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Boxcover for Supersquirt: Open the Flood Gates
Supersquirt: Open the Flood Gates 

Release date: 1/27/2005
Reviewed on: 3/11/2005 by mlyons

Starring: Boby, George Uhl, Tori, Anastasia Christ, Tiana Lynn, JJ, Bosch
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: William H. Nutsack, Thomas Zupko
Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Supersquirt Mike Lyons Reviews         Director Thomas Zupko & William H. Cast Tiana Lynn, Anastacia Christ, George Uni, Tom, Bobi, Bosch, JJ. Genre Squirting, All Sex Condoms One condom is used in the final scene. Female Orgasms Lots of squirting, and possible orgasms. THOSE WHO MIGHT LIKE IT Fans of Tiana Lynn, squirting, and/or just some good old, high-energy fuckfests. THOSE WHO SHOULD STEER CLEAR Those who don't like squirting, don't like Tiana Lynn (shame on you!), or who are looking for a lot of anal or pre-choreographed, act-specific porn. REVIEWER'S DISCLAIMER REGARDING ELEGANT ANGEL: Over the period of December 5th through December 8th, 2002, Mrs. MLyons (my wife), Speelie (another ADT reviewer) and I were the guests of Patrick Collins and Elegant Angel.  We spent time visiting their facilities and giving them feedback from the consumer's point of view about th
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Boxcover for Interactive Sin With Monique Alexander
Interactive Sin With Monique Alexander 

Release date: 10/27/2004
Reviewed on: 3/11/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Steven St. Croix, Monique Alexander
Studio: Vertigo Videos

Directed by: Nic Andrews
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: approx. 70 min. total footage Production Date: 7 / 30 / 2004 Director: Nic Andrews Cast: Monique Alexander and you, played by Steven St. Croix The Short Story Initial Expectations: Nic Andrews is a big reason why Digital Sins My Plaything series was as well done as it was. Im really looking forward to seeing what he can do for Original Sin! Initial Reaction: Its not as diverse as some other interactive sex releases, but Monique makes it work as far as the technology allows. Who Should Watch It : Fans of interactive sex and natural women Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting virtual anal or real cream pies The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and nicely balanced, but there are a couple background noises where you can hear Monique being given directions. The video leaves me torn. Its very nicely lit, but a bit soft.
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Boxcover for Rubber Ponies
Rubber Ponies 

Release date: 2/2/2004
Reviewed on: 3/11/2005 by caligula

Studio: Gwen Media

Directed by: Bob Zak
Review brief: What I Liked Rubber Ponies (2002) is a high quality femdom fetish video from GwenMedia, distributed by Bizarre Video, the first of Amanda Wildefyres Rubber Slaves series, directed by Robert Zak. It is an original, creative production into the exciting world of equestrian play, with unique domination scenarios. Amanda Wildefyre is a practicing dominatrix from Minneapolis, Minnesota and this was shot at her dungeon. She subjects rubber slave to various cruel and unusual pony training exercises in preparation for a ride in the park with Mistress Jean and pony boy charger. These include treadmill training with light flogging and a nose hook, nipple clamps, and CBT torture to keep him up to speed; pleasuring his suspended Mistress with a slave hood; and finally, testicular electroshock torture! Of course, she finally gets to ride her disciplined pony. Her performance is appropriately theatrical, and her dialogue is explanatory, puncuated with a wicked, sadistic laugh. Rubber slave is mostly silent, except when he is forced to whinnie like a pony.
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Boxcover for Universal Max 2
Universal Max 2 

