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Review brief: Well folks here we arrive at the close of one chapter of Jewel De'Nyle's career. This is to be her swan song as a performer so we get five scenes featuring her and this talented director/ performer has invited several of her closest friends to go out with a bang. Will we see her work again, I'd say no but never say never, especially in the porn biz. Let's hitch one last ride aboard the Jewel train! Alicia Rhodes, Elizabeth Lawrence, & Jewel: As the first scene starts we find Julian relaxing on a bed and he has Alicia and Elizabeth on each side and the two girls start in on his cock. We move in close as the girls swap his cock and the camera then moves over slightly to let Jewel in the shot and we hear she's to help punish the girls with her strap on which we see hanging between her legs. Jewel moves right in fucking Alicia in doggie plus she slaps her ass plus we hear some dirty talk. Julian's cock also gets ridden by Elizabeth in cowgirl and Alicia is right there to lick his balls plus she does some P2OGM on the toy.
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Review brief: Pirate Fetish Machine: Colettes Kinky Desires Directed by: Kovi Running time (approx) 113mins Michelle Wild is one of the best in the business, sharing her time between glossy productions like this for Private and hard sex Gonzo flicks for the likes of Evil Angel. She has built up a steady reputation and become a firm fan favourite. So understandably, I was keen to see what this girl had to offer. Scene One We watch a stunning blonde in red stockings and PVC as we are gradually introduced to Michelle, arriving on a train in need of a job. At first glance, Michelle did not look anything special pretty yes, but I knew I was in need of a little bit more. Then she crosses a road and is involved in a small accident when the blonde from the photo shoot reverses her car into her. Luckily, Michelle is not hurt, but as way of making the unfortunate incident up to her, the blonde invites her to stay with her, and possibly offer her some modelling work.
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Review brief: I thought this movie overall was good. I like interatiall a lot. The audio video quality was good and the stars even better...The only reason to watch this movie is for Venus and Kelli. Venus has dark brown hair and a gorgeous face. Kelli is a petite blonde that also has a gorgeous face. They both takle some mean dick. They are the only hot ones worth watching. The other girls were a bit heavy for my taste, but did pretty good scenes. If you want to see these hot girls getting down with black dudes, this is the movie for you. Cool music in the backround too.
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Review brief: Synopsis [Surreal Sex Life take off on Reality tv/Surreal Life Tv Show.With great cast featuring Venus.Plus the teaming of Cindy Crawford with Ron Jeremy] The Cast [Cindy Crawford - Venus- Ashton Moore-Jenna Haze-Amber Peach-Jill Kelly-lee Stone-joel Lawrence-dick smothers jr.-mike horner-penny nicholes]The Plot [Penny Nicholes brings the cast of performers to live with each other for week.While livin together who ever doesn't have sex wins the show.] The Sex [Like all JKP dvd's usually the top billing will have two scenes which in this case is cindy.Usually they bring in newbee.Amber peach.first time seen her movies real cute.Story starts while filming scene between Venus &Lee Stone.Venus looked awesome even with her clothes on.They were a bickering couple until the cameras rolls,then heat was on.Lee lifts venus in air starts eating her out.she gives him great blowjob.Get into position on couch missionary.of course Venus does anal with her ankles behind her head.after the popshot they start to fight again.So we begin with the surreal life show.the cast is brought in w/short interv
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Boxcover for First Date
First Date 

Release date: 9/2/2004
Reviewed on: 9/25/2004 by the-pocketcomb-pimp

Starring: Sergio, Kat, Talon, D. Wise, Jessica Sweet, Sativa Rose, Trinity Post, Trista Post, Brodi, Britney Rears
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Guy Capo
Review brief: DVSX has had a tough time putting out high quality titles. Lack of male talent, lack of creativity, and low production value have kept them below the radar of most porn fans. Guy Capo has brought some major experience to the fold, and it appears that it is paying off. Brodi [ /image ] --> This girls tattoos said it all, SHAZAM! She had an amazing body, and was cute as could be. She was a bit static in bed, but the scene made up for that with creativity and chemistry. Keep an eye out, this girl is a show stops. Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 8/10 Trista [ /image ] --> Trista is an everyday girl. People talk about that girl next door, I promise you that you know a girl that looks exactly like this one. I questioned the male talent in this scene until I saw how he dropped a thirst quencher across her face. Wait for the replay cam, youll see just how big that big gulp was. Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 8/10 Kat [ /image ] --> Even though she was Asian, She reminded me of former star Vanessa Rubic.
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Boxcover for Tag You're It
Tag You're It 

