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Review brief: This is an all-blow-job DVD, which I wasn't aware of before I rented. Still, the girls are gorgeous, some of the best in the business, including many of my favorites (Jassie, Gauge, Aurora, Teagan, and about a dozen more). The set was clean and the lighting was bright, cameras were sharply focused. It could have been really good. But the scenes were too short, something like 20 individual scenes in an hour and half; only about 4 minutes per scene. There was no set-up to the scenes. The scene starts, the girl goes down on the guy immediately, and very little heat was generated. Overall, I was bored. This could have been bonus material on other DVDs. Speaking of, I was disappointed in the utter lack of any bonus material here.
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Review brief: Feeling Black #5 Produced 09/04 Red Light District ( 132 minutes Directed by: Michael Stefano Starring: Marie Luv, Erica Sommers, Alayah Sashu, Delicious, Persia, Kelly Star, Michael Stefano, John Strong and Manuel Ferrara. Check out my reviews at Gonzo No Condoms Six sexy black chicks fucking and sucking three white boys in five hot scenes. Michael Stefano not only directs, but he performs in each scene. Marie Luv is the pretty boxcover girl who gets fucked in her ass and double penetrated before taking an internal cumshot and swallowing a load of cum. Delicious and Alayah perform some girl/girl sex while taking on Michael in the second scene. Delicious swallows some of Michael's cum as it drips from Alayah's pussy. A few girls are fucked in the ass and double penetrated. There's also some deep throat and "ass to mouth" (ATM) oral sex. Persia has her pussy dp'd. The cumshots are either oral/facials or internal "cream pies". Kelly's cheeks, chin and mouth area are covered nicely with gooey cum.
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Boxcover for Freaky Thugz: The Fire Within
Freaky Thugz: The Fire Within 

Release date: 1/2/2004
Reviewed on: 6/4/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Rico Suave, Tiger Tyson, Alex Hamilton, Muscle Miguel
Studio: Tyger Tyson

Review brief: Weird, kinky, and very ambitious FREAKY THUGZ: THE FIRE WITHIN is the brainchild of Junito who also stars and directs. It supposes that there is a force which when unleashed will cause a man to lose his inhibitions and come out of the closet. (There is such a force, Junito, its called booze.) It opens with Tiger Tyson squatting in the center of a ring of devotional lights masturbating. Thin smoke wafts over the scene. I assume Tiger is summoning the force. He does summon a load of cum. We next find Junito and a friend leaving work late at night. Walking wearily though the park he encounters Tiger on a bench who asks him for a light. Tiger shares a joint with him. Then forces him to remove Tigers boots, his socks, and suck his toes. (Everybody sucks toes here.) Tiger has Junito bend over the bench and fucks him. That night Junito has a dream. The setting is a bathhouse. Its filmed with a red filter on the camera lens. Everyone wears white masks. On the roof toes and cocks are sucked. Junito dreams he gets a mouthful of cum. The wet dream gives him a hands-free ejaculation.
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Boxcover for Black on Blonde
Black on Blonde 

Release date: 3/22/2005
Reviewed on: 6/4/2005 by eme

Starring: Carson
Studio: Avalon

Review brief: Summary: This DVD touts itself as being the first interactive interracial virtual sex simulator. It features Carson, a bosomy blonde bombshell, who is paired with musclebound black hunk, Brian Pumper. Following the basic format of virtual sex simulators, the viewer has complete control over the action. A simple push of a button will command Carson to behave like an innocent pussycat, a foul mouth slut, eager for black cock, or make her orgasm on demand. The viewer is portrayed as a black stud, given a variety of situations to enjoy the blonde sex animal. Carson presents the viewer with an opportunity to: Spank her white ass, fuck her with your fingers, fuck her asshole with a large black dildo, fuck her large tight jugs, have her suck your black cock, fuck her cunt and asshole in missionary, fuck her in the ass doggie style, and have her ride your slippery black shaft in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. Carson, as a bonus, can be commanded to massage your cock with her feet.
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Boxcover for 18 Year Old Pussy 6
18 Year Old Pussy 6 