Release date: 2/7/2005
Reviewed on: 3/11/2005 by mr-october

Studio: Max Hardcore

Review brief: UNIVERSAL MAX 2 Directed by Max Hardcore. Max's movies are themed to feature him playing the part of a perverted older man, ready to take advantage of the female performers who are made to appear as though they are younger, innocent and have no idea what they're getting into. The girls tend to play their part well, addressing Max as "Mr." and wearing clothes suggesting they are more child-like than adult. Max's scenes tend to feature anal sex as well as heavy gagging oral sex. There is also usually a "Euro" version of each movie available, featuring pissing, fisting and vomitting scenes. (These are not featured in the USA version.) Overall, the sex featured here is some of the roughest and most intense you will find and is definitely not for everyone. Each scene begins with a short dialogue and plot set up or introduction. Max Hardcore movies are some of the most unique I've seen. His combination of aggressive, rougher sex and the younger girl and older man themes make his movies one of a kind.
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Review brief: My first look at Guy Capo's fuckumentary on whores. Some people argue that porn stars are really only hookers since they have sex for money. This line seems to play on that. The male performers' faces are blurred out in every scene for the john effect (what... to protect the innocent?!) but I can't bitch too much about that. Flower Tucci: Flower is giving an interview on what it's like to work in a brothel and the advantages it holds over the street. At one point the angle suggests that she's reading off a cue card. Silhoutted john sounds like Van Damage. Flower talks about how nasty she likes to give it and how the clients eat it all up. Flower is looking rather trashy today with her crimped hair. I like I like. Van Damage doesn't seem to get hard during the initial blowjob. Camera edit to mish. Flower is looking at something. I can't tell the angle that Van Damage is at so I pretend she's looking at the clock. Your usual squirting antics. Flower finally gets a chance to show her oral skills when Van is hard.
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Boxcover for Manplay MP-018
Manplay MP-018 

Release date: 2/23/2005
Reviewed on: 3/10/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: The success of any of Titans basically unscripted MANPLAY films depends on the performers for success. I am happy to tell you that there are some hot guys in MANPLAY 18. There are no true twinks here or any aged troll daddies, just nine sexy m-e-n. They are: Spencer, handsome and versatilethe star of any film in which he might appear. Josh, a dark haired young man who sucks a mean cock. Blu, a versatile and most desirable young redhead. Jason, a handsome and muscular African-American. Brett, a dirty blond with light chest hair. Damon S, who possesses Italianate good looks Damon D, a very sexy young man with long hair. Troy, another dirty blond with light chest hair and a very light mustache. Pete, a young blond with numerous piercings (both nipples, cock, and a guiche). The film opens with Josh chowing down on Jason big black dick as Spencer looks on and decides to join them. Tony, too, strips for action; and so begins our first four-way. Before long, young Pete enters to make it a quintet and zeros in on Jason had cock, leaving Tony to eat out Spencers ass.
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Review brief: The cast:Chloe-Dios, Shauna Banks, Alura Eden, Trinity, Mandy Roberts, Olivia Saint, Sunrise Adams, Jusy Star, Brooke Daze, Brandi Lyons, Catalina. Directed by Mark Zane. This all blow job movie shot only in pov is packed with an attractive cast of young women that are eager to please, and some good camera work. Each scene is the same with the girl kneeling down in front of the guy and giving the bj any way she wants without all the gagging and forced deepthroating that is often in bj movies. For the most part, the girls perform really well, and make alot of eye contact with the camera. My favorite part is that every girl makes the guy cum using her mouth and hands. In fact you won't see a guy stroking off at all in this movie. One of the real downsides to this type of movie is that there are no set ups to the scenes such as interviews or tease segments, they just get right to the action. Also the movie can get a bit repetitive as each scene is always the same position and each scene is one on one. If you enjoy the P.o.v.
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Review brief: Prologue I have to be honest about this. Although there are some very cute teens in this video, there's one that made this a must see for me. Christy Lee. While Keri Sable is arguably the hottest teen in the porn world today, and quite deservedly, I have developed a fixation of sorts for Christy. Pairing her up with Steve Holmes under the auspices of a mega pervert like Mike John is just too good to pass on. This video actually has a little story behind it to unify the scenes somewhat. In the end, it's the performances that count and that's what we'll inspect. I'm sure that Mike will put all these teeny sluts through their paces. Von Swine owes some money to John Strong, a Russian gangster. He and his cronies come to collect, but Swine comes up short. The gang decides to take out the interest by fucking Kat, his daughter. She just happens to be up in her room masturbating, sticking a butt plug up her ass. Strong, Brian Surewood and Jon Dough go up to her room and carry her downstairs to her tied up father so he can view her defiling.
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Boxcover for Pussy Farts
Pussy Farts 

