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Boxcover for Explosions (Mayhem)
Explosions (Mayhem) 

Release date: 4/1/2004
Reviewed on: 10/23/2004 by charlie

Studio: Mayhem

Review brief: Mayhem Explosions Film length: 137mins DVD features: Trailers AV Quality: The picture quality varies from good to average. The audio was very low and almost inaudible at times. Stars: Various Review: I am a big fan of wall to wall cumshot compilations and this title caught my attention as I have never seen a Mayhem production before and was curious to see how it faired against the competition. The DVD is divided up in 10 chapters and subdivided into 10 scenes. A nice feature is the ability to jump back and forth to each cumshot using the skip button on your remote. Great for tracking down your favorite sticky moment. As soon as started playing the film it sort of reminded me of the Leisure Time comps where the pops were delivered at a machine gun rate with little build up. It was kind of pull out, pop....stroke, pop....suck, pop etc. way too fast for my liking and there was no indication of who the girl was and which film it was taken from.
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Boxcover for Dark Erections 3
Dark Erections 3 

Release date: 6/11/2004
Reviewed on: 10/23/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Body Shoppe

Review brief: This is a less than average release from Body Shoppe. There is the usual annoying talk from Uncle Don in his gravely voice about pussy and girls not showing up for the filming. A patter than no one believes especially the guys who know they have just come here to jack off. It s all designed to make us believe these guys are straight. Then too there is that ugly hand with a wedding band that reaches out from time to time to cop a feel. As its title suggests this is to feature dark dick so we see mostly blacks with one Latino and one ultra white dude. First up are Tommy and Flame. Tommy is the ultra white guy. Hes shaved off his pubic hair. How many straight guys do you know who shave off their pubic hair? They dont touch one another, but Uncle Don cant resist stoking Flames uncut meat. They jack-off standing on a mirror. Gooda, another black follows. He wears a sailor hair and has a small dick. Troy, a big light-skinned Afro-American is next. He also is minimally hung. He jacks off watching TV. Ra, a young uninspiring Latino has a big uncut cock.
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Review brief: This was shot on location in Hawaii and features dozens of exterior shots of the island, as well as a sailboat, a helicopter, some scuba footage, an Aloha airliner, etc. The "Double Indemnity"/"Body Heat" style plot far exceeds any plot you'll see in today's porn. On the downside, this is 24 year-old footage, and it shows. The DVD transfer was pretty good, but the film itself is damaged and peppered with scratches and white spots. Moreover, the women doing porn in the late 1970's were pretty homely by today's standards, but Leslie Bovee is a very handsome woman and exudes an earthy sensuality. On the extras side, there is a full motion chapter-stops menu. The multi-angle gimmick is a complete waste of time, because most of the extra angles are just mirror images. The commentary track is the king of all DVD extras, but none of the people associated with this project are still around and willing to participate. Holmes passed away in 1988, and Leslie Bovee has been out of the business for twenty years.
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Review brief: Most of what I wrote about "The Ecstasy Girls" also applies to this film. This is a 1982 Harold Lime production, directed by Robert McCallum. With Veronica Hart and Annette Haven, there's more star power in this flick, but the final product is not quite as good as the wonderful "Ecstasy Girls." The plot is "Ecstasy Girls" in reverse. Here, Georgina Spelvin is the publisher of a soft-core porn mag called "Panther," featuring centerfolds of smart college girls. Some morality guardians form a committee called Morality over Madness (MOM), and try to put Panther out of business. Spelvin has to round up her centerfold graduates to go out and seduce the committee members, retain evidence of the hanky-panky, and ultimately blackmail the members into ceasing their assault on Panther magazine.
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Boxcover for Cherry Cheeks
Cherry Cheeks 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 10/23/2004 by andyblake

Starring: Kaitlyn Ashley, Peter North, Randy West, Marc Wallice, Krista, Melanie Moore, Micky Lynn
Studio: Caballero

Review brief: A good performance by Kaitlyn Ashley and the presence of Krista Maze, a beautiful Texan who worked in the industry in the mid-90s, keep this run-of-the-mill effort from being utterly forgettable. The video looks good because of the very sharp, well-lit shot-on-video source material. The audio track piles inane background music on top of a scene that already has music, producing an insufferable cacophany. There are no extras except a chapter stops menu and some stills.
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Boxcover for Teen Spirit 5 (Metro)
Teen Spirit 5 (Metro) 

