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Boxcover for Pinch, The
Pinch, The 

Release date: 7/8/2009
Reviewed on: 8/5/2009 by fu_q

Starring: Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Voodoo, Nick Manning, Claudia Rossi, Sunny Lane, Renae Cruz, Rachel Solari, Meggan Mallone, Raquelle DeRossi
Studio: Vivid

Directed by: B. Skow
Review brief: "The Pinch" is a clever and witty comedy directed by B. Skow that focuses on a man with a small penis (Voodoo) and details what happens when his meddlesome friends (Evan Stone and Tommy Gunn) try to help him out via hypnotism. The plot of the movie is fun, light-hearted, and real, and the sex (all vaginal) is excellent in four of the five scenes and good in the other. Standing out here is the work of contract girl, Meggan Mallone, who is quite the brunette stunner, with notable performances also turned in by the rest of the female cast. The visuals and camerawork are top-notch, and the production values are exquisite. The acting is also spot-on. Further, there is a very nice collection of bonus material presented here. All in all, this is definitely a great choice if you are looking for beautiful women, hot sex, and / or a movie with a solid plot.
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Review brief: OKay the next review is not 4 everybody. Lately I've gotten away from the genre I usually frequent, big booties, black chicks, Brazilian girls shit like that. I stepped away from my wheelhouse because well, those movies began to suck. Now I've really been into the whole milf thing and well.................................................big girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I said it!!! On ADT I said it!!!!!!!!!!! See I used to see big girl movies and they were bad because of the "food" aspect of it. It was just about laying out food and luring the big girls into the sex. It was never about sex. It was more or less the industry making fun of the big girls and I wasn't into that shit. Well awhile back CJ Wright started putting out nothing but big girl movies and I began to peep it out again because it wsan't about making them look bad, he really likes big girls and it showed. Well this here is a flick from West Coast called Big Ass Quake 4. I admit this will not be an effort for all fans,just BGL
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Review brief: OKay I feel that it is my duty to inform people of a few things about this movie. First of all, I'm really not into blowbang movies, but I have the hots 4 Chyanne Jacobs and I tend to gravitate towards movies with her in them in whatever capacity. Two, this is slightly more than a blowbang movie as some of the girls actually get into it to the point they get fucked as well. Three, Carmen Michaels is a fucking stunner!!!!! And finally the drawback................WESLEY PIPES!!!! Now I am in no way in favor of any black man being in prison, well unless you REALLY FUCKED UP!!! I will say this though, in the time WP was gone I was able to buy porn with impunity, never worried that my favorite girl would be in the scene with this motor mouthed cat. I mean really, who buys porn to hear a guy talk!!! CONSISTENTLY!!!!!!!!! I mean he never shuts the fuck up!!! Don't believe me here is what you do. Pick a scene you have with WP, now fast forward anywhere, push play......STILL FUCKING TALKING!!!!
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Boxcover for Teagan Vs Jenna
Teagan Vs Jenna 

Release date: 8/24/2009
Reviewed on: 8/5/2009 by bono-one

Starring: Tommy Gunn, Jenna Haze, Tyler Durden, Teagan Presley, Scott Nails, Johnny Sins
Studio: Digital Playground

Directed by: Robby D
Review brief: Two of the sexiest women to ever grace the blue screen make up this new compilation disc from Digital Playground. You have five scenes all told, three with Jenna and two with Teagan which show them doing their thing and looking pretty hot doing it. Wished they'd included the scene the two did together but alas it's missing. Still a worthy rental for those who haven't seen these scenes.
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Review brief: Now I know you look at the score and say "Damn how bad can this movie be??" Well its not a bad movie.............well I can really say what it is because of the audio and video aspects of it. Now b4 I say anything the parts I did get to play were kind of hot but its so incomplete because alot of the time the movie would freeze, and begin to play choppy as hell. The scenes even jumped so you didn't know what the hell was going on. So I insert Disc 2 hoping to get something out of this. On disc 2 the menu allows you to watch the movie as just the acting and just the sex. Great, fuck disc one right..................wrong. It had the same freezing problems. To make sure nothing was wrong with my dvd player I put in a few other movies and they played just fine. SO I put the movie in the other dvd players in the house and it still played choppy and froze. Hell I tried to play the trailers and whatever was listed there it played the trailer that was after it, hope you get what I'm saying.
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Review brief: I'm really into the whole older woman thing right now. This edition of Brazzers Milfs Like It Big has some really gorgeous ones. Priya Rai is fucking beautiful, Devon Lee is still one of the hottest big booty white girls in the biz, and the Bonus scene with Brittany O' Connell is a show stealer. This is a really nice effort. i tend to really skip over the whole "storyline driven" part of the scenes because pornstars acting isn't one of my favorite things. No disrespect but pornstars fuck and actors act, I like it that way. When actresses start fucking (come on Halle Berry, and Monsters Ball doesn't count!!!!!) it'll be OK!!!! So here is a brief synopsis of the action!!!
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Boxcover for Deep Stroke (Cal Vista Classics)
Deep Stroke (Cal Vista Classics) 

