a point to include a blurb on the foot fetish segments. Scene 1 Gloria Gucci: (Sex acts: BJ; vag in doggie, RCG and spoon; anal in spoon and doggie; DP in CG; ATM) Gloria is a dark-haired cutie with a good body. Glorias gets an extended DP in CG and she is a screamer.
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Boxcover for Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 5
Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 5 

Release date: 7/24/2004
Reviewed on: 12/12/2004 by joe-shaver

Starring: Peter, Thomas, Michal, Marek
Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: An officer is putting three soldiers through their paces. They are told to crawl, run, crawl, run, and kneel. Now although the last command seems to be an unusual one, it is not in this army. After giving this order he walks over to a cute strawberry blond named Fredo and gives yet another order: suck. The young soldier obeys and as he chows down on his officers baton the other two soldiers (blond Peter and dark-haired Michael) begin swapping tongues. Its not long of course before they too are into the cocksucking maneuver. As all strip off we see that Fredo has a very lickable body. The officer settles for his dick. When we return to this duo after watching the other soldiers suck dick, Fredo is on his back and the officers cock is in his ass. Although Fredo would be enough for me, the officer orders the soldiers to bend over and has a go at their asses, too. Now being ignored, young Fredo pleads with the officer: Please fuck me. It is a request that no one could deny as Fredo is young enough and pretty enough to be in Bel Ami films.
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Review brief: Welcome one and all to the latest offering from the creative mind of Mr. Steve Holmes. If you want a guy who is enthusiastic about fucking the ladies then check out one of his releases. He totally gets off getting the girl or girls off and Steve isn't shy at all about burying his face ass deep to do it! We have some lovely ladies on hand for this romantic jaunt so let's waste no time, pull up a chair and let's get started. Kathy Blanche: Here we begin with Kathy in a tight pink dress and she is out for a stroll with the camera following closely behind giving us good views of her curves. Kathy turns around to smile at us and bend down spreading her legs showing off her pussy, no panties! Kathy looks around sees no one and pulls down her top showing off some really nice boobs. You then see Steve Holmes enjoying a glass of wine when he spies Kathy walking by and she comes close and has a seat across from him. Steve acting so cool invites her over and they are soon holding hands as he stares into her eyes.
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Review brief: I am going to start off by saying that this title was most like wasted on me. I bought this title based on rep and not information. We all know that Ms. Randall is a gifted and accomplished photographer, and at time of pre order I had no information on this releases and assumed it was going to be an IR title. Had I known what I was getting into, I would have never dropped a nickel on this. That being said, Ill get into the mini review. I said the above to let you know that anyone that might be a fan of this style of film will most likely be blown away. It reminded me of Andrew Blake the way the cinematography was captured. The lighting was flawless, and the women were nothing short of breathtaking, but the sex had too much of a choreographed feel to it for me, It also had a fair amount of girl=girl action to boot. Even though I try to rep IR titles, I do enjoy non-IR as well, but it needs to be 100 gonzo for me to truly appreciate. Based on what I would consider to be classic porn, this falls into that category.
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Boxcover for Hika Ryoujoku: The Lust of Shame
Hika Ryoujoku: The Lust of Shame 

Release date: 6/24/2003
Reviewed on: 12/12/2004 by astroknight

Studio: NuTech

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 27 min. Production Date: 2003 Director: None given Cast: Animated The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive had very mixed results with hentai, so Im not really sure what to expect here. Initial Reaction: Its not done too badly, but the entire subject matter is rather sickening. Who Should Watch It : Im not sure I really want to understand who should watch this Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes consensual sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear, well balanced, and synchs pretty well with the animated video. The video is okay. Its pretty crisp, but the top third of the feature is noticeably lighter than the bottom two thirds, almost as if it were over lit. Music: The music varies in style nicely throughout the feature, which nicely enhances the scenes. Menus: The main menu is long, and almost acts as a trailer for the feature before the selections come up.
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Boxcover for Dear Whore 4
Dear Whore 4 

Release date: 10/18/2004
Reviewed on: 12/11/2004 by phoenix1

Starring: Evan Stone, Brooke, Steve Holmes, Frank Bukkwyd, Reno, Manuel Ferrara, Lauren Phoenix, Missy Monroe, Tyla Wynn, Pandora Dreams
Studio: Legend

