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Boxcover for Oral Hygiene 5
Oral Hygiene 5 

Release date: 10/5/2004
Reviewed on: 2/20/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Websters defines hygiene as cleanliness. Well, there is absolutely nothing clean about Oral Hygiene #5, a Rob Black production. This is strictly an all-oral flick in which two guys abuse 10 girls in about as many ways as possible. Besides cocks, the girls must suck feet and hands and fingers. They are gagged with dicks, choked, and slapped until they are nearly vomiting and mascara is running down their faces. Not a pretty sight! Each girl is interviewed before each scene, and Im assuming it is Black who does the honors. Ive never met the man, but if his speech and thought pattern are consistent with these interviews, he is probably apt to say at any time, Dude, what a gnarly fucking hummer that was. Tubular, dude! Just to warm you up for the blowjobs, the girls answer questions in a most candid way. It is revealed to us that, among the many other tragedies in their life (like sucking feet to pay the rent), they have endured drug addiction, pedophile fathers, brothers in prison for life, mothers who were porn stars, and hooking at age 14.
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Review brief: I recently gave an unfavorable review to Teen Auditions, a decent flick ruined by director Digital DKs constant talking during the sex action. Well, fair is fair, and I will offer DKs other new release, Cum Eating Teens, as an example of how to make very good porn. Here, DK doesnt waste our time with inane interviews and non-stop commentary. The five girls start each scene with a little tease, then get right down to business. And while none of these girls would be considered a candidate for the A List, all are very enthusiastic about their performance and give very hot scenes. There is great camerawork here, as the girls bodies are captured at just the right angles. The sets and lighting are top-notch. The guys are not asked to dish out any abusive behavior. The performers simply suck and fuck each other and DK lets their actions do his talking.
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Review brief: What can you say to a director who thinks hes the star of a movie? What can be said to make a egotist like Digital DK understand that we dont purchase porn to listen to nitwits like him talk over the action? Is there any way he could have screwed up Teen Auditions any more? Is there a possibility this will be a positive review? The answers to these questions could fill volumes, so Ill just say that the jive-talking director, who sounds like a reject from a Hollywood blaxploitation flick of the 70s, managed to take away any heat generated by some decent looking talent. None of the five girls were true rookies to the jizz biz, so DK could have let them do what theyre good at (sucking and fucking) and kept his yap shut.
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Boxcover for Mobster's Wife
Mobster's Wife 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 2/19/2005 by andyblake

Starring: Alexandra Silk, Shay Sweet, Vince Voyeur, Lexus, Katie Gold, Mr. Marcus, Derrick Lane, Stephanie Swift, Kelly Jean
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: Paul Thomas
Review brief: I loved the plot and the acting in the mob-themed Paul Thomas picture. Vince Vouyer and Alexandra Silk were especially convincing with their New Jersey accents, but everyone seemed to be trying to stay in character. Unfortunately, the forces of evil at Vivid cut this film to ribbons before releasing it on DVD. The film was originally 131 minutes on VHS, and the DVD runs 84 minutes. You don't need to be a math major to see that more than 45 minutes have been cut from the movie, including two entire scenes. It really should be callled outtakes from "Mobster's Wife." On the flipside, there are two versions of a behind the scenes featurette, together totalling almost an hour, but in no way does the behind the scenes featurette compensate for not having the entire film on DVD. For some unknown reason, the people at Vivid cut up all of th 1990s Paul Thomas features before releasing them on DVD. I don't know which is worse, not getting the whole movie or knowing what enormous contempt the people at Vivid have for me (and you), their customer. But they are the contemptible ones.
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Boxcover for Silvia's Spell 1
Silvia's Spell 1 

Release date: 10/3/2004
Reviewed on: 2/19/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Silvia Saint
Studio: Maximum XXX

