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Boxcover for Lumberjack Gang Bang
Lumberjack Gang Bang 

Release date: 3/6/2003
Reviewed on: 7/31/2004

Starring: Troy Michaels, Blue Blake, Matt Sizemore, Robert Harvey
Studio: Big Blue Productions

Directed by: Blue Blake
Review brief: DUKE MILLERS LUMBERJACK GANG BANG Written, produced AND directed by Blue Blake Starring: Duke Miller, Brad Rock, Rhett OHara, Kelly Madison, Ray Stone, Damian Steele, Troy Michaels, Robert Harvey and Matt Sizemore. Featuring Blue Blake in a non-sexual role. (pity). Blue Blake has managed to whip out yet another winner. Im still waiting patiently for the day that he decides to whip his wiener out once more, but as the renaissance man of adult entertainment, Blake still wears the crown. Not that there was much writing going on for his production of LUMBERJACK GANG BANG, it is with this video that his directing skills are shown to their best advantage. This in not a plot-driven release; it has a great set-up, which establishes everything one needs to know right off the bat. Blake himself introduces each man, by name, as The Boss, distributing mail to the logging camp. Nice touch. The Boss then announces that the bridge has been washed out, leaving theses horny loggers without women for the next six weeks, at least.
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Boxcover for Hard As Rock
Hard As Rock 

Release date: 8/6/2002
Reviewed on: 9/20/2002

Starring: Xavier, Sean Storm, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke
Studio: Arena

Review brief: Starring Brad Rock, Jason Hawke, Sean Storm, Jeremy Jordan, Xavier, Rhett OHara and introducing Scott Gunz. Written and Directed by Blue Blake. Blue Blake drops another winner into our laps with HARD AS ROCK. Of the many, many voyage of discovery flicks out there, this one pretty much tops the list as far as plot, acting and sexual activity goes. Not only has Blake created a very realistic little flick, he has cast it with some of the most incredibly great looking guys having awesome sexual encounters. As a director, Blake has come quite a long way as well, all in a very short time. HARD AS ROCK centers its sexual scenes around the inner-conflicted Brad Rock, a stunning, towering hunk of man whether clothed or not - lounging by a pool, flipping through a XXX Showcase magazine (which coincidentally, features Blue Blakes MARRIED COPS DO as its cover feature) Rock catches ones eye, and maintains focus throughout. Bathed in sunlight, Rock tries to figure out for himself, just why he is gay.
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Boxcover for Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time
Jeff Stryker Does Hard Time 

Release date: 4/10/2002
Reviewed on: 9/19/2002

Studio: Stryker Productions

Review brief: Starring Jeff Stryker, Randy Savino, Jackson Price, Bad McGuire, Daniel Reed, Kurt Wagner, Dante Foxx, Sarabia Special Features include: Behind the Scenes Footage, Music Video, Gallery, Trailers. Can we say "Jeff Stryker's Casting Couch Sessions" boyz and... well, boyz? For that is what this little endeavor seems to be. Unlike others, I have few problems whatsoever with the immortally youthful Jeff Stryker. After all these years, he has maintained his fit, sculpted body, while maintaining his somewhat aloof and diffident air. He still growls his dirty talk as if he was an adolescent discovery the value of vocabulary for the very first time. Added to all that, he still sports the thick, hard as a rock, lengthy erection that made him a star in the first place. If I were to complain about Jeff Stryker, I would have to say that his charisma level tends to falter the longer that he continues to maintain the charismatic qualities of a Mattel product come to life, em, make that larger than life. For, to me, Jeff Stryker is the living incarnation of Barbie's playmate, Ken.
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Boxcover for ManPlay MP-002
ManPlay MP-002 