Release date: 9/15/2004
Reviewed on: 9/25/2004 by boner-bud

Starring: Nick Young, John Marcus, Parker Williams, Steven Richards, Dillon Press, Andy Dill, Nick Capra, Tag Adams
Studio: Arena

Review brief: The Plot Poor Tag Adams cant get any respect. All he wants to do is be a big porn star, but nobody will listen to him. Instead, hes stuck being a gopher on a porn set, and watching the sex from a distance. This movie starts with 2 actors having sex while theyre being filmed for a porno. Neither of them is what I would call conventionally attractive. But I wouldnt kick them out of bed, either. One is bald, goateed, and has a lightly hairy chest. The other has nice furry pecs, and big round nipples. Were off to a decent start. In the next scene, one of the actors of the porno being filmed shows up and demands to be paid more than what he originally agreed to. The director is furious, but what can he do? Without the actor, there is no movie. The actor (who is a bitchy little twink) then demands a blowjob, and the director again has little choice but to agree. They end up fucking, but ultimately the pair generates very little heat. The bitchy twink does shoot a very nice load, however, and the age difference between the 2 men was somewhat of a turn on for me.
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Review brief: Private Movies Pleasure Island Director Antonio Adamo Release Date 2002/02 Production Date 2001/12 Categorisation Anal, Cumshot on Face, Cumshot on Ass, Multiple Cumshots, Blowjobs, Cunnilingus, DP, Exotic Locations, Fingering, Lesbian, Smoking, Lingerie Synopsis With a star studded line up including Rita Faltoyano, Julia Taylor and Sandra Russo, we travel to the idyllic Italian island of Ischia for this sizzling hot saga of sumptuous sexcess. With no expense spared, as we indulge in a jet set joyride through the most elegant excesses of sexual oblivion, Mr Adamo delivers a Private Movie to take even the most seasoned connoisseur to the very brink in 6 scenes and over 1 ½ hours of cock aching action. Burnt out sex therapist and cuckolded husband Mick Blue decides that discovering his wife (Sandra Russo) with a strangers cock up her ass really is the final straw, and sets off to find happiness and hard sex in the island paradise of Ischia.
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Boxcover for Jan Dvorak & His Friends
Jan Dvorak & His Friends 

Release date: 7/24/2004
Reviewed on: 9/24/2004 by boner-bud

Starring: Jeanette, Vilem Cage, Jan Dvorak
Studio: U.S. Male

Review brief: He's a hockey player! He's a firefighter! He's an Olympic wrestler! Jan Dvorak wears many hats in this movie, but whatever role he's playing, there's no denying that he is a beautiful, beautiful man. With a big dick. This DVD celebrates his bod by compiling some of his scenes from other films. The Plot Because this is a compilation of previously released material (something the box fails to mention), there is no plot. Instead, what we get are 5 scenes, all starring Jan Dvorak. First up, our hero is sore from playing hockey, so 2 of his friends help him out by giving him a massage in the locker room. Soon all 3 are sucking and fucking their pain away. Next up is a solo scene with Firefighter Jan jacking off in the cab of a fire truck. In the third scene, Firefighter Jan is back and tries to help out some younger recruits with their poles. Again, more sucking and fucking ensues. The fourth scene is where we are introduced to wrestler Jan. He and his team member are practicing for the Olympics, but they end up tearing their underwear off as they roll around on the mat.
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Review brief: FAST! CHEAP! AND OUT OF CONTROL! Sinema reviews by Skronker Gangbang Auditions was a staple of my MomnPop porn era, which was oh, say about five years ago, back when Id pay a couple of weekly trips to the video hutch down the corner and stock up on anything new and nasty, which then always meant titles from Anabolic, the Buttman-Rocco axis and lotsa Up N Cummers/Dirty Deb volumes. Yeah, even some Max. Diabolic, Anabolics parallel imprint, established Auditions as one of its signature lines: Perfect for viewers like me who wanted to like straight-up gang bangs but cared not for the parade of pud-pulling meat puppets idling about for the bangee to free up an input or two. One babe. Five cocks. Surely, this is as nature intended. That was then, however, before the DVD era came to porn, before that handy little video hutch became a cel phone outlet, before 5-on-1 type scenes proliferated across Porn Valley like smuggled uranium from the former Soviet Bloc. These days, every studio frontloads its arsenal with highly radioactive multidude sperm missiles.
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Boxcover for Manplay MP-016
Manplay MP-016 

