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Review brief: "A Gay Man's take on Straight Porn" I had never really seen a Michael Raven movie, so I decided to start safe, and went with Angel X. Over all, I'm happy I did. The Movie: Okay, first off, this movie is set up as the first in a series. I really wish they would continue it, but as of now, this is the only one. The sex is the most important part here, and over all it, does very well, with no real flaws that I could see. The movie starts off with a sex scene between Asia Carrera and a Warrior. The scene starts slow, romantic, and has a nice build. There is both female and male oral (a plus) and when they actually get to the sex, there is a great heat, and you can tell that both performers are enjoying themselves. There is no anal in this scene, which is fine by me, and helps because this is a softer scene. The next scene is a flashback of how Angel X was born, and is between Nick Manning (the villian) and her mother, the Queen of Light. The scene has heat, mainly because of the actress, and while they set her up as more of the soft character, it seems to work.
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Review brief: GANG BANG 4 Directed by Mike John and Vince Vouyer. Red Light District's Gang Bang is themed around two girls each fucking a dozen or so guys all at once. Each scene begins with a short plot set up. There is also an interview segment for each girl. The sex features the girls giving oral sex almost constantly throughout each scene. The girls also receive alot of anal sex, double penetrations as well as double vaginal and double anal penetrations and end the scenes by receiving cum from all the guys and then swallowing. Needless to say the sex featured is rougher. I can only really identify two of the male performers, Erik Everhard and Jon Strong. This is the first edition I've seen of Red Light District's Gang Bang. I was glad to see both scenes feature a heavy focus on anal sex. (Vaginal sex is featured only during double penetrations.) Both scenes look very professionally done. There is never really a break in the action. Once the gang bang begins, the girl is occupied with at least two dicks at all times.
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Review brief: Guy Capo is a unique director. It seems like he tries to make every one of his lines stand out among most of the dreck that defines porn today. When it works, he does it very well. When it doesn't well, it's just corny. Melissa Lauren: A blonde Melissa is writing in her journal her girly thoughts with a french accent. Cliff of DVSX makes a cameo appearance as her daddy. Funny, he doesn't have a french accent either. When Cliff goes away, Melissa strips naked. It turns out that Talon was under her bed the whole time. They go to doggy right away. Melissa looks adorable in her pigtails while she's being pounded. Interspersed is a deep blowjob. The set used in this scene is designed very well with the colours of the bedroom making it look like an actual girly bedroom. Since this is Melissa, she gives up the butt. I wonder if she has girly thoughts about atms because she does that too. Cumshot on the chest finishes a good scene. Leah Luv: Hey I recognise those black couches from the DVSX booth in vegas! They are the backdrop while Leah Luv writes in her journal.
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Boxcover for Security Cam Chronicles 1
Security Cam Chronicles 1 

Release date: 11/9/2004
Reviewed on: 2/8/2005 by astroknight

Studio: Madness

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 68 min. Production Date: 4 / 08 / 2004, 6 / 6 / 2004 Director: None credited Cast: Taylor, Julie Night, Kaylynn, Keiko, Leyla Lei, Juan Cuba, Trevor, and a few others The Short Story Initial Expectations: This one sounds interesting! Initial Reaction: Theres enough of it thats obviously faked that I lost interest in the movie before the first scene was done and barely found anything to draw me back. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes voyeuristic styled sex scenes Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting real security camera footage The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects leave plenty to be desired. The entire movie was filmed and then the technical aspects played with to approximate real security camera footage. One scene will have crystal clear audio and the rest will have audio where the background noises drown out the performers. There are places where the audio completely disappears, and you can sometimes hear the performers being given directions.
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Review brief: Filthy Ho's Running Time: 120 min est. Production Date: November 2004 The Pocketcomb Premise I am going to start by saying Gina Lynn Productions has put together some respectable work so far. Top Nut Bitches blew me away. Todays title was pretty hot, but some dumb ass production decisions kept this title from being the classic that it had the potential of being. Im about to break down the good and the bad. Stick around fellas, cause if youre like me, you love a Filthy Ho. Keri Sable [ /image ] --> The title starts with Keri Sable. At the time of release, Im not sure if people were even talking about this girl yet. She flys in the face of everything I stand for. She has small breast, teen looks and doesnt embrace the black man to my knowledge. Either way, this little girl proves she is a woman in a young ladies body. It takes about 5 seconds of this girl before youll be saying Teagan who, or Jeanna What? White seamed stockings and sensible shoes went a long way too transforming porns favorite teen into a mature, sexual, woman.
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Boxcover for First Date
First Date 