Release date: 3/16/2005
Reviewed on: 6/4/2005 by valjean

Starring: Virginia, Nika, Claudia Adams, Belicia, Ashley Lee, Natalli DiAngelo
Studio: Devil's Film

Review brief: 18 Year Old Pussy # 6 Devils Films First things first . . . . . . I watch a great deal of porn, as you may have guessed. Most people who write reviews watch a lot of porn. But I have not, until recently, watched any releases from Devils Films. There are no specific reasons for this, I just focused on other companies stuff. Lately Ive been going through a Euro girl phase, so I picked up a few Devils titles. Since watching my first one(a bit over a month ago), I have seen two of the top five porn scenes Ive ever watched, and they were both from Devils Films. One of them is in this video. Note: There is no cast list on this movie, and the only names mentioned are the girls. I recognize most of the guys, but I am horrible with names. So, I will just be describing the guys, without names here. Scene 1: Virginia and Natalli DiAngelo I can tell from the beginning that this is going to be a good scene, just because of how cute the girls are.
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Boxcover for Diva X: Brittany
Diva X: Brittany 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 6/4/2005 by astroknight

Starring: Brittany Andrews
Studio: Pixis

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 15 min. Production Date: 2000 Director: None. I think theres a very good reason for that even though Andrew Drake is known as being the lack-of-brains behind it Cast: Brittany Andrews and Ian Daniels The Short Story Initial Expectations: Just the mention of Pixis makes me feel like I should get a shot of penicillin. I cant say that Im looking forward to anything about this one. Initial Reaction: Its not quite as bad as getting your testicles caught in a bear trap. Who Should Watch It : Extreme Brittany Andrews fans, like the kind who need to see everything she did no matter how bad it is. Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who can. The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects leave plenty to be desired. The audio is pretty clear, but Ive seen dubbed foreign movies where the audio and video synch better than this. Theres also some bad background noises and a lot of talking between Ian and Andrew Drake behind the camera.
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Boxcover for Adventure Sex 3
Adventure Sex 3 

Release date: 4/6/2005
Reviewed on: 6/4/2005 by laszlo

Starring: Becca Brat, Jack Spade, Tyler Houston, Georgia Southe, Mandy Miller, Woody Viking, Kristina Michelle, Mikenzy Paris
Studio: Hustler

Directed by: Dave Road
Review brief: Adventure Sex is the road-trip reality series which mixes a cross-country excursion with risky, public and/or outdoor sex at various national landmarks along the way. Having seen the first 2 volumes of the set, I knew what to expect and it's worth noting that this is probably not meant for the gonzo consumer looking for an all-sex stroke vid. The AVN quote on the cover calls it a "a XXX blind date meets road rules." While not entirely accurate, this series does provide a fresh approach to the genre that Shane's World and Bangbus seem to have capitalized on. This time the road trip will stretch from the most northwest corner of the United States all the way down southeast to Key West. This volume covers Washington state to Dallas, Texas. I divided my review 2 parts, corresponding to the 2 porn starlets who head the cast. There are more girls on the cast than the first 2 volumes, which featured mainly one couple for the whole trip.
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Boxcover for Older & Anal 17
Older & Anal 17 

Release date: 7/19/2003
Reviewed on: 6/3/2005 by matt47

Starring: Guy DiSilva, Blake Palmer, Dino Bravo, Dana Hayes
Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: What I Liked I was intrigued in this volume based on my experience with #18 and also the ladies on the cover. However, I ended up being disappointed with the DVD overall. I mostly liked the ladies in the first and last scenes, the first being a cute, foreign, 30-ish brunette, but the anal action was marred by the fact that the guy had one of the ugliest penisis I have ever seen. I could barely stand to even watch his misshapen member penetrate her cute little ass. The last scene I enjoyed for the personality of the woman and her plump size. I thought it great that she brought her own massage oils and a feather to tease with, just to add spark to her scene. The anal is good (doggie, missionary), she seems genuinely moved by the experience and she noted that it is first on-screen anal scene. What I Disliked Other then the aforementioned bulbous penis in the first scene, the middle scenes are basically underwhelming. The women I did not find that attractive once I saw them in action and also did not connect much with the energy in the scenes.
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Boxcover for Black Sex Party
Black Sex Party 