Release date: 3/13/2004
Reviewed on: 10/22/2004 by zoid

Starring: Alex Sanders, Haley, Mark Wood, Joey Ray, Dominica Leoni, Lyla Lei, Charlie Laine, Scarlet Haze, Scarlet O'Whora, Haley Paige
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Michael Adam
Review brief: It smells likes teen spirit. Who said that? Technical Runtime: 1 hr. 54 mins Region: all Audio/Video: Okay, but there is some noise during one scene Main Feature Every scene consists of short introductory sequence and sex, obviously. During that introduction, girls are bouncing on the trampoline and undressing themselves (which is kind of cool). Haley Haley is 18 years old; she's very cute, natural and has very beautiful, tanned skin. After the trampoline gymnastics and the interview, she's greeted by Mark Wood inside the house. They kiss and Mark starts to finger fuck her and lick her clit. A couple of times, Haley asks him to let her taste her pussy and sucks on Mark's finger. The blowjob session consists mostly of mild throat fucking with some gagging; not too rough though. They fuck in doggie, RC and mish with some PTM breaks in between. Wood blows his load in her mouth and she spits it out. This was quite hot scene with some energy in it. It was evident that Haley was willing to take it even further.
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Boxcover for Freak Factor: Looking For a Host
Freak Factor: Looking For a Host 

Release date: 9/18/2004
Reviewed on: 10/22/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Arena

Review brief: This is the second film from Tyson & Vega a new studio founded by Tyson Cane and Enrico Vega. Set in NYC the studio offers a diverse assortment of ethnic performers. I enjoyed their first effort MANHATTAN FANTASIES and looked forward to viewing this one. I regret to say I did not enjoy this one as much. I also have no idea as to what the title means: FREAK FACTOR, LOOKING FOR A HOST. No one has an appendage that I would consider freakish. There are three duo scenes and two threesomes. The threesomes were the only times the film caught fire. The film opens with Enricos face in Dawan Patersons ass. Dawan, a slender Afro-American, is finishing up the old casting couch part of his audition. He gets the part only to discover he has been trying out for the wrong film. A caption now reads: Two Hours Earlier. But we dont go to the beginning of the Enrico-Dawan scene we cut to another black dude, Malachi Tyson, reading a magazine article about Enrico Vega when there is a knock at the door. He goes to answer it and the camera does not follow him.
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Review brief: Title: Multiples Cast: Kayla Marie, Victoria Sin, Shawnie, Melissa Lauren, Rio Mariah, Lea De Mae, Iyesha, Loissa Rosso, Crystal Ray, Heather Gables, Sue Diamond & Mr. Marcus Director: Mr. Marcus Studio: Mayhem Duration: 2:00:00 Date Of Production: 2/10/04 Whats Happening: Straight, Lez, anal, ass to mouth, pussy to mouth, facials Scene One Kayla Marie, Loissa Rosso & Mr. Marcus Things start off in a room with Mr. Marcus talking to the camera. Cute ass Kayla Marie arrives wearing a plaid dress and sneakers (which she keeps on), and says she wants to show him what she learned in school. Loissa comes into the picture with a ruler and threatens to spank Kayla because she didn't do her homework. Needless to say, what Kayla learned in school was giving a really wet & sloppy BJ. Loissa follows the curriculum and joins her. Kayla Marie has so much ass for a youngster. God bless this girl.
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Review brief: General Summary I was really looking forward to this movie but I was greatly disappointed. Some great looking women but it fell short for me. Lauren Phoenix/Kaylynn together in one scene seems incredible: two of the leggiest women in the business. But the scene was a huge disappointment. I don't think any of the women really enjoyed themselves completely in this movie. Scenes Ariana Jollee. (I skipped this scene, not a big Arianna fan) Lauren, Kaylynn. Two of my favorite performers. They look stunning in stockings and platform shoes. I didn't know either of these women was bisexual and it really caught my attention. I thought this scene was going to start out good: Kaylynn is lying on the sofa and Lauren is sitting on her face so Kaylynn can't even speak all the while Lauren's talking dirty to her. Then the guy enters the scene. No single or double-team BJ which really disappointed me. The girls get kind of playful and there isn't any serious sex at all going on throughout the scene. The guy just kind of hops from one girl to the next every minute.
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Boxcover for Nina Hartley's Guide To Spanking
Nina Hartley's Guide To Spanking 

