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Review brief: Director Dan Komar certainly has an eye for pretty boys. Hes done quite a few hot films featuring them for Triumvirate. The action for this oneas we might expect from the titletakes place in a gym. As the film opens, a muscular young man (Alexander Steel) is leading a group in exercise. The long uncircumcised cock of Skip Baxter falls out his shorts and jiggles along in time with the exercise. Alexander tells him he should be wearing a jockstrap and sends him back to the locker room to put one on. Blond Paul Robbins follows him into the locker room and watches as Skip strips out of his ill-concealing shorts and slips on the jock. Once the cock is in the jock, Skip gets excited. He rubs his hardening dick though the mesh and then pulls it out of the leg for a good wank. When the kid starts trying to insert a few fingers up his butthole, Robbins who has been pulling on his own boner can remain hidden no longer. He comes up behind Skip and stuffs his cock in that itching hole.
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Boxcover for Weekend Bareback Getaway
Weekend Bareback Getaway 

Release date: 6/16/2004
Reviewed on: 1/5/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Xtreme Productions

Review brief: Can two young performers sustain an entire film all by themselves? The answer in this particular case is YES! The twinks in question are KC Williams and Billy Windsor. One has dark hair; the other has blondish hair, a pierced tongue, two pierced nipples and two pierced ears. I dont mean earringshe has piercings. Both have fuzzy chins, but no mustaches. As to which is which, the film doesnt tell me. I assume, as he is listed first, that the top is KC, and that the bottom therefore is Billy. But as they are so much a team, I supposed it doesnt matter if I got them wrong. There are four scenes. The first begins with the slender blond (Billy?) seated in a chair. KC strips his trousers off. The young blond then gets his cock sucked, his ass eaten, and his ass fucked. His cock remains rockhard through it all. KCthe fuckercums on Billys face. The scene changes and we next find them with Billy leaning over a stair railing. As KC fucks him in this position, Billy beats off. His cum cascades onto the floor below. The second scene is subtitled Hardcore Action.
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Boxcover for Creampie Cuties 2 (Ghost Pro)
Creampie Cuties 2 (Ghost Pro) 

Release date: 10/20/2003
Reviewed on: 1/5/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Isis, Brianna, Rayna, Shakira, Electra, Shine, Catlynn, Tony Porno
Studio: Ghost Pro

Directed by: Tony Porno
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 104 min. Production Date: 3 / 3 / 2004 Director: Tony Porno Cast: Isis, Shakira, Rayna, Catlynn, Brianna, Shine, Electra, and Tony Porno The Short Story Initial Expectations: I havent seen much from Ghost Pro yet, so Im still going in with a pretty open mind. Initial Reaction: Its better than what I hoped it would be! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting fresh girls taking creampies Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting studio porn, a variety of guys, or top notch technical aspects The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects vary a little from scene to scene, but not a lot. The audio is clear and nicely balanced between Tony behind the camera and the girl in front of it. Theres a few minor flaws here and there, but no huge background noises to interfere with things. The video is also pretty good. Its nicely lit, but there are a few places where its a little bright.
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Boxcover for Cum Drenched Tits
Cum Drenched Tits 

Release date: 10/17/2004
Reviewed on: 1/5/2005 by linus

Starring: Missy Monroe, Katin, Gia Paloma, Tiana Lynn, Pandora Dreams
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: William H. Nutsack
Review brief: Cum Drenched Tits Preview Expectations: I've been checking out more than my share of breast themed flicks lately, but I just can't help myself, it would be wrong of me to close my eyes and my wallet to pretty girls wanting to show off thier wonderful chests and get them blasted with cum. So I find myself going into this one hopeful. I like several of the female cast already and am looking forward to seeing the ones I am not familiar with, and this one seems to be a tit pop shot only theme, so it could be good. Initial Thoughts It is good, one could even say it is boobtacular. This is a great disc with some really energetic sex, it's some hard pounding stuff, at times it feels as if some of the show is a bit tacked on for shock value, but that is very rare, these cuties give thier all and get thier tits plastered with sperm for thier effort. A couple of the girls squirt, there is some blowbang, plenty of anal sex, titfucking, and all the great stuff that makes good porn.
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Boxcover for Cum Filled Throats 8
Cum Filled Throats 8 