Review brief: Its not often a porno puts me to sleep. Silvias Spell #1 set a new record by doing it twice in the same afternoon. This period piece in set in (where else?) Europe, and it features beautiful Silvia Saint and a bevy of other beauties. But despite every girl getting drilled in the ass and taking a facial, the soft lighting and Muzak background in each scene kept me from staying alert. Slow is not the word for the pacing and the action; glacier-like best describes it. The plot is set during the Renaissance period, and all the costumes seem accurate. Problem: most of the girls dont remove their clothes during the sex. So heres a cute blonde getting drilled and her petticoat and corset hide most of her body. All that shows is her breasts. What, they didnt have hips and butts to admire in those days? Forget the plot. Its told in voiceover and its stupid (something about a royal family and an evil witch). In fact, there is very little actual dialogue spoken by the actors (usually a plus in my book).
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Review brief: I can remember when this series first started back in the day! It seemed there was this along with the I Swallow line and Down the Hatch quickly became my fave of the two due to the fact I thought better looking girls were shot along with hotter sex. Mike John laid the groundwork for this excellent series and now it's up to Chico Wang to take up the torch. This is the first one in this series I've watched in awhile and I'm glad to have picked it up. Rather than go through scene by scene as I'm sure others will my overall impressions are what I'll give here. First off very hot cover shot, Keri Sable is very attractive and has the I can't believe this girl is swallowing cum face that we all can love! But I went into this already having a good impression of Keri and she enhanced it with her efforts here. Gia Paloma was another girl who's excelled in so many things I can watch her all day. Naudia Nyce took many loads in her mouth at the same time before swallowing and she hadn't done that before.
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Boxcover for Dare To Bare
Dare To Bare 

Release date: 1/24/2004
Reviewed on: 2/19/2005 by astroknight

Studio: Sinclair

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 30 min. Production Date: 05 / 2003 Director: None credited Cast: Jane Monreal hosts, Chennin Blanc, Cheyne Collins, Pason, Kris Slater, and others gives demonstrations, and Mark Schoen, Ph.D. gives a quick clinical talk The Short Story Initial Expectations: Sinclairs movies have been fairly hit or miss for me. Im a fan of shaving, so I have a little hope here. Initial Reaction: Anybody curious about shaving or who just enjoys watching shaving Who Should Watch It : Anybody whos nervous about shaving down under Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting all education and no eroticism The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very well done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I dont think I noticed a single background noise. The video is also very well done. It has a little grain that gives it almost a film-like look. Its very nicely lit and often has a slightly artistic look to it. Music: The music is nicely done.
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Review brief: Party of Sex 3: Taking All Cummers Initial Thoughts: There are not all that many good group sex lines out there anymore, I always find that in many cases, you end up with one of a few different scenarios wrecking the fun, either there are so many people that all they end up doing is jumping around with quick cuts until the cum starts flying, or the people just are not that into everyone thier with, they key is usually to keep the numbers small enough so you have some semblance of heat, and yet have enough people that you have the variety that draws people to group sex titles. This disc does a pretty good job with that, they keep the numbers down in the 7 to 10 range, and that works pretty well here, there is some very hot fucking going on in just about all of these scenes, and for the most part they stay with things long enough to keep it interesting to watch. I am unfamiliar with most of the ladies in this one, but they are a great group to watch get involved in a mass of bodies.
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Boxcover for Young Cream Pies 13
Young Cream Pies 13 

