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Boxcover for Wish, The
Wish, The 

Release date: 4/4/2002
Reviewed on: 4/7/2002 by astroknight

Starring: Julian, T.J. Hart, Taylor St. Clair, Gwen Summers, Eric Masterson, Bronze, Lee Stone, Monica Mayhem, Dru Berrymore
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Fred J. Lincoln
Review brief: Running Time: 84 min. Production Date: 12 / 12 / 2001 Director: Fred J. Lincoln Cast: Monica Mayhem, Taylor St. Clair, T. J. Hart, Dru Berrymore, Bronze, Gwen Summers, Lee Stone, Eric Masterson, and Julian Initial Expectations: Fred Lincoln has been kind of hit or miss for me, and usually misses. I cant say that Im expecting too much here. Initial Reaction: Its okay but nothing too special. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes typical couples porno Who Should Avoid It: Raincoaters and anybody who wants a well done plot or driving sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio varies a bit throughout the feature. Early in the feature it seems like its kind of pushing the limits and is kind of scratchy, although it is well balanced. As the feature goes on, it seems to come out a little better, but its still there a little bit. The video has a slight grain to it, and quite a few shadows. Music: The music is pretty typical and well balanced with the rest of the audio.
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Review brief: Running Time: approx. 155 min. Production Date: 10 / 12 / 2001 Director: Various Cast: Cheyenne Silver, Shelbee Myne, T. J. Hart, Dayton Rains, Ryan Conner, Tanya Danielle, Casey, Holly Landers, Linda Storm, Egypt, Bobby Vitale, Evan Stone, Pat Myne, Dale DaBone, Eric Masterson, Lee Stone, John Decker, Mark Davis, and Nick Manning Initial Expectations: I always enjoyed Cheyenne Silver before she signed with Vivid, but I havent seen any of her work since then. A compilation focusing on her seems like a good place to start. Initial Reaction: Its an okay compilation, but a little more work would have made it a lot better. Who Should Watch It : Fans of Cheyenne Silver Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants extreme sex or a plot Audio /Video Quality: Compilations normally have a wide range of technical aspects, so a little range shouldnt be any surprise here. The audio is pretty clear for the most part, and normally has a nice balance. The video isnt so consistent.
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Review brief: Running Time: 80 min. (cover states 90 min. with extras) Production Date: Jan. 1998 Director: Frank Thring Cast: Judith Kostner, Judith, Kristina Jossa (also listed as Mina), Miralda, Nikki Anderson, Natasha Rutska, Suzy Q, Vanda, David Perry, Frank Gun, John Walton, and Robert Rosenberg Initial Expectations: Ive really enjoyed almost everything Ive seen from Privates Pirate line, which gives me good hope here as well. Initial Reaction: Its a little more mainstream friendly than many of the other Pirate titles Ive seen, but its still better than an awful lot of the other stuff out there. Who Should Watch It : Fans of anal sex and fetishwear Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks a woman only has one hole that needs any attention Audio /Video Quality: The audio is normally very clear, but does have a few problems. Theres a bit of dubbing thats fairly obvious as well as some audio that sounds a bit hollow. The video is extremely clear except for a few places that have a dark line that flashes across the top of the screen.
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Boxcover for 18 and Nasty 26
18 and Nasty 26 

Release date: 2/25/2002
Reviewed on: 4/6/2002 by speelie

Starring: Michelle, Silvia, Jana, Zuzanna, Katerina, Edita, Janavi
Studio: Devil's Film