Release date: 9/2/2004
Reviewed on: 2/7/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Sergio, Kat, Talon, D. Wise, Jessica Sweet, Sativa Rose, Trinity Post, Trista Post, Brodi, Britney Rears
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Guy Capo
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 116 min. (cover states 120 min.) Production Date: 6 / 25 / 2004 Director: Guy Capo Cast: Brodi, Jessica Sweet, Kat, Sativa Rose, Trinity Post, Trista Post, Kris Slater, D. Wise, Jerry, Marcos, Sergio, and Talon The Short Story Initial Expectations: Guy Capo has had a nice style. Im not a big fan of teen movies, but his style gives me hope for this one. Initial Reaction: Its fun and made me darn glad that Ive been following most of what Capos released lately. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting something light and fun with a little anal Who Should Avoid It: Extreme raincoaters and anybody looking for the extremely artistic side of Guy Capo The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The audio is done pretty well. It isnt always perfect, but that seems to be how reality shows like the one First Date is spoofing work. That said, some of the limo sequences have a few audio problems above and beyond that which interfere with things a bit more. The video is also very nicely done.
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Review brief: Welcum to another Guy Capo release and anyone who has seen his work knows he is a bit different than your average gonzo filmaker. Depending on your point of view that could either be good or bad. Personally I think he's a cool dude to hang out with and he shoots some pretty hot porn scenes, though all that dialogue just gets in the way,lol. Seriously this is gonzo fucking all the way but with some setup before you get to bumping uglies. Here we have people who have issues with one another and naturally the only way they can resolve them is to fuck the shit out of each other, not literally thank goodness but the "lovemaking" is shot with some high intensity except when you are watching the behind the scenes for this one and there is much laughing as Cassie Young keeps messing up the line about being a "muff diver" from now on.
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Review brief: Title: Barely Legal Corrupted 1 Company: Hustler Length: 3 hours and 3 minutes (183 min.) Production Date(s): Oct. 28/Nov. 6, 10, 12, 19, 2004 Release Date: January 18, 2005 Condoms: None Special Note(s): Nadia Styles first anal scene Director: Van Styles The Abridged Version: This is a Barely Legal video from Hustler? Where are the title cards? Where are the storylines? Where is that cute blonde girl who always seems to be wearing a sweater reading the letters in-between scenes? And where is the certainty that the sex will be tame and the overall film disappointing? Sensing perhaps that the long-running and award-winning series had most definitely run stale, Hustler appears to have divided it into two off-shoots now: Barely Legal Innocence and Barely Legal Corrupted. Van Styles directs the inaugural addition of the ladder with the same Jules Jordan-esque flair he displayed in his days with Video Team.
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Review brief: The Voyeur #29 Cast: Angel Dark, Liz Honey, Andy Brown, Lara Croft, Simony Diamond, Sue Diamond, Black Diamond, Mya Diamond, Roly Reeves, Leslie Taylor, George Reno, James Brossman, Nick Lang, Lauro Giotto & Dominic Director: John Leslie Studio: Evil Angel Scene One: (Black Diamond & Simony) Overall: 3.5/5 Sex: Black Diamond - facial Simony Diamond - anal, pussy to mouth, facial Details: Black & Simony Diamond are both rather amazing. Black Diamond has black hair, dark eyes and a wonderful rack. She wears a black get up with stilettos. Simony is a knockout brunette with a perfectly proportioned body. She wears a tight white top, tight white shorts and stilettos. Both keep their shoes on throughout the scene. The ladies approach John and introduce themselves. Black Diamond says Simony is her bitch and shows off her body to the camera. The ladies do some posing and then suck Georges cock together. Simony gets fucked first and rides George nicely in cowgirl while Black Diamond masturbates. Black Diamond gets fucked missionary, as well as doggystyle.
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Boxcover for Porn Star Idol
Porn Star Idol 