Release date: 9/9/2004
Reviewed on: 3/10/2005 by cv

Starring: Andrew, Lee Stone, Missy Monroe, Phil Gash, Victoria Sin, Kathleen Kruz, Luisa Rosso, Tony M., Vanessa Lane, Nicki Hunter
Studio: Lethal Hardcore

Directed by: Stoney Curtis
Review brief: While great improvements have been made in the past several years concerning video production values in adult cinema, the audio component has been largely overlooked by most directors. While the senses of taste, smell and touch aren't part of current home entertainment technology, some improvements should be available in sound. Vaginal farts (colloquially known as pussy farts, varts, or queefs -- I think in some English-speaking countries they're also called fanny farts) are a part of sex, although many seem to be embarrassed when it happens and either nervously giggle through it or pretend like it didn't happen. They aren't noxious smelling like regular farts; it's simply air that has been introduced into the vagina and needs to exit the woman's body. The positions that induce queefing are often avoided in porn and any footage that captures it usually ends up on the cutting room floor. Fortunately, Stoney Curtis is a porn visionary who is trying to highlight queefing, rather than ignore it.
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Boxcover for Circle Of Deceit: 1 & 2 Box Set
Circle Of Deceit: 1 & 2 Box Set 

Release date: 12/8/2004
Reviewed on: 3/10/2005 by md-james

Starring: Lucy Lee (Asian), Jennifer Dark, Yessyca
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Patrick Handsome
Review brief: Title: Circle of Deceit: 1 & 2 Box Set Released by: Hustler Video Reviewed by MD James "Circle of Deceit" sounds like an intriguing story. Maybe something along the lines of "Wild Things", or perhaps even something a tad more serious like "Romancing the Stone". (Note: tongue firmly in cheek here.) It certainly has all of the key elements. Youve got European locations, beautiful women, lies, betrayal, sex and a certain mystery to try to figure out. And this reviewer hoped that having the box set of parts 1 and 2, there shouldnt be anything left hidden by the time I finish with part 2. After all, even the box cover hinted that everything should come full circle. And yet there was something missing. Ill let you try to figure it out as we go along. Part 1: We start off with a young girl (Esmeralda) coming into a lawyers office to discuss the matter of her grandmothers estate.
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Boxcover for Contract Star
Contract Star 

Release date: 5/9/2008
Reviewed on: 3/9/2005 by tdigle

Starring: Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Eric Masterson, Jesse Jane, Teagan Presley, Jenaveve Jolie
Studio: Digital Playground

Directed by: Robby D
Review brief: Introduction/Synopsis Robby D.'s Contract Star tells the story of Julio and Chewie (respectively Evan Stone and Eric Masterson), two Mexican cousins working as inventory clerks at an adult film production company. In hearing the news that the company's biggest earning contract star has just left and that the company is paying $5,000 to whoever can find her replacement, Julio and Chewie proposition everyone from Julio's girlfriend Maruca (played by Jesse Jane) to a random stripper in order to get the money. What I liked Like most of Digital Playground's DVDs, Contract Star has the works: hot men and women fucking each other's brains out, exceptional video and audio quality, and a Behind the Scenes special feature that is extremely funny (just hearing Jesse Jane elicit the most obnoxious high pitched laugh after she spits on Tommy Gunn's hand is worth at least renting this DVD). In addition to these assets, Contract Star features a hilarious script written by Joey Pulgadas which heavily stereotypes American minorities, although in a playful manner.
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Boxcover for Born Whores
Born Whores 