Release date: 9/3/2004
Reviewed on: 10/22/2004 by astroknight

Starring: Kylie Ireland, Nina Hartley, Audrey Hollander, Otto Bauer
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Ernest Greene
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 80 min. Production Date: 6 / 23 / 2004 Director: Ernest Greene Cast: Kylie Ireland, Otto Bauer, Audrey Hollander, and of course, Nina Hartley The Short Story Initial Expectations: Im not sure why, but I have a bit of hope here. Initial Reaction: Its one of the best educational type DVDs Ive seen so far. Who Should Watch It : Anybody at all interested in erotic spanking Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks spanking should be dark, painful, and without pleasure The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is pretty clear, but the balance is sometimes off a little, theres a slight hiss in the background, and theres sometimes a bit of a hollow sound to the audio. The video is pretty good. Its nicely lit, but there is a little grain and a slightly soft feel. Music: None Menus: The menus are okay. The main menu looks nice and has a little animation to help it out.
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Boxcover for Cum Filled Throats 2
Cum Filled Throats 2 

Release date: 6/11/2003
Reviewed on: 10/21/2004 by nutty-buddy

Starring: Summer Knight, Alex, Jennifer Luv, Cailey Taylor, Shawnie, Brianna Blaze
Studio: Devil's Film

Review brief: Title: Cum Filled Throats 2 Cast: Jennifer Luv, Malaisah, Alex, Shawnnie, Summer Nite, Cailey Taylor, Brianna Blaze Studio: Devils Films Duration: 1:30:00 Whats Happening: Blowjobs, facials I don't know what else to say about this series. The only thing good about this addition is Jennifer Luv and that isn't because she's the best cock sucker in pornland. She just looks good as hell. I think better camera work and better girls will do this series justice. A lot of these girls look good but aren't exactly good at giving head. The camera sometimes drifts and leaves you saying "what the fuck?". Your best bet in the all blowjob department is the Dr. Felatio or Throat Gaggers series. I feel they are the best. I don't know what their secret is but obviously the Cum Filled Throats series doesn't know it either. This lacks big time. Overall: I would pass on this unless you're looking for everything featuring Jennifer Luv.
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Review brief: Title: Cum Filled Throats Cast: Ashley Blue, Eden, Mira, Teoni, Angel, Caitlin, Amber Roxxx, Rio Mariah, Faith Grant, Julie Night, Elzabeth Del Mar Studio: Devil's Films Duration: 1:30 Date Of Production: 3/21/03 Whats Happening: Blowjobs, facials Very few of the scenes are worth watching. The opener bored me to death. These two girls were obviously high as hell and didn't seem the least bit interested. Ashley Blue's scene is a diamond in the rough. Pretty much none of the other girls did it for me. I think in order to pull this off you need cock sucking scouts. Some of these girls are just piss poor at giving head. I've already seen the 2nd and 6th parts of this series and I still can't say it's up there with the Dr. Felatio or Throat Gaggers series. Those two are my favs. I don't think it's fair how the cover says there's multi camera angles and there aren't actually any multi camera angles. Overall: I would pass on this unless you're a huge fan of Ashley Blue.
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Boxcover for Go Ahead Ream Me
Go Ahead Ream Me 

Release date: 9/22/2004
Reviewed on: 10/21/2004 by crucifixio-jones

Starring: Tyce Bune, Jada Fire, Lee Stone, Aria, Lucy Lee, Jayna Oso, Chanel Chavez, Makayla Cox, Seth Dickens, Benjamin Brat
Studio: Acid Rain

