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Review brief: Kylie Ireland's: Taste Her Ass 1 Preview Expectations: ATOGM (Ass To Other Girl's Mouth) is another one of the now very popular acts, that seem to continually push the nasty envelope. This is the primary focus of this disc, or atleast it would seem that way. I like the act on some occasions, but mostly can take or leave it, if it is done well it can be very hot though, and I am a bit anxious to see Kylie's vision of directing it as a theme. Pretty good cast, looks promising. Initial Thoughts: This one is a keeper. The ATOGM is very often the focus, but it's done well, and not overplayed to the point of just feeling tacked on. There are some great female asses in this one too, and thier given some good attention in both tease and sex. Mainly though, this one is just some well performed and well shot threesome sex. A great cast of starlets and a very strong male cast gives this one a good level of chemistry and energy. Extras are also strong, and I just have to say that this is a well done disc by Kylie and PXP, and there really isn't much to gripe about.
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Review brief: Jessica Dee's: Sperm Smiles 1 The Quickie Rundown: Jessica is showing herself to be a quick study in the ways of directing a good porn flick. Good performing doesn't always transfer to good directing, but she seems to be another good pick in the PXP stable. Down to the movie, it's a very solid disc, good energetic sex, some decent tease and some top shelf girls to carry out the workload with. 4 of the scenes are 1 on 1, and one of them is a hot 2 on 1 with Sandra Romain. A decent compliment of extras adds some meat to the package, and all in all, this one is another good entry in the PXP catalog. The sex is more on the passionate side and not overly extreme, but it has a fair bit of nasty stuff to appeal to a fair number various fans. Technical Considerations: Not much to fault here, it has a few weak spots on the lighting and camera side, but nothing major, and overall it has just fine technical aspects. Menus are the usual PXP style, and are just fine by me, with easy navigation and a good font and size to read.
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Review brief: True Hardwood Stories - Preview Expectations: Back in the middle part of the 90's, I was a fan of Shayla LeVeaux. As time went on I kind of lost track of her, and I was suprised to see this title, and see she is still performing, a decade later. I'm always on the lookout for a decent feature, and this one has a good cast of starlets too. I've had a bit of a checkered past with Adam & Eve, but I'm hopeful this one will be good. Initial Thoughts Well Shayla looks great, she looks about the same as I remembered her.. The acting is mostly decent, but the story is predictable it is basically the average sex scene linkage, but does have some entertainment value, and that atleast is saying something. The sex is pretty hot, but in some areas it falls to the curse of the feature, and just doesn't carry a lot of chemistry, but the girls are gorgeous all the way through, and there are a couple of solid performances, and the extras aren't too bad to accompany the feature.
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Review brief: POP 2: The Girls of Innocence - Preview Expectations: I'm a fan of Michael Ninn, and Ninn Worx, but I have only seen one of the "Innocence" movies, so I'm looking forward to this one. It appears to be many of the blowjob portions of those movies, and there is a pretty incredible list of starlets in this one too. These compilation discs though often have thier problems, so I'm hopeful but a bit waving the caution flag too. Initial Thoughts Well it isn't without it's problems, but for the most part this disc has done a very good job piecing these scenes together and making them still look good. The "Innocence" movies all have a very similar feel and look to them, and many use a white out kind of fantasy evoking background lighting to the scenes, and that similarity coupled with some pretty good editing make this disc come together very nicely. I think many oblivious people could probably watch this disc, and believe it is a purpose made disc, and not a compilation.
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Review brief: Iron Head 2 - Preview Expectations: I picked up both this volume and the first one in this series, so I know what I am getting into. I was not that satisfied with the first one, and I am hoping this one is better. Initial Thoughts I hate to be negative, and there is some decent footage here, but this disc suffers from all the problems the first volume had. It is an edited blowjob title, which means, that Mercenary took blowjob and tease footage from many of Lexington Steele's movies, and spliced tease, blowjob, and cumshot footage from the scene, to make a blowjob only compilation in this disc. Total scene length is in the 3:30 to 8 minute range for 16 scenes, and much of the actual sex action (dick sucking) is only around 2:30 to 4 minutes long, and the real problem with that is the jumpy editing, it looks like they did what they did, meaning jumping around in the scene to get the parts they wanted, it is not a smooth looking transition. Everything feels unfinished and slapped together, and with really no extras of worth, I just feel a little let down here.