Directed by: TT Boy
Review brief: 18 and Nasty 26 Directed by TT Boy Devils Films Released 11/2001 DVD 2/2002 Cast : Jana, Katerina, Edita (aka Carol), Janavi, Zuzana, Silvia (aka Queen Afghanistan), Michelle (aka Victoria), Nacho Vidal, Teo (aka Franco Roccaforte), TT Boy Ive already explained the concept of the Nachoribas production house in my reviews of Nachos Killer Pussy and Tony Ribas Harcore Innocence lines of movies. These guys share female talent and make very similar movies. I recently learned that this goes farther than I realized, with Nacho sharing his actresses with TT Boy for the latest editions of the 18 and Nasty and Little White Chicks and Big Black Monster Dicks lines (TT seems to have taken over for Jake Steed on the latter). I should point out that I usually detest TT Boy. He often seems unnecessarily crude with his female costars, fucking them like a blow-up doll that lacks any feelings. So I wasnt sure what to expect with 18 and Nasty 26, but I was eager to see it, since I knew it had Nacho and a girl named Katerina who is also in Killer Pussy 10.
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Review brief: I Couldn't Take it. Scene 1 Kata Lynn & A Guy: Kata Lynn is a absolutely Gorgeous Blonde with a Gorgeous Body. She & her Husband are on The Bed at a Hotel in Rio. Beautiful Kata Lynn is Flawlessly Naked getting Her Pussy Eat Out. Then she gives Her Man a Great Blowjob with No Hands. After that Sight that must be Seen, She & Her Husband Fuck Doggystyle, Spoon & Cowgirl. Those Three Sequences were Pierre Masterpieces. She then gets Fucked Hard, Missionary, Legs Crossed & Straight up in the Air. Then we get to See some Wonderful Cowgirl that Leads to a Great Facial, All Directly going into her Mouth & on her Chin. This Scene was absolutely Hot, But compared to Others in this Film, Juuust a Notch Off in Intensity, No Loss though. *My Take 1-5*= 5 Scene 2 Henrietta & A Guy: The Guy sits on the Couch & Beats his Cock, Watching Henriettea Play the Piano. Henrietta is a Dark Hair, Very Pretty & Thick(Nowhere near Fat) Hungarian Girl with Green Eyes.
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Review brief: Running Time: 89 min. Production Date: 1 / 24 / 1996 Director: Patrick Collins Cast: Annabelle Dayne, Alex Dane, Ariana, Bridgette Monroe, Channone, Caressa Savage, Candy Vegas, Dallas, Kirsty Waay, Liza Harper, Missy, Melissa Monet, Nicole Lace, Rayveness, Rebecca Lord, Tammi Ann, and Taylor Rose Initial Expectations: Its hard to follow up on Bruce Seven, but theres enough talent here to give me a bit of hope. Initial Reaction: Its pretty good, but does suffer from a bit of sameness throughout the scenes. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes all girl group action with a lot of toys and anal Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants natural all girl sex, a plot, or tame all girl sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio varies quite a bit. Its often slightly off balance, but not uncomfortably so. The video looks like absolutely nothing has been done to it since it was originally filmed in 1996. Its extremely grainy, and there is the standard colored line that runs near the edges.
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Boxcover for Barefoot Confidential 15
Barefoot Confidential 15 

Release date: 3/3/2002
Reviewed on: 4/5/2002 by astroknight

Starring: Jay Ashley, Joel Lawrence, Kennedy, Andre Madness, Jenna Haze, Jessie J.
Studio: Kick Ass