Directed by: Jerome Tanner
Review brief: General Summary I rented this to see Lauren, Missy and Pandora. It looked like a good combo. Well filmed with real good use of lighting. Not completely gonzo movie with nice looking girls, short scenes (compared to todays standards) and with limited intensity. Each scene starts with a little acting. Not enough time spent on Lauren (of course, who can get enough of Lauren?). Summary Lauren, Reno. Lauren is doing some comedy as a teacher with a pointer and board in front of her as she explains how each part of a woman's brain works during sex (supposed to be comedy). I didn't really stay to watch this, I FF. She has on a real tight, skimpy, pink, sparkly top and she is in prime condition. Then the sex starts. She gets soaked with sweat within the first minutes as she usually does. Very short BJ, maybe less than a minute (the shortest Ive ever seen her do). Very short positions and it is over (no anal if Im mistaken, which may be a first for her, too). She didnt even get her engines revved. A good male performer needs to be with Lauren because she can really let loose.
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Review brief: Here we have a title with a pretty good premise going for it. Take two lovely young ladies, have them play a little with each other before a cock is brought in and after some good healthy fucking you have one girl get the load dropped in her mouth and she in turn shares the jizz with her sexy friend. Sound like a plan, let's see how well the folks at Smash executed it. Keri Sable & Sativa Rose: This first scene uses quite a nice sized house for it's setting and you watch as Keri and Sativa come together at the base of some winding stairs. Both are clad in skimpy outfits just like you'd want a babe to look for this type of scene! Keri has on a white skirt and Sativa is wearing a frayed blue jean skirt. Sativa is all about feeling over Keri's ass and then kissing her belly and she also gets a quick lick at Miss Sable's pussy with Yani giving us a fine ground shot and this is enhanced further with a fabulous butt shot and ass slap from Sativa. The girls then walk upstairs with us tagging behind so we watch both ass cheeks bounce a bit.
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Boxcover for I Swallow 7
I Swallow 7 

Release date: 11/26/2000
Reviewed on: 12/11/2004 by astroknight

Starring: Nick East, Steve Taylor, Red, Rodney Moore, Nova, China Lee, Sweet Leaf, Pristine, Bethany, Niki Lae', Skye Foxx, Blake Leigh, Mia Dumore
Studio: Odyssey

Directed by: Rodney Moore
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 135 min. Production Date: 12 / 1999 (movie) 02 / 2000 (boxcover) Director: Rodney Moore Cast: Mia Domore, Bethany, China Lee, Niki Lae, Nova, Pristine, Skye Foxx, Sweet Leaf, Blake Leigh, Nick East, Red, Steve Taylor, and of course, Rodney Moore The Short Story Initial Expectations: Its been a long time since Ive watched a Rodney Moore movie. I remember them being pretty rough, and am a little nervous about it. Initial Reaction: Its a little rough at times, but almost always fun. Who Should Watch It : Fans of swallowing and a lot of chemistry Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting an all oral movie or top notch technical aspects The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is fairly clear and well balanced, but you can often hear the beeping from the camera as Rodney or somebody else takes photos. The video is also pretty good. Its nicely lit but does have a few naturally feeling shadows.
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Boxcover for Mass Appeal 2
Mass Appeal 2 

Release date: 6/24/2003
Reviewed on: 12/11/2004 by astroknight

Starring: Lola, Jake Armstrong, Keri Windsor, Ken Ryker, Troy Halston, Cameron Sage, Jason McCain, Holly Halston, Jordan Haze
Studio: Men of Odyssey

Directed by: Jim Steel
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 87 min. Production Date: 10 / 2002 Director: Jim Steele Cast: Ken Ryker, Jake Armstrong, Jordan Haze, Keri Windsor, Cameron Sage, Lola, Troy Halston, Holly Halston, and Jason McCain The Short Story Initial Expectations: I remember Mass Appeal as being pretty good. With that memory and Keri Windsor in this one I cant resist! Initial Reaction: Its pretty good, but has a few definite faults. Who Should Watch It : Bisexual movie fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a bisexual movie where the girls take it in the ass too The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is pretty good and well balanced, but there are a few places where it seems muffled and distant. The video is also pretty well done. Theres barely any grain, and it varies from being nicely lit to having a few shadows interfere. Music: The music is soft and rests in the background nicely. Menus: The menus are pretty good.
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Boxcover for Brittney's Perversions 2
Brittney's Perversions 2 

Release date: 3/20/2004
Reviewed on: 12/11/2004 by grand157

Starring: Lolita, Brittney Skye, Felix Vicious
Studio: Sineplex

Review brief: Title: Brittneys Perversions 2 Cast: Brittney Skye (all Scenes), Penelope (anal), Vika (anal), Lolita, Jennia(anal), and Felix (anal). Overall Opinion: Good DVD, All actress have excellent bodies, but some of the scene look like the actresses dont know what to do (Probably because of a language barrier). I was hopping for Brittney to have the same energy level she had with Felix through out DVD and Positions. Brittneys Signature every scene she does deep throat. All Scene are two girls and a guy. Fetish Menu and Photo Gallery Brittney Excellent Body. 1. Penelope (P) (Excellent Body), Hand Cuffs (brief), Brittney (B) shows P how to do deep throat and the coaches P, P either first anal scene or had not done one in a while, P (Anal = pile driver), B performs anglingus on P, Reverse cow girl P, missionary B, B (Anal = Reverse Cow Girl and Spoon). M on F 69 position. P/B PTM, P/B ATM. Good Vocal / Energy. 2.
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Boxcover for Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 6
Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 6 

Release date: 9/25/2004
Reviewed on: 12/10/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: U.S. Male