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Review brief: Iron Head 1 - Preview Expectations: The main site I researched this title on, listed this title as being new content, but other's listed it as a compilation, and going from the back of the box and the cast list, I would tend to agree that it is likely a compilation. I've generally been happy with most of the Lexington Steele, and Mercenary Pictures titles I have bought or checked out, so whatever this one is, I hope it keeps up the trend. Initial Thoughts I guess the best way to describe my feeling on this title just to say this title is frustrating. It is indeed a compilation, mainly of Lex's stuff from Mercenary and possibly some of his titles from Red Light District, it is basically the oral only part of the scene, spliced with the pop, now that alone is fairly frustrating that they couldn't even use oral only scenes, but to add to that, they put in much of the opening tease and some of Lex going down on the girls.
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Review brief: Anal Princess: The Best of Makayla Matthews - Preview Expectations: Makayla Matthews, although she is not as well known as some of the other Seymore girls, such as Taylor Hayes or Alisha Klass, she gathered a good amount of fans in her short time around Seymore, and aparently enough to warrant her own "Best of" compilation. I've seen a couple of the movies it looks like some of these scenes were taken from, and some I haven't, so I'm hoping to get a better look at Makayla's body of work. Initial Thoughts I think I would agree that this is a good mix of Makayla's best scenes, there may be a couple left out, but when your putting in nearly half an hour scenes, you have to leave out a couple to fit them on the disc. If you like her, I think this is a without question a disc your going to want to check out, and if you missed the whole "Makayla Kraze", then there is still time to catch it with this disc. A reasonable list of extras including an entire extra scene of her's, and this one has some reasonable value to it.
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Review brief: A few years back, I watched a movie called Booty Duty. In this movie their was a cute little brown eyed blonde that took my breath away. I was amazed seeing this tiny innocent looking babe take it up the ass, and I was an instant fan. When she retired, I thought it was much to soon and I hoped and wished she would return. Im proud to say, my wish came true. Katie Gold is back and looks better than ever. Her bonus scene in Big Wet Asses 4 rocked my world, so I decided to check her out in this movie. Seeing what the other girls have to offer should be a nice bonus! I rate all scenes on a scale of 1 to 10. Ten is a perfect score. Scene One (Jane Darling, two guys) The Action: Tease, Blowjobs, Blowjob/Standing Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl/Blowjob, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Anal Sideways/Blowjob, Anal Mish, Mish, Anal Reverse Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl DP, Standing Doggie/Blowjob, Cowgirl, Cowgirl DP, Cowgirl DPP, Open Mouth Facials, Post Cum Blowjobs. Jane looked awesome her sexy outfit! Its a black fishnet top, panties and stockings. As for the sex, it was hot too.
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Review brief: Busted Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: Sept-Oct 2003 The Pocketcomb Premise Heatwave has put out some serious nasty titles over the years. Ill never forget when I heard that Kitten had signed with them 10 years back, they really put her on the map, and helped the careers of many other black actors. Unfortunately, today, they live up to both titles. For a minute, I thought I was caught up in a Heatwave, but turns out, they are Busted! Not only was the artwork misleading on the cover by making Angel Eyes look like a DD star, they lie to you by suggesting that a second title is embedded in the DVD. Turns out that second title is a trailer, that not only installs software on your computer, it links you to pay content from Heatwave. FUCK THAT! Fire Fire is an attractive woman that pops up from time to time in my reviews. Shes pretty attractive, but 99 of the time she does not live up to her name. Lucky for you, Today is that 1. She makes D.
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Boxcover for Busty Dildo Lovers 2
Busty Dildo Lovers 2 