Release date: 6/16/2009
Reviewed on: 8/5/2009 by t0mbone

Starring: Gina Nadeau, Yvonne Elders, Claudia Lenin, Mark Bolin, Buck Ellen, Heinz Russo
Studio: Cal Vista Classics

Directed by: Peter Evans
Review brief: VCX has re-released DEEP STROKE (1980 Competitive Video) as part of its Cal Vista classic series of DVDs.
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Review brief: Cal Vista Classics compilation of early to mid 80’s I/R scenes. This is a trip down memory lane as it stars some of the big names of that era. No filler girls here from that time period.
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Review brief: Bangin’ White Ass 2 is a compilation of scenes from Black Ice’s recent productions. Never really been a big fan of Black Ice, but overall, this set is a hit. Total running time is just shy of 3 hours and features 24 scenes.
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Review brief: Mike John’s latest entry for Jules Jordan. I saw volume 2 and it was hot. I’m sure Mike can match the intensity and deliver another winner. Doesn’t he always?
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Boxcover for King Of Coochie 5, The
King Of Coochie 5, The 

Release date: 7/23/2009
Reviewed on: 8/4/2009 by captain-jack

Starring: Tom Byron, Christina, Delilah Strong, Christina Agave, Memphis Monroe, Riley Shy
Studio: Tom Byron Pictures

Directed by: Tom Byron
Review brief: Tom Byron is again proving he’s the king. He’s been in the biz for 25-some years and hasn’t slowed down. He must be the king, since he’s getting with girls more than half his age!
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Review brief: Here have the continuation of the popular series where the girls are young but they also love to wear the school girl look-- meaning sweaters, white shirts & ties, checkered skirts and last but not least, white cotton panties!! The scenes vary the storylines but the gist is the same. A cute teen girl wants to be nasty and needs an older man to show her the way and these guys are certainly willing to do just that. An easy rental option for fans of the genre as the look's there, the clothes stay on pretty much for the scene and we get some good facials too at the end.
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Review brief: Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 7 is an all girl romp that revolves around some MILFs that bring their daughters over to a friend’s house and then the MILFs trade off with the other’s daughter. Nice little incestuous theme going on here.
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Boxcover for Tampa Bukkake 4
Tampa Bukkake 4 

Release date: 4/14/2009
Reviewed on: 8/4/2009 by rosco-fuji

Starring: Jill, Nina, Deanna, Jenn, Kym
Studio: Kick Ass

Directed by: Dirty D
Review brief: Tampa Bukkake #4 is just as the name implies a Bukkake shot in the greater Tampa area. As one might expect from an amateur release, it doesn’t have the high production values or quality of women that are found in LA produced materials.
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Boxcover for Thong Team
Thong Team 

Release date: 7/27/2009
Reviewed on: 8/4/2009 by christian-dark

Starring: Skyy Black, Kelly Starr, Ms. Juicy, Giselle Humes
Studio: Score

Review brief: The Thong Team is a release from Score focusing on 3 women. Skyy Black, Kelly Starr and Ms Juicy. Honestly I really don't know how to review this movie other than to get to it. Oh okay the Thong Team are really a group of assy chicks who wear thongs but you never really see them because as you should well know a big ass swallows a thong like an aspirin. I have and affinity for all 3 women here so I can enjoy certain parts of this flick. i honestly must say if yo are not a real fan of the girls you're going to hate this movie as it really does nothing to explain the Thong Team. I know it sounds strange but the premise was really silly. At the beginning of the flick the girls just try on different thongs for the guys. Jumping in and out of thongs the entire time. Its not bad but they really don't show them off or nothing. they put them on, pull them off, and put on another. They missed a great opportunity for some real killer tease footage here. Giant asses are great tease action not hot
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Boxcover for Booty Bangers (Booty Licious)
Booty Bangers (Booty Licious) 

