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Boxcover for Group Thing 1, A (Red Light District)
Group Thing 1, A (Red Light District) 

Release date: 8/26/2002
Reviewed on: 9/12/2002

Starring: Tony Tedeschi, Pat Myne, Faith, Joel Lawrence, Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara, Juliana Kincaid, Ashley Long, Austin O'Riley, Melanie Jagger, Rose Petal
Studio: Red Light District

Directed by: Vince Vouyer
Review brief: A Group Thing #1 is the first installment in Red Light Districts new group sex series. This series differs from the Gangbang genre in that there are multiple girls and guys in most of the scenes or one girl and two guys in one of the scenes. Not having seen any previews or reviews prior to its release I took the gamble on the movie just by the pictures on the box cover (and the good names of Redlight District and Vince Vouyer). The first thing that caught my eye was covergirl Melanie Jagger and the girls on the back cover also looked pretty good in the pictures. The movie starts out with the beautiful brunette Faith and blond starlet Austin ORieley. There is a brief conversation between the girls and Vince, where Austin asks if he is willing to come out of retirement for the day. Vince feels that the girls need to be warmed up before introductions to the guys. For the next five minutes we get a POV (point of view) shot as the girls suck and fuck Vince, ending in a popshot in Faiths mouth, after swallowing she exclaims Thanks I needed that.
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Boxcover for Neighborhood Gang Bang
Neighborhood Gang Bang 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 7/28/2002

Studio: Outlaw

Directed by: Stefan Rossini
Review brief: General Impression I like a good gangbang movie but it has to be well made otherwise they can be very bad. From the word go the quality is there in the picture and sound, an attractive, natural acting girl and a bunch of reasonably good looking guys. Chennin Blanc is an attractive 30 something blond who appears to enjoy her sex. With a running time of 68 minutes this is a long gangbang considering were only talking one girl. So this DVD will most likely appeal to those who are really interested in gangbang. Otherwise many will find it boring. Sex Highlights The movie starts out with Chennin and her boyfriend entering their apartment. Apparently its Chennins birthday and her boyfriend has one more surprise for hersix guys. The guys wander in from off screen, Chennin lays back on the leather sofa, and its on. Everyone gets their gear off and Chennin starts the blowjobs. The thing I like about this movie is that nobody is really trying to act. They all talk naturally and laugh etc as though it was a bunch of friends having a swingers party.
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Boxcover for Colon Czech
Colon Czech 

Release date: 4/24/2001
Reviewed on: 7/28/2002

Starring: Angela, Dominica, Chris Charming, Layla Jade, Nasty Timmy, Jane Blue
Studio: Horizon

Directed by: Envy
Review brief: General Impression Horizon tend to make a cheaper DVD. Their releases are usually hit or miss affairs. I basically liked the look of the cover on this one and the price was right so I took a look. I was actually surprised how good it was. Its by no means quality but the erection factor is present. The premise of the DVD is that the directors Peter and Envy (whoever they are) have traveled to Cannes for the Hot Dor adult awards and have caught up with some of these beauties whilst there. Thats the only storyline I can assume because the story is very weak. It seems most of the scenes are just thrown together without anything to link them, and if your into Gonzo like me, this isnt a problem. As far as the Czech angle is concerned some of the girls could be Czech. I know the first girl to appear, Layla-Jade is British. So I dont now if the rest are or not, you cant tell by voices because barely a word is uttered throughout the whole thing.
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Boxcover for Candy Apples Busted at 742
Candy Apples Busted at 742 

Release date: 2/17/2001
Reviewed on: 7/25/2002

Starring: Candy Apples, Chocolate, Kenya, Randi Storm
Studio: Heatwave

Directed by: Jim Powers
Review brief: This is yet another attempt on the ever-elusive gangbang record. It seems that one girl breaks it and a week later someone else is going at it. I have only seen one other gangbang record which was Jasmin St Clairs attempt in The Worlds Biggest Gangbang 2 in which Candy Apples was a fluffer. Therefore, I will make various comparisons between the two. First off though I was a little dubious about a movie from Heatwave. In my experience they tend to be a bit rough and cheap compared to the likes of Evil Angel for example, but I kind of like the voyeuristic spectacle of a big gangbang so I gave it a go. The disc starts at the menu which is a plus, it has the standard features, in the bonus material category there is a biography, a rather lengthy behind the scenes feature, another feature on the fluffers and previews of other Heatwave releases. The movie starts out showing the preparations for the event with the girls getting photos taken and makeup done, there is even a part where the fire department shows up to check fire regulations.
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Boxcover for Ben Dover's Royal Reamers
Ben Dover's Royal Reamers 

Release date: 2/14/2002
Reviewed on: 6/22/2002

Starring: Karen, Sarah, Amy, Haley, Debbie
Studio: VCA

Directed by: Perry, Steve
Review brief: Royal Reamers is another in the very successful Ben Dover gonzo series. Basically they all follow a similar premise and that is..find a young girl(s) and fuck them senseless. Bens work tends to follow the same formula right throughout the series so if you have seen some of his work you know what to expect. Either you love it or hate it. The videos dont have the same polish as some American produced titles and that is the attraction for his fans. The actors often look like they could be a couple of friends just having fun. Royal Reamers introduces five young women to us, the first being Amy. Amy is a tall very leggy blond who claims to be a forklift driver of all things. She has apparently won a porn star competition on Bens website and is now receiving her award by appearing in one of his videos. The scene starts out with Bens superfuckers Mario and Pascal sitting on a sofa waiting for the young lady to come down the stairs. She sits down for a brief interview and shows off her long legs.
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