Release date: 4/15/2004
Reviewed on: 1/12/2005 by domina-sgpc

Starring: Kayla Kupcakes, Melonie Charm, Crystal Gunns, Lana Lotts, Ricki Raxxx
Studio: Score

Review brief: Busty Dildo Lovers #2 (2004) USA Review by Domina Brought to you by Bleu Review & from the gals at Format: DVD, 1 Disk Studio: The Score Group Running Time: 136 mins. Language: English Cast: Kayla Kupcakes, Lana Lotts, Melonie Charm, Crystal Gunns, Ricki Raxxx and Angelique. Intended Audience: Heterosexual Male, Breast Lovers Content: Large Silicone Breasts, Sex Toys, Masturbation. Synopsis This DVD delivers exactly what it advertises: Large breasted babes masturbating with dildos. Six sets of massive mammary jiggling, bouncing and shaking, getting massaged, squeezed and pinched by girls who like to play solo. Review This DVD delivers exactly what it advertises: no more, no less. As alluded to by the performer's names, these girls all have one thing in common: very large silicone breasts (except Ricki's whose are real). Now, there is a point at which the inflation of breast size becomes more ridiculous than sexy; more distasteful than a turn-on-and many of the women in this film have crossed over that line. Don't get me wrong.
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Review brief: Welcome fellow porn fans to another installment of Jules Jordan's popular blowjob series. I see a bevy of ladies are on hand to take on plenty of manmeat and then let the splooge paint their faces, tongues, and who knows where else the jizz might land. So pull up a chair and let Mr. Jordan unleash these ladies upon you. Delilah Strong: We start with some great tease shots of Delilah as she does a little work in her fridge, damn it she is all out of popsicles and Jules muses that she might need some more juice! Delilah goes for a stroll and she finds the guys standing around and Miss Strong has them whip out their cocks to become donors for her favorite kind of treat, the cumsicle!! Delilah gets on her knees and works those pieces of meat like a fine conductor. Some good gaggin and her eye contact was good as she went from guy to guy. A good tight cock circle develops at one point and it isn't long until the first shots of cum are being fed to her mouth and Delilah has a container right there to drip the jizz into.
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Boxcover for BBB: Big Big Babes 3
BBB: Big Big Babes 3 

Release date: 8/5/2003
Reviewed on: 1/12/2005 by gotgame

Starring: Seanna, Dixie, Angel Baby
Studio: Channel 69

Review brief: The thing wrong with the big women videos I guess is the action and the girls. I never can understand why there are never any big women with a pretty face on these videos. Also the action is ussually with an older out of shape porn guy who is 20 years out of his prime like Don Fernando, making for slow paced action. This video is no exception. We start off with Angelwho is big girl with a bigbody and not a good mug. Some guy goes through standard positions with her and pops. Redd is the highlight here. She takes on two guys while wearing a red body stocking. she's a lil hotter and the only reason I scored the video the way I did. The black guy here pounds her up pretty good and she actually seems a little excited. Seanna isn't that bad either. Big ass and very nasty. she fucks outside and her pussy must smell pretty bad cause flies show up in this scene. If you like your porn that nasty than this is for you. Dixie, to tell the truth was so bad looking I couldn't finish watching the scene.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 171 min. (original release 135 min.) Production Date: 7 / 2 / 20004 Director: Christoph Clark Cast: Elen Saint, Jessica Fiorentino, Lilian, Mandy Bright, Sandra deMarco, Sabrina, Sarah Blue, Franco Roccaforte, Frank Gun, Greg Centauro, Jean-Yves LeCastel, Leslie Taylor, and Richard Langin The Short Story Initial Expectations: I look forward to anything with Christoph Clark behind the camera! Initial Reaction: As usual, Christoph delivers plenty of hot sex! Who Should Watch It : Anal sex fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting lighter or passionless sex or anybody turned off by gaping The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: Although Christoph started off a bit slow with some of his technical aspects, this ones right up there with what one normally expects out of Evil Angel. The audio is clear and very nicely balanced, including Christophs voice when he talks with the performers from behind the camera.
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Boxcover for Naughty College School Girls 32
Naughty College School Girls 32 