Directed by: Dan Dapper
Review brief: Go Ahead, Ream Me 2004, 2 hours and 20 minutes Acid Rain Directed by Dan Dapper Starring Jayna Oso, Lucy Lee, Jada Fire, Chanel Chavez, Makayla Cox, Aria The Knowledge: John F. Kennedy once said, Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. These are sagewords which Acid Rain CEO Mitchell Spinelli seems to have taken to heart. Deeming his former venture, the softer Rain Productions antiquated, he made the decision to become a player in todays market and shift his focus to pleasing the current demographic of hardcore gonzo lovers. The result: ACID RAIN and a library of titles youll soon be proud to say you had the pleasure of jacking off to. This is my first look at an Acid Rain title and after much anticipation I eagerly await what Dappers stellar cast has in store for me. Enough talk. On with The Action: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Jayna Oso The opening credits sequence made this movie appear to be pretty intense so Ive mentally prepared myself for a wild and raucous ride.
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Boxcover for Adult Stars At Home 5
Adult Stars At Home 5 

Release date: 2/2/2004
Reviewed on: 10/21/2004 by lindi

Starring: Alexandra Silk, Randy Spears, Luc Wylder, Mike Horner, Angelica Sin, Rich Handsome, Amythiest, Holly Hollywood
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Luc Wylder
Review brief: Description Interviews, home tours, sex. General Impression If you want one of these, get number 4 in the series. The highlight of this one is the tour of Mike Horner's house. Many of the homes in this series look a lot like model homes in a condo complex, complete with standard new showroom furniture, and no personal belongings. Mike's home is different, and very cool. He shares his home with a Russian woman (she's not shown), and the two of them have integrated a happy jumble of kitsch and collectibles. We've got a souvenir Mexican tapestry, a 30's print of an Indian in a canoe, A Kilimt print, country-style wooden heart-shaped welcome plaque and fridge magnet goose, an aquarium, kilim rugs, cherubs, religious knick-knacks, a plush penguin, large fringed lampshades, busy potholders, and all kinds of other things. A shiny ceramic fireman and his dalmation sit next to a hand-carved and painted Indonesian mask, part of his collection of masks from all over the world.
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Review brief: Title: Ass Lickers (Volume 4) Cast: Valentina Valli, Vanessa, Sabina Black, Brittney, Simone, Sarah O' Neal, Chloe Black, Alberto Rey, Mark Anthony & Sean Micahels Director: Sean Michaels Studio: Platinum X Pictures Duration: 2:15:00 Date Of Production: 9/23/03 Whats Happening: Straight, lez, anal, pussy to mouth, ass to mouth, rimming, facials Scene One Sabina Black, Brittney & Sean Michaels Sabina Black is a personal favorite. She's a petite brunette with blue/green eyes. Seriously edible. Brittney is a blonde and she's just as scrumptious. The girls do the lez thing until Sean arrives and then they suck him off. Both ride him on the couch and I thought this was the highlight of the scene. Great camera angles. Weak climax but good opener. Female Looks: Good Doings: Sabina Black - lez,bj,cowgirl,doggy,anal[doggy,mish]rim,a2m,facial Brittney - lez,bj,cowgirl,doggy,anal[reverse cowgirl]rim,a2m,facial Overall Chemistry: Great Scene Two Vanessa (Ramona) & Mark Anthony Vanessa is yet another personal favorite.
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Review brief: General summary I rented the VHS version, DVD version has 50 extra minutes than VHS. Good followup to Angels 1. Great sex, hot women, very well shot. Plenty of squirting in this film. At least four of the girls squirt with Tiana being the most active. Wanted to see more of Dasha, some camera angles were kind of wasted. Plenty of teasing before each scene. Majority of positions are shot really well which is rare. Scenes Dasha. Looks hot as always. This is the first gonzo and anal I think I've seen her in but I haven't seen her in a while. It's about time she was in a gonzo. I didn't know she spoke english without an accent. She is a seasoned veteran and she is totally into it. Takes on two guys, BJ is kind of short. A lot of this scene takes place with her leaning across the back of a couch which made it hard to get all of her in the camera shot. Does a little bit of squirting which is a real turnon when coming from a hot blonde. Don't think there was any vaginal missionary which would have been hot.
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Review brief: Title: Malibu's Most Latin Company: Madness Pictures Length: 1 hour and 33 minutes (93 minutes) Production Date(s): July 2004 Release Date: September 9, 2004 Condoms: None Director: Andre Madness The Abridged Version: Whatever happened to fun porn? You know? The kind where the performers alternate between being really into fucking eachother one second to joking around with some prop given to them for their storyline or set-up the next. Malibu's Most Latin does not necessarily have that because Jayna's scene is more typical sex of the day (anal, DP, DV) and Kaylnn's scene is fun but heatless. However, in comes Jennifer Luv, Lee Stone, Jenaveve Jolie, Steven St. Croix, J-Luv again, Lola, and Seth Dickens to deliver some enjoyable porn. The overall feature seems like it is supposed to have a connecting plotline, centered around Jayna housesitting for someone. However, that is not very well developed. So, it could have been better. But three of the five scenes are fun and sexy.
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Review brief: Title: Sexy Euro Girls Cast: Isabel Ice, Sandra Romain, Claudia, Jenny, Carol, Melissa Black, Angelica, David Perry, Manuel Ferrara & Steve Holmes Studio: Platinum X Pictures Duration: 2:35 Date Of Production: 1/25/04 Whats Happening: Straight, lez, anal, gaping, pussy to mouth, ass to mouth, deep throating, rimming, toys, choking, slapping, toe sucking, creampie, facials Scene One Isabel Ice, Manuel Ferrara & Steve Holmes Isabel is right. Dark hair, thicker build and will "try anything". So right. She starts out in a flimsy pink dress, no panties and high heels. Her and Steve arrive back at an apartment and before you know it her head is in his lap. She rides him in the chair as well and the whole time Steve is trying to convince her to fuck Manuel too. She changes her mind, a good threeway ensues and she ends up with a messy face. Good opener.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 111 min. (cover states 118 min.) Production Date: 1 / 19 / 2004 Director: Various Cast: Keri Windsor, Lita Chase, Carmen Luvana, Layla Jade, Nikita Denise, Zana, Calli Cox, Shayla LaVeaux, Julian, Mark Davis, Anthony Hardwood, Nick Manning, Joey Ray, Joel Lawrence, and Evan Stone The Short Story Initial Expectations: Adam & Eve can be kind of hit or miss on their compilations. I dont know why, but theres something about this one that scares me. Initial Reaction: Its a pretty hot comp! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting a nice variety of couples-friendly sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting things really hard and really deep or who thinks couples sex has to be slow and boring The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: When it comes to compilations, the technical aspects always vary a little. Its hard to avoid when you take a group of movies and pick a scene from each. Since most of the scenes here are fairly recent, that isnt much of a worry here.
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Boxcover for Nasty Newcummers 18
Nasty Newcummers 18 