Release date: 2/4/2004
Reviewed on: 2/7/2005 by flash

Starring: Brandon Iron, Jacklyn Lick, Ron Jeremy, Jewel De'Nyle, Michael Stefano, Bisexual Britni
Studio: Platinum X Pictures

Directed by: Jewel De'Nyle
Review brief: Porn Star Idol A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: Platinum X Pictures Edition Details: Standard MSRP: $39.95 DVD Release Date: February 3, 2004 Movie Specs: Genres: All Sex, Reality Run Time: 118 minutes Rated: XXX Release Year: 2004 Director: Jewel De'Nyle Written by: uncredited Cast: Ron Jeremy, Jacklyn Lick, Jewel De'Nyle, Bisexual Britni, Michael Stefano, Brandon Iron, T.C., Spice Lee, Casey Star, Silver Fox, Summer Star, Jay Summer, Paul, William Canon, Billy Big Rooster, Wade Sunset, Hussein Fatal, Taylor, Roberto, Omar Curtis       Disc Specs: Audio: English 2.0 Stereo Subtitles: none Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: DVD 9 (SS, DL) Special Features: Director's Bio, Photo Gallery, Trailers DVD-ROM Special Features: none Synopsis: Platinum X Pictures is giving two people, one male and one female, the chance to be the next porn stars, where the winners get to participate in a sex scene with Jewel De'Nyle.  What is shown here is the competition from start to completion. Audio/Video: Po
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Review brief: Nina Hartleys Guide to Double Penetration February 5, 2005 Nina Hartley makes a damn good " Guide to..." movie. So I was really excited to see that she had made one about double penetration, something which is frequently seen in porn movies these days without revealing exactly how people actually get to that point. There are three scenes here, starting with Nina discussing many aspects of double penetration with her friend Kylie. The two of them are seen in sexy latex outfits going over lots of potential questions a viewer might have, being sure to cover Nina's well-known and consistent emphasis on honesty, open communication, and lack of embarrassment about sexual matters. They discuss sexual pleasure, health, and satisfaction in general, all things that are extra important in regards to a relatively extreme act such as double penetration. Nina emphasizes that women need to know themselves, what they like, and how their own pleasure and bodies work.
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Review brief: Title: Young Girls Fantasies 8 Company: Hustler Length: 1 hour and 48 minutes (108 min.) Production Date(s): September 6, 2004 Release Date: January 24, 2005 Condoms: None Special Note: Avy Lee Roths first anal scene Director: Matti Klatt The Abridged Version: My old line about this kind of porn video was: is Herschel Savage really what young girls fantasize about? This was because when he came back to the biz in the late 90s all he ever seemed to do was work scenes for JM or Dane or Hustler or whoever else where he would be the older man preying on or being preyed upon by the younger girl. He is gone now though, so that line is no longer applicable. However, at least in those scenes the companies usually did a good job of playing out some sort of storyline. Whether or not a girl would really fantasize about Mr. Savage was debatable but at least the video presented a fantasy to begin with. Young Girls Fantasies 8 (2005)? Eh, not so much. Typical example: my sexual fantasy is to fuck this guy. Less than a minute later, I am fucking him.
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Boxcover for Better Sex Video Series 3: Making Sex Fun
Better Sex Video Series 3: Making Sex Fun 

