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Boxcover for Erotic Interludes 1
Erotic Interludes 1 

Release date: 12/18/2001
Reviewed on: 1/3/2003 by cp

Starring: Shay Sweet, John Strong, Taylor St. Clair, Mickey G., Lola, Tony Martino, Dominicia Leoni, Nikita Denise, Eve Palindrome
Studio: Knob Ryder

Directed by: Father John
Review brief: Couples Friendly: Somewhat. I define "couples friendly" as having a semblance of plot, not containing extreme or bizarre fetish material, has little or no anal (CP is not a fan of anal sex, with apologies to those who are), and is not gonzo. In this case, the heat somewhat negates the lack of a plot. Plot: There isn't one; scenes are set up by Mickey G. Director: Who is Father John? An industry insider will need to provide some insight about this -- I haven't a clue. However, he does resemble a UCLA-attending theatre major son of a colleague of mine (now wouldn't that be something?), if the director is who I think it is (check the scenes during the end credits). Cast: Lola, Nikita Denise, Shay Sweet, Taylor St. Claire, Dominica Leoni, Eve Palindrome, Mickey G., Tony Martino, John Strong.
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Boxcover for Blaze (GAI)
Blaze (GAI) 

Release date: 12/22/2002
Reviewed on: 1/2/2003 by joe-shaver

Starring: Hans Ebson, Johnny Law
Studio: GAI Studios

Directed by: Ginetto Di Masolo
Review brief: The setting: a house that is under construction. Gravel covers what will be the floor. Votive lights are placed around the unfinished room. A young naked man is standing in the room pulling on his tight foreskin. This is Lex Milan who plays Blaze. We cross-fade to Hans Ebson and Trent Atkins making out on a heavy blanket spread over the graveled floor. They are sucking on each others cocks. We continue to cross-fade between the fellating duo and the masturbator. The duo is photographed with oblique angles. There is lush romantic music. We are so conscious of the film techniques that we are distracted from the sex. This is one the tendencies of this director who often exhibits style over substance. When Hans rims the adorable blond Trent, Trents moans are the first human sounds we hear. Hans then inserts his dick into the well-lubed hole. Yet we still feel distanced from this activity. The gimmicks have made it cold and uninvolving. After the sexual couple has cum, the masturbator shoots a nice load and emits an evil laugh.
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Boxcover for Sakura Tales 1
Sakura Tales 1 