Release date: 2/11/2002
Reviewed on: 8/29/2002

Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Starring John Truitt, Mauricio Rey, Adam Blake, Anthony Deangelo, Blak, Cameron Cruise, Ken Burke, Tony Scalia, Sky Donavon, Director uncredited When I popped MANPLAY 2 into the player and cranked it up, I harbored the thought: "Omigod, it's just gonna be more of the same (MANPLAY-001) old, same old stuff as last time." Boy, was I right AND wrong at the same time! Yes, I admit to being wrong, so beat me. Not only is MANPLAY 2 more of the same, it might also be slightly better than its predecessor. For the unitiated, and you had better get initiated to Titan Men's MANPLAY series soon, MANPLAY is Five-Star "amateur" entertainment for adults. One location, a few strategically placed cushions, and "more cock, more hot guys garanteed to make you squirt." Only one cast member from MANPLAY 1 puts in an appearence in MANPLAY 2, the lithe, eager beaver John Truitt, who continues to prove that he will have an ample career before the cameras. He ain't no twink, and he's a versatile performer who constantly looks like he's enjoying himself.
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Boxcover for ManPlay MP-001
ManPlay MP-001 

Release date: 11/27/2001
Reviewed on: 8/25/2002

Starring: Joey, John, Michael, Johnny, Tony, Josh, Guy, Joeboy, Billy Wild
Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Starring Michael Fallon, Joey Verro, Johhny Doom, Tony Greene, Joeboy, Josh, John Truitt, Billy Wild and Guy Director is uncredited I can barely contain my excitement over Titan Men's production of MANPLAY 1 (and its followups). If this is what the world of amateur video is coming to, then, I'll be there for the next thrilling installments. Titan Men's dvd boasts one of the best quality pictures it has been my self-pleasured priviledge to encounter. If the video harkens back to the world of Joe Gage classics, all the mroe power to the people behind and in front of the cameras. MANPLAY 1 bears a striking resemeblance to such underground classics as Gage's CLOSED SET and ORGY, minus the adult action stars (Richard Locke, i.e.) of its forebarers, er - forebearers. There of course is no plot, this is a gang-busting gang-banger of a video! Loads of men, loads of sex and loads of loads is what you get when you pop this baby into the player. Most of the pleasure comes from watching lithe John Truitt working his way through what seems to be every other man on the set.
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Boxcover for Vengeance (Lucas Entertainment)
Vengeance (Lucas Entertainment) 

Release date: 7/22/2002
Reviewed on: 7/21/2002

Starring: Michael Lucas, Carlo Morales, Chad Hunt, Erik Martins, Acosta, Tony
Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Review brief: Starring Michael Lucas, Chad Hunt, Carlos Morales, Richie Fine, Anthony Ferrat, Tony Acosta, Erik Martins and Michael Mattel. Directed by Michael Lucas Special Edition Features: "Behind the Scenes" Featurette, Cast Interviews, Previews. Omigod! That lean, mean sex machine known as Michael Lucas is back in top (and wow, what a top he can be!) form, and back with a VENGEANGE. I still have a major jones going for Michael, and he doesn't disappoint in this endeavor. This time around he's a Russian Mafia godfather, with better diction than Marlon Brando ever had, and also showing a lot more flesh than Brando, too. (Of course at this stage of the game, the thought of a naked Marlon Brando is the stuff on which nightmares are made). Be warned, however, that this is one mean movie. The sex is nasty from the get-go, and doesn't let up until the final j.o. session. These are nasty men doing the nasty nastily. (With the mail order version, the fourth scene is even nastier: with pissing and fisting included).
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Boxcover for Men At Work (Tribal Pulse)
Men At Work (Tribal Pulse) 