Release date: 12/4/2000
Reviewed on: 2/6/2005 by astroknight

Studio: Ultimate

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: 1991 Director: American Video Productions Cast: Dr. Roger Libby, Ph. D. and Dr. Judy Seifer, Ph.D. host while others give demonstrations. The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive had mixed luck out of the Sinclair Intimacy Institute. Im not quite sure what to expect here. Initial Reaction: It has a few ideas, but is fairly hit or miss and way too concerned with not offending anybody. Who Should Watch It : People who are wanting to spice things up but are completely lost as to where to start Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for sex ideas by people who arent completely afraid of offending anybody The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are a little weak, and very similar to what Id expect the VHS release to look and sound like. The audio is pretty clear, but nothing too outstanding and it does have a few minor background noises. The video is much the same. Its nicely lit, but it has some very minor grain.
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Boxcover for Seymore Butts' Anal Surprise Party
Seymore Butts' Anal Surprise Party 

Release date: 9/2/2004
Reviewed on: 2/6/2005 by jr

Starring: Flower, Heather, Seymore Butts, Aria, Mari Possa, Cytherea, Flower Tucci, Nicki Hunter
Studio: Seymore Butts

Directed by: Seymore Butts
Review brief: Another wild DVD from Seymore Butts has each of his closest friends getting randy on the highway, in his garage, and his bedroom, which ends up turning into a fourway fuckfest complete with squirting pussies. What it doesnt have is good camera work, which in the end, could kill whatever heat you may get from this title. Heather is getting it from old man Hershel Savage in Seymores back yard. I do like Heather, but HS really needs to call it a day. This guy was at the top of his game in the 70s and 80s, but in 2005, I think its time to give that cock a rest. I dont him to end up on the same list as the Hedgehog, but he does seem to be into it with Heather. RC, doggie, and some good head round out the scene. I just hate that I had to fast forward through most of it. Nikki Hunter is getting some good loving in the backseat of Seymores car. It would not be that big a deal, but the car happens to be going down a California highway in the middle of the day. After everyone arrives back at Seymores place, he fingers her until shes screaming and squirting in his garage.
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Review brief: Tight & Asian 6 2004, 2 hours and 6 minutes Devils Film Directed by Mike Metropolis Starring Reina Leone, Asia, Kammy, Lacey Tom & Kylie Rey My Life as of February 7, 2005 -- On the tube: "For What Its Worth", Dave Chappelles follow-up to Killin Them Softly that originally aired on Showtime back in September. It starts slow but the second half, in my opinion, is smarter and funnier than anything in Killin Them Softly. Mainstream Flick in the DVD Player: "Friday Night Lights", I must admit Im intrigued by the story of the 88 Odessa-Permian Panthers high school football team. If there life was anything like this movie portrays, then they faced tremendous pressure from all angles during their football season. If you get the DVD, be sure to check out the featurette where they talk to the real players this movie is based on. In the CD Player/Winamp: Fantasia Burrino, "Truth Is" American Idols last winner actually puts out a single worth listening to.
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Boxcover for Smoke Junkies 2
Smoke Junkies 2 

Release date: 2/8/2005
Reviewed on: 2/6/2005 by flash

Starring: Darla Crane, Marie Madison, McKenzie Sinclair
Studio: Marie Madison Media