Directed by: Andre Madness
Review brief: Running Time: 68 min. Production Date: 10 / 1 / 2001 Director: Andre Madness Cast: Jenna Haze, Kennedy, Jessie J., Joel Lawrence, Jay Ashley, and Andre Madness Initial Expectations: I havent seen anything from this series, but it seems to be the leading foot fetish series out there which makes me look forward to it. Initial Reaction: Its a lot of fun and is going to have me looking for more of this series, as well as more from Kick Ass Productions. Who Should Watch It : Foot freaks and anybody who wants fun porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody without a sense of humor Audio /Video Quality: The audio varies a little. In the standard style scenes it is very clear and well balanced, but in the middle gonzo scene its very low and a little unbalanced. The video is also very clear, and there are very few shadows. There are a few times when you can catch some of the cameramen on the edge of the screen, but theyre caught just enough to be barely noticed. Music: The music is pretty standard, but isnt in the entire feature.
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Review brief: Running Time: 111 min. Production Date: 7 / 13 - 14 / 1998 Director: Alex Ladd Cast: Inari Vachs, Sana Fey, Nancy Vee, Amber Michaels, Cassandra Knight, Christgen Wolf, Emilia, Marc Davis, Jake Steed, Tyce Bune, and Vince Voyeur Initial Expectations: Ive had pretty good luck with Metros all sex features, so Im expecting at least an average feature. Initial Reaction: It almost put me to sleep. Who Should Watch It : Extreme fans of the stars and people who only want a little anal sex in scenes Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a lot of anal sex or intense anal sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio is spotty. Frequently theres no sex sounds in the scene, and when there are the audio is fairly low. There are also a few times when you can hear the stars being given directions. The video is pretty clear, and has the same feel as a well done home video. Music: The music is at a comfortable level, but is frequently the only audio in the scene. Its also some of the most annoying bad porno music Ive heard in a long time.
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Review brief: Title : Debauchery #7 Director : J.Y. Lecastel. Stars : Venus, Atlantis, Sabrina, Nicole, Sandra, Stephanie, and of course Jean Yves Lecastel. Running Time : 2hrs 20mins Extras : Photo Gallery, Cast List, and web site info. Review: Even though Debauchery #7 was released last year...I have just recently fell in love with J.Y.'s work. His work with PRIVATE's Matador series blew me away and of course his Anabolic Assman series is also very good. If your thing is Czech/Euro hotties then you are gonna love this series. Nicole & Sabrina take part in the 2nd scene in the movie and for about 5 mins the 2 ladies have some fun with each other, which was very hot. Nicole (Nikky Taylor) is absolutely one of the biggest & brightest ladies (for me) overseas. As you might of guessed there is anal heavily in this series, which is always a good thing. Both Nicole & Sabrina get anal'd hard by the male partner. Nicole & Sabrina were a perfect sex match and just made the scene that much hotter.
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Review brief: Running Time: 130 min. (the cover states 3 hours of footage, which is probably pretty close with the extras) Production Date: 8 / 12 / 2000 Director: Misty Rain Cast: Misty Rain, April, Angela Tiger, Lou Valmont, Nataly Dune, Ovidie, Chad Thomas, Kevin Long, Ian Scott, Titof, and Pascal White Initial Expectations: Misty Rains Worldwide Sex blew me away. Ive got very high expectations, hoping that this one matches up with its predecessor. Initial Reaction: Its another great gonzo DVD from Misty that has me looking forward to more. Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for hot and fun gonzo sex Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants a lot of really extreme gonzo sex or a plot Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear, but the balance is off slightly through several scenes. Theres a bit of dubbing here and there, and occasionally its very noticeable. Theres also a little bit of background noise in a few places, but it doesnt interfere with the rest of the audio too much.
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Review brief: I will not go into much detail on the individiual scenes. The reviews byreviewer and AstroKnight give very good scene-by-scene breakdown of the flic. Based on some of the reviews, I had high expectations. But the Sex Island was a big disappointment for me. The girls are good looking, the picture is crisp and the settings stylish. However it just did not work for me. The narration by Tera Patrick was lame, the music cheesy and annoying (Micheal Bolton on a budget if that is possible), and they used of slow motion at some key points. This is the first Tera Patrick video I have watched and what I cannot understand is why the guy in each of her scenes ends up jerking himself off. What is it with these guys and with their directors? In Tera's 3-some, her "masseuse" has these incredible long nails that would be downright dangerouse in any massage let alone a "massage" that gets near one's privates.
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Boxcover for Matador 6: Dirty Men At Work
Matador 6: Dirty Men At Work 

Release date: 8/1/2001
Reviewed on: 4/3/2002 by nutty-buddy

Starring: Jessica, Angelica, Christina, Monica, Camilla, Alexander
Studio: Private