Release date: 1/28/2002
Reviewed on: 6/5/2002

Starring: Bobby Tyler, Chad Johnson, Gus Avery, Chris Sullivan, Ryan Scott
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Directed by: Sam Dixon
Review brief: MEN AT WORK Tribal Pulse Productions Starring: Chad Johnson as Bear, Cody Scott as Doc, Ryan Scott as Cabinboy, Chris Sullivan as David; and introducing Eric Johansson as Jonathan, Gus Avery as Stif Kowalski, Max English as "Hogcaller" Max, Justin Wells as Mike, and Bobby Tyler as young Doc. Directed by Sam Dixon. Backwoods boys have big dicks according to the videography of these MEN AT WORK. Out of the nine well-endowed models, however, only one is actually seen "working." Don't let the title fool you, though, the guys work very hard at making believable couplings, not all of which are erotically charged, or even interesting. Case in point, the first scene features prolific Chad Johnson poking nearly pre-pubescent Bobby Tyler. I've always had a hunger for Chad's magnificent uncut johnson; and, I wouldn't mind a little love on the rocks Chad-style, but his partner in this scene leaves a lot to be desired. Tyler gives some background narration about how his pappy has warned him about guys like Johnson to introduce the woodland environment.
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Boxcover for Jacked Up
Jacked Up 

Release date: 3/19/2001
Reviewed on: 6/2/2002

Starring: Jack Simmons, Eddie Moreno, Mitch Ryder, Steve Carlisle, Joe Hix, Bruce Jennings, Ross Taylor, Rolio Vizarro
Studio: Titan Media

Directed by: Harold Creg, Brian Mills
Review brief: JACKED-UP Starring Steve Carlisle, Joe Hix, Bruce Jennings, Eddie Moreno, Mitch Ryder, Jack Simmons, Ross Taylor and Rolio Vizzaro. Directed (brilliantly) by Harold Craig & Brian Mills. When directors Harold Craig and Brian Mills get their camera rolling, it rocks. Their erotic foray into the world of medicine, LAID UP, is still one of my favorite flicks on dvd; and the latest to arrive in my dvd player, JACKED-UP, maintains the same quality that I've come to expect from this dynamic duo of directors. This time the action, and there is quite a bit of it, is centered around the workers and customers of an auto body shop. The bodies that get the work, however, are not four-wheeled, but rather the two-legged human variety. Variety is the key to JACKED-UP's enjoyment: each man is unique, from the swarthy, if greasy style of pony-tailed Joe Hix, to the short, squat, slightly dangerous charms of Rolio Vizzaro; who not only packs a mean dick, but has found new-fangled ways to use a screwdriver.
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Boxcover for Road to Naples, The
Road to Naples, The 

Release date: 2/1/2002
Reviewed on: 5/31/2002

Studio: LKP

Review brief: THE ROAD TO NAPLES A Lucas Kazan Production Directed by Ettore Tosi Starring: Ettore Tosi, Tiziano Cortese, Danille Barbareschi, Ciro Caputo, Fabio De' Rossi, Lucas Foz, Gennaro Grimaldi, Marco Merisi, Rafaello, Flavio Rossini, Roberto Rggiero, Edardo Souza, Francesco Storace. 8 Chapters. Considering its pedigree, THE ROAD TO NAPLES should have and could been better. Stylishly photographed in the manner we're used to with a Lucas Kazan production, possibly the problems with THE ROAD TO NAPLES stem from putting stud muffin Ettore Tosi behind the camera as director. Purporting to be (and in actually, it is) a "Star Search: Italian Style," the lack of onscreen talent far outweighs the talent that we've seen in previous Lucas Kazan features. Even the Extra Features on the disc suffer in comparison to previous Kazan-produced dvds. The still gallery only highlights two of the models: Gennaro Grimaldi and Tiziano Cortese.
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Boxcover for Across the Ocean
Across the Ocean 

Release date: 10/5/2001
Reviewed on: 5/31/2002

Starring: Andrea Albani, Marco Ramazzotti, Ettore Tosi, Corey Summers, Federico Bulsara, Fabio De'Rossi, Gennaro Grimaldi, Luca Ferri, Francesco Maldini
Studio: LKP