Release date: 10/18/2004
Reviewed on: 3/9/2005 by misternogood

Studio: Bordellonoir

Directed by: Riccardo Santini
Review brief: The cast:Alisha Bizart,Anna Nova,Cameron James,Nikki Knox,Renee Pornero,Tara Wing. Directed by Ricardo Santini. This is a blow job movie that is not your typical blow job movie. Filmed with a nice mix of P.o.v and side view, and a style all its own, this movie puts alot of other bj movies to shame. From all of the girls great costumes, the exciting shots of the action, and the wonderful performances of the girls, watching this movie is a unique experience. This movie has some great tease segments, and before some of the scenes the couples kiss, and the ladies give alot of soft slow handjobs and often use their tounge when giving the bj. During the movie there is a background music soundtrack, but it does not drown out the voices or the sounds. As good as this movie is, it has a few very minor flaws. In a few of the P.o.v shots the action was not in the center of the screen. Some of the scenes were shot with just a little bit too much light.
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Review brief: Riding the Curves Studio: Hustler Category: Feature film , Foreign Director: Denis Marti Starring: Victoria, Debbie, Denis Marti, Tristan Seagal, Jazz Duro, Lauro Giotto, Claudia Rossi, Lucy Love, Sandra De Marco, Veronica Vanoza, Veronica De Souza this is my first attempt to review so be kind with me guys. Denis Marti has become one of my favorite directors/performer. not only for the fact that he can get the hottest girls around, but he's seems to be very talented and honest in his work, paying attention to the camera, the art work, the light, scenarios, and best of all the sex.
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Review brief: Here we have another teen title but it features the very cute Keri Sable on the cover and inside we have the fiery Kat doing a scene and another girl I've really started to like a lot, Hillary Scott also graces the blue screen. I see two other reviews so I'll give my general impressions of how the disc went for me. Kat: You start with Steve Holmes and Michael Stefano outside chillin while Von Swine shoots them and the guys talk. Soon they go for a walk finding cute little Kat smoking also. She looks good in her yellow outfit but with Michael and Steve you know it won't take long until she is out of those clothes. Her tits get some early attention and Kat gets a giggle or two out before she starts in on sucking their cocks. This girl has fun in her scenes that I've watched and she looks to be enjoying herself here as well. Michael eats her ass some before they move to some double sucking by Kat with great eye contact from her. Sexwise you get mish anal, spoon anal plus some rimming by Kat, then it's a hot reverse cowgirl anal with dp.
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Boxcover for Playing With Nikki Hunter
Playing With Nikki Hunter 