Release date: 12/10/2002
Reviewed on: 1/2/2003 by goldmember

Starring: Jazz, Darren James, Mika Tan, Cheyne Collins, Loni, Kianna, Brett Rockman, Kianna Dior, Luxie, Denis Marti, SinNye Lang, Nika Lani
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Alex Ladd
Review brief: Sakura Tales Directed by Alex Ladd Overall Impression This is my first look at a DVSX disc. Considering the high praise this company has been getting and my fondness for Asian women I have high hopes, despite DVSX being the new kid on the block. There are a lot of things I liked about this DVD. For starters Alex Ladd seems to do a fine job of capturing the action in just about every scene as the image quality and production values were better than I was expecting. Essentially What I'm getting at is that this disc is basically quality gonzo porn, plain and simple. Personally I loved half the scenes, and just was not that into the other half. Why? Casting! I was very impressed with covergirl Mika Tan, as well as Kianna Dior and SinNye Lang. Personally the rest just didn't really do it for me. Plot Ok obviously there is no plot to speak of, but this Asian themed series does have an interesting set up for each scene. Each scene starts of with the lady recounting a memorable past sexual experience or sexual fantasy.
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Review brief: Faust: The Power of Sex Directed by J.M. Ponce Overall Impression With all of the unbelievable talents involved like Belladonna, Sophie Evans, Rita Faltoyano, Nacho, ect, plus how good some of the screenshots looked, I figured that this had to be a solid, movie. Even after reading a two star review from possibly my most trusted reviewer aybesea. I still had to see for myself despite his obvious warning. It turns out he was 100 on the money. I guess it just goes to show how important a good director and a solid crew are for a successful feature. In my mind it just reinforces how talented directors like Adamo are. All the elements are here, for a terrific film. There is a star studded European cast, strong performances, and a seemingly huge budget. Although the picture quality is top notch on this dvd, and there are moments that are beautifully lit, there are quite a few moments when the lighting stinks. Ponce goes for mood and feel totally at the expense of the sex. The problem is the lighting is often so poor I have trouble appreciating the action.
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Review brief: Expectations I have no idea of what to expect. There are two reasons that I chose to review this DVD. First, because I have never seen a Digital Playground feature and I want to check one out. This one came highly publicized, so it seemed an opportune time. Second, because I have never seen Devon in a flic and her stills are positively tasty. So I want to check this girl out and see what she has to offer. Capsule Review This is a very weird disc for me. First, it is seriously lacking in the porn department. I mean, the sex scenes are very short and scattered, and the sex is not at all dirty. Positively not my cup of tea. While Devon is a hottie, she might as well have been on Playboy. Anyway, the other weird part about this disc is that it is a well made movie. I mean, like a real movie. As you know, I NEVER watch porn for the plot... yet I ended up watching a fair amount of the story in this disc. Anyway, I will not review the plot for you.
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Review brief: This is the first of my vintage Dorcel reviews. I intend to catch everyone up on these generally excellent releases. I have selected this as the first because I had several requests. So without further adieu... Expectations How could my expectations be anything less than stellar? Here we have a Dorcel DVD with Anita Dark as the main star. That has classic written all over it! Capsule Review This is an excellent movie. It is beautifully filmed, it stars gorgeous women, the sets and wardrobes are lavish, and the plot barely gets in the way! What else could you ask for? Loosely, the plot revolves around a rich guy who loves to sniff girl's soiled panties. Each scene has a little of this voyeur guy snatching up panties and sniffing them. Technical As is true for virtually all of the Dorcel releases, the video, audio, and lighting are wonderful. This is a little older than some of the releases and so I have judged it accordingly.
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Boxcover for Cum Dumpsters 1
Cum Dumpsters 1 

Release date: 6/26/2002
Reviewed on: 1/1/2003 by elwoodxxx

Starring: Natasha, Angel, Jessica, Eva, Gabriella, Veronica, Kitten, Carmen, Sandra, Simone, Lola, Kenya, Jade Marcela, Daniella Rush, Peaches, Hazel, Claudia Jamsson, Gia, Paris, Asia, Nicole, Margo, Loni, Lara, Jenna, Kyra, Ice, Celine, Belladonna, Lea de Mae, Autumn Haze, Trinity, Green Eyes, Flick Shagwell, Felicia Fox, Angel Love, Mia Starr, Cheryl Dynasty, August, Vantasia, Monica Sweetheart, Jenna Haze, Baby, Tommi Rose, Cherry Rose, Brandy Starz, Melissa Milano, Gabriella Banks, Jessie J., Desert Rose, Kiwi, Angel Long, Misty Parks, Ryan Meadows, Fujiko Kano, Amber Ways, Alexia Riley, Marie Mandalay, Maxxx, Hope Rising, Scarlet, Trixi, Donna Marie, Myli, Joelean, Ashley Long, Madison Day, Clouey, Taylor Rain, Ashley Blue, Daisey, Vanessa Rubec, Lolly, Gina Dimond, Ronita, Chi Sun, Karianna, Vanessa Virgin, Judy Star
Studio: Red Light District