Release date: 4/21/2008
Reviewed on: 8/4/2009 by christian-dark

Starring: Jada Fire, Roxy Reynolds, Laurie Vargas, Cherokee D'Ass, Diamond Starr
Studio: Score

Review brief: This release from the Score Group is about 2 years old, but I seen that Diamond Starr was in it and it was just a shot in the dark. She was a real cutie but she was here today gone tomorrow. The whole cast of this one is solid, Roxy Reynolds, Cherokee, Jada Fire, Laurie Vargas and the aforementioned Diamond. There is no real rhyme or reason to the scenes, they all seem just to be pulled off of the Score Group large reservoir of websites. I'll say one thing they put 20 minutes of trailers on here, so if you have an idea of getting something else from them it is well represented here. There is also a long "come join the crew" vignette by the awesomely racked Gianna to get other women to come join Score. She has lost a little weight since this was shot but to me Gianna was at her perfect fighting weight here. Anyway the scenes aren't very long something like 15 minutes, maybe slightly more including the tease footage. So if the reviews are short, so were the scenes my friend. So it goes..
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Review brief: This is a very good couples friendly dvd.
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Review brief: Kaylani Leis Fornic-Asian has some great female talent, and as the title would suggest lovers of oriental honeys will feel frontal pressure in their pants at the prospect of the action. This is definitely more of a gonzo themed release as opposed to Wickeds usual storyline approach, with the 7 scenes all sexual encounters of a differing kind.
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Review brief: Mike John never fails to deliver. This is a compilation DVD of some of his best POV scenes and he assembled an all-star cast.
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Boxcover for All About Sadie
All About Sadie 

Release date: 6/11/2009
Reviewed on: 8/3/2009 by bono-one

Starring: Lee Stone, Anthony Rosano, Tony De Sergio, Alex Gonz, Jenny Hendrix, Jordan Ash, Sadie West, Domenic Kane
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Eddie Powell
Review brief: Here we get a title devoted pretty much to one girl, Sadie West! She's recently moved onto free agent status but this is a new one from her time at Digital Sin and she's in every scene, five, all of which are new shot for this dvd. You add in Jenny Hendrix for one scene plus five swinging dicks I'd say it's an easy pick me up for those seeking new Sadie West material.
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Review brief: Here we have an Ashlynn Brooke special, two discs of her scenes to enjoy taken from various movies over the last year or so. You have the male talent listed in the menu and when the scene starts you also get the movie the scene's being lifted from in case you want to go and check out the whole thing. No mystery here, it's pretty much the Ashlynn Brooke show here with various cocks and the lovely Lindsey Meadows making an appearance in one scene alongside our girl. An easy rental and for those wanting an entire Ashlynn title this isn't a bad one to have.
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Review brief: If ever a movie has caused a stir on the message boards it is Big Wet Asses 15. In the battle for anal supremacy William H. has dusted off the black couch, purchased a barrel of oil, and rolled out a couple of monster anal debuts in Gianna Michaels and Ava Rose for this release. The flagship line from Elegant Angel already has the plaudits of fans and critics, and with this edition it appears to be taking its greatness and enormity to new levels. This double disc is a fitting celebration of the infamous series.
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Review brief: Spock Buckton the artist, poet, and porno mystic makes his directorial debut by creating fuck magic in Popporn: The Guide to Making Fuck. The comedy runs like a honeymooners dick throughout this title, and with co-director Brian Bangs and the pornographic nous of Mike Quasar, the end result is a quality stick flick that will make you laugh, cry and jerk off spontaneously. At a time when people in the skin trade are taking themselves extremely seriously, Buckton and Bangs show the result of what a sense of humour and sprinkling of imagination can produce.
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Review brief: Five sexy ladies who love having something in their ass. There's plenty of sex. Each girl performs in an anal b/g sex scene, plus a bonus POV scene with Vince. Butt plugs, ATM, some facials and some cum swallowing are all included.
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Review brief: Here we get a good showcase for Gabriella Fox. This young lady is absolutely gorgeous and looks great on film. She is in three full scenes too, doing a little g/g action too in one of the scenes. Nika Noir provides some sizzling energy in her romp with Everhard and we get Jandi Lin providing the only anal action with her scene. Shy Love shows James Deen a great time in a scene which gives a node to a famous Tom Cruise flick! Well worth a rental.
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