Release date: 10/30/2004
Reviewed on: 2/19/2005 by linus

Starring: Tera Patrick, Mei Yu, Alexis Malone, Tonya Hartley
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: Young Cream Pies 13 Initial Thoughts:In my previous purchasing and viewing experience, it has been very hit or miss with both New Machine and Randy West Productions, and in this case that pretty much describes the disc from my view. A couple of the scenes are excellent, and a couple of them are just on the more average side. This is a compilation of scenes that have a cream pie (internal cumshot) finish to them, from various Randy West series and releases, most of the scenes in this series and in this disc are from the "Up and Cummers" series. There is next to nothing for extras, and with only around 2 hours of runtime and 5 scenes, it's not the best encompassing compilation, but I got this one mainly for the single fact that it was early and Pre Vivid enhancment Tera Patrick, and for that reason and that scene, I'm thrilled with the disc. It's not for everybody though, and there are better creampie vids out there especially, but it has it's moments, and it is a decent volume in this series.
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Review brief: Take It Black Initial Thoughts: There seems to be a lot of buzz going around about Van Styles these days, so I figured it was about time I checked out one of Van's directed discs, and this one happened to be my pic. I'm pretty glad about that fact too, this disc has a lot to offer, some of the top newer girls with some of the biggest black dicks in porn. I'm impressed with Van Styles to say the least, this is a nice job of putting some passionate sex into the scenes and a nice bit of tease to get you warmed up before the meat of the scene starts. The outfits are sexy and for the most part the girls leave much of them or all of them on during the sex, which is something I personally like to see and something I don't think we see enough of in this fully nude in 12 seconds era of porn. Extras can't be complained about either, with nearly an hour of extra content on top of a already meaty 140 minute plus feature. I have absolutely no complaints on this one and it's one of the better Hustler discs I have seen in a while.
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Boxcover for Myne Tease 2
Myne Tease 2 

Release date: 12/11/2004
Reviewed on: 2/19/2005 by linus

Starring: Mark Davis, Patricia, Karina, Miles Long, Tawny Roberts, Roxy Jezel, Rick Patrick, Judy Star
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Pat Myne
Review brief: Myne Tease 2 Initial ThoughtsI've liked quite a bit of Pat Myne's work as a director in the past, and this continues that feeling, a pretty strong effort here with a good cast. Pretty straight forward all sex disc here, 5 one on one scenes, but there is a nice mix of sexual activity to look at here, ranging from hot babes in sexy outfits giving us some slow tease, to some hard pounding anal blasting with the girls going ass to mouth for good measure. There is no set fetish or theme here, and that works just fine, the flick does a nice job of catering to a wide variety of tastes, a little tease, a little flash, and a good amount of nasty. The extras are lackluster in this one, but the feature is worth a look anyway. Pretty well established cast of ladies, and they all do a nice job of of keeping my interest peaked at thier performances, good energy in the sex and most of the scenes have atleast some semblance of chemistry for much of the duration.
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Boxcover for Juicy G-Spots 2
Juicy G-Spots 2 

Release date: 10/18/2004
Reviewed on: 2/19/2005 by linus

Starring: Nick East, Chris Cannon, Randy Spears, Phoenix Ray, Lisa Marie, Jack Spade, Angela Stone, Deja Daire, Anita Blue
Studio: Simon Wolf