Review brief: Corey Summers, Ettore Tosi, Andrea Albani, Marco Ramazzotti and Frederico Bulsara. Introducing Francesco Maldini, Gennaro Grimaldi, Luca Ferri, Fabio De' Rossi. Directed by Lucas Kazan. Watching this one, I often felt that I was camping: my dick kept trying to pitch a tent in my pants! The photography is stunning, a quality I've come to expect from Lucas Kazan; but this time he has outdone himself with his choice of models against the wonders of Mother Nature. Thanks to the disc's Special Features, each and every one of the models are highly identifiable through a series of nine screens giving out vital - and I do mean VITAL statistics - for each of Kazan's boys. It turns out that two of the models are actually bakers! If their baking skills are as hot as their sexual proclivities, honey, I can't wait to sample their canoli. A five-minute slide show features a chosable "Director's Commentary," which also adds some informative anecdotes about the making of ACROSS THE OCEAN, as well as erotically charged photos from this film, as well as Kazan's follow-up, AMERICAN HOLIDAYS.
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Boxcover for Euro College Buddies
Euro College Buddies 

Release date: 9/1/2001
Reviewed on: 3/9/2002

Starring: Michael Nyilas, Leonard Bee, Gregor Bendek, Fulop Daniel, Peter Demeter, Frank Einstein, George Fekete, Leslie Lorant, Motti May, Paul Nick
Studio: Oh Man

Directed by: Oliver Magyar
Review brief: Title: EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES Studio: OH MAN! Studios Director: Oliver Magyar Starring: Michael Nyilas, George Fekete, Peter Demeter, Leslie Lorant, Frank Einstein, Motti May, Gregor Bendix, Paul Nick, Leonard Bee, Fulop Daniel. With a downright silly framing device, EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES opens with an over-miked narrator telling us about a bunch of school boys who must complete a test before they can leave the school room to do something fun. He orates in English with a slight foreign lilt in his inflections. The narration is supported, as is the rest of the film, with a jazz-inflected score that more often than not, makes the film come alive with the sound of Muzak. Purporting to have a plot, EURO COLLEGE BUDDIES is actually a series of nearly un-related scenes concerning the sexual exploits of a group of University students. The framing device is laughable; these hot young men - each and every one uncut, must finish a written exam before being dismissed from class, where they can then get onto their sex-filled lives.
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Boxcover for Shaman, The
Shaman, The 

Release date: 10/5/2001
Reviewed on: 3/9/2002

Starring: Vince Bandero, Valentino Rey, Xavier, Max Grand, Harley, Danny Pacheco, Mike Cesar, D'Angelo, Carlos Casino, J.V.
Studio: IMD

Review brief: Featuring: Carlos Casino, Vince Bandero, Max Grand, Mike Cesar, J.V., Danny Pacheco, Harley, D'Angelo and Valentino Rey as "the shaman." Written Produced and directed by Adair & Dubois With a title such as this, the viewer can most assuredly expect to find the film to be an exercise in esoterica, with a dash of erotica thrown in for good measure. As it stands, The Shaman is not always successful in its attempts of blending the two forms of visceral thrills. Much to my surprise, The Shaman feels more like a late 1970's entry into the realm of adult film making. Elements from such noted films as L.A. Plays Itself and Joe Gages trucker trilogy (L.A. Tool and Die, Kansas City Trucking Co., El Paso Wrecking Corp.) abound; in a roundabout way, The Shaman is a virtual homage to the former. The Shaman is, like L.A. Plays Itself, a dreamscape of a film. The sexual encounters in The Shaman are more often than not, the fantasies or dreams of its nominal hero, the beautifully endowed, but badly dyed, Carlos Casino.
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Boxcover for Tales from the Foxhole
Tales from the Foxhole 