Review brief: Trust me, I won't Endulge on the Plot of this Movie. Let's just Say 3 Men Find themselves in a Underground "Civilization", If you Will, With Nothing but Rooms occupied by Horny European Sluts. Scene 1 Monica & A Guy: He Walks into the Room & Sees Brunette Monica in a Skimpy Sundress, Along with a Fur Coat & Knee High Boots. Monica is pretty damn Hot if you ask me. I've seen this Guy in seemingly EVERY Private Film but still don't Know his Name to avoid Him. The whole Spitting in the asshole & Spitting on the Girl's Face During Cumshots isn't Cool. Anyway, Of course the 1st thing they go for in a Matador Movie is the Anus. Monica bends over so he could Play with her ass & Suck her Tits. Monica then gives him Wonderful Head before getting Spooned on the Floor. Did I mention her breasts are HUGE? Well they are & Look Great with her Bra Cupped under Them. Anyway, Immediate Anal! Monica sits on his Cock, Reverse Cowgirl Style. She Really Rides his Cock like it's the most Natural Thing. A lot of Gaping Anal follows before Monica gets on her knees to suck his Cock.
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Boxcover for World Sex Tour 18
World Sex Tour 18 

Release date: 9/19/2001
Reviewed on: 4/3/2002 by nutty-buddy

Starring: Vince Voyeur, Mark Davis, Andrea, Marina, Laura, Olivia, Jennifer, Jeane
Studio: Anabolic

Directed by: Christopher Alexander
Review brief: Ah yes, On the Everlasting Quest to Quench my Thirst for European Women.(Condoms were used for All Vaginal & Anal Sex) Vince & Mark visit Prague Scene 1/Laura Angel, Mark Davis & Vince Voyeur: We rightfully Start Off with the World Reknown, Laura Angel. We're in a Room on a Couch, Where Beautiful Laura is wearing A Brown Sun Dress & a Pair of High Heels she doesn't Take off throughout the Scene. Mark & Vince Chat with Laura as she sits Between them, Jerking their Cocks. Laura then gets Fucked, Big Time, By Vince Doggystyle while she Blows Mark. Laura rolls over to her Side to get Spoon Fucked, Still Vigorously Sucking Off Mark. Mark then Fucks Laura Doggystyle while she Blows Vince. If you didn't Know, Laura Angel is a Pro Cocksucker. Any Fan of Porn should Love this Girl, haha. Anyway, Laura hops on Marks Cock for some Anal, Reverse Cowgirl Style, as she Blows Vince. Vince Fucks Beautiful Laura Anally in the Missionary Position & She really likes it, But I'm not sure as much as the Fantastic DP she recieves shortly after.
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Review brief: Scene 1/Angel & Two Guys: Angel is a Russian Blonde with a Great Body. She's in a Kitchen infront of a Sink. Pierre has her Dance around & Strip for the Camera. She Ultimately ends Up Masterbating Until Two Guys arrive. One Eats Her Pussy while She sucks the Other's Cock. On the Counter Top, She gets Fucked Missionary while Sucking one of the Guys Off. She then gets Fucked Doggystyle while sucking a Cock(Very Hot). Angel then Hops on the Cock she was Sucking for some Cowgirl. She FUCKS HIM while the Other Guy Stands and Receives a Great Knob Slob from Angel. Still Fucking One Guy Cowgirl, Angel gets a DP. Then does Reverse Cowgirl(Anal) while Sucking off One Guy, Leading to a another DP in a Different Position. After that great Sight, She continues to fuck the Same Guy Reverse Cowgirl while She Sucks off the Other Guy till he Cums. Nice, Nice Pop Shot as she gives great post Cum Head. She then Pulls the Cock out of her ass and Sucks the Other Guy off until he Cums all over Her Face, Tounge & Chin. She Sucks his Cock during & After. Great Scene.
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Boxcover for Nacho: Latin Psycho
Nacho: Latin Psycho 