Directed by: Robert Herrera
Review brief: Juicy G Spots 2 Initial Thoughts:Juicy G Spots is an interesting title line, but for this series, I guess it fits pretty well, a couple of these ladies do some squirting, and the other ones do a nice job of doing what they do to. This disc is not without some problems, but overall I thought it was pretty good, I liked the girls and most of them were unknown to me, and that always presents a risk with my viewing, but these girls mostly delivered the goods. The sex is a little tame for some, but there is some passionate stuff and some decent scenes. Basically it's just one on one sex with some squirting thrown in there for fans of that, nothing overly adventurous or special here, but they did a reasonable job with the basics, and there are times where there is some pretty good sexual energy going on in the scenes. The technical qualities lacked a little, but the extras where fairly decent. The feature runtime is just over 104 minutes, and it's pretty much wall to wall sex, no setup or story here to mess around with.
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Review brief: Friends and Lovers Initial Thoughts: This one is decent, it has some goods and some bads as usual in almost anything but especially porn. The goods are for starters, the very hot cast of ladies, a pretty strong list of extras and generally some nice looking eye candy style sex. The bad would start with the fact that for a couples aimed feature sex movie, the sex is not all that passionate and at times there isn't a lot of chemistry showing through in the scenes. The editing is also rather poor and many of the camera shots have that cable version feel to them, and it really doesn't help to generate any sexual heat. As far as the story goes, don't hold your breath, basically this group of friends and fuck buddies get together for a party or barbecue if you will, and most of them end up fucking one another throughout the course of the movie.
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Review brief: Throat Gaggers 4 Red Light District Video Starring: Taylor Hill, Patty Amor, Mandy Bright, Cassandra, Jennifer Gold, Ashley Long, Megan, Renee Pornero, Fiona, Crystal Ray, and Serena. Directed by: Robbie Fischer Scene 1- Mandy Bright Our opening scene stars Mandy Bright, a young girl from Budapest, Hungary. She has the pleasure of taking on 3 cocks in this scene. It starts off with some gentle dicksucking and handjobs. It doesnt take long however, for them to get Mandy on her back with her head hanging upside down. The first guy face fucks her pretty good, going balls deep in her mouth. Second guy gagged her somewhat, not very effectively though if you ask me. The third guy probably gave Mandy the best face fucking, slapping his balls across her face. There was not a considerable amount of drool during this scene and it finishes off with the three of them cuming on her face.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Nuttin' Hunnies Mike Lyons Reviews         Director Various Cast Lots of girls. Genre Cumshot Compilation Condoms None Female Orgasms None THOSE WHO MIGHT LIKE IT Those who enjoy Peter North's special propensity for plastering a pretty girl's face with cum. THOSE WHO SHOULD STEER CLEAR Those looking for, you know, sex... REVIEW: My regular readers (if I have any) must be wondering what has possessed me to pick up a cumshot compilation video of all things. All I can say is, hey, I was in the mood... Aside from commenting on the specifics of how the cumshots are presented and perhaps mentioning a few highlights, I'm not sure there's a whole lot to say about this disc.
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Review brief: I'm still trying to find as many b/g scenes with the busty beauty Sammie Rhodes as I can and here comes one she shot for Elegant Angel. I think the title is apt as long as you know the girl is over 18!!! Once you reach that age then yep, spew away on her pretty face. Here we have Sammie, Victoria Sin, and the squirt master herself Tiana Lynn does a scene. So let's hit a few highlights shall we. Sammie Rhodes: I loved how this scene started, a full on shot of Sammie's face, not to much makeup but just enough to really get the juices going. Sammie gives us some good eye contact as her hands roam over her body and yes those bodacious tata's are shown quite a bit. You also get a male's hand used to play with her pussy and Sammie gives us some dirty talk. Lee Stone then gets his face right over Miss Rhode's pussy and some serious licking takes place, man that guy has a huge tattoo on his left shoulder! Seeing Sammie's legs spread like this was a thing of beauty as her tits were beautifully incorporated into the shot.