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Boxcover for Mrs. Right
Mrs. Right 

Release date: 6/5/2002
Reviewed on: 8/27/2002 by bono-one

Starring: Mark Davis, Evan Stone, Randy Spears, Brad Armstrong, T.J. Hart, Miko Lee, Nikita Denise, Kristal Summers, Sydnee Steele
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Brad Armstrong
Review brief: This is a feature film from Wicked starring one of their contract girls, Sydnee Steele. I am not much on plotted porn but the story seems to be here that there are three dirtbags that somehow did Sydnee wrong at sometime earlier in her life but the guys don't recognize her now so she is able to get some revenge on them. When the mood does strike me for some plot in my porn I can usually depend on Wicked to do a good job with a story as well as shooting some good hard sex scenes. So we will get to see Sydnee get some revenge and also some other eye candy is on hand to tempt us so let's see what transpires. The first scene features Randy Spears getting it on with a cute blond by the name of TJ Hart. She first comes into the office wearing a nice business suit, leaves and then returns wearing nothing but a white lace bra and panties. She crawls onto his desk and proceeds to give him a nice blowjob. Still lying on the desk TJ gets entered in doggy which morphs into reverse cowgirl and we get to see those gorgeous tits of hers bounce about.
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Review brief: New Wave Hookers 5 Directed by Michael Ninn Overall Impression There is a lot to like in this Ninn feature. Ninn does a very nice job continuing this Dark Bros classic series. I really wanted to give this disc a perfect score, because there is enough fantastic material on this disc to warrant it. However there are a few scenes could brought the overall quality down a notch, plus I was not a big fan of the plot development scenes. However this is still some top notch porn and showcases some of Ninn's best work with Jeanna Fine and Vicca. Scene 1 Juli Ashton, Asia Carrera & Felecia This all girl threesome is not bad and is certainly loaded with talent. A lot of this scene involves Asia and Felecia working Ashton over with toys. Aprox 10min Scene 2 Sindee Coxx, Kim Kataine, Ashley Renee, and Roxanne Hall Technically I guess this is a sex scene, but not much of one. The scene is only four and a half minutes long and has all of these girls dressed the same riding metal dildos while standing and dancing around.
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Review brief: Title: Animal Trainer #9 Cast: Sandra Russo, Angie, Dagmar, Orsi Shine, Krystal Deboor, Patricia, Manuel Ferrara, Caroline De Jaie & Rocco Siffredi Studio: Evil Angel Director: Rocco Action: Straight, Lesbian, Anal, Gaping Anal A2M, P2M, Toys, Facials Ive only seen Animal Trainer 4 and 5 and the formula was very similar. Coming into #9 I expected the same kind of raunch, but this felt more like a True Anal Story (which isnt bad at all). Scene One Caroline De Jaie, Patricia, Angie & Rocco:. The scene takes place in your basic room/living room & of course theres a lot of good anal footage going on here, but very little vaginal. Brunette Patricia really did it for me. She stayed partially dressed in a nylon outfit, stockings & heels, & Caroline wore just heels, Angie the same. Angie came up missing 10-15 minutes into the scene so I dont know, she didnt do anything anyway. Patricia takes it up the ass doggystyle sitting in a chair and blows the screen up. Her performance was great in this. Caroline De Jaie is a tall & slender brunette that really enjoys anal sex too.
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Review brief: 110 Natural #3 Directed by David Luger Red Light District Released Summer 2002 Cast : Rita Faltoyano, Lola (aka Liza Pirelli/Pinelli), Marlee (aka Mari Lee), Myli, Carmen White (aka Patricia Pompadour), Lisa Sparkle (aka Kinga), Steve Holmes, Leslie Taylor, Brandon Iron, Franco Teo Roccaforte, Steve Ficky Martin Reaves, Darren James Heres another chapter from Red Lights February 2002 trip to Budapest, where they also made 110 Natural #2, Throat Gaggers #2, and the first two installments of the XXX Road Trip at the same time. It must be stressed that 110 Natural #2 & 3 are not really related to the first 110 Natural, even though they share a title, distribution company, location for shooting (the House of Ass) and even a couple of actresses. But 110 Natural #1 was a Tony Ribas project, a stray from the Nachoribas production house that found release through Red Light District in that hazy time when Dion Giarrusso and Vince Vouyer had just left Elegant Angel, and it wasnt fully clear just who would end up where.
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Review brief: This is another Private compilation featuring some extremely hot,lol, Euro women. The first beauty to perform for us will be Monique Covet. She is a very nice looking blond with a big chest and an even bigger sexual appetite, although in the scene chosen she doesn't get to display that too much. In this scene we see her in some black and red S & M fetish gear. There are two other girls having fun in the foreground while Monique goes over to two guys dressed in the same type clothing she is wearing. Monique brings the two guys over and soon everyone is having sex with Monique running the show. I am no much for this fetish type action but the scene is shot well with one nice dp in it for Monique. There are two pops on her black gloves to end this scene and the two girls lick the cum still glistening on her gloves to end the scene. Next up for us is Maria a very nice looking brunette. Her scene here comes from Dangerous Things 2.
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Boxcover for Smokin' 4
Smokin' 4 