Release date: 2/16/2005
Reviewed on: 3/9/2005 by astroknight

Starring: John West, Nicki Hunter
Studio: Anarchy

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 59 min. Production Date: 11 / 17 / 2004 (cover) 1 / 17 / 2005 (DVD) Director: Jimmie D. (uncredited) Cast: Nikki Hunter and you, played by John Strong The Short Story Initial Expectations: This virtual sex series has been about as technically advanced as communicating across oceans using smoke signals. Im not expecting much. Initial Reaction: Nikki does okay, but untrained circus monkeys might be able to put together a better virtual sex DVD Who Should Watch It : Extreme Nikki Hunter fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who can The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects leave plenty to be desired. The audio is at a very low level and has a few balance problems. There are background noises, and rather than stopping at hearing the phone ring, you also get to hear some of the conversation and what appears to be whoever answered the phone giving somebody else a message. If thats not enough, the audio also sounds extremely hollow.
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Review brief: This is my first time writing a DVD review. It may be the first of many; it may be the last time I submit anything to this site. Either way, an introduction is warranted. I'm a college student at a university of questionable prestige in the vicinity of a major Southeastern city. Women make up only 20 of my school's student body, and the reputation of the male students is that we're not boyfriend material. Therefore, as with minimal prospects of a relationship at the moment and my youthful sex drive, I watch some porn. I'm reluctant to say a lot, as I don't know what other people's porn watching habits are. My own porn tastes have little to do with the kinds of acts that happen on the screen. It seems like almost anything can arouse me depending on the talent involved. Whether I think they are attractive, whether they show enthusiasm, whether they appear to enjoy what they are doing on screen. With good talent, anything can be hot, even things that I might have thought were completely revolting before.
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Review brief: This title has some decent reverse gang bang action, and DVSX can get better at putting out such titles as this. It is definitely way better than the first installment. It is an overseas production, and its good to see that someone has the balls to at least put out something in the way of reverse gang bang action, even if it is not of the best quality. The extras section has each girl also doing some solo action. These are some pretty girls, just aliitle too thin for my taste, but that will not sour anyone on their efforts. Each girl does not reach climax, and some of the others do their best to fake it, but it is all here for you. Give it a chance, because it seems like the company will not be putting out another RGB title anytime soon.
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Review brief: Another standard release from Hustler, it has all the usual stuff. Fairly beautiful young women engaged in fantasies ranging from fucking on a beach to screwing on the balcony of a hotel room. I guess you cant go wrong by putting nice looking young girls in a flick with veteran cocksmen and keeping it light. This volume is not as strong as the previous ones, but you may enjoy it none the less. It does have some decent fucking and sucking in it, but its not smoking by no means. A good solid effort that can get you through those lonely nights.
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Review brief: This is one fine comp DVD. Adam & Eve can put out some nice DVDs when they want to, and this one is at the top of the list, not just from them, but of comps that I have seen. All the fucking in this DVD is top-notch, and there is not a slow scene in any of it. Every couple or group has excellent chemistry with each other, and genuinely get off because of it. But as great as this DVD is, there is one scene that is a classic, IMHO. The very first scene, with Amber Lynn and Evan Stone, is so hot that I could not almost believe it. The chemistry between this two performers will have you glued to your tv set. Evan eats Ambers pussy so good, he might just get marriage proposals from female fans out there after they see this, and Im not the biggest ES fan. He also fingers her snatch and rubs her clit furiously, and it must have gotten so good to her that she did something I have not seen in all the scenes I have seen her in. Maybe someone else has seen it, but until now, it has gone unnoticed by yours truly. He fingers her, and rubs her clit, and then she......squirts! Thats right.
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Review brief: URANUS OR BUST Directed by Seymore Butts. This is an anal sex themed movie. There is some vaginal and oral sex during each of the scenes, but as expected all scenes feature anal sex for at least half the scene if not more. All scenes begin with a short dialogue and plot set up or introduction. Despite having heard the name Seymore Butts for years, this is the first movie of his I have seen. I chose to give him a chance with this movie due to the cast. The scenes are filmed in a way to make it seem as though they are not necessarily planned out in advance and therefore have a spontaneous action feel to them. I can say without a doubt that this movie delivers alot of anal sex. My only complaint might be that this movie runs barely over 90 minutes. I liked the movie alot and wish there was more than just four scenes. Overall I was impressed and would not hesitate to check out their other titles. SCENE 1: Nicole Parks with Hershal Savage. Nicole sits and allows Hershal to lick and finger her pussy.
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Review brief: Synopsis My initial reaction to Ariana Jollee as a performer was lukewarm. Hell, physically she is sexy as all hell - exactly my type. However, I wasn't lit afire by the sexual pyrotechnics of her early work. This reviewer viewed her as another pretender to the extreme throne...someone trying hard to get noticed quickly via shock value who would probably end up on Kinda the Howard Stern of porn. I was wrong. Later works showed Ariana not to be a poser but the real-deal. As her library grew, it became apparent that Jollee was not just a flash in the pan. I won't say she's not in the business for the money (thats just silly!), but she is genuinely enjoying her work. There appears to be much more involved here than just fucking. A philosphy? a creed? Who knows, but there is definitely an intellect and a will to explore the erotic at play here.
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Boxcover for P.O.V. Squirt Alert
P.O.V. Squirt Alert 

Release date: 1/28/2005
Reviewed on: 3/9/2005 by jr

Starring: Dave Hardman, Scott Lyons, Missy Monroe, Gia Paloma, Deja Daire, Shay Lamar, Flower Tucci, Alec Knight
Studio: Mayhem

