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Boxcover for Girls Gone Wild: Craziest Frat Parties
Girls Gone Wild: Craziest Frat Parties 

Release date: 9/9/2004
Reviewed on: 1/9/2006

Studio: Ventura

Review brief: Reviewed by The Captain Title: Girls Gone Wild: Two Volume Set (Craziest Frat Parties & Wet T-Shirt Strip Off) Studio: Girls Gone Wild Category: Amateur Runtime: 59:48 (28:44 and 31:04) Extras: None (except for standard, title and chapter selection) The Captain's Avg. Boner Rating: 7/10 (5.75/10 and 8/10) Video Details: 2 videos on one disc. Each one is shorter than the average GGW title. You can choose from either title at startup. Each title also has 4 chapters. Each title will be reviewed separately. Pretty much girls flashing and guys yelling woooo. More details for each video below. Craziest Frat Parties: Run time 28:44 / The Captains Avg. Boner Rating: 5.75/10 Chapter 1: Mostly just 4 or 5 girls flashing their breasts, and dancing.
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Boxcover for My Plaything: Gauge
My Plaything: Gauge 

Release date: 1/16/2002
Reviewed on: 1/8/2006

Starring: Erik Everhard, Gauge
Studio: Digital Sin

Directed by: Nic Andrews
Review brief: Reviewed by: The Captain Title: My Plaything Gauge Studio: Digital Sin DOP: 9/21/01 Category: Interactive Runtime: N/A Extras: See Below The Captain's Boner Rating: 8/10 Starring: Gauge Video Details: An interactive DVD Starring gauge. Lots of extras. Full motion menus, Multi angle, Naughty or nice mode. (Nice: Innocent, well semi-innocent anyways, Naughty: Dirty talking, seducing moves, heavy screaming). Note: Digital cum shots used in sex mode. Tease: These take place in her school girl outfit. You have the choice of two angles wide or close. And also Naughty/nice mode here. You also choose from tits, ass or pussy. Tits: In nice mode she slowly exposes her tits, speaks innocently, and caresses them slowly. In naughty mode, she rips open her shirt, talks dirty, pinches, and licks her nipples. And talks about tit fucking. Ass: In nice mode, she lifts up her skirt, slowly pulls down her panties, slowly grabs her ass, and runs a finger over her asshole.
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Boxcover for Lesbian Cheerleader Squad
Lesbian Cheerleader Squad 

Release date: 5/25/2000
Reviewed on: 1/8/2006

Starring: Denee Dreams, Ashley Heart, Cat, Gina Rae, Leah Lauren, Brianna Coates, Stacey Sweet, Kelly Cox
Studio: Avalon

Directed by: Jim Gunn
Review brief: Reviewed by: The Captain Title: Lesbian Cheerleader Squad 1 Studio: Avalon / Jim Gunn DOP: 11/1999 Category: Girl/Girl Runtime: 1:52 Extras: Some Overall Avg. Captain's Boner Rating: 7.5/10 Starring: Denee Dreams- Red hair, pierced tongue, nearly shaved. Ashley Heart- Short haired brunette, shaved. Stacey Sweet- Blonde, large breasts, shaved. Brianna Coates- Blonde, large breasts, trimmed, tattoo around right breast. Kelly Cox- Curly blonde hair, smallest breasts of the group, trimmed. Gina Rae- Short haired brunette, dirty talker, Kat- Blonde, freckles, shaved. Leah Lauren- Blonde, small ass, shaved, scar under right breast. Video Details: Video begins with Kat and Denee doing a brief introduction of the movie and first scene, as they do for all scenes. Then the credits begin with the girls names followed by a brief clip. Scene 1: Denee and Ashley Denee and Ashley are sitting on a blanket outside in their red and white cheerleading outfits (NOTE: all girls in this video wear the same style outfit). Open mouth kissing begins.
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