Release date: 8/11/2000
Reviewed on: 2/25/2002

Starring: Billy Herrington, Lance Fuller, Matt Bandero, Lee Johnson, Bryce London, Leo Lyons, Haus Weston
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: Title: TALES FROM THE FOXHOLE Director: Dirk Yates Starring: Lane Fuller, Lee Lyons, Bryce London, Haus Weston, Matt Bandero, Lee Johnson and Billy Herrington Running time: One hour, thirty-nine minutes The marines have landed, and theyre ready for action. Hot, sweaty, jungle-love type action. For those of us with an affinity towards macho men, in and out of uniform, TALES FROM THE FOXHOLE delivers the goods. Director Dirk Yates has recruited a few good men, and created a near classic film from a very good script that takes the viewer from the war-games jungle of a military maneuvers expedition, to the hotel rooms where directors will pay military men to parade before his camera and to the barracks where studly marines try to catch a good nights sleep. For once in a piece of adult filmmaking, the characters and their dialogue ring true.
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Boxcover for Playing With Fire 2 (All Worlds)
Playing With Fire 2 (All Worlds) 

Release date: 3/19/2001
Reviewed on: 1/26/2002

Starring: Eric Evans, Brent Banes, Billy Herrington, Alex Wilcox, Mark Slade, Michael Brandon, Bo Garrett, Luke Savage, Steve Cassidy, Steve Shannon, Cameron Sage, Gregg Rockwell
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: Title: PLAYING WITH FIRE 2 Studio: All Worlds Director: Thor Stephans Starring: Eric Evans, Brent Banes, Billy Herrington, Steve Cassidy, Bo Garrett, Cameron Sage, Steve Shannon, Gregg Rockwell, Michael Brandon. PLAYING WITH FIRE 2 is an interesting excursion, for adult films, into the world of coming out, pyromania and the rugged firemen who fight fires, while giving into their sexual urges. The stars, especially the top-billed Billy Herrington, are all manly men; not a flaming queen in sight. Seriously, thats the only joke Ill crack; no comments whatsoever regarding fire-fighters and their hoses, although its tempting...and we all know that temptation leads to the fiery pits of hell. Clocking in at a lengthy hour and fifty-five minutes, PLAYING WITH FIRE 2 opens with a series of set-up shots of a candle being lit, an unidentified cock being jacked off, and a gasolene can in proximity to the candles flame.
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Boxcover for Laid Up
Laid Up 

Release date: 6/5/2001
Reviewed on: 12/27/2001

Starring: Michael Vincenzo, Reed Parker, Mark Reed, Matt Sizemore, Chris Michaels, Core Andrews, Robert Collins, Billy Knight, Billy Mathews, Jim Turner
Studio: Titan Media

Review brief: Title: LAID UP Studio: Titan Media Director: Harold Creg & Brian Mills Starring: Core Andrews, Matt Sizemore, Robert Collins, Jim Turner, Mark Reed, Michael Vincenzo, Christopher Michaels, Billy Knight, Billy Matthews and Steve Parker. Im not normally one to gush, but LAID UP from Titan Media is superb. The men are hot. Make that very hot. The sexual activity is rarely mundane - sometimes it is quite challenging. Fetishes abound. The sex scenes are long and hard. Fantasies do come true. The directors manage to hit all the right bases erotically, and the hospital setting adds both humor and reality. LAID UP is definitely a remarkable achievement. Gawd! HMOs are nothing like this! The hospital which is the setting for LAID UP holds the best doctors in the gay world! Rugged, real men whose major prescription dispensing includes hot, clinical man-to-man sex.
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Boxcover for Taste of Italy, A (Gay)
Taste of Italy, A (Gay) 