Release date: 10/5/2004
Reviewed on: 9/24/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: After a film that was less than their usual standard for this series Titan has come back strong with a real winner for ManPlay 16. The guys are sexy; the sex is fast and very, very hot. There are eight guys: DEVON (CADE) the youngest of the group with his hair shaved on the sides. Hes cute and is a voracious bottom and was in the previous ManPlay 15. JACK (VAN DEAN) a scruffy, uncut bear with a better than average build. He appeared in Titans PUMPED UP and has done a number of films for other studios. LINUS a very pale body as only redheads posses with tattoos galore. He has the biggest cock. JOEY (RUSSO) shaggy hair, lightly muscled chest, big dick, sexy as hell. Joey has appeared in both PACKERS and MENS ROOM for Titan and has done four films for MSR; yet he is hotter here than I have ever seen him, giving me an instant erection. DEXTER - bald with a hairy torso. Has a goatee. NATHAN the daddy of the group. He also has a long cock. He is slender and greyly grizzled. JUDAH bald, thin, and extremely hairy. GIORGIO nice build, young, rather sweet.
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Review brief: Well I'm still waiting for Craving Small Cocks #1 so I can get my small break,lol. Seriously I dig on seeing a pretty young girl sucking on a big fat log and this release is stocked full of those so let's waste no time. Katja Kassin: Oh yes baby! The lovely German looks beautiful as she walks down the stairs towards us. Nice pink outfit with some matching mesh stockings and Katja's red hair color really goes well with this ensemble. You'll also notice when she gets closer there are holes in her top so her nipples can pop through, very nice. Michael Stefano gets to suck on those nice titties and then Katja crawls up and plants that phat ass squarely over his face, fucking awesome!! The butt cheeks are displayed perfectly, damn I want to be where he's at,hehe. There is some toy play to pry the bootie open and Michael slides inside her pussy just under the toy in her ass. Katja then gets to clean the toy off leading into a hard driving doggie anal and you really get a great underneath view for this.
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Review brief: At the same time that I posted my review of the 1st title in this series, Michael told me that he had just wrapped production of this title. I was so hyped that I asked him for a little inside info. He was kind enough to share the names of the cast, and my excitement soon turned to doubt. Out of the entire cast, India was the one name that I recognized. The disappointing part was the fact that I have only found one of her scenes worthy of a rewind. This, combined with an unknown cast made me wonder if this hot series would go from Feeling Black to Smelling Brown. Would our hero survive, will white men around the globe fantasize about big black booties, and will Platinum X survive the departure of one of its most public figures. I dont have the answers, but the review is below. Miracle No Photo Available This girl was 10 times prettier than her boxcover photos. She looked exactly like Gabrielle Union. She would have been my choice for the main box image, but of course that duty does not fall on me.
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Review brief: Private Movies Fever Director Antonio Adamo Release Date 2002/08 Production Date 2002/01 Categorisation Anal, Cumshot on Face, Cumshot on Tits, Cumshot in Mouth, Blowjobs, Cunnilingus, DP, Feet/Footwear, Female Masturbation, Fingering, Gapes, Interracial, Lesbian, Orgies, Spanking Synopsis Marc is a playboy who enjoys the best things in life - the nightlife, women and sex. By chance, one evening he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman, Vanessa. He promptly falls in love with her but the next day she vanishes. What began as an amorous adventure quickly turns into a full scale thriller. An exciting story with sex as its mainstay, it smacks of intrigue and eroticism.
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Review brief: Just from watching the beginning of this movie and the BTS, William H sure pimps himself out. The "AVN-award winning director" thing gets pointed out from time to time. Already I get annoyed with the constant feedback from the megaphone that William carries. Looks like the plot is a day in the life of H's directing duties. Gia Jordan plays his assistant. Kayla Marie: Kayla Marie is a cute white-skinned hispanic girl with a great ass that I've seen in many movies the past year. The way she sucks dick reminds me of Aurora Snow with the breaths she takes in between plunges. I guess this was only a blowjob scene with 3 guys. Strange moody lighting like we're in a sleazy motel. Kayla is really good at what she does. Cumshots glaze her face. Hence the theme of the movie. I would have liked to have seen Kayla fucked. What a waste of that hot piece of ass. Christie Lee: Christie is an adorable blonde canadian girl that I dig. I just like the way she smiles. She's munching on a lollypop and wearing cherry panties.
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Boxcover for Seven On One: Gang Bang Experiences
Seven On One: Gang Bang Experiences 