Release date: 11/16/2004
Reviewed on: 1/4/2005 by dreamweaver

Starring: Patricia, Martina, Anastasia Christ, Daria Glower, Sandra De Marco
Studio: Devil's Film

Review brief: DreamWeaver Reviews Adult DVD Talk Movie Review: Devil's Film Cum Filled Throats 8 Scene Summary Scene One Tease Toys Oral Vag Anal DP Double Vag Double Anal Condoms IR Facial Swallow Cream Pie Sandra De Marco X X Scene Type: boy/girl (oral) Scene Rating: 1.25 out of 5 Comments: A straight blowjob scene all of which is captured in a third person perspective. Unfortunately, music has been added that plays throughout the scene. The action ends with a jerked out popshot and swallow. Scene Two Tease Toys Oral Vag Anal DP Double Vag Double Anal Condoms IR Facial Swallow Cream Pie Patricia X X Scene Type: boy/girl (oral) Scene Rating: 1.25 out of 5 Comments: See scene one comments. Scene Three Tease Toys Oral Vag Anal DP Double Vag Double Anal Condoms IR Facial Swallow Cream Pie Daria Glower & Sandra X X X Scene Type: boy/girl/girl (oral) Scene Rating: 2 out of 5 Comments: A decent 2-on-1 blowjob scene, all of which is captured well and in a third person perspective. The scene ends with a cum swap and swallow.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 115 min. Production Date: 09 / 2004 Director: Camera Guy Cast: Shy Love, Michelle B., Mika Tan, Staci Thorn, Trinity James, Kurt Lockwood, Mr. Pete, Jerry, TJ Coxxx, Trent Tesoro in sexual roles and Brittney Skye, Cierra Sage, and Nicole Henderson in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: Shanes World normally puts out fun movies. Its been a little while since I checked them out, but this one sounds interesting enough that I have to give it a try. Initial Reaction: Its okay, but doesnt quite seem to know what it wants to be. Who Should Watch It : Anybody curious about anal sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a movie thats completely instructional with no sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: As usual with Shanes World DVDs, the technical aspects are great. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I dont think I heard a single background noise. The video is just as good. Its nicely lit and barely shows a hint of grain.
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Review brief: Hustler XXX #22 [ /image ] --> Cast: Anna, Dana, Ratka, Misty, Ilona, Elsa, Joachim, Sebastian Barrio, George Reno, Kevin Long Alain Deloin, Titof & James Brossman Director: Pierre Woodman Studio: Hustler Duration: 2:15:00 Scene One: (Misty, Joachim, George Reno & Sebastian Barrio) DEEP INSIDE MY KINKY BLUE EYES Misty is a reddish-blond with a nice rack and nice backside. She keeps a kool aid smile on her face as she strips and shows off her body. This girl is truly a freak (in a good way). Wearing only stockings and stilettos, Misty lays on the bed and waits for the men. They come into the scene and immediately start groping Misty. Something tells me Misty likes the attention. She gets fucked missionary while jerking off the guys, and then gets fucked doggystyle. I would say she gives good head during all of this but that would be a lie. You hear Misty moaning continuously throughout the scene. Joachim has his way with her briefly in the side saddle position, and then she gets fucked doggystyle again, only this time up the ass.
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Review brief: Young Tight Latinas #7 - Preview Expectations: Well there are certainly a lot of Latina movies around now, it seems like every studio has alteast one and some have two or three. I've seen a couple of the earlier volumes of this series, and I liked them. I've been pretty impressed with other series and I just figured since it's been a while since I have checked out a YTL volume, I would see how thier weathering the storm. Initial Thoughts It's good, there isn't anything that rushes out and stands alone, but it's a good 6 scene collection of hot girls doing a good job of being hot and getting screwed. This group of girls with the exception of Dillan, who I love, but am not too sure how Latina she is, but this group has been around the Latina scene a while, and each scene is a one on one, there is nothing wrong with that at all, but it gets a little repetitive and a little more variety would have been nice. Despite that though there is some good energetic sex and some of the scenes are pretty passionate and have good chemistry.
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Review brief: Maximum Thrust 4 Preview Expectations: A Peter North, street racing and sex movie? Why not. It's been a while since I have checked out a title with the Milkman, and he always puts on a good show. I'm hoping he hoses down Nadia Styles, but from the box it doesn't look like they meet up in this one. I'm not expecting much of a story, but hoping for some decent sex. Initial Thoughts It's was about what I was expecting, the story is fairly weak, but it's still decent, but the sex is pretty good, lots of pretty girls getting blasted with man chowder. The scene length is pretty good for a feature, and there is a good mix of location for the sex, the girls are cute and energetic, and the chemistry is decent too. It's more a raincoaters disc than a couples flick, but it would probably work for either group on some level, , and the action street racing story line might interst porn action movie fans too. The title is of decent length for a feature, but there are scant few extras. Overall a good effort but not a masterpiece of porn.
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Review brief: Ron Jeremy is: The Magic Sex Genie Preview Expectations: Taylor Rain, Ashley Long, and the Hedgehog, what more could one ask for in a porn movie? Seriously though, a good looking female cast and a lighthearted story seem to be the promise of the all important box cover, I'm always looking for a studio that can put out some decent features, I am new to Madness, so I hope they can deliver the goods with a promising cast. Initial Thoughts Pretty darn good feature. Once you get over Ron Jeremy in the Genie costume shock, things settle in and there is some pretty funny moments. The story basically shows us the tales of Ron as a trapped genie in a bottle, and each scene is another romp come true from rubbing his lamp. There is a fair bit of story and this is pretty good couples stuff, the sex is good too with a good bit of variety, there isn't much for extras, but on the whole this is a pretty good effort from Madness.
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Boxcover for Gauge Unchained
Gauge Unchained 