Release date: 9/12/2002
Reviewed on: 6/3/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: T.J. Swan, Dennis Johnson, Tory Bell, Watson, David
Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: Although it now appears to be part of a series, BLACK SEX PARTY was really made many years ago and has only now been transferred to DVD. It was made in the pre-condom days and has some pretty fair bareback sex. BarebackingI might addwith some big dicks! David Watsona young light-skinned Afro-American twink (see cover) needs a place to stay so he goes out to visit his rich uncle Al Ridgley. Uncle Al has bought a new car that David admires. Uncle Al admires Davids young ass. He agrees to let David live in his apartment in town in exchange for an occasional poke into Davids young butt, starting now. Uncle Al starts sucking Davids dick. Uncle Als cute houseboy spies them and is invited to join. Uncle Al sucks both. With the houseboy holding Davids cheeks apart, Uncle Al drives his dick home. Now in Uncle Als apartment David calls his friend T. J. Swan and invites him over for some good stuff he has. (In this case some weed, but T. J. is about to get some other good stuff as well.) We crosscut between David showering and T. J. walking over.
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Review brief: Director: Jim Powers Camera: Jim Powers & R-Dogg? Genre: Anal, All Sex Release: 1/05 act 1: HILLARY SCOTT vs. Lee Stone Anal, stockings, ATM, Facial OVERALL SCORE:  3 Scene Highlights:  -Hillary hops off of Lee from a cowgirl fuck to suck her juices from his rod. She gags herself hard and fast, producing a continuous torrent of wet sounds. She lets the spit drool from her mouth freely before she begs to be assfucked. -Hillary straddles Lee's meat and lowers herself down on him. The rod jams up against her hole, meeting resistance,  and then plunges straight in..."Oh fuck that's tight," Hillary exclaims. -From reverse cowgirl, Lee picks her up for an aerial variation, lifting her up and lowering her repeatedly to spear her bum on his prick. The strokes are long and penetrate her deep. -In an ATM, Hillary struggles to take all of Lee's length, but eventually forces it down and then we get another series of violent self-induced gagging.
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Review brief: Xtreme Measures Studio: DVSX Director: Mark Gold Year: 2005 Feature Time: 2:02:38 Extras: Behind the Scenes / Solo Scenes / Trailers (0:38:08) Starring: Taylor Rain (Cover Girl) Melanie Jagger Wendy James Renee Pornero Cameron Cain Lil' Bit More Naudia Nyce Themes: Gonzo "Xtreme Measures" is an all-sex gonzo romp from DVSX and director Mark Gold. I've never heard of him, but I've pretty much liked what I've seen so far from DVSX and this one has the incredible Taylor Rain on the cover, whom I've always had a soft spot (or rather a "hard" one) for. Many of the DVSX discs I've seen, particularly from directors like Guy Capo, tend to be vignette-based gonzo movies where the action is set up a little bit before the fun begins. This one is no different but I had a hard time detecting a common theme to the vignettes. Scene 1: Cameron Cain + Naudia Nyce and a guy Naudia works in a clothing store and Cameron's shopping there. After a couple minutes of some painfully forced "acting" they somehow decide to get down to some Lesbian lovin' right there in the store.
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Boxcover for Don't Tease Me! 1
Don't Tease Me! 1 

Release date: 11/15/2002
Reviewed on: 6/3/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Scott Mann, Steve Tuck, Michael Brandon
Studio: Red Moon

Review brief: As light S & M films go, this one is far better than any of the crap put out by Grapik. Its well lit and photographed for one thing. They have taken some pains with the sets and it actually has some direction and decent acting. And in contrast to Grapik which treats the sex almost as though its a softcore film, this one actually shows some good sucking and fucking (although the latter doesnt last long enough). The raison dêtre for the film is spanking. Now spanking is I guess a turn on (especially for priests) and there are certainly some asses Ive wanted to spank. In my case that was directed more by anger than lust. Still, I find the butts here quite hot even before they get pink. There are three scenes and they progress in quality from the weakest to the best. The opening subtitled The Warehouse Man is pretty poor. The major reason is because the tormentor is given more exposure than the victim when its the victim who is the more attractive of the two.
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Boxcover for Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 10
Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 10 