Release date: 8/1/2002
Reviewed on: 8/26/2002 by bono-one

Starring: Heather, Delia, Faith, Daniella Rush, Sharon Wild, Sienna, Keegan Skky, Jessie J., Angel Long, Aimee Tyler
Studio: Kick Ass

Review brief: This is the fourth in a female masturbation series in which they also smoke during the scene. I am not big on the smoking part but I don't mind seeing cute women explore their bodies. The set up is pretty much the same for all the scenes. The woman will light up and we get lots of tease footage including some nice closeups as they exhale the smoke. After smoking the ciggies for a minute or two they will break out a toy and usually begin with some dirty talk as they pleasure their pussies and assholes. I must say the picture and audio in this volume were pretty good. I can't really say to much else about what goes on. You get women lighting up cigarettes and also cigars and they blow smoke, even some rings of smoke and then they pleasure themselves with a toy. I see a very small niche for this particular kind of film.
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Review brief: Devil in Miss Jones 6 (DMJ6)An Official Selection of the Goldmember Masterpiece Collection What is the Masterpiece Collection? I suppose it is my personal pornography Hall of Fame. It is only for those select films that I consider to be at the very pinnacle of the industry. This is an honor reserved only for films that I believe will stand the test of time. DMJ6 - The Details Studio - VCA Director - Antonio Passolini Female Cast - Stacy Valentine, Nikita, Vicca, Juli Ashton, Tina Tyler, Anita Cannibal, Peris Bleu, Lacey Ogden Male Cast - Steve Hatcher, Randy Spears, Michael J Cox, Kyle Stone, Ian Daniels, Chris Cannon, J J Michaels, John Strong Running Time - 2 hours 10min (approx) Overall Impression Ok this DVD has been around for quite a while now, but it still stands out. Since there are already so many comprehensive reviews for this title I will do my best to be brief. Antonio does a nice job overall on this title. The wardrobe he found for the ladies in this film are fantastic.
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Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Michael Lucas Cast: Michael Lucas, Chad Hunt, Carlos Morales, Richie Fine, Anthony Ferrat, Tony Acosta, Erik Martins, Michael Mattel Story: A jealous lover recruits the Russian Mafia to teach his cheating boyfriend a lesson. Scene One Starring: Tony Acosta, Michael Mattel First up, Tony Acosta plays a big bad Russian Goon hell bent on showing Michael what happens to guys who steal money from the Russian Mafia. Tonys tough guy act doesnt really work for me, but Ill give him one thing, he sure is energetic. Hes also one of the sloppiest ass-eaters Ive ever seen! Michael is a cute little twink-type, but doesnt really get into things as much as Tony does. Tonys frenetic fucking is the only thing that keeps this scene interesting.
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Boxcover for ManPlay MP-001
ManPlay MP-001 