Review brief: I have to take exception to the standard review posted with this title. This is a "Dirty Ol Man" J.O. movie of excellence! No, it is not necessairly for a mixed couples "Intro to Porn", but for its intended use it is superlitive. One of my favorites, Monica Sweetheart is to die for, or at least to cum for, as are a couple of other great blondes a bit earlier in the flick. Some cumshot movies are really too fast... Yes you want lots of action, but you want to at least "meet" the girl first. Cum Dumpsters gives just the right intro before moving the the finale. Yes, the prime reviewer is right in that some girls are not the prettiest, and one might wish to see more of this or that beauty - but that is what fast forward is for, or for that matter reverse and replay! I rented this one, so can't get the names of two of my favorite blondes but I want to sing in praise of the angle of photography. Now, I told you this was a J.O.
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Review brief: Rush Directed by Nic Andrews Overall Impression This is the first Digital Playground film I have taken a chance on since being disappointed by "Island Fever". Generally I stay away from porn that is as plot driven as "Rush", but it has been a while since I've seen Devon so here we are. As far as couple friendly features go this one is pretty good, and it has a few things going for it. Mainly Devon! I have to say it is refreshing to see a movie where the girl on the boxcover really does star in the movie. Devon is in 3 of the 5 sex scenes. Avy Scott and Jezebelle Bond pair up for a girl/girl scene, and the stunning Alexa rounds out the female cast. This is a very good looking DVD through and through. The ratio is widescreen, which I am very happy to see more companies embracing. The picture quality is truly outstanding, which only enhances this extremely slick and professional looking pornographic production. I do have some complaints however.
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Review brief: Something So Right (Wicked Pictures) Cast: Sydnee Steele, April, Kylie Ireland, Lezley Zen, Cherie, Avy Scott, Cindy, Brad Armstrong, Randy Spears, Steve Hatcher Director: Jonathan Morgan Plot: Sydnee is unhappy with her devoted but going nowhere husband Randy Spears. She wants money and power. So in order for her to be able to leave her husband for her rich boyfriend (Brad Armstrong) she has her secretary (April) seduce him. In the end she realizes that her boyfriend is a dick (because he dumps her) and runs back to her husband. Don't ask me I am just telling you the plot. Comments: The menu's are really amusing and set the tone for what is going to be a cute little movie. There are some small audio problems at the end of the first sex scene when Randy Spears starts his voice over due to the music being too loud but it doesn't last long. The only other technical problem I saw was a glitch that caused the picture to freeze at the 1:44:50 mark for about a second or two but then the movie continued on.
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Boxcover for Orgy in Black (Orgie en noir)
Orgy in Black (Orgie en noir) 

Release date: 3/8/2002
Reviewed on: 12/31/2002 by astroknight

Starring: Barbara, Marc Barrow, Daniella Rush, Krisztina, Karma, Bruno Aissix, Titof, Sandra Russo, Ovidie, Reda, Christopher Lee
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Ovidie
Review brief: Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: 7 / 23 / 2000 Director: Ovidie Cast: Daniella Rush, Titof, Ovidie, Sandra Russo, Krisztina, Bruno Aissiz, Marc Barrow, Karma, Reda Barbara, Christopher Lee, Diosa, Juliette Dragon, Severin, and Desire Clinique Initial Expectations: Marc Dorcels movies have been very good from what Ive seen, which gives me a lot of hope here. Initial Reaction: Its okay but didnt impress me as much as a lot of Dorcels other stuff. Who Should Watch It : Fans of Marc Dorcel Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting nastier European sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very clear and well balanced. The French audio track synchs very well with the video, and the English track also sound very good. The video is also extremely clear and well lit. To make matters even better, its presented in anamorphic widescreen. Music: The music has a classical feel, as well as frequently having an extremely creepy feel to it, that works extremely well for the feature.
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Boxcover for Search, The (Ikarus)
Search, The (Ikarus) 

Release date: 12/17/2002
Reviewed on: 12/31/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Pavel
Studio: Ikarus

