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Review brief: Here is another couples flick from a studio that does a pretty good job of cranking them out, Adam & Eve. I think Keri Windsor is stunning to look at and the cover shot is a great capturing of her gorgeous face and seeing her cover her breasts was oh so sensual!! We have some other stunners to watch so sit back with your significant other and enjoy the "Bare Necessities". Our first scene stars Nakita Kash and Ian Daniels. The scene takes place in the lingerie shop owned by Keri Windsor. The two performers start out with some nice kissing before Ian samples her titties. Ian also performs some beautifully shot oral also using his fingers to get Nakita's pussy primed for his cock. After her lengthy oral Nakita is more than willing to suck on Ian's member. Once again the views are top notch as you see Nakita swallow every inch of Ian's schlong. Nakita also gives nice eye contact during this nicely shot bj. As for the sex you get to see: Doggie-- Great close view from underneath as Ian's piston fires into Nakita's box.
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Review brief: Description This is a creampie movie, involving an endearing, harmless, wholesome fetish. Each scene involves one real-life couple. General Impression This plays a bit like a documentary/science experiment. Luc Wylder hosts four 20 minute scenes. In each scene, a great deal of time is spent on an interview of the couple, mainly involving where they live, whether the woman has ever been embarrassed publicly by having cum run down her thigh, and how the couple can be reached by fans at an email address. This is followed by very brief oral sex, brief intercourse in three positions, and a pop. After that, Luc swings into action, asking in a quiet, likeable Mr. Rogers-singsong, if the girl can spread her pussy a little, if she can squeeze a little cum out ("go on!"), if she can drip a little more out (flashbulbs go off), if she can stand up and drip some out ("there you go"), if she can maybe jump up and down (more flashbulbs), and maybe spread the pussy open a little again, maybe haul some of that cum out of there with your finger ("that's great!").
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Boxcover for Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Sex Toys
Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Sex Toys 

Release date: 1/21/2002
Reviewed on: 3/20/2003 by lunacy

Starring: Sindee Coxx, Mark Davis, Nina Hartley, Keisha, Adajja, Tyler Wood, Baz
Studio: Adam & Eve

Directed by: Nina Hartley, Will Renald
Review brief: Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Sex ToysBy Adam & Eve Staring Nina Hartley Adajja Sidnee Cox Keisha Tyler Wood & Mark Davis HighlightsSex Swing Demonstrations     At First Glance      Ohhhh, toys....I like toys... The Basics -Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Sex Toys-Genre: Instructional-Straight (although the toys demonstrated could also readily be used for Gay couples.)- 4 chapters, Opening Credits, 2 demonstrations and a scene.Overall Value- $13.75The Run Down      Well, I was really hoping to get turned on (pardon the pun) to some new toys with this DVD so I could add them to my "Hunny...I want that!" list.  Although , I really want a  Love Swing now the only other things that had any show time were the standards, a jelly dildo, and vibrator.
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Review brief: Evil Angel Video In Association with Jules Jordan Video presents Starring Aurora Snow, Jenna Haze, Cherie, Gauge, Judy Starr, Kaylynn, Raylin, Rhiannon Bray, Sabrine, Shyla, and Alexa Rae. Directed by Jules Jordan SCENE ONE : Aurora Snow, looking very hot in a nurses uniform, with white stockings, a stethoscope, and glasses, says she is from the sperm bank, to collect specimens, but isnt quite sure how to do it. She demonstrates how she will be collecting the specimens on Jules to begin, but he doesnt make his deposit yet, so she moves onto another room where the rest of the donors are waiting. Four guys are lined up and waiting to make their donations in the other room, so she gets down, and starts sucking on the cocks. The guys help her strip out of the nurses uniform, and she gets back down on her knees to continue the procedure, with five cocks now surrounding her. After she stands and has her panties removed, she gets into position to collect on the black chair.
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Review brief: Expectations This is a Joey Silvera movie for Evil Angel. Of course my expectations are high! Capsule Review While this is not a bad movie, and it has plenty of gonzo sex to enjoy, it definitely is not the magical porn release I had hoped for. Technical The technical merits are good. The scenes are well filmed and the mastering is very good. The audio is fine as well. Director Joey Silvera Extras Bonus footage, photo gallery, filmography, cast info Target Audience Gonzo fans, Joey Silvera fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Katrina Katrina is a very hot blonde. She straddles a motorcycle dressed in a schoolgirl skirt and blouse. God is she hot! She exposes her breasts and teases the shit out of us. You just have to love this girl. Finally, two guys show up to take advantange of her. She does an exceptional job of giving a double BJ. Unfortunately, as the scene progresses and Katrina gets naked, we see the tattoos that detract from the whole innocent school girl look. Oh well.
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Boxcover for Shane's World: Search and Destroy
Shane's World: Search and Destroy 