Release date: 10/3/2001
Reviewed on: 11/30/2001

Starring: Pietro Cattani, Daniele Della Valle, Marco Ramazzotti, Victor Racek, Glauco, Daniele Barbareschi, Raffaello Flavio Rossini, Claudio Casanova, Tony Colombo, Michaelangelo, Risi, Roberto Ruggiero, Raul Veneziani
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Lucas Kazan
Review brief: A TASTE OF ITALY Director: Lucas Kazan Starring: Pietro Cattani, Victor Racek, Glauco, Flavio Rossini, Marco Ramazzotti, Daniele, Delle Valle, Claudio Casanova, Daniele Barbareschi, Tony Colombo, Michelangelo Risi, Roberto Ruggiero, Paul Venesiani Disc Specs: Special Features: Slide Show with Optional Directors Commentary, Previews, Featurette. Running Time: Fifty-two minutes As The Divine Miss M once stated, It isnt the sequel to JAWS, at all...Its just a lot of kissing and mezuzahs. (Not being of the Hebrew faith, I had always assumed that mezuzahs were something dirty). The same statement could hold true for Lucas Kazans soft-core extravaganza of earthly delights, A TASTE OF ITALY. Lots of soul kissing, lots of phenomenally built men, ample flesh on display, sumptuous settings, gorgeous photography - but no penetration. Literally.
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Boxcover for Dirty Hairy (All Worlds)
Dirty Hairy (All Worlds) 

Release date: 11/18/2001
Reviewed on: 11/18/2001

Starring: Frankie LaRue, Dulce
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: Its short. Its funny! Its sexy...sometimes! IT is Mike Donners trifle, DIRTY HARRY, brought to us by those nice people at All Worlds Video. With the exception of discovery Zach Warner, all the men are rugged, hirsute hunks with nicely bronzed bodies and each and every one of them has seven inches or more to offer to eager bottoms. So, with bottoms up, lets drink a toast to the men of DIRTY HAIRY, and the valiant attempt to raise laughter as well as hardons. To begin with, DIRTY HAIRY only contains four sex scenes, which is alright since the strained humor in between those scenes (and during the second one) detracts highly from the viewing pleasure one usually associates with adult entertainment. The tagged-on story, which could have easily been made by a far better director than Donner, lies flaccid with its listen to this funny line attitude, and the helpless mugging (though energetic) of discovery Zach Warner. So, here goes the plot and synopsis, which Ill try to keep as short as the movie itself.
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Boxcover for How the West Was Hung (All Worlds)
How the West Was Hung (All Worlds) 

Release date: 10/6/2000
Reviewed on: 11/11/2001

Starring: Dean Phoenix, Bruce Hill, Rex Ruben, Frank Taylor, Jason Branch, Haus Weston, Lucas James, Christopher Scott, Dylan Reece, Lane Fuller, Patrick Allen, Nino Bacci, Clint Cooper, Tanner Hayes, Kenny, Chad Savage, Marco Mancini, Danny Lee
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: How the West Was Hung All Worlds Video Produced by Dirk Yates Directed by Chi Chi LaRue Starring Axel Garret, Lane Fuller, Javier Duran, Bruce Hill, Jason Branch, Haus Weston, Kenny, with T. J. Hart and Mistress Mona in non-sexual roles. To be perfectly honest, I really wanted to like this movie, but just couldnt warm up to it completely. It should be the type of film for rugged cowboy lovers everywhere, but, The Magnificent Seven it isnt. Face it, with their chaps and their cattle drive, John Wayne and Montgomery Clift cast far more sexual sparks in Howard Hawks Red River. Relying more on atmosphere, HOW THE WEST WAS HUNG appropriately captures the time period with lavish sets (well, the barroom is rather lavish) and costumes, even supporting players - and the disc looks great. The set and costume budget had to be one big budget for a venture in adult filmmaking, but unless youre really into twinks and gay-for-pay guys, then HOW THE WEST WAS HUNG is something of a letdown.
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Boxcover for Weekend Pass
Weekend Pass 

Release date: 5/15/2001
Reviewed on: 11/9/2001

Starring: Curt Summers
Studio: All Worlds Video

Review brief: In his note on the program cover, director Dirk Yates offers a challenge to the viewer: te decide whether the str8 looking guys, all with a military air, are having the sex onscreen for the $$$, or because they are men who love men. Well, once the hunky pizza delivery boy stripped off his boxers, Yates challenge never entered my mind again for the remainder of the evening. Yates note also explains for the uninitiated, that back in the days of porn yore, directors didnt rely on fancy editing or fancy sets, but a thin story line and loads of sex.
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Boxcover for Cockpit Club, The
Cockpit Club, The 