Release date: 5/21/2004
Reviewed on: 1/4/2005 by linus

Starring: Daisy, Gauge, Sabrine Maui, Alaura Eden, Ramona Luv
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Michael Adam
Review brief: Gauge Unchained Preview Expectations: I'm excited about this title, Gauge is one of my alltime favorite starlets, and I like the idea of this title too. Get the star and have her perform in every scene, mix it up a bit and throw in a couple other girls to help her out and bingo, we have a title. I hope this one can deliver. Initial Thoughts This one is pretty much a Gauge fan's dream. Gauge does just about everything you could ask her too in this one, an all girl foursome, a solo masturbation scene, a one on one fuck with a guy, a DP scene with two guys, an interracial blowjob, and a two girls and a guy threesome. Gauge has great energy for most of this and looks just as stunning as ever. I think if your a gauge fan your not gonna want to pass this up. The extras are pretty weak and that is a shame because it could have made this disc one for the ages with a little extra content to really give Gauge's fans some goodies to get into. Regardless, this is a good disc.
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Boxcover for Gangland Cream Pie 4
Gangland Cream Pie 4 

Release date: 11/4/2004
Reviewed on: 1/4/2005 by linus

Starring: Patricia, Julian St. Jox, Domineko, Sylvio Mata, Sabrina Black, Billy Banks, Julie Silver
Studio: Devil's Film

Directed by: Tristan Seagal
Review brief: Gangland Creampie 4 - Preview Expectations: I'm always on the lookout for a good creampie production. I'm not the biggest fan of the genre, but when it's a well done production it can be really something special and wonderfully nasty. I have checked out Devil's films before, not this line, but other series and been mostly satisfied with thier productions. I like the female cast in this one, and it looks to be a whole lot of interracial mini gangbanging action with creampie finishes, and that could be good. Initial Thoughts I'm a bit torn on this one to be honest. On one side you have some hot babes in some decent interracial mini gangbangs, and on the other side you have some pretty horrible creampies. The sex is pretty hot, the girls get ravaged nicely and generally have a good attitude and are enthusiastic about things, but in a creampie video it's hard to be pleased with it when the creampies are this bad.
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Boxcover for Early Entries 2
Early Entries 2 

Release date: 6/23/2004
Reviewed on: 1/4/2005 by linus

Starring: Julian, Jay Ashley, Lee Stone, Jennifer Luv, Ben English, Brianna Blaze, Emily DaVinci, Kimber, Sarah Alexander
Studio: FusXion