Release date: 11/27/2001
Reviewed on: 8/25/2002 by touchdown-tony

Starring: Joey, John, Michael, Johnny, Tony, Josh, Guy, Joeboy, Billy Wild
Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Starring Michael Fallon, Joey Verro, Johhny Doom, Tony Greene, Joeboy, Josh, John Truitt, Billy Wild and Guy Director is uncredited I can barely contain my excitement over Titan Men's production of MANPLAY 1 (and its followups). If this is what the world of amateur video is coming to, then, I'll be there for the next thrilling installments. Titan Men's dvd boasts one of the best quality pictures it has been my self-pleasured priviledge to encounter. If the video harkens back to the world of Joe Gage classics, all the mroe power to the people behind and in front of the cameras. MANPLAY 1 bears a striking resemeblance to such underground classics as Gage's CLOSED SET and ORGY, minus the adult action stars (Richard Locke, i.e.) of its forebarers, er - forebearers. There of course is no plot, this is a gang-busting gang-banger of a video! Loads of men, loads of sex and loads of loads is what you get when you pop this baby into the player. Most of the pleasure comes from watching lithe John Truitt working his way through what seems to be every other man on the set.
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Boxcover for Nina Hartley's Guide to Seduction
Nina Hartley's Guide to Seduction 

Release date: 5/11/2002
Reviewed on: 8/25/2002 by yogagrrl

Starring: Missy, Nina Hartley, Midori, Aiko, Ty Law
Studio: Adam & Eve

Review brief: Cast: Nina Hartley, Missy, Mickey G., Midori (with partner Michael), Aiko (with partner Dave), Ty Law. Director: Nina Hartley Production date: 1/97 Length: 158 min. Extras: A three-page biography of Nina (with no option for viewers to navigate at their own pace). Audio/visual quality: The visual quality is weak. The images are too soft, and the colors are washed out. Light levels vary noticeably when the camera angles change. There are problems with shadows, poor focus, oversaturated and insufficient lighting (both extremes) and blemishes that look like scratches in the master print. We do get a direct view of the action much of the time, however. The audio quality is also substandard. There are persistent and annoying background sounds, as if the microphone is repeatedly bumped. Dubbing is obvious in a couple places. Several scenes contain jazz music, which is quite pleasant except for the obvious looping. The sound of one of Nina's climaxes has been edited out.
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Boxcover for Porkin the Piper
Porkin the Piper 

Release date: 8/2/2002
Reviewed on: 8/25/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Rocco, Michael, Tom, Tony, Bernard
Studio: Heatwave

Review brief: I have great hopes for this film. I hope it is the worst gay porn ever made. I hope this because the thought of seeing anything worse goes beyond my power to imagine it, and if anything worse does exist then its just too disheartening. It is crude in the extreme. The color is washed out, the lighting is virtually non-existent, and to call the camerawork amateurish is to compliment it. There is an obnoxious piece of music that repeats ad nausea in this otherwise silent film. And, to make matters worse, there is not an attractive guy in the cast. The film opens with a close up of the crotch of a pair of trousers. The pants are unzipped and an uncut cock is taken out. A naked man sitting on the ground sucks the cock, which does not get hard. Some eternal moments later, we see a tattooed naked man totally shaved holding a recorder. This is the piper. A skuzzy blond is stalking him. We cut back and forth between these two scenes. This is a technique that usually annoys me, because as soon as I get involved in one scene it cuts to the other.
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Review brief: Two in the Seat #1 Directed by Robby Fischer Red Light District Released Summer 2002 Cast : Cindy, Allura Eden, Kristol (aka Kristal deBoor), Tolly Cristal, Jessica, Ashley Blue, Brian Pumper, Mr. Marcus, Brandon Iron, Andrea Tarzzan Moranty/Vidal, Dennis Marti, Steve Holmes, Wesley Pipes, Darren James, Julius It must be explained right from the start that Robby Fischer doesnt exist. This movie is actually a collection of scenes from various directors, though mainly David Luger as far as I could tell. The idea is that each scene will include DP, and if you expect from the title to find double anal or pussy penetrations, youll be disappointed. In fact, if you want a lot of DP you may still find the movie mildly lacking, as a couple of the scenes only include a little of that activity. The opener seems to be an extra from the filming of the Black Dicks in White Chicks series. Cindy is a very pretty 27 year old Czech, who has come to the USA to make some scenes.
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Boxcover for Pirate Video Deluxe 7: Tanya Hyde's London Calling
Pirate Video Deluxe 7: Tanya Hyde's London Calling 

Release date: 5/19/2000
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by goldmember