Review brief: Since Bel Ami discovered it was sitting on a potential gold mine with its audition tapes, other studios have got in on the act. THE SEARCH a.k.a. BOY SEARCH from Ikarus is one of these. If you know Ikarus you know that they have exceptional men engaging in exceptional sex. You will be glad to see the auditions of guys you love and also see guys that you hope to see more of. If you dont know Ikarus then here is your chance to sample the goodies. Unlike most audition tapes in which model after model sits in a chair answers questions and jacks off to a stationary camera, this film has a camera which moves lingeringly over their exquisite bodies, gives us a variety of settings, and often shows the models being approached for the shoots. At the conclusion we also have four hunks sucking and fucking to make certain that if you havent shot your load before you will then.
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Review brief: Running Time: 140 min. Production Date: 2 / 2002 Director: Veronica Hart Cast: Ginger Lynn, Ashlyn Gere, Chennin Blanc, Nikita Denise, Sharon Kate, Alex Foxe, Cherie, Sondra Hall, Kelly Fire, Hamilton Steel, Randy Spears, Tyce Bune, Mickey G., Cheyne Collins, JT Cannon, JD Coxxx, and Jamie Gillis in sexual roles and George Kaplan, Wit Maverick, and many others in non-sex roles Initial Expectations: This one has me really interested, and I cant nail it down to one or two things. Initial Reaction: Wow. Movies and DVDs like this are why VCA is considered one of the top studios around. This is one of the few adult films that as soon as I finished watching it I wanted to go back and watch it again. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting an adult film rather than just a porno Who Should Avoid It: Raincoaters Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are excellent and varied throughout the movie. The audio is clear and well balanced, while the video is normally clear of grain and has shadows only where they should be.
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Boxcover for Sakura Tales 1
Sakura Tales 1 

Release date: 12/10/2002
Reviewed on: 12/31/2002 by bono-one

Starring: Jazz, Darren James, Mika Tan, Cheyne Collins, Loni, Kianna, Brett Rockman, Kianna Dior, Luxie, Denis Marti, SinNye Lang, Nika Lani
Studio: DVSX

Directed by: Alex Ladd
Review brief: DVSX is one of the newer studios out there and they are releasing some exciting and great looking porn. I have seen both Double Parked and Truly Nice Ass and both are filmed impeccably with the girls looking oh so sensuous and also very fuckable!!! I expect nothing less from this dvd which is directed by Alex Ladd. I absolutely love the cover for this title and that is one thing DVSX is already awesome at-- cover shots. So let's see what kind of action Mr. Ladd has in store for us. Each scene has its own storyline explained by the babe herself and each ends with the same babe pleasuring herself as she relishes in the pleasure. As the movie begins we are treated to some nice techno style music as various images of hot young Asian women flash on the screen. We see each girl clearly and she is id'd as well so well done there DVSX. We also get the names of the cocksmen but the only face I will know is Brett Rockmans. Now as for the first babe to showcase her talents we get the lovely and busty Loni.
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Review brief: Title: Fresh Meat #6 Cast: Caroline Cage, Sonja, Amanda, Judith Bella, Stephanie Sartone, Monic, Evelyn Stone, Bolivia Samonsonite, Frank Gun, Leslie Taylor, Andrew Youngman, Nick Lang, John Walton, Mario Studio: Evil Angel Director: John Leslie Action: Straight, Lesbian, Anal, DP, DPP, Facials Scene One - Sonja, Amanda, Frank Gun & Mario: These two ladies are gorgeous Eastern European chicks with phenomenal bodies. Sonjas a blonde wearing a tank top & leather pants. Amandas a brunette wearing a bra, panties, leather jacket & high heels she never removes. Sonjas shown eating out Amanda as she stands by the ledge of a boat. A guy then instantly starts fucking Amanda doggystyle. After Sonja finishes taking off her pants & showing her breathtaking ass, she goes over to Mario & blows him. Sonja & Mario fuck standing up against the wall & Amanda rides Frank cowgirl. Sonja then drags Mario by his dick over to Amanda and Franks area. She gets fucked real nicely doggystyle & blows Frank at the same time. Sonja then rides Frank reverse cowgirl & Amanda hops on Mario cowgirl.
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Boxcover for Internally Yours 3
Internally Yours 3 