Release date: 3/5/2005
Reviewed on: 6/3/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: U.S. Male

Review brief: As Ive mentioned in other reviews, this is an excellent series. Its full of hot uncut studs who have no inhibitions in sucking dick and getting fucked. I havent seen all in this series (although I wish I had) but those I have seen are well worth your time. This one is no exception. The guys in number 10 speak a heavily accented English, as the producers know the films are for the American market. The conversation which contains sentences such as I would like to something tell you; you are very pretty boy. will strike some as cute, camp, comicor all three. Often times once cant follow the sentence at all, but theyre tryingbless their big hard-ons. The film opens with a young twink soldier packing. It is he who elicits the above sentence from one of his comrades. Thank you, he replies modestly. (He IS a very pretty boy.) When a third soldier arrives he is asked, Dont you think hes pretty boy? He makes it unanimous. They encourage the pretty boy to sit between them where they kiss him, undress him, and soon have the twink's cock in their mouths. Its a big one.
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Review brief: Dual Invasion 2 Studio: Platinum X Pictures Director: John Strong Year: 2005 Feature Time: 2:30:21 Extras: Behind the Scenes / Bonus Footage / Trailers (0:37:20) Starring: Tory Lane (Cover Girl) Kelly Wells Saana Vanessa Lane Tiffany Holiday Themes: DP, Anal, Swallowing This is another recent release from Platinum X Pictures by actor/director John Strong. I've seen the first installment of "Dual Invasion" as well and thought it was freakin' fantastic with the sexy Melissa Lauren on the cover. This one has ubiquitous cover girl Tory Lane, who I feel like I'm seeing in every new movie that's come out in the past couple months. "Dual Invasion 2" doesn't seem to have the kick-ass cast that populated the first volume, but it's definitely good and I'm expecting another winner from John Strong. Scene 1: Tory Lane and John Strong + Michael Stefano Tory Lane has really been burning up the gonzo scene recently. She's a really cute, stacked brunette girl with a sexy smile and submissive attitude.
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Boxcover for Older & Anal 18
Older & Anal 18 

Release date: 11/15/2003
Reviewed on: 6/3/2005 by matt47

Studio: FilmCo

Review brief: What I Liked Along with an interest in the more plump variety of ladies, I have also been on the lookout for those featuring the more mature ones as well. There are four scenes here, but for me there are 2 highlights. The first highlight is with Kira, the largest woman of the bunch here, in the lower left corner of the cover. I could almost lose it just waiting for those glorious, amazingly huge breasts to be pulled forth. She also has wonderful enthusiasm, chats casually with the director and when the action eventually moves into anal territory (cowgirl, doggie and missionary) she really sets the tone and pace. I think I could watch her cushy, plump ass get filled all day long. The other scene of note is with Natalie Vivian, who has such marvelous zest and initiative in her scene that I wish I would see her in other titles featuring mature women. She has an East Coast, Jersey-ish kind of attitude and sense of fun and her body is still in fine shape for her age group.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: 1 / 03 / 2003 Director: Corey Jordan Cast: Brandi Lyons, Chennin Blanc, Jackie Moore, Kelly Steele, Layla Jade, Brett Rockman, Brandon Iron, Cheyne Collins, Hamilton Steele, and Tyce Bune The Short Story Initial Expectations: Anarchy has had some okay action but Ive only found one DVD without false or misleading advertising on the cover. Corey Jordan has never made a movie that really excited me, which also doesnt help my expectations. The only thing that gives me any hope is some nice female talent here. Initial Reaction: Itd be a lot better if Corey Jordan would find a decent eye doctor. Who Should Watch It : Fans of anal action and anal cream pies Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting balanced camera work The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are kind of hit or miss. The audio is okay, but the balance falters a little throughout the movie and theres a few background noises.
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Boxcover for First Time Kenna
First Time Kenna 