Release date: 6/18/2004
Reviewed on: 1/12/2005 by jr

Starring: Simone, Mr. Pete, Sativa Rose, Randi Wright, Tiana Lynn, Porsha Blaze
Studio: New Sensations

Review brief: Well, here it is. A DVD that has Tianna Lynn in it where she does NOT squirt. I didnt think one out there existed, but there you have it. She gives a good fuck to her co-star, and he tries his best to coax a shot or two of girl juice out of her, but, in the end, he comes up empty. I know that must have blown his mind, because this is the first DVD with her in it that I have seen where she does not squirt. The rest of the feature is your standard fuck fest. Outdoor fucking, threesomes, standing cowgirl, cowgirl, wall fucking, great oral, and some serious pounding are all to be had in this outing, but this one does fall short. As much as the girls give in their scenes, one cant help to notice that with a little bit more spontaneity, these scenes might have taken off. All our ladies are beautiful, and you will like seeing them fuck, but dont be fooled by the cover. If you want to see her squirt, get any of her other releases. You will be disappointed. But, if you want to see that rare scene where all she does is fuck, this might be the DVD for you. Just remember.
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Review brief: Another very solid effort by PX, it doesnt do wrong by itself to have a sexy cast doing some good fucking. The ladies give their all, and the direction is very well done. Threesomes, Dps, DPPs, cowgirl, toy action, and some good oral put this where it should be, as another fine title from a great company. Tianna Lynn is in this feature, and while she does not squirt all over the place, she does manage two decent ones. For someone who is used to seeing her squirt every 10 seconds, this was a bit of a disappointment. The scene was decent, but for fans of hers, you might be let down. She does give it a good show, but it does seem like she does not have the best chemistry with her male co-star, although he does do his job fucking her in several positions, which includes cowgirl and doggie. The rest is filled with beautiful women how get down as best they can. They guys do a fine job of servicing them, but in the end, you can find better titles than this one. It tries its best to bring the heat, but ends up falling short. No matter. You could do a lot worse.
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Boxcover for I Cream on Genie
I Cream on Genie 

Release date: 12/7/2004
Reviewed on: 1/12/2005 by jr

Starring: Katie Morgan, Brittney Skye, Lauren Phoenix, Jayna Oso, Missy Monroe, Shy Love, Sammie Rhodes
Studio: Colossal Entertainment

Directed by: Dan Silver
Review brief: This is a feature that is a send-up of one of my favorite show (who couldnt get enough of Barbara Eden in those outfits? What a woman). Each guy goes into a townhouse and pulls out a genie lamp. After rubbing it, guess who appears? It is an idea that has been done so many times before ( I Dream Of Jenna quickly comes to mind), so you will be familiar with it. The best scene in the DVD involves Missy Monroe and Katie Morgan, giving double duty to one lucky stud. They do the nasty in a variety of positions (cowgirl, RC, doggie, mish), and the highlight of the scene is when Katie is riding our hero in cowgirl, bucking her hips back and forth, Missy rubs her pink pussy to two nice squirts while dirty talking the couple. For fans of squirting, she does it once more while getting fucked in doggie, but unfortunately, it is poorly captured. The rest of the DVD is solid, but not great. And, the two things that really disappointed me about this DVD is that 1, there are nor in-scene points on the DVD and 2, the only way to watch the DVD uninterrupted is to play it straight through.
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Review brief: "A Gay Man's Take on Straight Porn" I was actually looking forward to this movie. I had liked "Blue Movie", and had wanted to see Jonathan Morgan perform, so I decided to go with Silver Screen Confidential. Was it worth the look? Not really. The Movie: First off, this movie is horribly directed. Some would say that since it's porn it doesn't need to be well directed, but the problems with the direction seem to really hurt the sex scenes. Everything is shot so close that you almost get hypnotized by the testicles flying by on the screen. Plus, when all you see is the insertion, you loose a lot of heat, missing some of the reactions you would have gotten if the camera had pulled back. The only exception to this was the scene with T.T. Boy and Jenna Jameson. You can tell those two love working together, and the scene generates decent heat. Now, I'm not saying the sex is bad, it's just so badly shot that things just get kind of dull. There are five scenes total, three guy girl, one girl/girl/guy, and one guy/girl/guy. The only time there is anal is during the guy/girl/guy.
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Boxcover for Stocking Secrets 7
Stocking Secrets 7 