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->     Euro Domination #2 Mike Lyons Reviews         Director Christoph Clark Cast Judy White, Jessica Fiorentino, Angel Dark, Pamela, Simonne Peach, Anna Nova, Jane Darling, Philippe Dean, Richard Lengin, Greg Centauro, Franco Roccaforte, Jean-Yves LeCastel, Kid Jamaica. Genre All Sex, Fetish Condoms None Female Orgasms None THOSE WHO MIGHT LIKE IT Those who love pretty Euro girls, and a lot of anal-centric sex, with a little vinyl fetish thrown in for good measure. THOSE WHO SHOULD STEER CLEAR Those who dislike alot of anal, and particularly those who avoid anal gaping. REVIEW: Christoph Clark's work has always been a bit hit or miss with me. He's got a fantastic eye for tease--I mean real tease, in the Buttman sense.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 86 min. Production Date: 5 / 01 / 1996 Director: Andrew Blake Cast: Asia Carrera, Jami Dion, Laura Palmer, Lea Martini, Misty Rain, Monique DeMoan, Rebecca Lord, Selena, Shelby Stevens, Bruno Sx, Colt Steele, John Decker, Mark Davis, and Vince Voyeur The Short Story Initial Expectations: Andrew Blake can make a darn hot movie. Im hoping this is one of them. Initial Reaction: Its pretty, but also pretty shallow. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants art and beauty over hearing cocks splashing in and out of any available orifice Who Should Avoid It: Anybody with a list of movies they hate because theyre artsy fartsy foreign bullshit (yes, Blake is American, but his style is definitely artsy fartsy and might be considered foreign) The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, or at least it seems to be. Its kind of hard to tell with how the music dominates the audio.
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Review brief: Ive only seen couple of movies from the Anal Teen Tryouts series, volumes 1 & 3. I enjoyed them both. The Marie Twins are the boxcover eye candy and the main reason I wanted to see the flick. It was my first time seeing them in action. All the other girls were new to me as well, so I was looking foward to seeing all these young cuties take it up the ass. I rate all scenes on a scale of one to 10. Ten is a perfect score. Scene One (The Marie Twins, Brian Surewood) The scene starts with the girls sitting on a couch, both wearing black dresses. Brian, who looks like like your typical biker guy tells us hes about to live out every guys fantasy. After he finally stops blabbering, he buries his face in one of the girls pussy. I dont know which one. Their twins so, who really cares anyway. He does the same for the other one. Next they suck his cock. They never take it deep, just putting their lips around the head of his cock. They double up with one girl mouthing the head of his dick and the other sucks his balls.
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Review brief: Taste Her Ass Running Time: 2 hours Est. Production Date: Sept-Oct 2004 The Pocketcomb Premise Not since the Pepsi Challenge has tasting fluid been such a hot commodity. This is another title in the rapidly growing Kylie Ireland catalog at PXP. Im gonna be upfront and say on the record that I dont believe that Ms. Ireland is fully in control of her series, but its just my personal opinion. Based on the BTS of this and Nearly Wrecked , I think shes a producer at best. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. Either way, this applies across the board. How do you direct a title with a dick in your ass? Looks to me you are taking a whole lot more direction that you are giving. Kami Andrews & Tyla Wynn Scene starts out with Steve Holmes driving a Gran Prix (Pronounced Grand Pricks). The females named above couldnt be more opposite of each other. Kami is thick, augmented, dominate and maturing in the biz. Tyla is thin, natural and giggly as hell.
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Review brief: Here we go with review #600 and what better than to pop in a title starring several of my faves. First off there's my on screen wife Melissa Lauren who is a total sex goddess, then you add in the world class ass and sexual appetite of Katja Kassin and then the bodacious tata's of Haley Paige I see nothing but upside for this title. You can guess from the movies title there will be lots of ass fucking plus the girls will be cleaning a lot of ass juice from cocks throughout the scenes. So if you're a gonzo fan and a fan of these girls listed then I say play on and get ready. Melissa Lauren: Well we start off strong with this woman who was still sportin blond hair at the time this was shot. They start with a shot of her ass tightly held withing some black latex shorts. Melissa gives us a smile as John Strong stands behind slapping and playing with her tushy. You also see some finger action inside her bum and she licks them clean as well as letting John use a purple toy on her bootie.
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Boxcover for Go Ahead Ream Me
Go Ahead Ream Me 