Release date: 9/25/2004
Reviewed on: 6/3/2005 by endorphin

Starring: Crissy Moran, Nikki Loren, Kenna Tyler
Studio: MacDaddy

Review brief: Starring: Kenna Tyler, Crissy Moran, Nikki Loren, Samantha Bamma, Tessa Wilms, Nikita Lea, Pros: sensuous kissing and touching, erotic, girls range from good looking to gorgeous, well shot, decent music Cons: deceptive advertising, no sex beyond petting and kissing and none of it down there, not quite certain on chick ID, some of Kenna's comments Features: Well, it does come with a case to hold the DVD in. Does that count? OH! And it has an INTERACTIVE video menu. (It puts me in control of what I want to see.) Why I have it: I don't think I ever picked up a MacDaddy title before and I wanted to give it a try. I like soft core, but I also buy new titles in hopes of a hardcore surprise (it does happen) and/or some female masturbation where the pink is not shown but seemingly raw facial expressions are. I got no such luck. Overall: Kenna is on a quest to interview potential candidates for her first girl-girl scene.
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Review brief: Anal Cavity Search Red Light District Starlets: * Courtney Cummz(covergirl) * Katsumi * Sarah Blue * Angel Dark * Liliane Tiger * Lenny Power * Tiffany Hopkins Director; Erik Everhard Theme; Anal anal & more anal Released; 5/18/05 Released By; Evil Angel Running Time; don't know? 2 Discs Synopsis A hot little disc put out by our friend Erik with all the usual meat puppets, Stefano, Manuel etc. What's Hot DP's a plenty which we are accustomed to seeing from these guys. What's Not Seems that we have seen all this b4. 2 dudes, 3 dudes, one chick being pleasured. Very similarly to many of anal themed flicks The scenze... Courtney Cummz Courtney really surprises here. She just doesnt seem to have the look of a slut but she can ass fuck with the best of them. Cute little outfit and a dirty enuff talker to get you by. Her scene starts of slow building into a crescendo of anal and vag penetration. A really good part to her scene is while pleasuring Stefano & Manuel...
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Boxcover for Swallow Sluts 2
Swallow Sluts 2 

Release date: 5/29/2005
Reviewed on: 6/2/2005 by misternogood

Starring: Celeste, Misty, Isis, Catalina, Nita, Jaz, Eileen, Eden 38DD
Studio: Ghost Pro

Directed by: Tony Porno
Review brief: I always enjoy Ghost Pros oral themed movies, so I am looking forward to this one. Up first is the very pretty 19 year old blonde Eileen. She gives a short interview, then gets undressed. Eileen has a nice rack and her pussy has some piercings. She lays back and spreads her legs for Tony so he can slowly slide his fingers into her pussy. Eileen then gets to her knees, puts her hand around the base of his dick, and softly sucks his cock and licks the head, and the balls. For a few minutes Tony fucks her doggie and then missionary and ends up jerking off into her open mouth, but the first blast hits her eye and nostril and the rest ends up in her mouth which she swallows. Eileen gave a great bj with alot of eye contact with the camera. A very good scene. Laying on a couch and looking hot dressed up as a school girl is the pretty 21 year old Catalina. She lifts up her shirt to show her nice boobies and then gets to her knees to energetically suck his cock and balls. She also bobs her head side to side while sucking and also spits on his dick.
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Review brief: Here we go with another big boob adventure courtesy of the fine folks at Zero Tolerance. Mike Quasar is behind the camera which means good shots and a little humor here and there throughout. I see several hotties are on hand along with their twin towers so let's jump right in. Brandy Talore & Kelly Taylor: Ok we start very well with the girls passionately kissing and the tits quickly come out to play as well with some fine sucking done by each lady. The boobs are rubbed together but what we really needed was some shared nipple licking. Sasha cums in and the girls soon are sharing his cock while continuing to play with one another. Both girls do fine sucking him off and the sex was good too especially the reverse cowgirl, titties bouncing need I say more. You also get some pussy eating by the girls along with a good pounding shot in doggie. Check out the hot mish shot with Brandy arching up to eat out Kelly's kittie, very nice.
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Review brief: Cum Oozing Holes Studio: Platinum X Pictures Director: Toni Ribas Year: 2005 Feature Time: 2:18:14 Extras: Behind the Scenes and Bonus Scene (0:42:07) Starring: Sativa Rose (Cover Girl) Vanilla Skye Tyla Wynn Gia Paloma Kat Lyla Lei Penny Flame Themes: Internal I'm a huge fan of movies from Platinum X Pictures, sister company of the great Red Light District, but I haven't seen one yet from veteran actor/director Toni Ribas and his Hot Frame productions. This one "Cum Oozing Holes" (ha ha, great name) focuses on internal cumshots and has a killer cover featuring the stunning Sativa Rose. The rest of the female cast is equally as strong and I'm thinking this release has a lot of promise. Scene 1: Tyla Wynn and Michael Stefano + Manuel Ferrara Tyla Wynn seems to be in just about every movie I watch nowadays, and that is definitely great. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite current performers in porn. She always brings the heat with lots of sexual energy and an insatiable appetite for fucking.
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Boxcover for Chunky Chicks 24
Chunky Chicks 24 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 6/2/2005 by matt47