Release date: 2/5/2003
Reviewed on: 3/18/2003 by aybesea

Starring: Austin, Britney, Taylor Rain, Austin O'Riley, Hunter Young, Judy Star
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Camera Guy
Review brief: Expectations I've only seen one Shane's World DVD and that was a while ago. They have gotten a lot of press recently, so I'm looking forward to checking this one out. Capsule Review I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I liked this DVD. It is definitely stronger than the previous volume that I had watched. The girls were pretty and the scenes were strong. About my only complaint is that several scenes, including Taylor's, do not feature anal sex. Technical While this is definitely a gonzo flic, the video and lighting are basically clean and crisp. The audio is acceptable. Director Camera Guy Extras Bonus scene, photo gallery, bios, trailers Target Audience Gonzo fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Taylor Rain Taylor really is a good looking girl. When she is made up, she is one of the prettiest porn stars on the scene today. And she is very nicely presented in this scene. She wears a black fishnet bodystocking, and her makeup and hair look great.
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Review brief: Expectations My past experiences with Red Light District DVDs have not been entirely good. While the themes appeal to me, I've found that a number of their releases come up short on delivering the goods. However, two forces are acting to change my opinion. The first is that the last few RLD releases I've reviewed showed a trend toward a better product. This is very encouraging. The second is that with the mass migration of talent from Anabolic/Diabolic to RLD, it will be very interesting to see the long term effects upon the product. Capsule Review While this DVD is defintely better than some of the RLD fare I have witnessed, it is not the best either. The first two scenes are good, but the third scene is great. If Vince can bring the entire disc up to the quality of the third scene, he will direct his first incredible movie. Technical There is nothing fancy about this movie. It is basic gonzo shot in a straightforward fashion.
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Boxcover for Cruel Seductions
Cruel Seductions 

Release date: 2/21/2003
Reviewed on: 3/18/2003 by dumblonde

Starring: Ruby, Steve Hatcher, Kyle Stone, Chloe, Chris Cannon, Randy Spears, Daisy Chain, Cheyne Collins, jessica drake, Mary Carey
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Chloe
Review brief: Producer/Director: Chloe Videographer: Baz, Early Chaos DOP: 7/02 Female cast: Jessica Drake, Chloe, Ruby, Daisy Chain, Mary Carey Male cast: Kyle Stone, Cheyne Collins, Steve Hatcher, Randy Spears, Chris Collins Audio/Video: Both were top notch. Baz's work is always good, and the sound was excellent, including the unobtrusive music. Extras: Wall To Wall Sex option 3 trailers - Shayla's Web, Hayseed, & Peepers Slide show of about 20 photos 3 "bios" Chloe, Jessica & Daisy The Movie: Don't be put off by the sawblade pictured on the cover, it does not appear in the movie. This is a well done take-off on the movie Cruel Intentions. Granted, I would rather see Ryan Phillipe fuck than Kyle Stone, but you can't have everything. I was a little apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. I've always enjoyed the enthusiasm Chloe puts into her performances, and y'all know I'm big on female orgasms, which this had in abundance. I'm glad that it didn't overdo the anal sex either. In fact, the only anal scene was with Ruby and Steve Hatcher.
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Review brief: Crass commercialism and a complete disregard for the consumer. This, at least, is the answer that springs most readily to mind when watching a movie like Wickeds 1994 release, Domination, which is one of those films that begs the question, Whats the point of slapping a wholly inappropriate title on a porn movie? True, it happens in Hollywood, toowitness Ballistic: Ecks vs. Severbut such instances are rare indeed compared with the institutionalized mistitling that goes on in Porn Alley. Whatever happened to the simplicity (and accuracy) of a title like Deep Throat? Its not unreasonable to suppose that the quality of porn would rise if porno titles were strictly regulated to ensure accuracy. If what you read on the boxcover was what you got, Id much prefer to watch Nympho Cheerleaders than Chicks Who Briefly Appear in Cheerleader Outfits Go Wild. In Domination, Chasey Lain stars as a woman who hears echoing voices in her head that tell her to drop the submissive act and demand the respect shes due from her psychologically abusive husband.
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Boxcover for Married Cops Do
Married Cops Do 