Directed by: Marie Madison
Review brief: Smoke Junkies 2 A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: Marie Madison Media Edition Details: Special Edition MSRP: $19.95 DVD Release Date: November 9, 2004 Movie Specs: Genres: Feature Film, Fetish Run Time: 75 minutes Rated: XXX Release Year: 2004 Director: Marie Madison Written by: Marie Madison (screenplay, story), Mark Audess (story) Cast: Marie Madison, McKenzie Sinclair, Darla Michaels, Mark Audess, Jack Cole, Bailey       Disc Specs: Audio: English 2.0 Stereo Subtitles: none Video: Widescreen, 1.85:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: DVD-R Special Features: Smoke Screen 2: The Making of Smoke Junkies 2, Marie Madison Promo Photos, Previews DVD-ROM Special Features: none DVD Compatibility: This release is on a burned DVD-R instead of a pressed DVD.  Most older players and some newer players along with PlayStation 2 consoles can't play DVD-R discs.  You should ensure that your player can handle this disc before purchasing or renting this title. Synopsis: In a continuation from the first film taking place in a not
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Review brief: Big thick juicy asseswith an appetite for cock Director: Michael Stefano Cast (in scene order): Teagan, Noemi, Liliane Tiger, Rayn, Chiquita Lopez My review: My interest in this flick was for Teagan and her only. Now that she has signed as a contract performer with Digital Playground, I wanted to check out one of her gonzo performances and see what the fuss was all about. Teagan, who at the time was still relatively new to the porn business, received a lot of love and adoration here at ADT. There is no doubting the attractiveness of Teagan, especially with a butt that is so unbelievably awesome. Each scene starts with a tease segment whereby the girl gets to show off their posteriors whether it be posing, jiggling, bending over or strutting. Scene 1 Teagan & Michael Stefano: BJ > pussy eating > CG vag > standing CG vag > doggie vag > RCG vag > spoon anal > doggie anal > CG anal > spoon vag Teagan was looking good wearing a pink see-through mesh bikini top and tan tight half-shorts. As for the sex, this was a great scene showcasing Teagan and her ample backside.
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Review brief: If you are looking for an all-girl DVD that has some very beautiful, sexy women, great setups, and hardly no action, look no further. You have come to the right place. If this is too hard for Danni.con, like is whats advertised on the cover, than I know the action on the site itself must be lacking. There have been a few times when a title has let me down this much in the sex department. This is one of those times. Every single girl in this DVD will make any straight man or gay woman hot and horny, and you will be at attention in front of your t.v. set waiting for the action to start. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum. The sex never gets started. There is one scene where the ladies oil themselves up and try each other out with toys, but the editing is so chopped up (between the action, there is one girl looking at this on her t.v. screen and getting herself off), that it misses most of the action.
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Boxcover for Best Of Transsexuals: All Girl Edition
Best Of Transsexuals: All Girl Edition 

Release date: 1/2/2005
Reviewed on: 2/6/2005 by jr

Studio: Devil's Film

Review brief: A transsexual DVD can go either one of two ways. It can either suck beyond belief (unattractive she males, lackluster fucking, poor camera angles), or be of the hook (beautiful women who happen to have hard dicks, great camera work, solid fucking). This one tends to lean in the latter category. All the scenes are decent to pretty good, and you can do much worse with some other shemale titles that are currently out there. But if you want hot shemale fucking, both the scenes in the bonus section and the last scene from Vanitys Double Reverse Gangbang are ones you will not go wrong on. Each scene has some sexy, hard dicked she males giving it to some lucky lady, while fucking her every which way from Sunday. DPs, doggie, cowgirl, RC, and great oral action will have you up and ready for action each time you view these scenes. Its really something to be said for good shemale titles, because they are so few and far between.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Service Animals #18 Mike Lyons Reviews         Director Joey Silvera Cast Teagan Presley, Heather Gables, Melissa Lauren, Mary Jane, Katja Kassin, Keri Sable, Sativa Rose, Mark Ashley, Tommy Gunn, Dirty Harry, Johnny Thrust, Boz, Lucky Starr, Sledge Hammer, Pascal Saint James, Kurt Lockwood, Jay Ashley. Genre All Sex Condoms None Female Orgasms 1-2 THOSE WHO MIGHT LIKE IT Those who like beautiful women and harder edged sex infused with a little personality. THOSE WHO SHOULD STEER CLEAR Those who don't like a lot of spitting or slapping with their porn, or those who refuse to believe that some women like to venture onto the wild side of sex on occasion. REVIEW: As of this writing, this is the latest of the Service Animals to have been released, and that is now going on five months ago.  Although Tricia Devereaux of Evil Angel has said that the series will continue, it definitely s
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Review brief: Beautiful Girls #14 Cast: Simony, Cindy Lords, Megan D., Veronika da Souza, Jacqueline Stone, Jennifer, Stefanie, Victoria, Pupy, Roly Reeves, Lauro Giotto, David Perry, Leslie Taylor & Greg Centauro Director: Christoph Clark Studio: Evil Angel Scene One: (Megan D. & Veronika da Souza) Overall: 3.5/5 Sex: Michelle D. - anal, double penetration (reverse cowgirl), facial Veronika - facial Details: Out on a balcony overlooking a beautiful landscape, the equally beautiful Megan (blonde) & Veronika (brunette) walk elegantly as the wind lifts up their mini skirts. These two girls are good looking, especially Veronika. Both wear their stilettos the entire scene. Christoph chats with them and gets some up-skirt shots at the same time. This will surely get you started. The ladies briefly suck off the guys (Roly Reeves & Lauro Giotto) and then get fucked doggystyle over the railing. They end up inside next to a pool and later on a table set. Megan getting fucked up the ass is definitely the highlight of this scene. She looks a lot like Melissa Black.
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Review brief: This is absolutely the best all oral (blowjob) film I have seen (out of at least 50 all oral films including many from the various popular series). Why is this film so superior? There is very little or no sound from the guy, ever. Every scene is shot *only* in point of view camera angle, unlike some other "POV" films that switch off to other angles (I am a big fan of the POV genre). No super exaggerated fake sounds from the women, some are fairly quiet, some talk and/or moan a little bit, and its never too loud or over the top. Guy is not aggressive and never seems abusive. Most of the women are very attractive and natural looking (no huge implants or excessive makeup). Many different techniques are employed by the different women, most very good, a couple are amazing. In closure, if youre looking for something rough and extra nasty, this definitely isnt for you.
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Review brief: Nasty Nympho's #15 Running Time: 140 min. Production Date: August 1996 The Pocketcomb Premise Do you remember when Anabolic was the shit! Comin up in the 90s Gangbang Girl and Up Your Ass were the best series out. Im not talking about the late 90s Im talking about Desert Storm. Nasty Nymphos was a series that I never paid much attention too, but I will say that all the women in this series were top shelf, and many went on to greatness. Dina Pearl This super slim, tight bodied, passionate porn star is one that I missed the 1st time through the 90s. Im glad they put her on digital, otherwise shed just be a story that old school porn starts talk about. Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 8/10 Sophia Sophia was mature, even by 90s standards, but Id still love to catch her doggy style. The scene started with her telling RLD head, Vince Voyuer that she has recently discovered the joys of anal sex. No script, no set up, just rugged anal sex like they used to do when only the nasty girls were brave enough to try.
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Boxcover for Naughty Neighbors Best Orgies 2
Naughty Neighbors Best Orgies 2 