Directed by: Pat Myne
Review brief: Pat Myne's: Early Entries 2 Preview Expectations: I'm not sure what the theme is here to be honest. By the title it seems to be more of a barely legal theme, so I guess I'll go with that. Brianna Blaze is now retired, so I'm looking forward to checking her out in rememberance, and with Jennifer Luv and some other newer cuties, this has some potential. Initial Thoughts Not bad at all. Overall it adds up to being just another porn movie, as there isn't a whole lot to stand it up above the many well done gonzo features, but there are a few scenes here worth checking out, and it does a nice job of covering the basics and making it a watchable flick for a wide array of fans, couples are safe with this one and yet the raincoaters should find something to like despite the tame nature of the sex. A poor compliment of extras really keeps this one from bumping up out of the average realm, as it had some good moments but the disc doesn't offer much else to add more value.
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Boxcover for Cameltoe Perversions 2
Cameltoe Perversions 2 

Release date: 9/13/2004
Reviewed on: 1/4/2005 by linus

Starring: Brandon Iron, Rick Masters, Steve Taylor, Jezebelle Bond, Sascha, Avena Lee, Lauren Phoenix, Marie Luv, Nikki Loren
Studio: Smash Pictures

Directed by: Dick
Review brief: Cameltoe Perversions 2 - Preview Expectations: A cameltoe is a wonderful thing, and no I'm not talking about apendages on some big hairy beast out in the desert. This disc caters to the people that do admire the puffyness of it all. I heard good things about the first disc in this series, and I always like to check out series that take a bit of a different look at specific areas of the female body. Initial Thoughts Well I'm not sure how well this disc played to fans of the fetish, there wasn't that much of a prominant focus on the cameltoe directly. I was expecting more of something like breast and ass fetish videos or along those lines where the specific part is always kind of kept as a little more of a focal point, some tease, and maybe some pussy lip fucking to feature the area better would have been nice. Regardless though, this was a pretty decent disc with a few of the newer crowd of great looking established porn starlets. The extras are decent and there is even a bit of a setup in most of the scenes to give it more of a vignette feel. Solid effort.
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Review brief: Hustler XXX #21 [ /image ] --> Cast: Jessica, Molly, Lilian Tiger, Katie, Elisabeth, Mili Jay, Alain Deloin, James Brossman, Kevin Long, Bob Terminator, Titof & Ian Scott Director: Pierre Woodman Studio: Hustler Duration: 1:50:00 Scene One: (Molly, Bob Terminator & Alain Deloin) BETTER TO FUCK THAN SWIM Things starts off with Molly, an okay looking brunette, wearing only a pink bathing suit. She chats with Pierre next to a pool and waits for Bob and Alain. These brawny guys walk into the scene stripping out of their clothes while Molly floats around in the pool. The guys get into the pool and start fondling Molly. They then sit on the side of the pool and Molly sucks them off. She does a pretty good job. She gets fucked doggystyle while she sucks Alain's dick but her head game wasn't good enough to keep him hard. Alain gets a go at Molly and she rides him cowgirl while sucking off Bob. Alain then fucks Molly side saddle, vaginally and anally. I couldn't tell if it was pleasurable or painful for her.
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Boxcover for Wild on Sex 3
Wild on Sex 3 

Release date: 10/11/2004
Reviewed on: 1/3/2005 by bono-one

Starring: Angelina, Pamela, Kimberly Franklin, Lanny Barbie, Jenny Ryder, Leana Bacci, Mandy Allison, Jamie James
Studio: Platinum X Pictures

Directed by: Jewel De'Nyle
Review brief: This is a Jewel De'Nyle release and we are taken to Montreal, Canada to see some hot lesbian action!! I just reviewed an all girl title and still felt in the mood for some pussy licking, though in this release the toys will not be an option I can do without so let's see how much oral and kissing there is before the plastic is broken out. Pamela & Cassandra: For our first scene we are taken to the Botanical Gardens there in Montreal and Jewel is on hand to introduce us to the lovely girls we are about to see. You can't help but see the lovely cleavage Jewel is showing, it's to bad she won't be jumping in! The microphone sounded odd, sometimes it was hard to hear clearly what was being said. So we get an interview with both girls and a quick kiss is shot in the gardens. The scene then shifts to a different location and the girls are sitting on a couch making out very nicely plus some pussy rubbing and tit caressing is shot.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 109 min. Production Date: 9 / 1 / 2004 Director: None credited. The closest it comes is listing Andre Madness as the Videographer Cast: Bianca Pureheart, Amber Peach, Jezebelle Bond, Sabina, Harmony Rose, Steven St. Croix, Van Damage, Alex Rox, and Seth Dickens The Short Story Initial Expectations: Its been a while since Ive watched anything from this series, but I remember it being a lot of fun. Im going in here with fairly high expectations. Initial Reaction: Its okay, but not quite up to the level I remember the series being before. Who Should Watch It : Fans of girls with glasses Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting to see women treated respectfully The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is clear and pretty well balanced. There isnt a lot of background noises, but they do appear a couple times. The video is nicely done. Its nicely lit but has a slight hint of grain.
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Boxcover for Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars
Julian's P.O.V. Pin-Ups 4: All Stars 