Review brief: Having now seen two of this sensational series, it seems that the Czech army must be the gayest military unit since Alexander the Great marched his legions out of Macedonia. Yet, it is doubtful that Alexanders men were half as attractive. The film opens with two officers (one of whom is the handsome Radek from SOLDIERS OF EASTERN EUROPE 7) picking up an enlisted man in their car and driving him to a remote spot in the woods where they order him to suck their cocks and give up his ass to their stiff uncut boners. Radek is sexy and handsome and with long black locks (obviously short hair is not a requirement of the Czech military). His fellow officer is blond and very, very muscular. The enlisted man (George) is quite cute. After George has been boffed by both officers, he flees. Left alone the two still horny officers suck and rim one another before Radek fucks the shaved ass of his muscular fellow officer. 2. Elsewhere in the forest, two soldiers stop to rest. One comments that the weather is Nice. Youre nice too, his companion attests.
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Boxcover for Bones For Cumpuppy
Bones For Cumpuppy 

Release date: 8/7/2002
Reviewed on: 12/10/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Treasure Island Media

Review brief: This film has one of the more nauseating scenes I have seen in a film. The most nauseating was in Pasolinis 20 DAYS IN SODOM where at an elegant dinner party the guests were served juicy turds, which they cut up with their silver knives and forks and duly ate. In this, our heroCumpuppycuts the bottoms off six or so condoms filled with sperm, dropping the contents onto a sliced apple seated in a dish. He then rubs a piece of apple in the goo to get as much as possible onto it and eats the apple. (It will never replace the caramel apple.) He then puts his face down in the plate of sperm. Now dont get me wrong, I think cum is great. In days when it was fairly safe there was nothing to compare with consuming your partners load. And Ive found it oddly exciting in other films from this studio when a tumbler of cum was poured into an open mouth. So what bothers me here? Think its the apple? Think its the fact that theres a big difference in hot cum from a cock and cold cum on a plate? NO, I think the problem is Cumpuppy.
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Review brief: Well this could be a fun dvd to watch. You get another chance to see the beautiful busty Sammie Rhodes show off her melons plus add in other cuties like Dani Woodward, Tyla Wynn, and Dominica Leoni and I think we have something worth checking out. Now these girls are going to team up to take on one cock so each guy gets to live out a fantasy many have and that is to have two young babes worshipping his schlong. Not much buildup needed so let's get to the tag team action. Shy Love & Michelle B : We start this dvd off with the girls sucking on each others fingers plus there is some tongue play between the two ladies. They also do some licking to each others heels and then they get joined by a guy who has something else for them to lick. A nice shared blowjob is shot and we see Michelle squat over him to get her pussy licked. As for sex we see a nice reverse cowgirl for Michell and then for Shy where both girls do some P2OGM. Next they get in a side by side doggie and he goes from pussy to pussy with more tasting of the others pussy.
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Review brief: Its a huge day for big dick IR fans. This title celebrates two of the Biggest Dicks in Porn. This episode of Gangland is Lex vs. Mandingo. The title here is a bit misleading. For anyone that watches the Gangland Series, you know that its a gangbang series. On top of Lex and Dingo, youre also treated to a host of other thick dick nuckas. Since Lex and Dingo left this series a while back the female talent may not be entirely fresh too you. The cast consist of a pre boob job Catalina. This is a treat though, cause I think this scene shows why she never does IR anymore. Having large black men ram inch after inch up your ass might change your mind. Bree Brooks I loved this girl.
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Boxcover for Porn O' Plenty 8
Porn O' Plenty 8 

Release date: 6/11/2002
Reviewed on: 12/10/2004 by the-pocketcomb-pimp

Starring: Ed Powers, Daisy, Emanuel, Kelton, Alexia Riley, Exotic Amy, Sweet Cookie
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: This is my 1st Ed Powers title, and I can see why he doesnt get much press. Hes not what I would call an attractive man. Hes not packing a lot of Power, and his camera work here was completely stationary. He did have some fresh young talent, but only a couple of the girls were even cute. He wore a condom in each scene, and even the oral was done with a condom on. He tried to spice things up by coming in the condom, them squeezing the nut out all over the womens chest. Nice try, but this was worse than amateur.
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Review brief: Welcome to a dvd starring the lovely Simony and it has the added perk of being an all internal pop dvd, featuring four pussy pops and one spunk torpedo is left in a girls ass. If creampies are your thing then I suspect Smash has brought some hot girls here for you and let's see how messy they let these girls get. Simony: Very nice lead off scene as this beautiful woman gets us going with some outside tease. You can see it's a breezy day and Simony is making eye contact with the waterboy. I must say she is looking hotter than ever in her white outfit and she leaves her seat to head inside where she thumbs through a magazine. Our waterboy comes in and the two do some heavy flirting leading to him moving over to caress her silky smooth thighs. You also see her lovely breasts released and sucked on and Simony's pussy gets devoured as the excellent sound conveys. I know there are many a guy and girl that would dive right in that sweet pussy. Simony then gets her turn and she does a solid job polishing his knob and I liked the up close shots for the blowjob.
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