Release date: 11/25/2002
Reviewed on: 12/30/2002 by mlyons

Starring: T.T. Boy, Daisy, Jay Ashley, Wesley Pipes, Devlin Weed, Sophie Evans, Aurora Snow, Toni Ribas, Fujiko Kano, Fiona Cheeks, Judy Star
Studio: Elegant Angel

Directed by: Mason
Review brief: Internally Yours #3 Mike Lyons Reviews Studio Elegant Angel Director Mason & William H. Cast Aurora Snow, Daisy, Judy Star, Fiona Cheeks, Fujiko Kano, Sophie Evans, Tony Ribas, Wesley Pipes, Devlin Weed, Jay Ashley, TT Boy Genre Gonzo, All Sex, Anal, Rough Sex, "Internal" Popshots Audio/Video Fair Video with some mild pixelation.  Good, Clear Audio. Extras Bonus Sex Scene (from Big Bottom Sadie), 6-1/2 minute behind the scenes, trailers, & photo gallery. Music Forgettable porn music--only used for intros and menus.
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Review brief: Running Time: 152 min. Production Date: 7 / 10 / 2002 Director: Various Cast: Ava Vincent, Michael J. Cox, Dale DaBone, Lena Ramon, Alec Metro, Charlene Aspen, Evan Stone, Suzy Sweet, John Decker, Mia Smiles, Chris Cannon, Herschel Savage, Mickey G., Gina Ryder, Mark Davis, Joey Ray, Chloe, and Steven St. Croix Initial Expectations: Ive had mixed luck with Adam & Eves compilations. Their ones that have focuses on a single star have been good enough that Im looking forward to this one a little. Initial Reaction: Its a must have for all of Avas fans, and a compilation that shows some very nice care. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants to watch Ava Vincent in action Who Should Avoid It: Anybody whos only interested in how nasty Ava can get Audio /Video Quality: As usual with most compilations, the technical aspects vary a bit. Luckily most of the scenes here are fairly recent, which means that there isnt a lot of variation from scene to scene. The audio is normally nicely balanced and clear, as is the video.
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Review brief: Weapons of Ass Destruction Directed by Jules Jordan Overall Impression First of all I should point out that this is the first time I have reviewed the Canadian version, which is edited, re-authored, and distributed by Valentine Video. I can say with confidence that the original Evil Angel version is sure to be better, and had I been rating the EA version I am sure it would have scored better. That said, I really wasn't sure if "WOAD" would be my cup of tea. I'm not that excited by toy play, or watching a bunch of guys going at it with one girl, but since Jules rarely disappoints I was compelled to watch this one anyway. Plus "Weapons of Ass Destruction" is just too clever a title to pass on. For the most part I enjoyed this disc, especially Belladonna. Although not every scene was for me WOAD provides a good variety of scenes, showing that Jules can do it all. There is toy play, three 1on1s, a 3on1, and a 4on1. Scene 1 Belladonna The famous Le Corbusier Chaiselongue has never looked so fine as it does with Bella's ass arched across it.
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Boxcover for Rogue Adventures 12
Rogue Adventures 12 

Release date: 12/24/2002
Reviewed on: 12/30/2002 by bigmike

Starring: Diana, Yasmine, Gabriella, Isis, Ivy, Fabiana
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Joey Silvera
Review brief: Transsexual Performer Looks Rating : 3.5 Developed & Shot by Joey Silvera SCENE ONE : Fabiana, a good looking, tall and slender reddish-blonde haired she-male, along with Gabriella, a very cute blonde she-male who was in Big Ass She-male Road Trip 3, walk with a guy, Carlos, near a beach in Brazil. They stop and talk a bit, Gabriella flashes her smallish, yet unaltered, tits, and then Fabiana removes her shorts, walking on in her bikini bottoms. They get a ride to the location of he shoot, where they are now wearing different bikinis that dont stay on for long, because the action starts almost right away, with the guy giving Fabiana a bj. Fabiana has some very visible scarring around her areola from breast augmentation surgery, but the scarring isnt as bad as some others that Ive seen. Gabriella gets treated to some oral and then the guy rims Fabiana, briefly, before she fucks him. Gabriella steps up to the plate next, fucking the guy good, followed by Fabiana getting up to bat one last time on the guy.
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Boxcover for Blowjob Impossible 4
Blowjob Impossible 4 