Release date: 8/18/2004
Reviewed on: 1/3/2005 by md-james

Starring: Julian, Amber Lynn, Dee, Holly Body, Jewel De'Nyle, Teri Weigel, Jessica Darlin
Studio: Platinum X Pictures

Directed by: Julian
Review brief: Title: Julians POV All-Stars (A.k.a. "POV All-Stars" or "Julians POV Pin-ups All-Stars") Released by: Platinum X Pictures Reviewed by MD James One of the big things about a Point-Of-View (POV) video is giving the viewer the illusion of actually being there with the girl. What is it really like to have sex with this beautiful woman? Well if you could only get just ONE of these videos THIS is the one to get! There are three key things that set this video apart from any other that this reviewer has seen. First, obviously, the women. Julians POV All-Stars is just that nothing but first person POV sex with some of the hottest names in the industry. There are no fresh-off-the-bus women in this group. If you havent seen them in a video, youve at least heard about them. Second, the surrogate playing "you". Thats Julian.
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Review brief: SEX IN THE VALLEY BY ROBBIE D. FILM STATS running time: 78 min. produced: november 2002 starring: Anna Belle, Bunny Luv, Angel Cassidy, Wendy Divine, Bridget Kerkove, Alexis Amore, and Aimee extras: Photo Gallery, Bios, and Trailers SUMMARY: The movie is about the daily sexual exploits of a down-on-his-luck local store delivery boy in SoCal. The movie manages to make fun of every stereotype in a hilarious and fresh way. For instance, the delivery boy's (Barrett Blade) boss, Raj, is played by a funky and lanky Indian, who plays his part very well. Mr. Blade reports to work and picks up a dirty magazine and mentions to Raj it must be cool to fuck women for a living. Well, Raj will have none of that and tells him to start delivering. He arrives at a very nondescript house and rings the doorbell. To his surprise and bewilderment, the woman thinks that he is the stripper that she hired for her horny housemate. Before he can actually explain his situation, he is introduced to the frustrated housemate played by Anna Belle.
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Review brief: TITLE: She Got ASS! COMPANY: West Coast Productions DIRECTOR: Alexander DeVoe CAST: Jayna Oso, Katja Kassin, Angel Eyes, Olivia OLovely, Pandora Dream, Estrella Spangled, Francesca Sin, Mr Marcus, Devlin Weed, ManDingo, J Monty CONTENT: 4.5 WCP can be counted on to give us a consistently good product that satisfies the horniest of us. But every so often a DVD is released that stands out above the others. SHE GOT ASS!! is that DVD. It is a little bit edgier, a little bit harder, and a little bit rougher. When we saw there was a scene with Jayna Oso, Katja Kassin, two of the biggest female stars right now in gonzo and Mandingo, one of the big dick brothers, we knew it would be strong. The setting was classy with the action taking place on a piano bench. Photographed from the best possible angles our eyes stayed focused on these stars. Thanks to a great videographer, Alexander DeVoe. Pink Pussy gives this a pre-nom as one of the best girl-girl-boy scenes of the year. Wait until you see how hard Katja rides ManDingo's pole and how deeply Jayna takes Mandingo up her ass.
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Review brief: White Hot Nurses #5 [ /image ] --> Cast: Julie Silver, Ellen, Elen Saint, Judy White, Sylvi, Lara, Dorina, George Reno, Alain Deloin, James Brossman & Thomas Stone Director: Patrick Handsome Studio: Hustler Duration: 1:41:00 Scene One: (Elen Saint) In dead silence, the beautiful Elen Saint waits on a patient (Thomas Stone). This is a really lucky patient. Elen's check ups include hand jobs and anal sex. She sits on the edge of the bed and jerks him off, then strips down to her bra, stalkings and high heels and sucks his cock. The blowjob doesn't last long but oh well. Thomas returns the favor and eats Elen out. This really woke her up. The fucking starts out missionary over the bed but it doesn't get good until the doggystyle up the ass. They rock back and forth for a good while and then switch to cowgirl. After some pretty intense cowgirl, Elen takes it up the ass reverse cowgirl.