Release date: 8/9/2001
Reviewed on: 10/22/2001

Starring: Peter Wilder, Chaz Carlton, Vince Bandero, Sunny Markham, Talvin Demachio, Jason Branch, Tony Acosta, Tommy Saxx, Kyle Bradford
Studio: Tribal Pulse

Directed by: Michael Zen
Review brief: THE COCKPIT CLUB directed by Michael Zen Tribal Pulse Productions This is the one that Ive been waiting for, an adult film that mixes a few of my favorite pastimes: sports, sex and hot, sweaty men engaging in contact sports and sex. From the big and brawny to the buff and pint-sized, there are no losers in this cast. Behind the camera is the always interesting, if not always successful, Michael Zen, who knocks himself, and the viewer, out with a well-written script and actors up to its sometimes humorous, always character driven devices. THE COCKPIT CLUB is easily synopsized, another plus, for who really wants a plot-heavy flick when theyre looking the highest testosterone count going? Lovers Kyle Bradford and Tommy Saxx are separated when a barroom scuffle, initiated by wrestler Vince Bandero, lands Saxx in a hospital bed; suffering from a serious concussion. Plotting revenge, Greg seeks out members of The Cockpit Club for training. This is my kinda fight club, as the winner takes it all, sexually, from the loser.
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Boxcover for First Time 6 (Dolphin)
First Time 6 (Dolphin) 

Release date: 7/8/2001
Reviewed on: 10/13/2001

Starring: Sasha, Artem, Sergay, Andrey Politov, Igor Silva, Dmitria, Misha, Artems, Yanis, Gleb, Nikita K., Rodion
Studio: Dolphin

Directed by: Alex Clark
Review brief: FIRST TIME 6 Dolphin Entertainment Directed by Alex Clark Starring Egor S., Misha S., Sasha M., Sergey B., Rodion R., Nikita K., Artem Y., Dmitriy S., Andrey Sh., Gleb S., Yanis L., Artem K. One hour, forty-nine minutes. Scene One Morning Solo on Leopard Skin Sheets Scene Two Breakfast for Two Scene Three The Twins Scene Four Welcoming Committee Scene Five Phoning it In Scene Six How to Play the Piano I took the chance and returned to St. Petersburg, Russia with Alex Clark and his roving camera. The sixth in Clarks First Time series proved to be as good if not better than some of the previous ones, yet still not as good as others. If youre like me, and like your boyz uncut, cute, young, hung & horny, there are a few scenes out of the six in First Time 6" which will surely satisfy your needs; and even though the scene is short, and there is no physical contact between them, I found myself repeating, This is the one with THE TWINS. (Go ahead, repeat after me: This is the one with THE TWINS.
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Boxcover for First Time 3 (Dolphin)
First Time 3 (Dolphin) 

Release date: 3/19/2001
Reviewed on: 9/15/2001

Starring: Yuriy Boshkin, Oleg Vorobyev, Andrey Nazarov, Alexander Arov, Andrey Politov, Alesha Skazochkin, Boris Ivanov, Misha Pirogov, Denis Semenov
Studio: Dolphin

Directed by: Alex Clark
Review brief: First Time 3 directed by Alex Clark Starring Alexander Arov, Boris Ivanov, Yuriy Boshkin, Alesha Skazochkin, Denis Semenov, Andrey Nazarov, Andrey Politov, Misha Pirogov, Oleg Vorobyev Alex Clark takes his camera to St. Petersburg, Russia, for his third entry in his semi-successful First Time series. First Time 3 boasts a cornucopia of cute uncut boys just entering manhood with four action scenes and a couple of solo scenes. The nine nearly anonymous models chosen for this plotless film are quite the handsome bunch, starting with rosy-cheeked cover boy Oleg. Scene One finds Oleg primping in front of a hallway mirror as he gets ready to face the harsh weather outdoors. Decked out in a heavy black sweater as well as an oversized fur cap, Oleg decides to forego the cold and create some heat with a little game of five-fingered frenzy. Watching a couple of guys on the door monitor seems to really put Oleg into a playful mood as he jets his load onto the mirror.
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Boxcover for Lap It Up
Lap It Up 