Release date: 6/5/2002
Reviewed on: 12/30/2002 by speelie

Starring: Margaret, Nacho Vidal, Karma, Denisa, Katerina, Janavi, Simona Sun, Jane Darling, Sabrina Lee, Raul Vidal, Isha Paradise
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Nacho Vidal
Review brief: Blowjob Impossible 4 Directed by Nacho Vidal Digital Sin DVD Released Autumn 2002 Cast : Jane Durlink/Darling, Isha Paradise, Simona Sun, Karma, Katerina, Janavi (aka Maryka, Jana), Margaret, Denisa, Sabrina Lee, Raul Vidal, Nacho Vidal Blowjob Impossible 3 is essentially a continuation of what went on in volume 3, offering more of Nachos October 2001 Prague castings, shot mostly POV. It shows him getting to know the girls subsequently found in the many movies he and TT Boy made at this time. We start with the series signature of a pre-credits scene, as 2002 Miss Erotica Jane Darlings Amazon strong body is on glorious display in red undergarments. Nacho, lying on a bed, just has to taste her goodies. She then teases him by ever so slowly peeling off his underwear, and then still more gradually licking and sucking his member. Nacho has a tripod ready, and uses it at some points as the action continues, in order to have both hands free for activities such as playing with her luscious breasts.
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Review brief: Sexx the Hard Way 7 Directed by Nacho Vidal Digital Sin DVD Released Summer 2002 Cast : Lenka (aka Natalka, Natalie Ross, Valentina Valli), Janavi (aka Maryka, Jana), Nikol, Jessica May/Mar/Hart, Sylvia Lancome, Vanessa Virgin, Laura Dark (aka Olena, Eva), Raul Vidal, Dennis Marti, Andrea Tarzan Moranty, Patrixxx, Nacho Vidal This outing is a mixture of footage from several shoots. We open with a moment from the October 2001 Prague sequence, as Lenka finds Raul Vidal under the covers, and wakes him with some passionate kissing. She has on almost no makeup, and this might well have been her first scene. She might have also been Rauls real life girlfriend, based on how the two interact here. Lenkas been one of my favorite newcummers of 2002, and has quickly made many fans, especially now that shes turning up in Private and A/D releases. Shes at center bottom on the boxcover, wearing the cross she sported in all her early scenes. Raul undresses Lenka as they make out, and she giggles until he starts to eat her.
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Review brief: Here we have the latest offering from Brandon Iron and it's the second effort in the Swallow My Pride line. There are several lines dealing with the swallowing theme and here we are promised 48 loads to be deposited down the throats of six willing ladies. Sounds good to me!!!! The theme of each scene is pretty much the same but it is the chemistry of the ladies that helps make this title a success. Usually at the beginning of each scene we get a little chat with the camera guy and the starlet or in one case there were two babes. After some chatter and some tease footage-- always nice to see what the babe looks like nude!!!! Then we get to some serious cock sucking with the girl doing up to five guys. Sometimes we get a single POV blowjob then some sex including anal and then a nice healthy pop. But wait folks that is certainly not all.
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Boxcover for Colton