Release date: 4/16/2002
Reviewed on: 10/20/2004 by zoid

Starring: Candy Cotton, Nicole Sheridan, Nina Ferrari
Studio: Metro

Review brief: This title originates from 2002, and the only reason I picked it is because it has Nicole Sheridan in it. "So what?" you might I ask. Well, I'll tell you. In the last couple of months, I've probably seen a dozen videos (from gonzo to features) with Nicole Sheridan and in every single one of them, she was fucking Voodoo, her boyfriend or something. I got so sick of seeing them always together, and even started to wonder if she had ever had sex with someone OTHER than Voodoo. When I didn't see Voodoo in the credits here, I was like, "Oh my God! Oh my God! This is it!" Technical DVD specifics: double sided Runtime: 1 hr. 54mins (box cover claims 2 hours) Region: all Audio/Video: reasonably okay, though there is some pixelation now and then Feature Nicole Sheridan The scene starts with the interview, and I think it's one of the funniest interviews I've seen in quite some time. Nicole is certainly looking younger (well, DUH!).
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Boxcover for Valley Girls 2
Valley Girls 2 

Release date: 8/23/2004
Reviewed on: 10/20/2004 by kelly

Starring: Steven St. Croix, Lola, Cherokee, Alex Rox, Jackie Moore, Talon, Shy Love, Jean Val Jean, Jenaveve Jolie, Seth Dickens, Nikki Lauren
Studio: Madness