Release date: 7/28/2001
Reviewed on: 8/14/2001

Starring: Mike Vespa, Steve Pierce, Josh Evers, Michael Vista, Hank Hightower, Mason Flynt, Robert Kirk, Marcus Day
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blade Thompson
Review brief: Lap It Up Directed by Blade Thompson Starring Mason Flynt, Hank Hightower, Steve Pierce, Michael Vista, Mike Vespa, Rob Kirk, Josh Evers, Marcus Day, Blade Thompson. 1 hour, 20 minutes Music by Sharon Kane Blade Thompson steps out in front of the camera as well as behind to deliver, and introduce us to eight men who love to Lap It Up, the IT of course being that seminal fluid commonly called cum. Before anyone goes off their nut about swallowing in this day and age, relax: these guys starvingly swallow their own sweet nectar. Thats the concept for four scenes, not to mention a nicely photographed wraparound sequence starring Thompson, who also laps it up. Fans with a foot fetish will adore Blades initial appearance as his right foot is proudly spread out in front of him as he reclines in an immense chair sporting his white terry-sloth robe.
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Boxcover for Nude Science
Nude Science 

Release date: 7/8/2001
Reviewed on: 8/9/2001

Starring: Dino Phillips, Peter Wilder, Pierce Vendetta, Eduardo, J.T. Sloan, Derek Cameron, Joey Hart, Raphael Valentino, Sam Carson, Austin, Ted Matthews, Johnny Rey, Dex Banning, George Brazil, Gavin Michaels
Studio: IMD

Review brief: Taking a cue from John Hughes 1985 teen comedy Weird Science, that Val Kilmer and Anthony Michael Hall picture about two computer geeks who create a perfect woman via computer, Nude Science goes a few steps further as Derek Cameron and Joey Hart use a brand new program to bring toy dolls to life, for their sexual pleasure, as well as to toy with an obnoxious houseguest. I must say that I immediately began a search for this program myself, and came up high and dry. Think of the possibilities - - you know that old Luke Skywalker action figure you have lying around...or better still, that Han Solo figure that has seen better days....all yours at the click of a mouse!Its a great concept, and executed with panache by director Dane Preston. Except for one instance, Sharon Kane contributes a great techno-pop score, appropriate to the movie.
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Boxcover for Married Cops Do
Married Cops Do 

Release date: 7/8/2001
Reviewed on: 8/6/2001

Starring: Blue Blake, Joe Romero, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Chad Connors, Duke Miller, Caeser
Studio: IMD

Directed by: Blue Blake
Review brief: Married Cops Do "Sometimes the Code of Silence is stronger than the bond of matrimony." Directed by Blue Blake Starring Duke Miller, Caesar, Tuck Johnson, Anthony Cox, Hank Hightower, Joe Romero, Chad Connors, Glenn Matthews. Tony Valentino with T. J. Hart, Cherry Taylor, Delilah and Blue Blake in non-sexual roles. Special Features Hardcore Photo Gallery (self- playing; almost 4 minutes), Previews (Stills for Tales from the Tree House and Demo Daddy) appr.45 seconds each. Blue Blakes stepping behind the camera has brought about a delicious, hot new look to home video. Long established as one of the hottest pieces of uncut meat, and a versatile performer, Blakes directorial skills on Married Cops Do demonstrate that he is also a director to be reckoned with. The pleasures begin with the cast he has assembled; full of big, beefy, muscular MEN going the distance for Blakes probing camera. What delectable treats the camera discloses! Hank Hightower. Joe Romero. Caesar. Tuck Johnson. Anthony Cox.
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