Release date: 10/26/2001
Reviewed on: 4/2/2002 by nutty-buddy

Starring: Melissa, Sheila Scott, Sandra Russo, Sharone, Sandra Kay
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Nacho Vidal
Review brief: Great Women in this Movie. A Few of my A List Girls like Sheila Scott, Sharone & Sandra Russo. But all the Women in this are Top Notch. Nacho knows How to put a Movie Together. Scene 1/Melissa, Nacho & A Guy: Nacho & His Friend see Melissa Walking Down the Street. Melissa is a Perfecly Proportioned Latina with a Beautiful Face. Nacho & his Friend Fondle her on the Street a little before Taking her to the Frontyard of a House. She Blows Nacho's Friend while Nacho eats her ass & Pussy from the Back. Melissa ass Looks great with her Pink Panties pulled to the Side. Standing Up, Nacho's friend fucks her Doggystyle while She Sucks Nacho's Cock. After getting a lil' Too into it, They Decide they shouldn't be in the Frontyard & they go Inside. Nacho puts Melissa on a Counter Top in the Kitchen & eats her Pussy. He then Fucks her Pussy. Him & his Friend take Turns while she Blows the Other. Nacho's Friend then goes for The Anus. Melissa Receives Anal very very very Well...Especially when she gets this perfectly Insync DP.
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Review brief: Running Time: 102 min. Production Date: 7 / 13 - 14 / 2000 (feature) 2 / 08 / 2001 (cover) Director: Nicholas Steele Cast: Kristal Summers, Adriana Sage, Felecia, Isabella Camille, Lea De Mae, Zora, Nina Ferrari, Dale DaBone, Mark Davis, Joel Lawrence, and Steven St. Croix Initial Expectations: Nicholas Steele has been kind of hit and miss with me lately, however theres some nice talent here that make me hope this is more of a hit than a miss. Initial Reaction: The only word that should be used around this DVD is PULL!. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who doesnt care about the audio in a movie or who can lip-read Who Should Avoid It: Most everybody Audio /Video Quality: The audio basically sucks. Its horribly out of balance to the point that all I could really hear from most of it was a hum from my speakers. Even the hum drowned out most of the spoken audio in the setup scenes, and in the sex scenes I could barely hear the music. Even worse, the audio problems continued through the entire DVD including the extras.
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Review brief: Kelly's Way to Love (Evil Angel) Directed by Kelly Stafford Produced by Rocco Siffredi Starring: Kelly Stafford with Monik, Jessica May, Sabina, Claudia Jamsson, Jessica Fiorentino, Elizabeth Roalopez, Jade, Kristal DeBoor, Amber; with Manuel Ferrara, Neeo, Nacho Vidal, Kevin Long, Grosso, Titof, Robert Rosenberg, Marc, Selene, Loulou, Jiri, Elibrissi Mendi, Sall Baba, Anthony Alain, Stephane Losson, Girard, Demirel Mikail, Huyghues I Marc, Rocco Siffredi Released: December 2001 Running Time: 2 hours Ostensibly the directorial debut of Rocco's favourite wild child sidekick Kelly Stafford, though one might wonder, perhaps unfairly, just how much creative involvement she really had, Kelly's Way to Love is her counterpart to Rocco's equally kinky and hard-edged Rocco's Way to Love. Both movies explore the darker side of those wild sexual fantasies that most of us would never dream of living out. But Kelly is only too happy to provide you with her insight into a precarious existence on the sexual edge.
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Review brief: Rocco: Animal Trainer 3 (Evil Angel / Rocco Siffredi Produzioni) Directed by Rocco Siffredi Starring: Martina Mercedes, Michaela, Suzanne, Vanessa, Laura Palmer, Natalie, Kelly Stafford, Brandy C, Bamboo, Rocco Siffredi, Leslie Taylor, Carlos, Alberto Rey, Franco Roccaforte, Frank Gun, David Perry, Steve Holmes, Philippe Soine, Ferdinando Silva There's a wealth of first-class strong action in this long-awaited DVD issue of Animal Trainer 3. Some sensational talents accompany Rocco as he whips up another frenzied round of crazed sexual encounters. Martina and Michaela The actual exploration of the Animal Trainer fetish (i.e. role playing as animals, e.g. with the dominant partner leading the sub around on a leash) is not always evident in this series - it's more of an affectation - but in this inventively kinky scene set at a stables, Rocco trains Martina along with a horse as punishment for playing with his "baby" Michaela (the opening minutes of the scene feature Martina dominating Michaela in a stable).
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Boxcover for Extreme Teen 14
Extreme Teen 14 