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Review brief: Ass For Days! Yes, I must say the fifth installment of Jules Ass Worship series is the best anal-themed adult film I have ever seen! All these really hot chicks got asses to die for, just look at Tiffany Minx on the front cover and you know what's waiting inside of the movie. The movie starts with a hot ass show of Lauren Phoenix and April Flowers outside by a pool, than they walk slowly into an house with their eyecatching fish nets, they touch their beautiful asses each other and the show begins. This scene is my fave, because Lauren is getting really nasty in this scene (it seems like she can't get enough of licking April's fine ass & watching her beeing fucked). But don't forget about the other scenes, I enjoyed all of them, I can't find an low point on this nearly perfect installment! No matter, Ass Worship 5 has earned to be nominated for the best anal themed item at AVN this year and I am sure it will be winner.
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Review brief: I really enjoyed the first two in this series, lots of hot babes with plenty of ass fucking to sooth the anal beast! I see some more lovely girls are on tap for this one, among them Lauren Phoenix, Trina Michaels, and Nikki Hunter. So let's waste no time and meet our first lady. Lauren Phoenix: This first scene begins with a fine floor shot of Lauren's legs and ass plus some dirty talk is given by Buttwoman. Lauren does play some with that hot ass and also some with her pussy. We soon get a fine shot of Lauren fishing a cock out and Lex is blessed with a fabulous tongue bath to his cock courtesy of Miss Lauren. She then grabs him by the cock and leads him to another room where cock #2 is all ready and Lauren bends over showing off her ass as she gets busy. Lex then gets behind for some steady doggie action and you get a side view slightly from the floor plus we swing around for a view of her sucking cock, very nice. The shot changes to our second fella fucking her doggiestyle with Lex's cock getting some more tongue work from Lauren.
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Review brief: Description All-sex vignettes, with anal in every scene. General Impression Wow! After seeing Denis Marti's last few directorial efforts, Young & Wild 1, 2,and 3, and the first The ProfessiAnals, I had been thinking that he was a consistent director, who could be relied on to provide impressive hard sex, with respect for the girls in each scene, and with a nice sense of sexual urgency, even if at times the scenes seemed a bit too clean and pretty. So I was thinking, "great, but I've kind of seen it before." Then along came ProfessiAnals 2, and suddenly he's got my attention again. What's different here? A couple of the girls well-cast in some sexually voracious roles. My favorite scenes were the second one, with Liliane, and the fourth with Katrina. Usually the girls in this series have smooth, natural bodies (which happens to be the way I prefer it), but Liliane has a number of tattoos and piercings, which really suit her edgy vibe. My guess is that you'll like her energy in this scene -- she's a very 'hungry' girl.
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Review brief: Description All-sex, anal theme. General Impression If you liked Denis Marti's series Young & Wild, you will like The ProfessiAnals. This movie has hard sex, great looking girls with natural tits, and generously long scenes with plenty of tease and plenty of anal. Another good feature of this series is the nice outfits -- ranging from girl-next-door to vixen, and often left on through at least part of the scene, sometimes all fo it. Sex Veronica packs her bag and struts in to greet Denis and Jane, before strapping one on to let Jane suck it. She plays with Jane's tits, smacks her ass, and fucks her in doggie. Then Denis joins in for a lot of action, including a double blowjob, anal sex, ass to mouth, and a technical dp. The attitude in this scene is pure fun-for-all. Dillon Day with Vanessa and Jennifer Dark. This scene has a pole dance tease, some great enthusiastic sucking, pussy to other girl's mouth, anal, ATOGM, etc. The scene suffers from third wheel syndrome -- one girl doing nothing much while waiting her turn.
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