Release date: 6/8/2004
Reviewed on: 9/23/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: The film opens with a handsome blond hunk on the phone calling performers to an afternoon shoot. When the seven guys arrive (I know its seven on one, but the hunky caller who is also one of the cameraman takes parthooray!) The youngest (wouldnt you know it) is chosen to be the bottom for the others. This lucky one is called Frank. He begins by going down the line and sucking everyones uncut cock. There is one of these great-looking studs that I find to be the epitome of male beauty. Hes the first to open up the action by blowing the cameraman. Everyone takes a turn licking Franks ass and then they all sit on his face. A large black dildo is inserted in Franks ass to get him ready for the real things. All fuck him.
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Review brief: Ok this series is real simple and to the point. Take a hot babe or babes in one scene and let them loose on a big schlong or schlongs as the case may be. Not much suspense eh, well if watching pretty babes sucking cock and cock only then watch on. Let's meet these knob polishers. Naudia Rio: The camera zooms in close as she tells us about what's to occur. The wait is a short one as Naudia's soon engulfing a good sized cock. She gets about half the cock in as she also uses plenty of saliva. Some good camera shots as well take us to the conclusion where she receives the spunk. Harmony Rose: We start outside for this scene and Miss Rose is quite fetching in her blue skirt and black top. She's soon pulled out a breast even licking it plus her kittie is shown off. Harmony soon drops down and she definitely looks hot sucking cock as you also see her great set of tits on display. Again love the closeup shots and there's even a spot of titty fucking and some gagging.
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Review brief: Cast (in scene order): Mandy Bright, Lucy Lee & Annika, Tera Joy, Sarah, Jane Darling & Louisa DeMarco My review: This is my first Lex flick since Heavy Metal and Ive watched from afar as he has passed through different studios until finally landing at Mercenary. Lex may be too candid for the industrys liking but I admire his my way approach. Lexs, ahem, immense talent coupled with his popularity justifies his star status as well as his position as one of the best male talent. Lex has brought out many great performances from top notch females --- Monica Sweetheart, Miko Lee, Jewel DeNyle, Shyla Stylez, to name but a few. A word of caution --- Lex does not perform in every scene. In Manhammer 2, he is in three of the five scenes but at least the Lex scenes are with Lucy Lee, Tera Joy, and Jane Darling.
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Review brief: My first look at Mike John's third RLD series; my theory is that it will feature hot young chicks that like to eat sperm. Cover shot of Teagan is incredible. From the first frames of this movie, I can notice the lack of RLD watermark which is a good thing. I don't think I've ever seen a Mike John movie with that damn watermark so it may just be him that's not stamping it. Missy Monroe: In an amusing bit, Mike plays the role of Missy's boyfriend who is dropping her off at her porn shoot. He's a little worried thinking that Missy will leave him for a girl since he thinks she does only g-g. Missy flatly denies that she is a lesbian. Meanwhile, Everhard, Stefano, Strong and some black guy are making fun of Mike not knowing any better. When the couple arrives, the guys disappear. Once Mike leaves, we find out Missy's gonna do a mini-gangbang. Well after seeing many Missy movies, her blowjob technique can be summarily described as the self-gagging variety.
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Review brief: Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Dominique Aveline, Jean-Louis Vattier, Ursula White Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Trabanree) Production year: 1977 DVD Details Runtime: 87 min Video: Widescreen Sound: Dolby 2.0 Region: 0 (region free) System: PAL Language: French, English dub Extras: Blue One Trailers from 6 other Brigitte Lahaie movies !!! For US customers: to play this disc, your DVD player and TV Set must be able to output and display PAL. DVD transfer quality appears to be decent, unfortunately, I have not seen other Blue One releases on DVD, so I can't compare. There are occasinal dust scratches now and then, but generally, the picture is clear. Synopsis Pierre is having disturbing sexual fantasies featuring his female neighbor (Brigitte Lahaie) and decides to consult the psychiatrist (uncredited female). Meanwhile, Pierre's wife (Ursula White) senses something is not right with her husband and also seeks moral (and not so moral) support from her girlfriend.
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Boxcover for Strap On Chicks: Bella's Bitches
Strap On Chicks: Bella's Bitches 

Release date: 2/18/2003
Reviewed on: 9/22/2004 by juster

Starring: Johnny, Belladonna, Ryan Meadows, Steve Wilcox, Allison Whyte, Owen Bucks
Studio: Ducati