Release date: 7/8/2001
Reviewed on: 3/18/2003 by folkyboy

Starring: Blue Blake, Joe Romero, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Chad Connors, Duke Miller, Caeser
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blue Blake
Review brief: Title: Married Cops Do Studio: IMD Producer(s): Blue Blake Productions Director(s): Blue Blake Videographer(s): Max Ferrarri Editor(s): Kevin Glover Music: Sissy Vagina & Green X Cast: Introducing Duke Miller, Caesar, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Joe Romero, Chad Connors, Glen Matthew, (and in non sexual roles) Tony Valentino, T.J. Hart, Cherry Taylor, Delilah, and Blue Blake Date of Production: August 2000 Running Time: 89 minutes Menus & Chapters: 9 chapter selections! I was actually surprised because the scenes weren't very long. I didn't think that they would garner more, but obvious I was mistaken. It's always nice to have more than less. Extras: A photo gallery and 2 previews (Demolition Daddy & Tales From The Treehouse) Packaging: The cover art was really smart and the byline reads "Sometimes the Code of Silence is stronger than the bond of matrimony." Duke Miller & Caesar grace the cover. The Story Duke Miller is the basic butch straight cop with a bitch wife (T.J. Hart) at home that nags him all the time.
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Boxcover for Nikki Dial Exposed
Nikki Dial Exposed 

Release date: 1/17/2003
Reviewed on: 3/18/2003 by nat-hocken

Starring: Nikki Dial, Ember, Nika DeVita, Lieng Lu, Rose Lynn
Studio: New Machine

Review brief: Nikki Dial Exposed begins with a smiling, engaging, and very young Nikki in a scene from Ed Powers Dirty Debutantes 23. Even Ed, nearing 40, looks comically youthful. The scene, though standard Powers fare, is, thankfully, not one in which Ed takes a sexual role; the closest he comes to making love to Nikki is licking her juices off the dildo shes just finished using. Typically sloppy, the scene begins with a dog whining in the background, a little dog we eventually see nosing up to Nikki on the sofa; at one point the telephone rings. It takes a girl with a certain star power to fight through this nonsense and emerge with her aplomb intact, and Nikki does it, delivering a short, but effective masturbation performance along the way. One could wish that movies like this were made with loving care by people who genuinely respected their featured talent. But this is porn, and one could as successfully wish for accurate movie titles, coherent storylines, or directors who understand the difference between fucking and eroticism.
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Boxcover for Voluptuous Xtra 5
Voluptuous Xtra 5 