Starring: Taylor, Vanessa, Gia, Echo
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: What I Liked I was certainly attracted to looks and bodies of the performers, I love the curves and found them definitely alluring. I was hoping each scene would include some anal sex, but while this is only in 2 of the 4 scenes I still enjoyed the others nonetheless, due to the women themselves. Vanessa caught my eye first, hers is the 2nd scene and she has an extensive tease showcasing her ample rump, before joined by a fella where they exchange oral and then move onto to vaginal intercourse, ranging from missionary to doggie and cowgirl. The 1st scene with Echo is also good, includes a few minutes of anal near the end. The 3rd scene with Gia I really enjoyed, I found her very hot. She starts solo before being joined by 2 men, where they proceed to trade off on oral and vaginal pleasures. Gia is very into it all, really seeming to love every second, then we hit the DP and it sends her overboard (as it does me!). Finally, we have Taylor.
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Review brief: Well here we go with a pretty good title from this very good studio. You have five excellent ladies on hand and I won't go through each scene as they all follow a similar pattern. You have some fine outfits worn, especially by Jasmine Byrne in the first scene. The girls usually suck on cock off at a time before swallowing the jizz and we get a sexy glance from the hot young lady telling us she's not satisfied so off she crawls until another erect cock is presented and she engulfs it with her mouth. They usually do two cocks like this before the last one is brought in and we get some hot sex included. The scene which really stood out to me was Sandra Romains. This woman has such a ferociousness about her that I totally become engulfed in each scene I watch her in and this one was no exception. I did see a few shadows in some parts of the scenes but nothing to drastic as to lower your hard on but I did take a little off in the audio/ video rating. As for extras you have a photo gallery, some trailers, the pops are repeated, and finally some behind the scenes.
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Review brief: Reviewers Note: In the interest of full disclosure it is important to note that I produce a series of amateur titles. My work is completely unrelated to the mainstream adult industry but I still feel it is important to mention. Quick Hit:Barely 18 #15 from Sin City is a pretty decent offering of new talent. Set up to mimic the reality TV format each scene is wrapped around a mini drama between cast members. Not the most original plot line but it doesn't trip over itself like similar reality gonzo fare.. DVD:The disc is laid out well, nicely organized with the standard extras. Video quality is good and camera work is decent. Scene 1: Paola Paola Rey leads off this disc with some heat. Her pairing with Talon is pretty impressive. She starts off displaying some adept cock sucking skills before going into the standard position formula of mish, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and doggy. Paola has some screen presence and a nice figure.
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Review brief: Well this is a fun review to write for me as I join the 700 club with it,lol. This is a pretty good premise as the girls are on a holy quest to find the elusive elixir known as CUM. Tim Von Swine has brought together a fine group of ladies and I think all their searches will end succesfully, what do you think,lol. So let's get to it. Bailey: Leading off we have a very hot newcummer with some absolutely huge tata's. She's got some meat on her bones but everything balances out nicely creating a very appealing young lady. Bailey has fun answering all of Swine's queries and we learn this is only going to be a bj scene so no pussy/ ass work for our young girl. Swine does a nice job roaming the camera over this young ladies frame but when she whips out those funbags all my focus shifts right to them. Man those are some fine looking titties and yes she does lick her nipples for us. Moving on we soon get a cock for young Bailey and she shows herself to be very good at sucking cock. A nice balance of no hands head, gagging, ball/shaft licking, and her eye contact was good.
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