Directed by: Andre Madness
Review brief: Title: Valley Girls 2: Hardcore Dreaming Company: Madness Pictures Length: 1 hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes) Production Date(s): June 2004 Release Date: August 23, 2004 Condoms: None Director: Andre Madness The Abridged Version: What's this? Vignette-based porn with some light storyline and perfectly non-offensive sex? I used to watch that crap. Yeah. All those old Dane videos, like University Co-Eds and Nineteen Video Magazine. But that was years ago. I've moved on to gonzo now, where every girl is a teenager and, excluding the August Night's and Jennifer Luv's of the world, does anal within the first month her career. Like the Skeeter man says, it's a beautiful thing. The funny thing is that gonzo is most definitely a very boring genre right now. It's not a beautiful thing. When people stop imitating Jules Jordan and start doing something original let me know. For now, I find myself looking into alternate choices and Madness Pictures reminds me of what I once found hot. Yes, it's stupid.
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Review brief: It's been awhile since I saw Private title for the last time, and was wondering how they are doing. My choice was based purely on the cover this time. I thought, "Hey, reality!! That sounds interesting." Maybe they started making some kind of reality-porn. Technical Runtime: 1 hr. 38 mins (!! including two documentaries mentioned as Extras !!) Region: all Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish Subtitles: Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish Audio/Video: Very good! DISC COMPLAINT: Unreadable segment!!!!!! Feature Well, the best way to describe the content of this DVD is to compare it to television. It's like you are watching PrivateTV for one and a half hours. This disc is a strange mix of porno featurettes, several "The Making Of" videos, and a porn photo session. The fencing master First small featurette. "Two enslaved students learn to wield the sword and the cock of their master." I almost spilled my coffee when I heard that.
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Review brief: Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" #53 [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> The Inside View with Selena Silver - October 20, 2004 The Inside View is published once weekly by porn actress Selena Silver.  Each week, Selena brings you an inside look at a movie good enough to be  deemed a Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" with the goal of adding the perspective of someone who has worked with the studio, director, or stars of the movie.    "Sexual Compulsion" a Manuel Ferrara Production from Red Light District Sexual Compulsion:  "At a Glance" [ /image ] -->  Overall Rating: 4.25 Director Manuel Ferrara Studio: Red Light District Cast: Angelina Crow, Claudia Rossi, Ellen Saint, Franco Roccaforte, John Strong, Judy White, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, Niki Montana, Simony, Toni Ribas Release Date: 23rd June, 2004 Total Run Time: 2hrs 20mins Total Scenes: 5 Scenes Fetish Summary: [NO CONDOMS - SHOES ON/OFF ] - Kissing, Fingering, Hair Pulling, Salad Tossing, Rimming, Spanking, Animal Play, BJ, 2-Cock BJ, 2-Girl BJ, Ball Sucking, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, PTM,
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Review brief: Description Interviews, home tours, sex. General Impression I got this one partly to have a look at Nina Hartley at home -- she and Ernest are supposed to be all about S & M, and I thought that might be interesting. But although we met Ernest, what we saw at their house was a very soft scene between Nina and Anastasia Pierce. This dvd has four scenes -- two of them girl-girl, and I shall dutifully describe what they looked like as I fast-forwarded them. And two really rocking boy-girl scenes. This surprised me, actually, as Luc's movies are usually a little soft. But, hot damn, the boy-girl scenes were terrific. Here's the place to go for hard-pounding, sweaty sex, women having a fabulous time, and no slapping. This one's not for you if you demand anal, though. Scenes First up, Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene. They live in an industrial loft space with concrete walls and exposed pipes. It looks cold and grey, complete with a sign on the wall warning of radiation, and a first aid kit.
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Review brief: Title: Gaper Maker 2 Cast: Angelina Crow, Danni Ricci, Sarah Dark, Simony, Monika Unco, Pussycat, Liz Honey, Leslie Taylor, Alberto Rey, Manuel Ferrara, Tony Ribas & David Perry Studio: Zero Tolerance Duration: Date Of Production: Whats Happening: Straight, Lez, anal, gaping anal, P2M, A2M, rimming, toe sucking, toys facials Scene One Danni Ricci, Elen, Leslie Taylor & David Perry Danni Ricci is the typical Hungarian blonde. She's cute. Outside by a well, she ends up naked in her high heels, poising for the camera. She plays with herself a bit and then it switches to Elen inside the home. Elen is a lot cuter than Danni and has much more ass. Elen ends up naked in her high heels as well and poises for the camera. The fucking takes place inside and it was all pretty damn good. Needless to say both girls do a lot of gaping. Good camera angles, good climax, good scene.
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