Release date: 6/23/2003
Reviewed on: 3/17/2003 by brunob333

Starring: Sierra, Lilith, Orsolya, Paige Plenty, Annie Swanson
Studio: Score

Review brief: Since this is my first ever porn review, I think I should establish a few of my likes and dislikes right off the bat (I may keep this as a reference in future reviews also, if I do more). You can skip this and go to the main body of the review (or pick which scene recap you want to read (Orsolya's, Anja's, Lilith's, Paige Plenty's, Annie Swanson's, or Sierra's)), but I think it's important to do this because tastes in porn can vary wildly and while certain aspects of a porn movie are very clear-cut in their quality (lighting, picture quality, sound level, and so on), the things that get a person off are of course very subjective. So even if a reviewer gives a particular movie a great or poor review, your opinion may differ if you find something there that happens to tickle you in just the right way, or that leaves you completely indifferent. In order to find out if your tastes match mine, here's a brief rundown of things that I look for in porn, and then things that I could do without.
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Review brief: Expectations My buddy Speelie loves Toni Ribas movies and he has really inspired me to want to watch one. I'm hoping that this one lives up to his banter. Capsule Review This is a very pretty production with some great looking girls and an attractive set. Unfortunately, the sex is less than stellar and the general lack of enthusiasm really hurts this production. It is, however, the strongest Elegant Angel title I have seen in quite a while. Technical The technicals are good. Lighting, video and audio are all acceptable. Director Toni Ribas Extras Bonus footage, making of, trailers Target Audience Gonzo fans, Eurobabe fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Demon & Jenny Blair Unfortunately, I do not know either of these two girls and my first complaint arises. It sure would be nice if there were a way to do a positive ID. Anyway, these two are very hot. One is a cute blonde and the other is a raven haired vixen. Both are present in an ornate room with a couple of guys. As we enter the scene, the sex is already under way.
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Review brief: Expectations Well, considering how good the last few DVSX releases have been, I am definitely looking forward to this one. Let's hope that they can keep the string alive! Capsule Review This is a good movie with some standout scenes, particularly the closer. It is not uniformly strong as some of the DVSX releases have been, but it is worth checking out if you enjoy interracial titles. Technical The technicals vary from outstanding to very good. There is some inconsistency in the lighting and particular difficulty with the indoor scenes. But it is certainly acceptable. Director Yani Z Extras Interviews, solo scenes, bonus footage, photo gallery, trailers Target Audience Gonzo fans, interracial fans Scene Review Scene 1 - Angel Long Ooh! I like the opening shot. As the scene fades in we are looking straight up the skirt of angel long. She is dressed in school girl attire and it really accentuates her great legs.
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Review brief: Expectations This series is kind of a hodge podge. Some of the scenes are generally excellent. But unfortunately, past volumes have had more than their fair share of filler, including Reports (which should never be sold as premium content) and outtakes that look like outtakes. Let's hope this is a stronger volume. Capsule Review This is not one of the stronger volumes in this series.
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Review brief: Amazing Sex Talk A Review by FacIan Title Amazing Sex Talk - Collectors first edition Translation: n/a Studio: Metro Collection: n/a Price: 14 Format: NTSC Actions and Key Words Action: Straight, Anal, DAP, Anal gap, Pussy stretching Fetish: Big tits, Nipples piercing, Clit piercing, Long hair (wig) Initial expectation No special expectation. General comment This film seems to be a compilation of scenes from the Metro collection. The choices are quite good but I would say not really consistent. From a very erotic atmosphere in the spirit of Zazel to some very tough takes you could see in Max Hardcore, this medley is strange. The general quality is good but I don't like the talk show idea made by Nikky Tyler in between the scenes. If it is supposed to wrap nicely the fact that it is porn, then some scenes are hard to make "nice". Anyway, wrapping up or not I don't find any interest in the formula.
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Boxcover for Slammer