Release date: 9/13/2004
Reviewed on: 1/12/2005 by mlyons

Starring: Bella Starr, Erin Moore
Studio: Smash Pictures

Directed by: Kira Eggers
Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Stocking Secrets #7 Mike Lyons Reviews         Director Kira Eggers Cast Bella Starr, Erin Moore Genre Tease, Non-Sex Condoms N/A Female Orgasms None THOSE WHO MIGHT LIKE IT Those looking for pretty women who slowly remove their pretty outfits before your very eyes. THOSE WHO SHOULD STEER CLEAR Those looking for any kind of explicit hardcore sex. PREFACE: This will be my first review in several months (to put it mildly).  I'm looking to change my review style a bit to keep things interesting for me, and to focus on what I find most interesting about porn in general.  I'm open to suggestions, if you don't like it. REVIEW: This is my first foray into the world of Smash pictures.  Mind you, they've been around for a little while now, but given the rampant over-saturation of the porn market with every kind of micro-focused hardcore freak-fetish you can think of (including a few of my own, thank you very much), their i
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Review brief: In my never ending quest to see as many Sammie Rhodes scenes I happen upon this one from Platinum X Pictures. Sperm Smiles is quite the nice title, at least we know where the splooge should end up. I see three girls here I met in Las Vegas last week and they all were beautiful to see and here is another chance to see each in action. Jada Fire: We start with this nice looking black lady and she quickly starts playing with her tits, pulling one out for some caressing and some licking! The dirty talk is pretty good too from this busty beauty. The camera's focus is wisely kept squarely on those babies while Jada is playing. Moving on we see some pussy play with her fingers and I liked the shot looking up while she strokes her kittie. Jada also uses a glass toy to lube up her pussy. Steve Holmes then enters the picture bending down for some sugar with Jada then he takes over shoving the toy in which is now going into her pooper.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 140 min. Production Date: 12 / 14 / 2003 Director: Christoph Clark Cast: Jenny Blair, Camelie, Marylin, Maya Gold, Nikita, Sandra Mark, Alberto Rey, Bruno SX, Choky Ice, David Perry, Greg Centauo, Jean-Yves LeCastel, Kid Jamaica, Lauro De Giotto, Leslie Taylor, Marco Nero, Steve Holmes, Ian Scott, and Christoph Clark The Short Story Initial Expectations: Over the last year or so Christoph has become one of my favorite directors. I cant help but go into his movies with very high expectations. Initial Reaction: Not surprisingly, its fantastic! Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting passionate group sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting passionate group sex with women in the majority or who wants couples rather than groups The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done. The audio is clear and well balanced, including when Christoph talks with the girls from behind the camera.
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Review brief: "A Gay Man's Take on Straight Porn" Eye of the Beholder is basically the adult film version of the Korean film "The Eye". While it is very entertaining at times, it doesn't quiet work all of the time. The Movie: The plot of "Eye of the Beholder" is as follows. Kaylani is a woman who was blinded in an accident. She just recently had an eye transplant sergery, so she can now see again, but there are problems. It seems that she can now see what the former owner saw. As she investigates she finds out that the donor was a porn star who may have been murdered! This is one movie that really tries to be a legit film, but because of that, the sex scenes suffer greatly. A good deal of the sex is out of the context of the story, and tends to seem random. The first sex scene we even see is a random nurse and doctor in a supply closet in the hospital. Now, this would normally not be a problem, except for the fact that the movie is VERY plot heavy. If you don't like a lot of talking with your porn, skip this movie.
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Review brief: New Girls #2 Cast: Lucy Anne, Niki Dark, Sabrina, Lucy, Simone De Marco, Nika Director: Tony Ribas Studio: Platinum X Pictures Duration: 2:19:00 Scene One: (Nika) First up is Nika, a good looking blonde from Prague. Tony meets up with her and then they go into an apartment to get busy. They do a lot of kissing and Nika gives him a little strip tease. With her ass to the camera, Nika spreads her cheeks and shows us her marvelous backside, while Tony fingers her from the back real hard. She gyrates against the wall, gets fingered more and then gives Tony a decent blow from her knees. Tony couldn't help playing with her pussy and fingers her more before sticking it in. First they fuck standing up and this was pretty damn hot. Nice angles. Cute Nika does some pussy to mouth and then rides Tony cowgirl on the bed. After some pounding in cowgirl, Nika gives Tony a footjob and then gets her hairless pussy licked and fingered. They do some spooning and then go at it reverse cowgirl. She does a little pussy to mouth and then bends over on the bed.
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Review brief: Welcum to the next installment of Brandon's big tit series and I really enjoyed the first two so let's jump right in as a few 2005 Vegas show girls are in this one. Sammie Rhodes: Up first we have our covergirl who had perhaps the best natural rack to enter the jizz biz in 2004. We start this scene with some good tease shots as Sammie is being shot at a "photoshoot." It doesn't take long until Toni Ribas is sitting behind her and some great boob caressing takes place with both licking her nipples. Toni also does some aggressive finger play to Sammie's pussy yielding a few squirts which I hadn't seen her do previously. The sex was really good also featuring all the good poses for a Sammie fan especially reverse cowgirl, mish, and spoon also nicely shows off those bodacious ta ta's.
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Boxcover for Blue Rain
Blue Rain 