Release date: 9/22/2004
Reviewed on: 2/17/2005 by mr-october

Starring: Tyce Bune, Jada Fire, Lee Stone, Aria, Lucy Lee (Asian), Jayna Oso, Chanel Chavez, Makayla Cox, Seth Dickens, Benjamin Brat
Studio: Acid Rain

Directed by: Dan Dapper
Review brief: GO AHEAD REAM ME Directed by Dan Dapper. Go Ahead Ream Me is one of the latest anal themed releases from Acid Rain. This movie features half 1 on 1 scenes and half 2 on 1. While the sex is not entirely anal, most scenes do a good job of focusing on anal sex. Each scene begins with a short tease segment. I chose to watch this movie because I have heard good things about Acid Rain and was interested in the cast here. I thought all girls did well with their scenes and I was impressed with the overall quality of the movie. Sometimes when a new company comes around, their product is not up to par with the competition. I'm glad to see this is not the case with Acid Rain. Even though the company has been active for just about one year, their product is pretty decent and I would not hesitate to try one of their movies again. SCENE 1: Jayna Oso with Benjamin Bratt and another male. Jayna sits, allows the guys to finger her pussy and sucks their cocks. Benjamin fingers Jayna's ass while she sucks the other guy's cock.
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Boxcover for A.N.A.L. 4
A.N.A.L. 4 

Release date: 11/4/2004
Reviewed on: 2/17/2005 by mr-october

Starring: Joel Lawrence, Lee Stone, Reno, Mick Blue, George Uhl, Talon, Roxy Jezel, Jayna Oso, Katrina Kraven, Melissa Lauren, Suzie Carina, Angel Dark
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Bryan Xin
Review brief: A.N.A.L. 4 Directed by Bryan Xin. While there is no shortage of anal themed movies, DVSX has one of the better series here as every scene in the A.N.A.L. skips vaginal sex entirely and goes straight to anal sex. Every scene in this movie is 1 on 1. Each scene begins with a short tease and masturbation sequence. I have seen previous editions of this series and I thought Bryan Xin does another great job here with the fourth installment. The fact that all scenes skip vaginal sex and go straight to anal sex makes me want to recommend this one even more. I am always more pleased to see anal scenes of this type as opposed to those which devote half or more of the scene to vaginal sex. The only thing I disliked was that the lighting and color throughout much of the movie seems especially bright. It doesn't necessarily make the scenes any less enjoyable for me, but I can't help but notice this. Overall, I was impressed with the movie and look foward to future editions of this series. SCENE 1: Roxy Jezel with Talon.
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Boxcover for Akiba Girls
Akiba Girls 

Release date: 1/22/2005
Reviewed on: 2/17/2005 by astroknight

Studio: Hustler

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 59 min. Production Date: 3 / 18 / 2003 Director: None credited (at least, not in English) Cast: Animated The Short Story Initial Expectations: My luck with anime has been very hit or miss. Hustler has shown a lot of class with their DVDs, so I have a fair amount of hope here. Initial Reaction: Its one of the most enjoyable anime features Ive seen. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting anime that feels like its made for normal people rather than rapists and pedophiles Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting the dark and sadistic side of anime The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is presented entirely in Japanese without any English dubbing. Its pretty clear, and you have the option of whether or not you want English subtitles. The subtitles are pretty good, but often have odd breaks that sometimes break up words. The video is a bit weak. Think Pokemon with a bit of softness and blurriness to the animation.
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Review brief: William H's movies always have an element of craziness about them. He uses dark unconventional lighting and likes to mix up his backdrop. It's an unconventional feel. Christie Lee: Christie sucks on a lollipop while wearing a pink shirt with an ice cream cone emblem plus the words, "want a lick?" The lollipop goes into her pussy for a bit during an interview with William H before Tony T shows up. Tony T looks like a 70s basketball star with that afro of his. Just a brief bit of Christie Lee squealing and he already blows his load into her mouth. Strong vaginal fucking but the office couch setting is sterile. Another cumshot down the hatch. Man, Tony is like the Energizer bunny because he's still going (although there may have been a camera edit here). Implied internal creamshot at the end but no proof. Really good scene. Roxy Jezel: I've been watching many Roxy Jezel movies lately but this may predate them since her hair is darker than the brown with blonde highlights I've seen her in the RLD movies (and Vegas).
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