Release date: 8/22/2002
Reviewed on: 3/17/2003 by folkyboy

Starring: Jon Galt, Scott, Dred, Billy Wild
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Harold Creg, Brian Mills
Review brief: There are always 3 basic type of porn that we can count on. These would be what we call "different" and "unique" but are really prerequisites to any good porn industry. There's always the normal bed hopping and even those poolside porns that they love to show us. Those aren't the 3 I'm discussing, however. Those type of porn are cheap and easily shot on whatever resort the studio is using to fund the much more elaborate settings. Yes, my fellow fans, I'm referring to the "location" shoots. Now any good fan knows that in order to have a successful location shoot, one has to have the men to back it up. Some studios have failed in this aspect considerably (Bacchus) and some are just merely a standard everyone sets themselves by (Falcon). Titan came along and changed the world of Leather porn with it's Fallen Angel series. To most, it was just merely porn type 1 and we would pop it in and expect something pleasing and aggressive. Titan Studios came along and changed all that.
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Boxcover for I've Never Done That Before 8
I've Never Done That Before 8 

Release date: 12/24/2002
Reviewed on: 3/17/2003 by astroknight

Studio: Wildlife

Review brief: Running Time: 139 min. Production Date: 6 / 15 / 2002 Director: Tyce Bune Cast: Daisy, Leyla Lei, Machelle Sky, Sasha, Sin-nye, Cheyne Collins, and of course, Tyce Bune Initial Expectations: Ive been pretty impressed with this series, and am expecting another above average gonzo movie here. Initial Reaction: Its a pretty average movie. Who Should Watch It : Raincoaters, fans of internal pop shots, and anybody who wants long and drawn out sex scenes Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks cum is meant to be shot at a womans eyes or who wants quick scenes Audio /Video Quality: The audio is pretty clear and well balanced through most of the movie, but some portions are a little hollow and off balance and have background noises. The video has a little grain, but is consistent out to the edges and normally well lit. There are a couple moments when you can see a bit of the camera in the field of view and a couple moments with bad pixelation, but theyre quickly moved past.
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Boxcover for London's Loose Lady
London's Loose Lady 

Release date: 3/13/2003
Reviewed on: 3/16/2003 by astroknight

Starring: Betty Swallocks
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Omar Williams
Review brief: Running Time: 70 min. (cover claims 83 min.) Production Date: 11 / 1999 Director: Omar Williams Cast: Betty Swallocks aka Claire Brown, Sarah, Frasier, Calvin, Brian, Kirsty, Gino, Rachel, and Dolly in a non-sex role Initial Expectations: Omar Williams Big Omar series is one of my favorite series out there. As soon as I saw that he was behind the camera on this one my hopes went way up. Initial Reaction: Its every bit as fun as the Big Omar series! Who Should Watch It : Raincoaters, fans of the Big Omar series, and anybody who wants fresh faces Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who wants obviously experienced performers Audio /Video Quality: The audio is well balanced, but does have a few minor problems. Some of the audio is a bit on the hollow side due to the locations, which makes the dialogue hard to understand in places. Theres also a slightly high pitched hum in the background of much of the audio. Although theres a few background noises, they often fit the scenes and dont feel out of place.
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Review brief: We hear the closing music to yet another episode of I Love Lucy. Two twinks seated on a sofa have been watching the show. They turn to one another. Twink One: Im hungry. Twink Two: Im horny. Both together: Clucks! This establishes the delightful premise of this film, a restaurant that specializes in chicken. Not the kind with feathers, but the kind with dicks. Not the kind that lay eggs, but the kind that just lay. We see the familiar restaurant with its revolving bucket, but logo says Clucks. Gavin Braun, a cute blond twink, drives up to the take-out window and orders some chicken. He is handed a tray with a bottle of lube. Wheres my chicken? he inquires. The waitress points, and there on the seat beside him is a naked Brad Benton. (Who could ask for anything more?) They never get out of the parking lot. These twinks are all over the car, and all over each other. Gavin has found some chicken that not only he can eat, but that also eats back. This scorching encounter ends with Brad bottoming for the blond twink. Ty Parks and Clint Fox decide to eat in the restaurant.
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Review brief: Fetish The Dream ScapeAn Official Selection of the Goldmember Masterpiece Collection What is the Masterpiece Collection? I suppose it is my personal pornography Hall of Fame. It is only for those select films that I consider to be at the very pinnacle of the industry. This is an honor reserved only for films that I believe will stand the test of time. Fetish The Dream Scape Studio - Ninn Worx Director - Laurent Sky Female Cast - Nicole Sheridan , Mia Smiles, Michele Michaels, Bunny Love, Ava Vincent, Aurora Snow Male Cast - Voodoo, Chris Cannon, Erik Everhard, Jay Ashley, Pat Myne Running Time - 2 hours 5min (approx) Overall Impression This is the first title I have had the pleasure of viewing from Ninn Worx, a new studio formed by Michael Ninn and former Private North America head Richard Arnold. After watching this directorial debut by Ninn protégé Laurent Sky I am eagerly awaiting his next Ninn Worx DVD. This film is easily the most visually striking piece of porn I have seen all year.
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Boxcover for Sicilian Tale, A
Sicilian Tale, A 