Release date: 5/6/2004
Reviewed on: 2/5/2005 by md-james

Studio: Score

Review brief: Title: Naughty Neighbors Best Orgies 2 (Also known as "Neighbors Best Orgies 2") Released by: The Score Group Reviewed by MD James "Naughty Neighbors Best Orgies 2" is actually misleading. The title suggests that there is more than just one orgy in this video, when, as youll find out, that just isnt the case. We start out with a sexy blonde by the name of Raquell introducing us to the Trapeze, a swingers club in Fort Lauderdale. She gives us a very quick tour of the club and then invites us to the back where the "real fun stuff" happens. Scene 1: Pat & Desirae, Bob & Raquell, Pete & Veronica First, there are the interviews about why each of the couples are into swinging. Nothing really earth shattering here. As a matter of fact, its a little boring. Fortunately you can skip through them. Then we get into the actual orgy. Basically the three couples go at it separately. The ladies (all blondes) start by dry-humping the guys to get them hard. Once they know their guys are excited, then the clothes start to come off.
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Review brief: I love Blake Harper. I think he is just the hottest thing ever. So, when I saw that he did a Michael Zen movie, who I've had very positive experiences with when I had viewed straight porn, I jumped on this movie, even though it was a very expensive DVD. Do I think it was worth the price? For the movie, yes, but for the DVD... The Movie: Okay, Lust is actually a pretty decent movie. The sex and story blend together for the most part, and the acting is actually pretty good all around. Plus, it has Blake Harper (okay, the drooling will stop now). The sex is on and off. The first sex scene in the film, between the main character's friend and his gardener is actually really hot, although I would suggest putting it on mute, because the gardner's attempt at dirty talk is... laughable at best. Lame ad-libing aside, the scene is smoking, especially since the best friend just pounds this guy in to the ground.
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