Directed by: Jim Powers
Review brief: The majority of this DVD has some woman in it that I have NEVER seen squirt in any other features before, so take this title with a serious grain of salt. There is one scene where the lady is clearly pissing, and that is when you will hit the FF button on your remote control. For those who think squirting is nothing but pissing anyway, this would make their argument. But for those who like genuine squirting, look no further than the first scene. Flower Tucci needs to use the restroom, and while she is in there, some perv walks in and starts beating off on the other side of the stall. Of course when she comes out, she is beyond shocked. But after some sexy talk between the two, she is furiously rubbing her clit, shooting girl juice all over the place. The standard positions are used (mish, RC, doggie) and she is squirting the whole time. This lady is a sexual dynamo, and some company needs to snatch her up and give her own series. It makes perfect sense, because as great as she is, I really dont think we have seen her true dark side yet. Oh well.
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Boxcover for Throated 1
Throated 1 

Release date: 1/24/2005
Reviewed on: 3/8/2005 by misternogood

Studio: Overboard Video

Review brief: The cast:Chlori Dior,Jackie Moore,Nikki Knox,Leah Luv, Michelle,Shayna Knight,Michele Raven,Lisa Sparxxx, Cherry Poppens. This is an all blowjob movie with forced deepthroating. Chlori is in the first scene and she is masterbating in a tub. The guy gets a blowjob with a nice mix of forced deepthroating shot from both P.o.v. and the side. He later jacks off on her face. The second scene with Jackie is a disaster as the guy is always grabing her by the head and always blocks the camera. The scene is always getting slowed down as Jackie keeps choking on her spit and has to go to the bathroom to spit it out. The whole scene is shot from the worst possible angles. Eventually the guy jacks off on her face. The third scene with Nikki is another bad one as the guy is always jacking off during the scene and keeps putting his hands and arms in front of the camera. There was an editing problem during this scene as there is a black screen a few minutes into the scene followed by the cumshot, then back to the rest of the scene followed by a blank screen.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Glazed and Confused #4 Mike Lyons Reviews         Director William H. Cast Angela Stone, Deja Daire, Megan, Mika Tan, Persia, Tiana Lynn, Kyle Stone, Brian Surewood, Wesley Pipes, and a few other nameless guys. Genre Blowjobs, Facials Condoms None Female Orgasms None THOSE WHO MIGHT LIKE IT Those who love facials--and I mean forehead-coated, dripping down the cheeks and lips, make-a-fuckin'-mess facials.  None of that swallowing crap. THOSE WHO SHOULD STEER CLEAR Those who want to see a lot of actual sex, those who don't like gag and spit oriented energetic blowjobs, and those who are easily offended by name calling, or who don't have a politically incorrect sense of humor. REVIEWER'S DISCLAIMER REGARDING ELEGANT ANGEL: Over the period of December 5th through December 8th, 2002, Mrs. MLyons (my wife), Speelie (another ADT reviewer) and I were the guests of Patrick Collins and Elegant Angel.  We spent time visiti
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Review brief: Before the movie starts, Vince Voyeur warns us that there is no editing, no scripts, no acting and definitely no thinking... So how is that different from your other movies Uncle Vinny? Heh... Just kidding. I normally don't like to watch euro movies besides Rocco's. For some reason, I like to understand girls in english and besides I'm actually watching Rocco to make fun of his colloquialism. Shit, I used the word colloquialism in a porn review. Nikki Dark: Anyway it's hard to structure this review since the video is "unedited". It's like one big BTS interspersed with sex scenes. Nikki Dark is dressing with the rest of the girls and stops to blow John Strong. Okay blow. The lighting is piss poor so it's hard to gauge her attractiveness in such cramped quarters in the dressing room. Awww shit... I notice the Voyeur Productions watermark on the lower right. John or Vince does her a bit in doggie before the other dick shows up.... Next you see a cutaway to a screen that says they headed to Steve Holme's suite.
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