Release date: 4/5/2003
Reviewed on: 3/16/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: Sarava

Directed by: Lucas Kazan
Review brief: Filmed entirely in Sicily, Saravas A SICILIAN TALE directed by Lucas Kazan and produced by Kristen Bjorn is nothing short of superb. It is based on the famous "Cavalleria Rusticana by Giovanni Verga that I remember having to translate in second-year Italian. It was also the basis of the celebrated opera by Mascagni. In this work a peasant girl Santuzza discovers that her lover Turiddu is playing around with a married woman called Lola. Confronting her lover with his unfaithfulness, she is laughed at and scorned. In revenge she tells Lolas husband Alfio of the affair, whereupon Alfio challenges Turiddu to a duel and kills him. In Kazans all-male version, Santuzza becomes Santo and Lola becomes Luca. The beautiful Federico Bulsara plays Santo; Turiddu is the handsome Vilem Cage; Alfio is sexy Lucas Foz; and Luca is played by Alexander (Sasha) Byazrov.
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Review brief: Okay, this is the first real gangbang flick I have reviewed, and I wasn't entirely sure what to expect of it, but I had heard good things about RLD and decided to start here. Plot - Well, there isn't a plot, its not a feature. The DVD consists of three fairly lengthy scenes, and each scene starts out with the girl answering a few questions (Not enough in my opinion, if your going to do it at least give a decent interview, otherwise skip straight to the action. Theres no real point to a half arsed interview), and then giving us a little bit of a tease (Again, not enough, the girls basically take their clothes off and thats it...
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Review brief: Cashmere (1998) Studio VCA Genre Artistic Vignette Director Michael Ninn Starring Kylie Ireland, Vicca, Nikita, Anna Malle, Jeanna Fine, Jill Kelly, Rayveness, Shayla LeVeaux, Brick Majors, Tyce Bune, Randy Spears, Colt Steel, and Michael J.
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Boxcover for Adriana

Release date: 2/24/2003
Reviewed on: 3/15/2003 by wooster

Starring: Justine, Aria Giovanni, Adriana Sage, Emily Marilyn
Studio: Studio A

Directed by: Andrew Blake
Review brief: Andrew Blake's "Adriana" is a disappointment and a continuation of the tailing-off that his movies have made in the past couple of years from their fetishistic high of editions such as "High Heels" and "Exhibitionists". Fetish - well, that's the problem, isn't it. Earlier Andrew Blake titles traded on his work for Penthouse, and they were a solid mix of truly beautiful women and genuinely erotic scenarios. There was plenty of stylish nudity, erotically-styled costumes and beautiful women finger-fucking. You'd get a token male who'd pork one of the ladies - usually as a punishment or to show her who was boss, but proceedings tended not to be in-your-face. It was like Penthouse but with fucking. Like the two films that have preceded it, ("Justine" and "The Villa"), "Adriana" is moving away from that style into the realms of mild BDSM and the result is not very erotic. Connoisseurs of BDSM - of which I am most definitely not a fan - will undoubtedly find "Adriana" too tame, and fans of Blake's earlier works will probably find the movie too fetishistic.
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