Release date: 2/27/2002
Reviewed on: 4/2/2002 by steve-k

Starring: Milena, Noname Jane, Cali, Victoria Woods, Karima
Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Title : Extreme Teen #14 Director : Derek Newblood. Stars : Violet Blue, Milena, Karmina 9, Cali, and Victoria Woods. Running Time : 1hr 40mins Extras : Photo Gallery, Bonus BJ, Cast List, and web site info. Review: Fans of this series should appreciate this one. Violet Blue who was voted favorite new-starlet by AVN takes the 1st scene in this one. Also Karima 9 & Cali were really great also. Derek Nerwood took over directing this series and he's doing a great job and I can't wait to see #15. Violet Blue (AVN Best New-Starlet) starts off the scene really playful and she starts painting flowers on her male counterpart. As soon as the sex begins I really understand why AVN voted this girl the best new-starlet because she has all the showings of a fuck machine. Her scene was really great and I didn't know she took anal, but she sure does in this scene. There are only 2 anal scenes and this is one of them. Violet is perfect for these kinda movies that focus on 18 yr old girls. Her scene ends with a great cumblasting facial. Another great scene was with Cali & Mickey G.
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Review brief: Running Time: 109 min. Production Date: Jan. 2001 Director: Fred J. Lincoln Cast: Chloe , Charlene Aspen, Dru Berrymore, Taylor St. Clair, Danielle, John Decker, Billy Glide, Evan Stone, Mickey G., Lee Stone, and Marty Romano Initial Expectations: Chic boxing a.k.a. foxy boxing a.k.a. catfight? Count me in! Initial Reaction: Its anything but a knockout, and just might leave you down for the count with the exception of a couple scenes. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants to know what an average porno looks like or who doesnt like facials (theres not a single one here) Who Should Avoid It: Fans of Dru Berrymore and anybody who wants a fun porno or something thats pushes at least one limit Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear, but there is a bit of obvious dubbing in spots there shouldnt be, such as close-ups. The video is very clear, but does have a few borderline problems with shadows. Music: The music is your standard VCA music that youve probably heard before.
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Review brief: CAPSULE'S REVIEW Throat Gaggers 1 (140 min.) Featuring: Amber Ways, Scarlet, Chi Sun, Sofia Blue, Kitten, Alexia Riley, Maxx, Felecia Foxxx, Kiwi, and Margot Synopsis: Ten women show off their oral talents! Some get throat-fucked, but others don't! Overall: The title of the series suggests that there will be a lot of gagging, right? The DVD fails to deliver the goods. Also, the DVD cover of Maxx, is false advertising because the majority of the women look like they were born pnear a garbage dump.  DVD Quality: Although it is a new company, this DVD does not suffer from audio/visual problem like Metro does.   Extras: If they think a "Behind the Scenes" clip will satisfy the extras requirement, think again. The clip is worthless and uninteresting.
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Review brief: Raging Lust by Nicholas Steele Adam and Eve / November 2001 / 100 Minutes DISC FEATURES   Specifications: - DVD-Video - Single Sided Dual Layer   Aspect Ratio(s): - Widescreen   Audio: - English   Standard Features: - Interactive Menus - Scene Access   Additional Features: - Behind the Scenes - Star Interviews - "Sex Reel"  Starring: Monica Mayhem, Jacynda, Dominica Leoni, Kristina Black, Bridget Kerkove, and Nikki Fairchild  Synopsis: Welcome to the world of high stakes boxing where results do not seem as they should be! Overall: This DVD feature is a good couples release from Adam and Eve. It has an engaging plot and good cast of women. Furthermore, the fight scenes and the overall presentation of the movie is excellent and rivals the quality of Private only with a softer edge. DVD Quality: The audio/visual quality is top-notch. It is presented in widescreen and looks like a Hollywood production. Extras: The real gem of the extras is not the "Behind the scenes" action. Rather, it is the insightful interviews done in the MTV "Re
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Boxcover for Rocco: Animal Trainer 3
Rocco: Animal Trainer 3 