Review brief: Whats usually good about these movies? Theyre a break from mainstream porn. Whats usually bad about these movies? Theyre often very low budget, which generally means ugly women who cant use the advertised equipment, ugly men, bad lighting, bad sound, bad videography, bad lighting and bad editing. Does this one follow suit? Not really. Structure: 3 scenes or vignettes. Scene one implies revenge where a woman propositions and sexually dominates a bank manager. Scene two depicts role reversal where a female exchanges place and position with a male. Scene three involves a BDSM theme as well as role reversal. Nine inch Deposit Scene one begins with Bella Donna wearing a blue latex fetish dress and opera gloves along with black knee high fetish boots and a 9 inch strapon dildo. Shes sitting on a couch in a bank. Okay, its really a hotel room, but this is fantasy after all. Make believe, will ya? Anyway, the bank manager is speaking on the phone, but at this point there is no sound (probably due to the mike placement).
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Review brief: After the high from, The Panty Drawer the expectation here were high. This title quickly lofted me up, just to drop me flat. I touched on this myself in a recent Adam & Eve review, but my counterpart Astroglide made the point painfully clear. Adam & Eve is leaving behind a legacy of poor quality comps for future generations to scratch their heads and wonder what they were thinking. Sondra Hall [ /image ] --> Some may consider Sondra a beauty, I dont. She has some sharp facial features that rival those of David Bowie, or Mick Jagger. What she does have though, is long slim legs, a perfect set of implants, and unrivaled on screen heat. This was the 1st time I have seen her in action, and I have to say that it was one for the spank bank. I believe she is retired now, but I will be sure to seek out her works to see if they all contain the same level of chemistry. Flawless scene! Female Looks 8/10 Sex Rating 10/10 The title pretty much goes down hill from here.
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Review brief: Well it's time for another bit of fun with some Euro girls but oh no these aren't just any Euro girls. No the maestro, Steve Holmes, has assembled a fine orchestra of beauties and Steve's more than willing to supply the baton as well as using a few guest conductors. So get ready for some sweet sex music Euro style. Melissa Lauren & Mandy Bright: In this first scene we get the reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year along with a sexy as hell French girl who very well could take that coveted honor this coming January. As for the scene we follow Melissa as she's walking poolside and her tushy is looking mighty tempting going to and fro. We also see Mandy looking quite serious as she squeezes her fantastic pair of tits and the shot goes back and forth as the ladies show all they have to offer. Melissa is more smiles while Mandy it seems will play the heavy in this scene. You see some toy usage to get their asses ready and then they girls tag team Steve's cock.
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Boxcover for Sandy Insatiable
Sandy Insatiable 

Release date: 10/22/2001
Reviewed on: 9/21/2004 by gabriel-nine

Starring: Elena, Rocco Siffredi, Sandy
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Rocco Siffredi
Review brief: Sandy Insatiable   Evil Angel As I guess it's ten years this summer since Rocco shot Sandy Insatiable, his first Evil Angel release in 1995, I thought it might be interesting to take a look back at this ground-breaking movie as a means of gauging how Rocco, amid all that talk of retirement, has developed as a director over the decade. The thing is that, like several of his earlier Evil Angel releases, Sandy Insatiable was not originally conceived as one movie, but two.
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Review brief: * Note: See sections below the ~~~end of review~~~ line below for disclaimers, caveats, a discussion of my Rating Scale, etc. Synopsis Blowjob Fantasies is an all-oral series from Metro Interactive. POV blowjobs are the norm for every scene. In my opinion, Blowjob Fantasies #18 is the best entry in the series. Almost every scene is hot. Almost every performer is hot. And almost all of my criteria for a good blowjob scene are met in practically every scene. Scenes of Note by Actress (in no particular order) Candy Roxxx Candy, a moderately attractive brunette kneels between the actor's legs for a very good scene with very good eye-contact-with-camera (ECWC), lots of close-ups, some drooling, and deepthroating. Cumwhipper Rating: ***1/2 Holly Hollywood Holly is a gorgeous, lithe blonde with a very sexy look and smile. This is an amazingly hot scene with lots of ECWC. Holly gives the viewer a lot of sexy looks as she really just worships her cock. At one point she takes a break from the great oral action to just use her hand.
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Review brief: Well Jules is back again with another installment in his all oral franchise. If you like girls sucking cock only and that it be shot beautifully from all angles then this series is for you. No suspense these ladies are after your cock and as matters would have it they're after multiple cocks. So lets hit some highlights. Alexis Malone: This blond cutie surprises Jules at home while he has some guys over to help him move. He mentions for them to be careful of the trophies, showing off the hardware he's won! Alexis tells Jules he's behind on the mortgage and he'll probably have to liquidate some assets to stay in the house. Well Alexis gets persuaded to liquidate something else as the fellas surround her and she proves most adept at cock circles and there's plenty of hot visuals leading to Alexis receiving several loads but unfortunately Jules it seems will still be kicked out,hehe. Kami Andrews: Up next one of Adultdvdtalk's favorite posters gets to impress.
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