Starring: Monique Covet, Bettina, Tanya Hyde, Ingrid, Chandelle
Studio: Private

Review brief: Tanya Hyde's London Calling Directed by Tanya Hyde Overall Impression This is still a good movie, but I found it very dissapointing in comparision to Hyde's other works. Her work is highly stylized, but this is the first time I felt she sacraficed style over substance. There is still some fantastic imagery and original porn captured in Hyde's tradmark style, but the sexual heat just did not seem as hot in this one. Scene 1 "cunt clinic" Monique Covet & Bettina This one starts off with some nasty girl/girl action with Covet, Bettina, and some kind of dentist chair . Eventually a guy shows up, Monique places a penis pump over his cock and starts pumping. Bettina takes over and starts sucking away on his cock, as Covet inserts a stainless steel rod into his ass. There seems to be at least one scene like this in every Hyde film, so consider yourself warnned.
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Boxcover for Plugged In (general release)
Plugged In (general release) 

Release date: 8/25/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by joeblow69

Studio: Falcon Studios

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi Larue Cast: Leo Bramm, Tristan Paris, Lindon Hawk, Nino Bacci, Jackson Price, Sam Crockett, Clint Fox, Sam Dixon, Fernando Montana Story: There isnt much story, here but Plugged In does have a cute set up. Tristan Paris gets a new cable box, and apparently the cable guy must have taken a liking to him, because now all of a sudden all this gay porn is coming out of his TV! Scene One Starring: Nino Bacci, Lindon Hawk The first show Tristan watches is a take off of the Antiques Roadshow. Ninos our antique expert here, and sadly only appraises Lindon gold-plated candlestick for $50. However, Lindon offers his ass up for appraising, and Nino takes his sweet time looking for defects.
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Review brief: Tanya Hyde's Rubberfuckers Rule Directed by Tanya Hyde Overall Impression Not as good as her last movie "Hell, Whores and High Heels" this is still an excellent new edition from the "Queen of Kink". Rubberfuckers is her fifth title from Private, and shows that Hyde still has the ability to create amazingly original and fresh kinky images for our visual consumption. Her movies have lots of fetish and light s&m themes, and like the title advertises lots of rubber. This is by no means your average couples DVD porn, but may be surprisingly rewarding visual treat for many hardcore sex fans who never really thought they would like fetish material like this. Scene 1 BLONDE DOMINA Monica Moore & Laureen Kiss First of all these girls look great in this scene, they are both sporting thigh high black leather boots that look sexy as hell. After Laureen performs some felatio on Moore she is led downstairs where some poor guy strapped to a giant wheel. Typical Tanya Hyde craziness follows, sex swings, pink neon vibrators, and some anal action for Kiss.
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Review brief: Tanya Hyde's Twisted Dreams Directed by Tanya Hyde Overall Impression This is another fantastic film from the "Queen of Kink" Tanya Hyde! This film was her follow up effort to the ground breaking "Xtreme Desires." There are just so many thing that I love about this film it is hard to know where to begin. Hyde always manages to bring her unique style to the screen by utilizing so many techniques masterfully. In about 99 of porn, when directors decide they are going to play around with visual effects or mess with the sound they fail. Hyde uses these directors tools with a deft touch in my opinion, allowing the editing and color shifts to enhance the mood she has already created through with great sets, themes and costumes. If you are already familiar with Hyde's films then you should already have a good idea of what to expect. She explores some very kinky sexual themes throughout the course of this film. The film is broken up into six vignettes, each exploring different sexual scenarios that are often taboo in some way.
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Boxcover for Virgin Pink 11
Virgin Pink 11 

Release date: 1/10/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by bono-one

Starring: Misty Winter, Ally, Angel Cummings, Danny Love, Zack Miles, Payton, C.C. Love
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Angel Cummings
Review brief: This is an amateur series which is released through Metro. I am not sure what to expect so let's see what we shall see. We start out with an interview segment and it sounds like the girls name is Rumeeka,?, and that she is from the Czech Republic. After some more Q & A we get to some action as she sucks on her mans cock. She has a modest pair of breasts and a decent ass. There is some oral performed on her as well. He also uses his fingers on her and we get to see her legs flail about before she turns over and he eats her in the doggy position. The first intercourse is also done in doggy. We also see him stand over her face and skull fuck her. We move on then to some mish sex, then some finger to pussy play, and back again to doggy. There is a decent facial pop to end this rather ordinary scene. Next up is an attractive redhead whose name is Misty Winters. We get the same pre-sex interview with Misty adn ther is a guy sitting with her fondling her pert breasts.
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Boxcover for Safari City
Safari City 