Release date: 11/18/2002
Reviewed on: 12/30/2002 by joeblow69

Starring: Brad Benton, Adam Wolfe, Jay Ross, Colton Ford
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Chi Chi LaRue Cast: Colton Ford, Tino Lopez, Brad Benton, Adam Wolfe, Jim Slade, Chad Williams, Jay Ross, Gavin Braun, Jason Land, Rob Ramoni Story: Colton Ford introduces each of the four scenes ( he stars in all four). He actually talks to his reflection in the mirror, who shows him the different sides of his personality. Quite frankly, its painful to watch, so keep your fast forward button handy. Scene One Starring: Colton Ford, Jason Land Holy crap, Colton looks incredible in this first scene. He starts out in a suit, and when Jason strips off Coltons shirt, his pecs and biceps are all POW! Colton is completely ripped! (and hairy too!) Its a great scene, and Colton really gives Jasons ass a workout.
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Review brief: The Assman and his assistants spend a minimum of time on pussy-fucking before testing a girl's rectum to destruction. Part of the process is making their asses gape every half-minute or so, in the latter part of each scene. Despite that, the first half of this is just another porn video. The second half though contains some amazing anal abuse. There are a couple of two-girl scenes, each featuring one girl who doesn't seem to like being sodomised, but hasnt got the nerve to say stop. In the second he (the Assman) makes them both howl in pain as he applies the vaseline - by drilling them really hard up the shitter with just his fingers. But the real highlight is Erica. She's never been done before, and she gets the two-guy dirtchute-destroyer treatment. She screams, as if she's in agony, and they just say "shut up bitch" and carry on - one sticking his cock in her mouth like a pacifier, while the other gives her a really hard ramming up her tight little smellhole.
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Boxcover for Love Muffins
Love Muffins 

Release date: 12/11/2002
Reviewed on: 12/30/2002 by aybesea

Starring: Steven St. Croix, Kylie Ireland, Randy Spears, Taylor St. Clair, Joel Lawrence, Alex Foxe, Shelbee Myne, Jezebelle Bond, Joelean
Studio: Wicked

Directed by: Jim Enright
Review brief: Expectations This is the second Jim Enright movie I am reviewing. The first was really a very average piece of porn. I am hoping that this one is a bit more inspired. Capsule Review Well, this movie is definitely better than the first. But, it is still not an incredibly inspired bit of porno. It is a feature with a fairly hokey plot (muffins that cause an incredible sex drive) and some cute girls who don't get particularly dirty. Technical Per Wicked's usual high standards, this disc is mastered very well. The video, audio, and lighting are all acceptable. Director Jim Enright Extras Making of, interviews, bloopers, bios, galleries, trailers Target Audience Feature fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Alex Foxe Alex is a lovely brunette with a killer body. She appears here in the hottest scene of the disc to open. She wears a skin tight black tank top and a little blue miniskirt. After a little prelude she begins to blow this guy in his office under his desk.
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Boxcover for Spring Chickens (Diabolic)
Spring Chickens (Diabolic) 

Release date: 11/13/2002
Reviewed on: 12/30/2002 by aybesea

Starring: Erik Everhard, Jada, Mario, Sugar Kane, Lynn Dumare, Ashley Blue, Karianna, Ashley Morgan
Studio: Diabolic

Directed by: Jon Dough
Review brief: Expectations I have not been having great luck with Diabolic titles recently. I'm hoping that this one breaks the streak and brings me a pleasant surprise. Capsule Review The streak continues. This title is not bad, but it is far from the excellence that I expect from Diabolic. The girls vary significantly in terms of looks and sexual ability. The scenes are nothing special in terms of sets, wardrobe or performances. Looks like Diabolic is in a serious slump here. Technical This disc is acceptable from a tech standpoint, but it is nothing special either. Diabolic needs to examine their competition (e.g. Evil Angel, RLD or DVSX) because they are quickly becoming outclassed. Director Jon Dough Extras Photo gallery, trailers Target Audience Raincoaters, anal gonzo fans, barely legal fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Lynn Dumaire Lynn is one of two good looking girls on this DVD. She is a brunette with very nice tits. She wears a tight tank top that shows them off very well. She also wears a pair of tight denim shorts.
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