Release date: 12/1/2003
Reviewed on: 1/10/2005 by mr-soul

Starring: Olivia del Rio, Valentino, Mr. Marcus, Lexington Steele, Vanessa, Simone, Eric Masterson, Domino, Talon, Harley Davis, Kaylani Lei
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Michael Raven
Review brief: This movie has some of the best plot development and acting that I have seen in adult movies. Clearly a lot of effort went into the filmaking and scriptwriting. However, what the film has in its looks and acting it doesn't carry through in the sex scenes. I found every sex scene to be an amazing disappointment considering all the trouble that the makers took to create so much other texture. A great adult movie to me should have both - great plot, great character development and acting as well as inspired and pasionate sex. This one fails to deliver on the latter. Unispired, boring and emotionally detached sex scenes.
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Boxcover for Babes Illustrated 14
Babes Illustrated 14 

Release date: 11/2/2004
Reviewed on: 1/10/2005 by jr

Starring: Felecia, Lola, Ann Marie, Jennifer Luv, Jenaveve Jolie
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Ann Marie
Review brief: I am a big fan of all girl action, and the Babes Illustrated series has been hit and miss for years now. Sometimes it depends on the cast, sometimes, as with a previous BI that was directed by Frank Thring, it can come down to good direction, even if the editing is suspect. I would have like for this edition to have been a bit harder edge. The women are absolutely beautiful, and put their best twat forward, but it does seem at times they are going through the motions. But, that is just my opinion. I did like the last scene that involved Lola, who is a personal favorite of mine. She took some time off from the biz, and has come back very strong. She gives great energy no matter what scene she is in, and her and her partner in this scene do their best to spark it, but with watching them and cutting back to the other lady, who is in her bathroom playing with herself in her tub, it loses flow.
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