Release date: 8/8/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: Cadinot

Review brief: If you re expecting a tour through the African jungles with lions and elephants and exotic birds, turn on Animal Planet. This safari takes us on a tour of horny young Frenchmen and big uncut cocks and great geysers of cum. Our tour guide is a slendersome might say skinny, but enormously sexysatyr, Frank Forest. He takes us first to an outdoor mart where they are selling short shorts. There is another customer in trying some on, and Frank joins him. French guys dont wear underwear to the delight of video viewers and the despair of Calvin Klein. Well, when two young Frenchmen with no underwear and big dicks are in the same small space something is bound to happen and it does. The foreskin slides right back on those uncut cocks and those big cocks slide right into waiting mouths and asses. Frank bags his first big game and gets a new pair of shorts at the same time. The hunt continues as Frank spies two promising trophies watching a group play soccer.
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Boxcover for Hard As Rock
Hard As Rock 

Release date: 8/6/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Xavier, Sean Storm, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke
Studio: Arena

Review brief: The cast is introduced by very artsy double exposures that play over an original song. This immediately clues us into to the fact that here is not another cranked out quickie but a film with which the director/producer/writer has taken great care. When the film proper begins, Brad Rocka hunkdrives up to his house. He has a copy of XXX Showcase, that he carries out by the pool. As he looks at the magazine, one of the pictures comes to life. Xavier, a cute Latino, is pulling down Rhett OHaras briefs to get to the big dick therein. Xavier demonstrates his oral skills by going down on it. He is also adept at swallowing Rhetts balls. Rhett is new to me. (His nom de porn is obviously derived from Rhett Butler and Scarlett OHara.) He is a sexy guy with scads of colorful tattoos and some in the making that actually add to his appeal rather than detract. Hes a pretty good cocksucker, too. [We cut back to Brad, and see that hes getting into this. He unzips his pants.] Back to the scene. Xavier is now deep-throating Rhetts big rod.
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Boxcover for Tit's For You
Tit's For You 

Release date: 6/6/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by bono-one

Starring: Tina, Monika, Bridgette, Aniko, Sandor, Agnes, Richard, Santana
Studio: Metro

Review brief: This is a movie dealing with big breasts and as this is a new studio to me I am not sure what to expect. The first girl up is called Monika and folks this is a large woman. Her nipples are the size of catalopes and her actual breasts are as big as honeydew melons. If you are into large breasted girls with a matching large frame then this girl is for you. We see her on a bed wearing white panties and she is rubbing all around those mammoth breasts. Eventually a cock is presented and we get some blowjob action. There is some sideways vaginal penetration and she also rides him reverse cowgirl. We also get some doggy sex and those hooters just hang and sway as he thrusts into her pussy. There is some mish and then some titty fucking and with how big those puppies are he could have used his leg to put between them,lol. This goes on for a bit before he shoots his load onto her tits. Next up is Tina who is blond and has a nice face and a nice pair of breasts.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Gauge
My Plaything: Gauge 

Release date: 1/16/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by darkcloud

Starring: Erik Everhard, Gauge
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Nic Andrews
Review brief: Great DVD! Gauge is a short cutey with nice natural tits. The setting is great, basically you're in high school. Gauge is a cheerleader and you get to play and fuck with her any way you want. The audio/video quality is excellent. Gauge performs very very well. Tease: Gauge is on top of teacher's desk. Options are tits, ass, and pussy. Foreplay: Gauge is all naket on bed. Finger - Gauge is spread wide open, missionary view, angle 2 shows close up action. Vibe purple - Gauge is in doggy position, angle 2 shows close up action. Vibe white - Gauge is spread wide open, missionary view but slightly to the right, angle 2 is a "side view" close up action. Dildo - Gauge is spread wide open with one leg up, missionary view, angle 2 is close up pussy action. Overall excellent! Very well done, nice variation. Do you/Do me: Gauge's cute butt fills the whole screen in Fingers and Vibrator scene, angle 2 shows the general view. Other options are tongue and blow job. Overall excellent. Sex: Your options are: Missionary, doggie, and cowgirl.
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Boxcover for Idol Country
Idol Country 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by dumblonde