Release date: 1/14/2002
Reviewed on: 4/1/2002 by edsa

Starring: Laura Palmer, Rocco Siffredi, Vanessa, Natalie, Martina Mercedes, Bamboo, Michaela, Susanne, Kelly Stafford
Studio: Evil Angel

Directed by: Rocco Siffredi
Review brief: Animal Trainer 3 (2000) 135 min Studio Evil Angel Director Rocco Siffredi The Women Michaela, Martina, Susanne, Vanessa, Laura Palmer, Natalie, Kelly Stafford, Brandy C., Bamboo DVD Format Single Layer Special Features Interactive menus, fetish menu, chapter selection, gallery, cast listPros Vanessa, Brandy C.  Cons Spitting on women, Kelly StaffordRaincoat FactorMedium [ /image ] --> The Hype: Rocco and company tame these "wild animals."Organization: Location-based sex. Martina walks in with her cleavage showing as she brings the horse into the stable. Who's that in the stable? Why it's Michaela, who is easy on the eyes. Martina slaps her ass with her horsewhip. She wants to break her in. She sets Michaela on an empty horse saddle and concentrates on masturbating. The real horse trainer becomes involved with the two women starting with Martina.
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Review brief: Breakin' Em In 1 by Vince Vouyer Red Light District Video / November 2001 / 140 Minutes DISC FEATURES   Specifications: - DVD-Video - Single Sided Single Layer   Aspect Ratio(s): - 4:3   Audio: - English   Standard Features: - Interactive Menus - Scene Access   Additional Features: - "Behind the Scenes"  - Photo Gallery - Trailers Starring: Brooklyn, Natasha, Kiwi, Gabriella Banks, Scarlet, Margo, and Cheryl Synopsis: As the title suggests, Red Light District will breaking these women in! Overall: Vince Vouyer doesn't show his "A" material in this DVD. RLD is much more capable at producing higher quality videos than what they released here. DVD Quality: There aren't any major pixelations or audio probelms on this DVD. Extras: Although there is a bonus scene listed, it looks like the same blowjob scene starring Margo. The only lasting appeal of the extras is in the behind the scenes footage. While Natasha gets fucked missionary style on the table, the table collapses. Luckily for her, her partner holds onto her with his dick still
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Review brief: CAPSULE'S REVIEW Babes Illustrated 11 (84 min.) Featuring: April Flowers, Nikita Denise, Calli Cox, Brie, Nina Ferrari, Tanya Danielle, Cherie, Logan, Goldie McHorn, and Chrissy Sparks. Synopsis: When the men are out, the women will play! The plot is loosely based on a woman's life after her elderly husband dies. She has to fill the void of pleasure by inviting women to her mansion. Overall: This is definitely a change from the recent crap that Metro has put out. The cast includes such stars like April and Nikita Denise. April single-handedly saves this DVD from being absolute crap with her two hot scenes. DVD Quality: Surprisingly, the DVD quality is good. Nevertheless, it proves that Metro is inconsistent in the quality of their releases. Extras: The "Behind the Scenes" Report is not great.
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