Starring: Tanner Reeves, Ryan Idol, Steven Marks, Trent Reed, Marco Rossi
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue
Review brief: Director: Chi Chi La Rue Writer: Gender Videographer: Bruce Cam & Kathy Mack Running length: 1 hr 25 min. DOP: 7/94 Male cast: Ryan Idol, Tyler Regan, J.T. Sloane, Tanner Reeves, Wolff, Marco Rossi, Grant Larson, Rod Majors, Mike Chavez, Steve Marks, Trent Reed, Jake Andrews Audio/Video: The video was excellent throughout, sharp and colorful. Most of it is shot outdoors, without any of the drawbacks that can sometimes hamper these things, such as wind noise and assflys. I have no complaints about the audio, other than it's hard to get that theme music out of my head sometimes. Extras: Animated scene selection Photo gallery trailers Condoms: Yes, although they were fairly inconspicuous. ************************************************************* ************************************************************* The Movie: Finally, a really great couples movie! Filled with lots of kissing, love and romance, hot sex, and attractive people having fun.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Kylie Ireland
My Plaything: Kylie Ireland 

Release date: 5/28/2002
Reviewed on: 8/24/2002 by darkcloud

Starring: Kylie Ireland
Studio: Digital Sin

Review brief: The 8th My Plaything release. Kylie Ireland is very good looking with huge set of tits. Kylie is very charming and "talks" well. A HUGE problem with this DVD is the over lighting, way too bright. There is a soft lighting effect too, therefore cutting down the resolution! There are NO extras! No massage, no sybian, no nada. Tease: Kylie is wearing a long shining dress performing in front of a staircase of a nice house. The pussy option is nice. Masturbate: Kylie is wearing some sexy lingerine and dressed up like a sectary. She don't take her clothes off but angle 2 shows pussy action. Kylie acts really well. Overall average, Kylie should take her clothes off. Foreplay: Kylie is all naked except for white stockings. The first angle is spread-missionary view and the second angle is over-the-top missionary view. So there are NO pussy shots and both angles are similar. The eating out scene is pretty good, Kylie looks very pretty and her tits too. Overall disappointing due to lack of pussy views! Sex: The missionary and anal missionary are nice.
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Review brief: DVD Features On this DVD there are 4 basic menus: Play Movie, Scene Index, Photo Gallery and Extras. The Extras consist of a Behind the Scenes for 100 Haven and My Perfect 10. There are also photo galleries for Perfect 10, Haven's Magic Touch and April in January. Scene 1 "Slurp, Suck, and Spew Slut" with Bridgette Kerkove and Rod Fontana in a living room. This is an oral only scene where Bridgette gives chunky Rod a soggy blowjob. Scene 2 "Sunny Summer Swingers" with Rebecca Lord, Bobbi Barrington and Ian Daniels. The girls are reading magazines outside in the sun on a leather couch. What the couch is doing outside...well who knows. They rub some sunscreen on each other and Ian arrives. They fellate him. Sex doggie with Bobbi who eats Rebecca. Sex reverse cowgirl with Rebecca. Facials. Rebecca is so thin, I thought one of her ribs was going to poke through her skin at any time. Uggh! Scene 3 "Busted" with Bridgette Kerkove and VooDoo.
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Review brief: The Autobiography of a FleaA disc review by FlashRelease Specs: Distributor: Mitchell Brothers Edition Details: Standard MSRP: $39.95 DVD Release Date: August 7, 2002 Movie Specs: Genres: Feature Film, Golden Age Classic (1972 - 1984), Historical Run Time: One hour and 33 minutes Rated: XXX Release Year: 1976 Director: Sharon McNight Written by: Sharon McNight (adapted), Anonymous (Novel) Cast: Jean Jennings, John C. Holmes, Paul Thomas, Dale Meador, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Joanna Hilden, Mitch Mandell, John Rolling, Michael Dolan, Ken Scudder, John Tate Voice of: Warren Pierce Cameo: Artie J.
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